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Rukhsana Baji Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi readers from Rawalpindi Pakistan i am a great fan of this site now i want to tell u my true story. first i want to introduce my self i m not a beautiful person but have a sexy look now i am a matured person. This is my very first sex story .

When ifailed in english in matric examination my mother took me a nearby mohallah where we have family terms and we r very close to them. I go to their house frequently . My mother requested their older daughter to teach me english . Her name was Rukhsana and she was a sexbomb. let me tell u about her personality she have naturely red lips (fruitful),blue eyes, fair complexion, big breasts and abig sexy gand. i called her baji rukhasana i was very frank with her . she also liked me when my mother asked her about my tution she smiled and winked me and took me in her reading room .then she asked me shah g ” sub say pelay apna test do”

Pata chalay tum ko kitnee english atee hay” saying this she asked me about name of human body parts and place her hand in her eyes and ask what is this?

I say baji eyesI

what is this she placed her hand on her nose

i replybaji this is nose

and wondered why was she asking such questionsme then suddenly she put my hand at her breast and said

“ye kia hay”?

at that time i never knew about iti asked

“baji this is ur chest”. Hearing this she laughed at my innosence and said hmmmmm

“lagta hay tum ko english ke sath sath aour be kuch teach karna puray ga”

i said “g?” she asked nothing and asked meto bringmy english books tomorrow and start studies. Next day when i reached her home her younger bro n sis were also there for studies she looked at me and asked come in sitnear me during the study she would touch my body especially my cheeks and rubbed his boobs with my body pretending that this all was happening accidently.

One day as per routine i reached her house and feel that nobody except her was present at home i asked her about others she said they are out for family function

I say may i off today ? she replied no nochutti challo aaj hum chatting kartay hain. i said ok baji then we talkedon different topics. aftersome time she asked meabout tea ? mara tu mood ho raha hay i saidyes baji. come with me in kitchen we took tea and chatted .ok i said andfollowed herto kitchen ,her kitchen door was small when she enter the door she suddenly stopped,as i walked behined her i was unbalanced andgotcollided with herwhen i felt her body it was toooooo soft we both stayed there for few moments i enjoyedthis “TAKAR”

But saidnothing. she pressedher big gand for a while at my dick and said

Take it easyyar and look at me i was pale with shame.then sheentered in the kitchen and asked me ”

Ary kia howa”? i said nothing then again she askedme with a lowhusky voice kia baat hay?

I was afraid and said baji sorry

sorry? why u askedthisi again said nothing then she smiled and asked me tell me what happened then i saidbaji i touched u and this is not right she laughed and said its ok yar and why u asked me baji my name is rukhsana so call me rukhsana isaidbaji sorry rukhasana sorry for touch she said

no problem one time u touch my body now i touch ur body hissab baraber  by sying this she gave me a tight hugas her body was tooooooooooo soft now my dickwas becoming hard i tried to control myself butinvain. She felt my hardness and touched her thigh softly now this is too much but even then i was afraid after few seconds she took my dick in her hand and kiss me on my cheeks with her very soft lips then she licked my lips, now slowly she entered her tongue in my mouth gently and begining to suck my tongue when she was sucking my tongue she hold my dick tight tight,and tight. Itwas a great feelingthat i hadnever experienced before in my life.

After ten minute kissing she asked me take my clothes off while taking her own clothes off. what a beautiful body she had. Now we both were naked. Shesaw my dick that was pink in color. she said “wow!!ur dick is cute” and held it in her soft hands. as she held my dick in her hand. as my dick felt the softness andwarmness of her hand, i felt a rush in my lower portionand I cum with aloud, big”aaaahhhh” in her hand. she looked at me and my surprise. she lick her hand which was coated with my cum. after cleaning her hand with her tongue, she took my dick in her mouth and began to suck. Oh what a pleasure shegave me. Now my dick started getting hard once again. she stopped sucking and said “abjaldi na chootna”. and she took me in her room holding my dick in her hand. when we reached her room, she asked me, “shah ji!! promise me that u will tell anyone about it”. i promised 😉 then she asked me to close my eyes.

I closed my eyes. She inserted herfinger in her pussy and then inserted the finger in my mouth and asked me to taste it. then she asked me how it tasted. I was getting mad with pleasure and passion. I replied “baji it is so great and tasty even more than the chocolate”. she laughed. she laid on bed with her legs wide opened and asked me to eat her. she was moaning. twisting her waist “ooooeeeee…………uffffff……….mar dala…………….zor se….zor se..” holding my head and rubbing it on her pussy. Then she asked me to stop and asked me to fuck her “ab aa jao aur apna lun meri phuddimain daal do”. she just kissed my dick’s head once again to make it wet and asked me topenetrate her immediately. I didnt know anything about it. I did whatever she was asking me to do. So I inserted my dick in her shaven, tight pussy. She cried “oooooohhhhhh…….aaaaaahhhhhhhh…cccccccccccc……….so bohot bara hai. maza aa gaya. hi……..kitna sakht hai”. after few minutes i said baji, I am going to cum. she cried ” oh no!!! not in my pussy”. after saying that she took my dick out of her mouth and started sucking it again. It was a great feeling. I felt current inmy whole body. After sometime, i cummed inher mouth and she didnt wasted even a single drop of it.

I fucked her ass as well after that,so many times. So friends!! let me know did u like my story or not. this is my first story. I also fucked her mother and sister later. But I willtell u about it later. I have a lot of sex experiences and I would like to share it with u people.

If any female of rawalpindi/islamabad wanna me to share sex desires with me, contact me at
I promise that everything will be kept secret. especially i welcome older women.

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