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Rosi Chachie ki Mast Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Dear friends, Thanks you all for ur comments about my first story publised in Desipapa, First of all I say my very much thanks to Desipapa. I hope Desipapa will publish this story,I will be very grateful to them. ok friends,U can write ur views and comments to me , After High School I joined the college which was far away from home. Instead of putting me in hostel, father arranged with a relative, who was staying near to the college. Aunty was a distant relative and they were more friendly with our family. Aunty, her son, his wife and one small kid was the family members. They arranged and gave me a side room which got door to outside.

My cousin was around 30 years and Rosy his wife was 23. They had a son aged 3 years. He was running a shop near to the cinema theater and used to close the shop after the second show start and reach home after 10 p.m. I used to call Rosy as CHECHI (means big sister). She got a good body with nice round boobs and round buttocks. Round face with big black eyes and with lot of curled hair. Any man will feel attracted to her and she has always a lovely smile on her face. Some time, when she is doing some job outside the house, I used to watch her from my room and I used to masturbate. Many times I used to think about fucking her and I was always thinks about how to make her. Every month aunty used to go to her daughter for 2-3 days. That days myself and chechi used to sit on the balcony after the child sleep and used to wait for my cousin to come after closing the shop. We used to talk mainly about cinemas. Always I used to watch her closely and used to imagine in my mind about seeing her naked without any cloths. This used to give me an inspiration and my cock used to harden. I used to hide my hardening from her always.

Aunty used to sleep with the child in one room and my cousin and chechi was sleeping in one room. Some nights my cousin will rush for sleep and I used to notice from his face that he is horny. He used to give chechi some silent signals and from her face expression I can make out that they are going to make love and play. Then one day I could not sleep as started imagining about what is happening in their room. One day I opened the door and stepped out without making any noise. I went to the window of their room and checked whether any window panel is open or not. All of them was closed and I could hear the noises they make. On standing there hearing those noises and imagining what is happening inside, I used to play with my hard cock and milk out. One think I realised that my cousin exhaust very soon. The fucking noise is heard only 5 to 10 minutes. I used to wonder whether chechi is getting her climax or not. .. One day one of the window panel was not locked and it is slightly open. I peeped in and I could see on the dim light they were holding each other. I could see only her back. When they turned I got a chance to see his cock. It was a small one and just above half of my size. She was playing with it and I started imagining that she is holding my cock and stroking it. When again they moved and I could see a glimpse of one of her boob, a side view. After some time they laid down on the bed I could see only their legs up to top of the knee. They were on full swing and I opened the panel slightly more, so that I could see more. Now I can see upto the hips and I saw the real fucking. His hips was up and down and after few minutes I saw he increased the speed and I understood that he is reaching the climax. Then he was on slow motion and came to a halt. He slipped away from her and both of them were lying as it is. I can see on the the dim light his soften cock and her black pussy.

On watching that I stroked my cock and that day my cock pumped more milk out and I enjoyed more….. Next time when aunty gone to her daughter, myself and chechi were sitting on the veranda waiting for my cousin. As I was sitting close to chechi and as I was thinking about what I saw last time, my cock started waking up and bulging. This time I did not tried to hide the bulge from her as I used to do earlier. She noticed the bulge and I realised that she is looking at it with curiosity. This gave me a relief and now I was not afraid and the bulge was increasing. She started looking more and more and talked less. I went to the bathroom and came back with the lungi folded and the cock partly out of my underwear. I sat in front of her in a position that if I raise my leg she will see my cock which was a semi hard position. While talking I saw her eyes were on that direction and I felt that she want to see my tool. While talking I started raising my leg for a while and the head of my cock is seen by her. When ever I raise my leg she was looking at that and now I am sure that she want to see it fully. Then finally I raised my leg and did not put it back to normal position. Now she was seeing my semi hard cock, a one third of it. I tilted my leg so that the cock will come out of the underwear more and more. She was curiously watching it. On the dim light she could not see it clearly, but she seen the head and realised that my cock is a big one. All the time we were talking something and she was always peeping into my lungi. I was having some pleasure from inside my stomach and having a better feeling. We could not spend much time and we saw the light and we realised that my cousin was approaching the house.

We immediatley sat on the former position and pretended as nothing happened. Next day morning I went to the college and decided to skip from the class after a period. I came home and she was surprised to see me. I told her that my stomach is upset and that is why I came home. I changed dress and I went to the toilet for just to show her that I am telling the truth. She was smiling and she knew why I came home. I was wearing only a lungi as I was thinking about Chechi while I was in toilet gave my cock an inspiration and it started getting hard. When I came back from the toilet my cock was on a semi hard position and as I was not wearing underwear it was hangin down and it was easily noticeable with the lungi. She was sitting on a dining chair and cleaning beans for preparing for the lunch. She looked at my front and noticed the semi hardness. I knew that last night on the dim light she could not seen my cock clearly. I sat on the next chair facing her. She was on the casual dress of lungi and blouse and I was able to see the side of her. She smiled at me and again looked at my front side. Under the lungi my cock was getting hard and I put my hand on and pressed my cock along with the lungi. She looked at the door and told me to go and close the door or some one may pop in without our notice and will see this. I went and closed the door and come back and sat on the chair little more closer than before.

After sitting I slowly aparted the lungi in my front side and shown her the head and little bit of my cock. She told me not enough and show her it fully. I raised the lungi fully and shown her the full view. My cock was getting harder and harder and she was pleased to see it getting up. I pulled the foreskin and the bulky head was fully out. My cock was dancing in front of her and she stopped the job and turned towards me. She told me that she could not sleep last night and thought of asking me not to go the college today. I got up from the chair and went to her. I stood in front of her and she removed my lungi and I was standing fully naked. She took my cock in her hand and kissed on the head. She looked up and told me, oh your cock is big and hard. It will be nice to be inside and fucking. She got up from the chair and I pulled her towards me and started kissing her. She embraced me with one hand as she don’t want to leave my cock from other hand. After few minutes we went to the bedroom. I removed all her dress and I was delighted to see her naked body so close. She was having nice round tits and dark brown nipples with a light brown round base. It was beautiful and only slightly fallen down. Her body was so smooth skin and only little hard was the buttocks. Her butts were round and fleshy and all in all she was a cute sexy women. I kissed her on her lips, cheek, neck, shoulder and down to the breasts. I kissed on both boobs and took one of the nipple in mount and started sucking it. I played the other boob with my hand, pressing lightly and took the nipple in between the fingers and started squeezing it. She started moaning and started breathing heavly.

After a little while I started sucking the other boob. All these time she was holding my cock and was pressing it hard. My cock was rock hard like an iron rod. I took her to the bed and put her on the bed, the body on the bed and her legs hanging out. I kept her legs apart and sat on the floor. I started licking her legs and I reached on top and I kissed her sweet pussy. With my both hands I aparted her pussy and saw the real red rose colour sweet pussy. I kissed on the sides and on the clip. I put my tongue on the clit and started rounding it for a while. She started moaning little louder and talked dirty to me “hhhhhhhhh oghhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhsshhhhhhhhh ossss yes sajan mone ente pooru naki thinneda kutaaaaaaaaaa,(lick and suck my pussy)mmmmmmmmm oohohoohooohhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ente daivame eniki sahikunnillaa haaaaaaaaaaaa sshssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chakkara kutta ponnu mone ente kanth valichu oompeddaaaaaaaaa kativhu parikkada kutttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I understood that she is getting enjoyment on my licking her pussy and clit. After a while I put her small clit inbetween my lips and squeezed it she shouted ooohhhhhhhhho angane angane ente kanth moonchadaaaaaaaaaaa chakkare poori moneeeeeee. She started moaning loudly. Ahhhhaa…ammmmmmmmmmmmaay …… anikku sahikunnillllllllaaaaaaadaaaaaaaa………………………….I made her hoter and hoter and athen I climbed on her…

My cock was rock hard. She took it in her hand and placed on the correct position and I slowly pressed it in. Slided in fully and our pubic hairs met and all body coupled together. I satrted fucking her slowly. Wow her pussy was so tight, so I realised that my cousin do not have a big cock. I fucked her hard and hard and she started moaning loudly hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh ammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyymone poooooooooru mone adichuthada kutaaaaaaaaaaaaa ninte anakunnaa ente pootil adichukettada aaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ente daivay may ninte kunna nalla sukam enikku ninte kunnaa vennamm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhm omne vegham vegham cheyyada kuttaaaaaaaaa ente kunna kutaaaaaaaaaaa anakunnaaaaaaaaaaa vegham cheyyada. She pressed me against her hardly and asked me to fuck her faster and faster…aaaaaaahhhhhhh….we both were reaching to the climax…ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..there it is…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…ohhhhhhhhh Rosychechi ninghalude pooru nallaaaaaaaa erukkamundu oooooohhhhhhhhh nallla sukham ente kunna paal nyan ozhichu tharam ohhhhh.I shot my milk to her pussy again and again and she was screaming in low voice. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yyaaaaaaaaahahhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhh……. her juices and my milk made a pool on the bed. We fucked when ever we got a chance and untill I left college……… friends write ur comment to

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