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  • August 22, 2015


I came to Russia in 1993! From the conservative society of Delhi, it was a sea change for me to see this paradise. Really, in summer time, Moscow is one of the most beautiful Capital of the world! Anywhere, I went I saw beautiful fairies in minier than mini skirts and breathtakingly sexy, shapely legs coming out of them!.

I had a three-room apartment in a place called Belyaevo, which I was sharing with one of my colleague named Brijesh. Both of us were working with a Multi-National company and life was just great!

It must have been the tenth day or so, when Brijesh asked me,” Bhai Sahab, Aaj Vodka ho jaye kya?” It was a Friday evening and we had the next two days off, so we went ahead with our evening program and within one hour killed a bottle of Smirnoff. Within no time, Smirnoff had helped break our inhibitions and he asked me my honest opinion about the Russian girls. Very honestly I told him that although I had not really interacted with any, I found them breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy! Brijesh gave a very understanding nod and a cunning smile and asked me,’’ AAJ Ho JAAYE PROGRAM PHIR?’’ Thinking of it as a prank, “I said why not?”

In any case we needed cigarettes, so we came out on street. The kiosk was about two hundred meters from our apartment and as we were coming back, we noticed three girls, hardly 15-16 year old, sitting on the side way bench, smoking Marlboros. Suddenly Brijesh broke away from me and asked them with the cutest of smiles,” MOJHNO PAJNAKOMITSYA, meaning can we get introduced? Can we have the pleasure of inviting you as guests please?’’ Panicking with fear I hissed in Hindi,” ABEY PAGAL HO GAYA HAI KYA? YE TO BAHUT HI CHHOTTI HAIN? ABEY, POLICE CASE BAN JAAYEGA?” Brijesh smiled shamelessly at me and slowly said,” BHAI SAHAB THEY WOULD HAVE ALREADY TAKEN IN A MILLION LIKE YOU, IF NOT MORE!” The girls declined his invitation, but he persisted,” May be just for a couple of hours, if you do not like our company, we will drop you back.” The girls had a mini consultation amongst themselves and shrugged their shoulders,” OK!’’ I was to learn later that unlike India, here you could approach any girl with an invitation and acceptance and rejection, both have to be accepted with a smile!

We purchased four Champagne and two red wine bottles, a few chocolate boxes and three small soft toys! To cut a long story short, we came to the apartment and lovely toasts were raised by Brijesh to glorify the new friendship, their hair, eyes….( I learnt later that these were the techniques to impress Russian girls.) Now, I tell you about the girls! Olga was about 16, a tall 5 ft 7 inches, sexy brunette with hazel green eyes, pinkish nipples that begged to be released from her bra-less shirt. Natasha a breathtakingly innocent looking blonde girl of 15 years, with glorious milky thighs, protruding out of her black mini skirts and despite my best efforts, I found my eyes slipping on to them again and again! The third girl Tanya was also about 16, with open, auburn hair upto her spine and reminded me so much of our Dimple Kapadia of Bobby era. Interestingly, Tanya and Natasha were studying a little of Hindi in the Indian Embassy for the past four months and that was one of the major factors for their having decided to accepted our invitation on the first day itself, as they later told us!

Brij, kept on telling them jokes after jokes and when they used to burst out laughing, he used to translate them to me. I couldn’t help noticing that his jokes were becoming bawdier and bawdier and while I used to become red faced, I noticed the girls were having a real ball! He would not let one opportunity to slip by where he could squeeze the palms or the arms of one of the girls and with each passing drink, the girls too were becoming redder and redder.

Suddenly Brijesh grabbed Tanya’s hand and started dragging her towards the bedroom, laughingly saying,” Come see for yourself, come-on.” Olga protested,” Hey Brij, leave my friend alone!” Brijesh grabbed her hand too and said,” Come, you too!” It was done so smoothly and professionally that within no time Brijesh was in the bed with two sexxxxy babes and I was embarrassed and sometime sheepishly looked towards Natasha and sometimes towards the dressing table mirror placed on the corridor, that showed a two-third view of Brijesh’s bed. I could see that Brijesh had inserted his left palm inside Olga’s bra less shirt and was very roughly running his palm, briskly back and forth on her nipples. With his other hand he had pulled the face of Tanya and had firmly locked his lips over her virgin lips and although her body was fighting to get released, she had no way to escape. From the nipples, when Brijesh slided his left hand inside Olga’s panties, I will never understand, but one thing was very clear from the mirror view! The girls were not protesting any more! Suddenly I took my eyes off the mirror and to my embarrassment found Natasha staring at me. I sheepishly mumbled,” God, they are drunk “ She innocently said,” Give me some wine.’’ I poured her a generous one and she said in Hindi,” MAIN BHI DEKHOON KYA HO RAHA HAI?” & she came to my sofa and started innocently giggling with the view on mirror, “ Tanya was furiously sucking the LUND of Brijesh and her auburn hair had encircled his thighs. Brijesh was a 24 year old , 185cms tall stud and his huge erection had ensured that Tanya’s face was a good six to seven inches away from his flat stomach and the view was mind blowing. Olga’s brunette head was covering his ass and from a very difficult angle, she was licking his hairy balls like a KUTIYA!

It was too much for me and very apprehensively I leaned slightly towards Natasha and showed the touch as an unintentional one. There was no reaction! Suddenly, Natasha, without any warning placed her index finger on my LAUDA and asked me straight in my eyes,’’ ISKO HINDI MEIN KYA KEHTE HAIN? “ Too stunned, I mumbled out,’’ LLLUUN.. LLLUND!’’ She said Russian MEIN it was called KHUI! I picked up courage, swallowed inside my throat and inserted my left hand inside her black skirt, touched her tight CHOOT and asked,” ROOSI MEIN ISKO KYA KEHTE HAIN?” She burst out laughing and innocently said,” PIZDA!’’ I pulled her towards me and kissed her gently! She came on to me like a leech and inserted her tongue inside my mouth. As she was giving me the kiss of my life, I saw in the mirror, that Brijesh was inserting his cream laced finger inside Tanya’s GAAND! She shrieked in horror,’’ BRIJESH MAINE KABHI YAHAAN ( pointing to her CHOOT!) BHI NAHIN LIYA HAI?” Brijesh assured her and made the assholes of Tanya and Olga very wet and was sliding two fingers at a time in the two assholes! There were obscenely loud sounds of OOOOHS and AAAHHS from the bedroom and then Brijesh made both of them lie down next to each other.

Brijesh, rubbed his long LUND two three times and just placed the tip at the slit of Tanya’s CHOOT! As he pressed the tip slightly forward, Tanya let out a bone chilling cry…. Brijesh immediately pressed her lips with his and stopped then and there! His right hand started working inside the GAAND of Olga and he never took out the one inch entry from Tanya’s CHOOT! As Olga started to moan once again, he suddenly stopped his hand movement and pressed his LUND almost half inside Tanya”s CHOOT. It was too much for her and although she could not let out a scream due to the lip lock, I very clearly saw tears rolling out of her beautiful eyes and with professional strokes, within no time Brijesh had established a smooth rhythm with her milky ass lifting and falling under his dark brown muscular buttocks. Suddenly he stopped stroking, gently withdrew his LUND and slowly entered into OLGA’s CHOOT!

My gaze fixed on the mirror and lips locked in union with Natasha, I slowly unbuttoned her top and my left hand encountered very tight breasts. Startled I looked down, and was stunned to see the beauty of her Mango shaped, very tight tits. I squeezed them slightly and a cry escaped her lips. I gently came down and started sucking on them one by one. Natasha’s breasts were tightly snuffed in my mouth and even while I licked her strawberry pink CHOOCHHIS, her sides because of their firmness pressed my either cheek outwards! God, Natasha was very beautiful! I inserted my left hand inside her CHADDI, my finger came in contact with her pulsating CLITORIS and as if just waiting for the moment, Natasha’s CHOOT exploded on my fingers and I have never experienced anything like this before or after that. I actually felt, molten honey dripping over my fingers! She was positively my first white girl! And hardly had she exploded, I too shot my load inside my underwear and with a AAAAAGHHH sound, ended up chewing up her left MAMMA which drew out a few droplets of blood and a cry accompanied by tears in her beautiful eyes. I passionately started kissing her, apologising all the time. Amidst sobs, Natasha said,’’ MERA, PEHLI BAAR!’’ My lund started rising at the remark! I once again started kissing her and once again the mirror was showing the bedroom glories!

Brijesh was madly fucking Olga, suddenly stopping and finger fucking Tanya’s GAAND and after a few minutes suddenly stopping, entering Tanya’s CHOOT and starting to fuck her. Then once again he stopped, and started finger fucking Olga’s GAAND now!

I had done Natasha completely NANGA by now and the sight of her virgin blonde choot was too much for me! My manhood grew to its glory and as I asked her to lie down on sofa, she screamed for mercy! “ BAHUT BADA HAI YE, NAHIN, NAHIN…!” I gently lifted her head and pressed my LUND into her pink, tight mouth. I felt her tongue excitedly flicking the inner veins of my LUND and that worsened the matters because I was so tight that her eyes were wide in horror and I was almost touching her throat. There was no way in the world she was going to let me enter her CHOOT and I was in a dilemma, whether to cum inside her mouth or try to persuade her to let me fuck her. The decision was made by Brijesh ironically!

Inside, the moment he entered Olga’s CHOOT the next time, she suddenly locked her legs around his waist and shrieked,” DAVAI, DAVAI, meaning come on come on..!’’ Tanya had got so excited that she wanted to pull Brijesh towards her and Brijesh cried out,” BHAI SAHAB, Please Tanya KO CHOD DO, VARNA YE MERA MAZAA KHARAAB KAR DEGI!” My mouth on Natasha’s breast and LUND inside her mouth, we crawled to the bed room and I made Olga stand in front of where Tanya’s head was and parted Tanya’s legs. I had a cock much bigger then Brijesh’s and the moment I entered Tanya’s CHOOT, she cried aloud and there was once again a squirt of BLOOD. I literally started fucking to glory through blood, with Natasha’s blonde CHOOT right in front of my eyes! The site of her wet clitoris was driving me mad and Brijesh’s left hand fingers which were inside Tanya’s GAAND occasionally brushed my LUND too! I too insertd my right hand fingers in Olga’s GAAND, who was being pumped away by Brijesh. Suddenly Brijesh pulled out and pushed his LUND deep inside the mouth of a protesting Olga, rammed it all the way in and Olga started choking on his LUND! With great difficulty she pushed him back and was now hysterically coughing, the huge cumload dripping out of her mouth and nose too! I did not even have to fantasize about my heartthrob, Dimple Kapadia. She was right there taking the punishment of my very rough lund. I pulled Natasha’s blonde CHOOT and started sucking on it slurpily. Madly I was pumping Tanya and tears of joy were coming out of her eyes as well as CHOOT! Suddenly I came in huge shudders, and the bitch Natasha shot such a big load over my tongue that my mouth was half full! Tanya of course had come at least a dozen times during her CHUDAYEE and she gave me a bone crushing hug.

After that we had innumerable fucking encounters with these three and during their fourth visit to our apartment I was finally able to rip apart Natasha’s blonde CHOOT! More on that the next time!

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