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Saas Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

I had mixed feelings when I was told that my mother in law is coming to stay for a few days with us as my wife had given birth to my child and is taking rest as she had to get operated to take the baby out. I was interested in seeing my mother in law in our house. Now I’m 33 and a sucker for big tits, and I recalled mother in law was very busty.

We were very free to each other that we talk all subjects. She arrived late and went right to bed but I caught a glimpse of mother in law and she looked even more busty than before.

She had gained some weight making her even more voluptuous. The next morning I heard someone in the kitchen early so I got up to see and it was mother in law making coffee. I must admit the sight of her in a loose sleeveless nightgown tucked upto her thighs made my dick shoot right out of my boxers. Her black hair was up and she was in slippers so she was showing tons of skin. What really made me reel though was the shape of her big tits, belly and ass that you could see through the sheer fabric. It was a plain, raw, natural and awesomely sexual look for a guy like me. When she saw me mother in law looked me up and down much as I was looking at her. She seemed to smile appreciatively at my lustful gaze and perhaps at my big hardon. I have a kind of lean body so when I’m hard it really stands out.

“My my you’ve grown naughty young man, Shiva” she remarked somewhat flirtatiously I thought. I decided to return the volley in kind saying “and you really fill out a nightgown nicely mother in law.” We went on like that for a while, making flirty comments to each other, and hitting it off well. I was getting so hot for mother in law I decided to make a bold comment. “It’s too bad you are my mother in law because you really are the type I go for. She responded somewhat coquettishly “ooh Shiva, you make your mother in law wish she were your girlfriend.” Her response emboldened me. “If you were mother in law, I’d fuck you right here and now.” “What are you talking about Shiva? Someone would hear us or someone might come in.” I noted that wasn’t a no so I pressed the issue. “Look mother in law you are the hottest babe I’ve ever seen, and I could take you quickly and quietly in the guest room.” She was pondering that comment when I gambled with a forceful demand. “I can tell you aren’t wearing any panties and I need to put my dick in you right now so let’s go.” She nodded okay. Our guest room has the hot water heater and is clean.

When we got there I immediately continued my seduction so mother in law wouldn’t change her mind. I am a very passionate lover so I began kissing and necking with her as I skillfully felt all over her wonderful curves. What a wonderful womanly scent she possessed. Her skin was so soft and her breasts so full and saggy I was in heaven. I told her “mother in law you are awesome and I can’t get enough of you”, and I meant it. She returned the lust and after a few minutes placed my hand on her pussy and cooed, “Do you think I’m wet enough for you to put it in now dear?” Wet enough? It was a sloppy, wide open cavern that sucked at my hand when I placed it there and she knew it.

She smiled as she turned, lifted her gown, and leaned over the table offering her huge, dimpled ass to me. I wasted no time. I pulled down my boxers, slid under those soft, ass cheeks and slid into the red zone. Our desire for each other was intense. I loved how my young dick made her buck , but mother in law gave as well as she got. Her hips were grinding me up and down like a hip hop, fly girl. She looked at me sideways and grunted “Oh my god Shiva you feel so big.” She was gulping and sighing with obvious delight and that just energized me to pump harder. “After some time she begged “Shiva you have to stop. I won’t be able to keep quiet much longer.”I angled her different ways to get better friction. Then I leaned over her, feeling all of her glorious bulges and folds to put me over the edge with dizzy lust for her.

Finally I held onto those hips and with us grinding in rhythm I let out a deep moan, along with a load of my best stuff. As we separated we looked at each other and it was an acknowledgement of mutual appreciation. She said, “Mmm, that was fun. I’ll never forget it.” I frowned and said, “You talk as if we are done. On the contrary, I’m just getting started with you mother in law. I recharge every couple of hours.”Smiling like a little girl she said, ” Well if that’s the case I have to get some rest. I don’t want to disappoint my son in law.” We still have our secrect relationship between us and continue to do wheneven time permits. Comments are welcome at

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