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Room With A View

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

My adventure started out purely by luck, or should I say “good planing.” It was the beginning of the fall semester at our local university. Me and three other friends had just moved into a two story townhouse. My roommate Paul and I, the larger of the 4 guys, took the one big room leaving the small room for Steve and Carl. It just so “happen” that the hall bathroom was connected to our larger bedroom through a spare side door.

This spare door just so “happen” to face directly opposite the toilet. The next day, while my other roommates went to school, I took liberty of determining what places would give me the best viewing opportunities and the safest way to achieve them. The most promising method involved the use an inch by half-inch pocket mirror I had picked up a few months back. I could angle the mirror under the crack of the door, giving me the optimum viewing angle to whom ever was sitting on the toilet. But their were a few things I had to determine before my fun could begin. First, I would have to find the point at which a person sitting on the toilet could see my mirror under the door. This would give me a danger line that I could never cross. I sat on the toilet and followed the line of sight directly to the bottom of the door. I then made a barely visible line on the floor which I would use as my guide line while I spied from the other side of the door. My next task involved checking the lighting conditions. Anyone sitting on a toilet would become ultra aware of their surroundings. If any type of shadow suddenly appeared under the door while they were doing there “business”, that person would become very suspicious. I would deal with this situation by closing my room to all background light, leaving absolutely no shadows. Finally, the most important factor became the bathroom door lock.

The lock was not on the interior of the bathroom but on the bedroom side. This meant at anytime I could unlock the door and enter, but the person in the bathroom could not do the same. As long as I lock the door before I started my voyeuristic activities I would not get knocked in the head when someone tried to opened the unlocked door. Now that all the bases had been checked I was ready for the games to begin. The following Sunday Mary and Diana, girls from high school, showed up to present us with some house warming gifts and, basically, make our lives miserable. Mary was a fat ass slut from high school who enjoyed partying with the college crowed but lacked the grades to attend the local university. Diana was the girl in high school that every guy wanted to Fuck. She always seemed to be saving herself for the “right man.” Diana acted like the typical virgin, but we all knew she was a slut because my roommate Carl actually fingered back during our high school days. She was below average in height, but she possessed a porn star body and a “Fuck me right now” face. To sum it up, she was a wet dream with golden brown hair and I could not wait to see her naked. The two girls offered to clean the house while we ran some errands around town. Being the professional that I was, I offered to stay and put together a wooden desk up in my room. Confident the environment was ideal, I positioned myself in the “hot spot” at the foot of the bathroom door ready for Diana to maker her appearance. I hoped she would not think it was strange that I was building furniture alone, in the dark, with the door closed; I sure did. After about ten minutes of waiting, I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. A ray of light cut through the darkness of the bathroom as the hallway door swung open. The bathroom lights flicked, a pair of brown shoes walked towards the toilet. Noticing the large size of the shoes I knew it could only be that bitch Mary. “Fuck it” it thought to myself as I position my mirror on near danger line.

I aimed the mirror directly at her crotch, catching her unzipping her pants. In one motion she pulled her pants and panties down her knees. “We’ve got BUSH!” a thought as I noticed the dark pubic hair bulging from her crotch. Wildly overgrown, the pubic hair seemed to flow in erratic patterns. In the center of her immense jungle of pubic hair, brownish-pink pussy lips hung together rather loosely. As she knelt down to mount the toilet I was surprised by how clear the view was from this angle. I began to feel my chest start to burn. In my effort to stay absolutely quiet, I almost forgot to breathe. Taking a gulping breath I noticed my breathing was so loud she might be able to hear it. Panicking, I slowly withdrew the mirror as her splashing juices made the most beautiful sound against the water. I gracefully tip-toed back to my bed making the mental note to remember next time to breath. Moments latter, I smiled as I pondered how stupid my mental note sounded. Suddenly, I heard a second set of foot steps coming up the stairs. My smile grew larger. With the speed of an elephant and the grace of a 200 pound ballerina, I positioned my body back in the hot spot near the edge of the bathroom door, awaiting my target. All I could think of were vision of Diana’s lily white panties tightly clinging to the crack up the center of her moist little pussy. “Breath slowly”, I repeated to myself as time seem to stand still. I knew I heard footsteps coming up the hall but the door was not opening. “Maybe she is watching me?” I thought to myself as I peeked over to my hall door to search for signs of another voyeur. As soon as I looked I heard the outside bathroom door shut and lock. “Shit!” I repositioned myself and slowly placed my mirror near the danger line. She was already midway through unzipping her pants when something very shocking occurred. Diana barely pulled the pants past the bottom of her crotch. In fact, I could see nothing because her pants acted like a shield between me and her pussy. “Can’t you fucking pull your pants down like a fuck’en real person. Shit!” In my mind I tried to will her pants down but my powers were weak that day. I had to be content with just the erotic sound of her urine as she squirt it against the water. She stood up and cleaned her muff without showing so much as a pubic hair. I then came to the startling conclusion that I was dealing with a pro. So was she.

The battle begin latter that night as we kicked back in the living room. The girls announced that they were going to spend the night and that they were not taking no for an answer. Hell, they had just cleaned our apartment, how could we say no. Looking Diana straight in the eye, I accepted her challenge. Shooting off “I don’t care” as the other guys nodded in agreement. I then knew the battle was joined. The bathroom lights flicked on and off all night. I was powerless to act. My roommate was like green kryptonite, cancelling my voyeuristic ability. I was having alarming visions of Diana performing acrobatic routines on the floor in the bathroom, taunting me as a lay helpless to act(watch). Apologizing to all the voyeur legends past and present, I accepted defeat and melted into oblivion. The burst of the shower head awakened me from my deep sleep. “Turn the fucking knife in my back why don’t you!” I thought to myself as I repositioned myself in the bed. I suddenly noticed that my roommate was not in his bed. He must have left already. I chill went down my spine as I searched the room for my trusty mirror. Thinking about Diana’s melon sized tits dripping with beads of water made my dick harden. Then, just as I locating my mirror, the bathroom door came flying open. Looking up in shock, my roommate Paul came flying out with just his towel on. Shutting the door, he let me know how late for work he was. I didn’t let him know how relieved I was that he had not caught me at the foot of the bathroom door. Things could have got a little difficult. I laid down thanking God I hadn’t got busted by my roommate, when the sudden realization that the battle was not yet over. I peeked downstairs were my two sleeping beauties lay. Quickly, I went back upstairs and begin my preparation for the V-Day offensive. With a renewed sense of inspiration, I grabbed my little mirror and cut off the lights.

Assuming the position at the foot of the already closed door I quickly rechecked the scene. Assuring myself that everything was O.K., I placed the mirror in the correct position and waited. The light flicked on and immediately I knew it was just my roommate Carl. Not caring to view the goods of my fellow roommate, I withdrew the mirror and waited. The next visitor was my other roommate Steve whom I really don’t care to see. Thirty minutes later it happened. The Goddess Diana came into the bathroom and locked the door. She didn’t go directly to the toilet but to the linen closet. “A Shower!” I exclaimed to myself. It this point I could only see the top of her calves. I dared not put the mirror past the danger line for fear of her catching a glimpse of it. I just lay there with my eyes affixed on her beautiful white feet and luscious cherry red painted toenails. Then before my eyes boxer type lace underwear dropped upon her feet. One by one she removed her legs from the underwear. My breathing begin to grow heavier. I wanted so bad to move the mirror past the danger line, but I waited. For a moment it seemed as if she was posing, but she probably was struggling her shirt and bra. My dick became so hard I could barely lay flat so I had to shifted my position. It was at this moment she walked towards the toilet. With her crotch still far out of view I heard the sound of the shower curtains being pulled apart. I knew she would have to stretch to turn the water dials so I seized the moment and moved the mirror past the danger line. At that moment I saw the most beautifully sculptured light brown tinted ass cheeks that ever existed. Barely visible, I noticed a minuscule amount of blond, almost peach fuzz like, hair that covered her goose bump studded ass. I stopped breathing and almost choked when I saw the edge of her pussy lips slithering out of the crack near the bottom of her little sculptured ass. “I can’t believe this”, I thought to myself, “I wish I could get this on tape!” She finished adjusting the water temperature and proceeded to stand straight for a moment. I quickly withdrew the mirror to be safe.

Their was a strange pause. “Fuck, did she see me!” With the my mirror drawn as far back as possibly I watched her feet. The feet turned to face me at the door. “Fuck, I forgot to lock the fucking door” I realized as horror and shock filled my mind. I could feel the adrenaline rushing to my heart, making it bump like crazy. “She’s got me. She fucking caught me.” If I reach up quickly and turned the lock she would hear me for sure. If I do nothing she is going to knock me in the fucking head. I heard her hand grasp the knob, “To late!” I heard the knob wrench back and forth violently. Nothing happen. I looked up at the knob, it was locked. My roommate must have locked the door before he left. Did she see me? Was she just checking to make sure the door was locked, or had she seen me? I lay there exhausted, thinking of how fucking stupid I was for not checking the damn lock. What brought me out of my stupor was the magnificent sound of Diana’s uneven jet streams of urine colliding with the still water of the toilet. I repositioned the mirror, half expecting one eye to be staring back. All that greeted me was her muff. She had a wonderfully shaped box bordered by white panty lines. If she knew I was watching, she was putting on a damn good show because her splendidly shaped, golden brown, bush was in plain sight. The hue of her pubic hairs contrasted nicely against her lily white skin.

I tilted the mirror down to get a glimpse of her lips but they were not yet in sight, hidden by the edge of the toilet. I tried for the next best thing, slowly aiming the mirror ever so higher, her gravity defying tits soon came into view. As with her ass, her tits were covered with more this strange golden “peach fuzz” and goose bumps. Careful not to pass the danger line, I tilted the mirror as for as possible getting a glimpse of eraser tipped pink nipples. I could imagine my tongue flicking those babies back and forth. She suddenly leaned forward. I backed up a little. The sound of toilet paper being rolled was crystal clear. Knowing what was about to occur I prepared for the grand view by aiming my mirror where I believed her slit would appear when she raised to wipe. Gracefully she lifted off the toilet. “Front to back” was all I could think as started to clean her moistly glistening pussy lips. They swayed back and forth, always return to the center position as if they had some type of memory. Her clitoral hood hung like a piece of meat dangling between two pink borders. She flush the toilet and made her way into the shower, effectively ending my one man show for the moment. Although I could have waited for the after shower show, I concluded that discretion was the better part of valor and returned to furniture building. The war was over and I had won fired the last shot. Although many viewing opportunities were to occur throughout the semester, none would have the physical beauty that Diana offered, that was until we had “THE PARTY”……

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