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Rosa Cheddhati Ki Chudai

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  • August 31, 2015

I was spending the summer vacation with my grandparents in a small town in Kerala when I was about 12 years old. There was a maid-servant there inher mid-forties whom I used to call Rosa cheduthi.Christian women in Kerala at that time wore a peculiarly un-attractive dress – a ‘Mundu’ wrapped around the lower part of the body, tied in such a way that part of the cloth formed a Chinese-fan-likecontraption covering the arse. As a ‘top’ there was the ‘Chatta’, which can bedescribed as a loose, shapeless, long blouse, definitely covering the midriff, with half sleeves anda Vee neck. Instead of the bra, they wore a bodicewhich was like a tight, sleeveless blouse made of muslin, with two extensions in the front fortying up, so as to give adequate support for thebreasts.

I don’t think they wore anything underneaththe Mundu. The whole ensemble would be in white. Thedress must have evolved from a puritanical and patriarchal sense of what was good for women to keep them to the straight and narrow path, bymaking them look as shapeless as possible. Rosa cheduthi used to wear this dress in the house,and while going out would throw a thin towel over theleft shoulder and tuck it into her waist on the right side, so as to cover the chest further. But none of these could really hide the shape of her massive breasts and her jutting buttocks. I used to gaze at these with considerable pleasure, without realising why I derived so much pleasure from looking at her abundant curves, even though they were more than fully covered. Watching her pee became my favourite pastime. She didit in the open while standing and without lifting her clothes, quite often while talking with people. You could see her shifting her position ever so slightly, placing her feet further apart. Then the pee would start trickling over one of her feet, forming an expanding wet patch on the ground. Todo this without wetting the mundu, the pee must have dribbled down one thigh, leg, ankle and foot withouttouching the cloth. This seemed to be a common way opening among the women there.

I have seen even middleclass women deep in conversation at the side of theroad, when one of them would suddenly start wetting the ground under her feet, all this in themost natural way without any embarrassment. Cheduthimust have realised that I was getting some juvenile sexual pleasure in watching her, as she wouldgenerally give me a better view by turning towards mewith a mischievous smile and holding wider the opening in her mundu so that the stream of peecoming down her calf was clearly visible to me. When using the bathroom though, she must have squattedfor her pee; and I made this out by inference. Thebathroom and the toilet (squatting type with an Indian pan) were outside the house, with a wall separatingthe two, the bathroom being at a slightly higherelevation than the toilet room due to the lay of the land. Waste water from the bathroom would issuethrough a drain-hole in the interconnecting wall andflow over the floor of the toilet in front of the panand drain into it. Once, when I was about to enter the toilet, I saw Rosacheduthi hurriedly getting into the bathroom. After Ihad closed the door and squatted over the toilet pan,I heard a noise as if a jet of water was striking withgreat force against the drainage hole of the bathroom.

I suddenly realised that Rosa cheduthi must besquatting and pissing directly into the drainage hole. I could see the pee flowing infront of me on its way into the toilet pan. I wasgetting all excited – with the sound of her pissing,the sight of the pee flowing in front of me and thestrong (fascinating) smell that I was getting from it. To smell it better, I bent my head tothe floor, when I had an overpowering desire to tasteit, and I pushed the tip of my tongue into the flow ofpee. The salty taste along with the strong smell wasdelightful. I must have repeated this a number oftimes during that vacation; waiting for Rosa cheduthito go to the bathroom for her piss, and then slipping into the toilet for my pee smelling and tasting session. My grandmother, when she asked Rosa cheduthi to giveme my daily bath, would not have thought that therewould be anything unusual. I was not at all shy inremoving my clothes and standing naked before her inthe bathroom. Cheduthi would be standing there withthe lower end of her mundu tucked up into her waist,leaving her legs upto the knees bare, mixing the hot water from a small brass vessel into a largevessel full of cold water, so that the bath water attained a pleasant warm temperature. She would startby pouring the warm water over my body with a brassmug and soap and scrub me all over; then would ask meto squat, when she would pour water over my head, neck and shoulders, then soap and scrub,especially behind the ears and finally rinse with warmwater.

I would then stand up and there would be atotal rinsing from head to feet with the remaining warm water, after which I wastowelled dry, first the head and then the body. Then Iwould dress myself in fresh shorts and shirt. Therewas nothing sensual in all this. But one day, when my grandparents were not at home,when I was being bathed by Rosa cheduthi, theprocedure was a little different. After rinsing and towelling me dry, she stood back a little and lookedall over me quite carefully; then pointing to my genital area, said that it was not quite cleanthere and she would have to soap and wash there again.She poured some warm water (which she must havepurposely reserved from the bath water) over my penisand scrotum and soaped and scrubbed there with the tips of her fingers for an unusuallylong time. I was getting some very pleasurablesensations. She asked me whether I liked it, and Ishyly nodded “yes”. She then squatted in front of me, took my penis in her hand, gently pushed back theforeskin and cleaned there by pouring some water. She started pushing and pulling on the foreskinwhich was very pleasant, and I told her so. She saidshe was going to give me even more pleasure and gaveme a kiss there. With all this, my penis had startedbecoming larger and harder. She slowly took it in hermouth and started sucking on it. The pleasure for mewas intense.

Cheduthi also must have liked it as shehad a glazed look about her. After some time I gave ashudder and ‘came’, although actually nothing cameout. Cheduthi removed her mouth, stood up, looked atme and smiled, and told me that she could see that Iliked it. Cheduthi then asked me whether I would like to seewhat she had down there. I shyly said “yes”. She lifted up her mundu, and I could see the black patchof pubic hair. But it was so dense that nothing elsewas visible except a faint vertical line in the hair indicating her slit. She could see that I was notsatisfied. So, she got up on a stool that was in thebathroom and squatted on it with the mundu held up andasked me to squat in front of her. I could now see hercunt quite clearly, which was open and jutting out,particularly the large clit at the junction of theinverted vee forming her cunt lips which were thicklike the boundary rope of a cricket field. Withinthose was the large and fascinating vaginal opening.She asked me to come closer and give her a kiss there.As I was kissing, Cheduthi gently pulled my headtowards her so that my whole face was pressed againsther vulva, my nose against her clit, my lips againsther cunt lips and my tongue inside her cunt hole. Iwas quite overwhelmed by the smell and taste, and Iswirled my tongue inside her vagina and rubbed my noseagainst her clit for a long time, till she came with a nice flow and shudder, all to my greatdelight. She got down from the stool and soaped andwashed my face saying that my grandmother should notdetect the smell. My bathing on subsequent days, whenever mygrandparents were away from the house, was even more interesting, as Ipersuaded Rosa cheduthi to remove all her clothes when shebathed me, on the pretext that they would otherwise get wet.

She wasa stunning figure in the nude, with her massive breasts,jutting buttocks, flat tummy, projecting vulva, dense pubichair, plump thighs and shapely calves and feet. She had apleasant face with mischievous eyes and a golden brown colour.I would play with her really large breasts and we wouldfondle, kiss, lick and suck each other everywhere, and both enjoyedall these antics thoroughly. Rosa cheduthi and I slept in the same room at night onthe far side of the house, away from my grandparents, I on acot and she on the floor on a mat. Cheduthi would bring abrass commode, so that we did not have to go outside thehouse into the bathroom or latrine at night for peeing. Herpreparation for the night started with her taking the mat rollfrom under the cot and spreading it on the floor before she putout the light. But there would generally be enough light coming through the window to see (although not very clearly)what she was doing. She would then lift her mundu, sit on thecommode and piss, making a nice musical sound when the peefell into the brass commode. She would then get up from there, remove her chatta, fold it and put it under her pillow, andloosen the knot of her bodice, before lying down on the mat. One night, as a prelude to the pre-monsoon showers,there was severe thunder and lightning. Waking up, I sat on thebed and called out to Rosa cheduthi that I was afraid. Sheasked me to come down and sleep with her on the mat. As soon as Iwas with her, she hugged me, and smothered my face into thecomfort and warmth between her breasts. I must have dozed off, asI woke up after some time feeling a nice pleasurablesensation on my penis, and found (rather felt) that Rosa cheduthi wasfondling me there.

She said that we could both have a lot morepleasure by licking and sucking each other, and asked me to geton top of her with my penis in her mouth and my mouth to her cunt. We did all the antics we did in the bathroom, but in amuch more relaxed manner, till both ‘came’. She told me not tobother about washing my face then, as I would be doing it inthe morning anyway. I rather liked the idea of going to sleep with her juices drying on my face. Sleeping with her atnight became a regular routine after that. I would wait forher to extinguish the light and then would go and lie down onthe mat, waiting for her to join me after her rituals. Two or three nights later, she introduced me toregular intercourse. She fondled my prick and got it semi-hard(as real adult hardness had to wait for a few years more).She asked me to lie on top of her and support myself on myknees and elbows. She spread out her legs and placed apillow under her buttocks; then took my semi-hard prick in her handand inserted it in her cunt hole and drew it in by exercising suction of her cunt. Then came the delightfulsqueezing and release of my prick by her cunt muscles till we both’came’. Afterwards, we had this pleasure every night,sometimes 2 or 3 times during the night. Finally, the day was coming when I had to return homeand go back to school. On the night before my grandfather wasto take me back home, the entire time was spent by me and Cheduthi in doing everything that had become very dear to us,again and again, till towards day-break we fell asleep for a fewhours. Rosa cheduthi has remained a vivid part of my sexualfantasies ever since, and, now in adult life when I look back, Ifeel thankful to her for teaching me to enjoy sex with all mysenses, without any guilt feelings. write ur comments to

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