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Sahil Ki Hot Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

I’m sahil 29 years old . I am 5’4″ tall with matured looks, fair color, decent dressing sense. I honestly don’t know what makes female get attracted towards me. I have lady luck since I was in teens, All the girls that got friendly with me were mainly not for any attach affair but for fun and sex. I’ve been a happy go fun loving creature who would like to enjoy life to the full with party, picnic and just fun. I’ve also been in connection with girls & ladies after marriage. This is a very recent true story of mine which is one of the most enjoyable sex encounter in my life. I accidently came across a lady aged 26, 5.2″ tall, attractive looks, excellant figure but very horny.

One day, we plan to satisfy our sex desire, as per plan I checked into a hotel and latter she joined me as a guest in order to avoid being noticed. as soon as she entered I was in no mood to waste any valuable time, hence started to proceed with my hand snaking across her waist, drawing her near. She snuggle up to me as my hand lingered on her smooth rear and sought to explore deeper into the divide of my ass. Getting closer to my face, I let my tongue stroll to her ear and nibbled at the lobe with sensuous movements. Baby! Baby! She cried out in thrill. Such was her pleasure, and pulled her up on to the bed. Words are not enough to convey our desires; our tongues needed a different mode of expression. Soon we were both engaged in a passionate embrace with our tongues in close contact, speaking the language of horny sex. Every now and then we would pause to gain a breath and then resume our act.

I started to remove her clothing. She was wearing a cotton salvar suit. started with removing her kameez and salwar, Soon She stood in front of me in her my black lace panties & bra, which sharply contrasted with her smooth and fair skin. I leaned over her thighs and tenderly planted a kiss, right over her treasure island. It was arousing, the way I kissed. A shudder escaped from deep within her body. Then, without waiting any more I pulled down her panties & removed her bra. Now the lady stood before me fully naked, She asked me to remove my clothes, I told her its your turn baby, she huridly remove one by one all my clothes. Here in the room we both were totally naked to explore a true sensul experience. I cupped her mountains with my palm oh it were soft like sponge, I started playing with her nipples and she started to Without a barrier between my mouth and my love lips, the kisses became even more erotic. Lost in my own world I remained rooted between her thighs. With my face firmly lodged between my thighs, I started a new routine. Using my fingertips to spread her pussy lips, I started exploring the sensitive folds of my skin. When she arched my back and moaned, I planted my fingers inside her. Playing with her a bit, I then extended the tip of my tongue to meet her excited clit. In a rhythmic dance, my tongue started darting in and out of her already creamy interior.

Licking gently with some long, flat strokes across the length of her maidenhood, I savoured her like a little baby licking an ice cream cone. Coming in a great deluge she pored out her love juice over my face. Unable to control her passion, she asked me for my tool and her prayer was answered. The sight of my manhood was simply outstanding. A pink helmet crowned my muscular flesh. Already the helmet was glistening with a thin, shiny film of precum. Her hand immediately grasped the wonderful organ and felt it wildly throbbing with vitality. She wanted to taste the delicious morsel of flesh right then. Throwing inhibition to the wind she took it inside her mouth and then gobbled up its entire length. I was pleasantly surprised at her hunger. slowly honey said I. But she was in no mood to listen to me. It was she, who was in control. In the wet and warm sanctuary of her mouth, with her tongue lavishing every attention, my manhood grew hard and strong. Her oral expertise drove me wild, and I came in a rush, drenching her with my creamy white delight. As if in a trance she slurped and swallowed every drop of my precious potion of love.

Now it was time to enter my manhood in the heven hole. In few seconds my long thick organ stood up saluting. She was hungry all way to have it in, as I stood at the gateway of her clit she raised her back to glasp it all in, without any hurdle my 7″ long tool was all in her, I started my rythem slow but strongly, I wanted to last long and let her cum fast, she was feeling the best in havens, she moaned like mad, as other room in the hotel were empty nobody was there to hear her loud moans. I started ridding over her with her legs over my shoulders, then she turned down and we had it in doggie style. oh man it was feeling the best, the lady knew the best, I think she was hungry for real sex for year, might be her hubby was unable to deliver what she really needed. we had the rythem on and on for almost 15-20 min and during that she cummed almost twice, my manhood was travelling in and out of my mad and moist interior. She could not help respond to this dance of lust. As our passion soared to greater heights, so did the rhythm. Excitement coursed through our bodies like currents of electricity, letting us make moves that were akin to animals.

Even the sounds that emerged from out throats were obscenely wild. With groans and grunts the two of us expressed our darkest desires. Our bodies glistening with sweat continued their battle till both of us came, in an avalanche of ecstasy. There we laid on the hotel bed as both of us were completely exhausted and had no energy left to get up. \ As we were not in our homes and had to leave. We still do meet whenever oppourtunity comes our way. Bye for now. You can send your experiences, stories and dirty comments on You can also send me your stories. Any girls or ladies from chennai interested in safe and descret sex & fun can mail me…….. I love that most.

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