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Roopa & Reenu

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi. This is Renu from Delhi, I m really so beautiful girl on the earth, I never said this my friend sad this . Lets describe herself , I m 24 year having 36d-28-34 figure which gives me marvelous looks either from front or back. Normally I wear jeans and T-shirt I m working with a company where I met with that. Sahil is 26-year-old good height and so handsome when I meet with him first time I think that if this was my friend then I will really enjoy with him. Any way one day he offer me that u come with me I will drop u at ur home, I just ready and say ok, when I was sit on her bike then my boobs were touching with him that’s why for more enjoyment he also touching with me too much and came very near to me. when he was driving then I ask him have u some time he said ya tell me then I say to him plz go where we will alone for some time . then we go in one park and where I start told all in detail that I like u and so and so .After that daily I go to the park after leaving office in between I came very close and one day when we was sitting in park and time was 7-730 then he start me pressing my boobs and rubbing my pussy upper side my jeans.

Both were so hot and his panis was showing in his pants he just put my hand on panis and say to rub it both were too hot so he ask me that come in some corner as per time in that time most of couple went out from Park so we were alone or may be one or two pair in garden. then he remove my T-shirt upper and remove my Bra .and start to sucking it both boobs so fast I was so excited and start to rub my pussy with my hands then he open my jeans jip and insert hand in my panty but that was so typical for fingering to him so he say to me just remove ur panty then u wear again ur jeans in meantime he was watching that nobody is coming that side .i done same and remove my panty and keep in my purse

Now I was without bra and panty then he opened my jeans zip and button and t-shirt was all ready upper then he start to sucking and rubbing my pussy after some time he start to suck my pussy. I was some afraid becoz if anybody came there then what happen , anyway he was sucking my pussy so deep and hard after that he remove his panis and say to me sucking this is my first time anyway I start to suck it it was really soo tasty I enjoy too much then he remove my jeans upto my knee and start to fucking me I all ready put newspaper on the top (Jameen per )and fuck till I was totally satisfy . that’s was really so enjoy ful evening and after that we both doing this exercise daily in same park and too many places like his home his friend home .

after some time my office girl friend asking about me that where u go daily and what u did there her name is roopa she was also beautiful and when ever sahil fucking me then or were talking then he said to me that roopa is so beautiful also and I want to fuck her . anyway one day when she ask me this question then I told her all story after that see was so excited to know every think which happen between me and sahil . and I told her all in detail and also told her that sahil was saying this that he want to fuck u also . she smiled and one she ask me renu may I come with u today that’s was Saturday and normally Saturday my office close around five pm and on Saturday sahil come with maruti car . I asked to sahil that roopa is also want to join our company . sahil say ok then I came at my home that’s free today and I m alone today . I said ok now we all three reach sahil home he Welcome me and my friend and ask for some cold drink we all three drink Cold drink then sahil sit between me and her and ask to me that what she want I say to him better u ask to roopa then he ask to roopa ,bolo roopa darling what do u want she smile and just smile and say all the think which she want.

Then he pick her and sit in goad . and start kissing here and there Due to Saturday we both were wear Sari so sahil say to me just open ur sari sa well as roopa also I remove my sari and start to remove roopa sari as I remove her saari she was griped to me that’s I was also so excited then sahil ask me renu would u like to suck roopa pussy I said yes and remove her petticoat that’s was without panty may be she never wear panty or that day anyway I start to suck her pussy and he start to suck her boobs and she was sitting sahils goad now she was totally nude her hips on sahils panis after that sahil said to roopa would u like to suck pussy she again smile then me and roopa was sucking pussy each other. In between sahil remove him cloth as well as my also and sucking both boobs after that’s he say to roopa plz suck my panis in between I was sucking her pussy roopa was too excited to suck his panis and give noise uucchh uuuchh puck puuuck like that’s making me too horny and I start to fast her pussy and now roopa was too hot and crying fuck me sahil fuck me I m thinking about last two month when renu told me about ur self then sahil ask me what should be done I say that open thee Roop seal also just like me my dear sweet heart . its was also ur dream which comes true then he say to me that suck my panis and I also suck his panis and then he start to fuck roopa in first strike she crying so loudely ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mummmmy then she say to me just say remove it plz I cant take it then I said to her wait I took some oil and drop on her pussy and then sahil start to insert it slow –slow and when he insert half panis then he rubbing in slowly –2 after some time he give a long stroke and insert all panis in her pussy she again cry but he and me start to suck her boobs and say to her just wait yeh teek ho jayega . she was crying but sahil start so fast her boobs and cheeks after some time he again start rubbing it now she enjoying it too much and saying fast sahil fast . after that sahil start fucking so fast and hard and after some time she was crying stop stop no plz no more sahil , then sahil call me and start to fucking me and giving stork and stork I was also enjoying that too much after some time we both were gripped each other . And laid down for some time .after half hour he fuck again both when I see watch the time was around 7.45 roopa said me that plz come and getup I m getting late come again when ever we get time .

and all three moves from there then he first left roopa in her home then me . after that till now we all three enjoying this party when ever we got time . any female near Delhi or in Delhi want to join fun can contact me or send me comments

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