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Romantic Fuck

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi, Sweet Heart,

Meanwhile, here is my fantasy abt u and me, ohhhh, just thinking about what I am going type out gives me an uncontrollable erection..This is the scene, you order me to come home to . please you; on that occasion as you wait for are wearing a soft ‘n light golden cream negligee with nothing underneath,  at the appointed time I  ring your door bell and u open it, I look at you from top to toe.  I  can see your  tits, your nipples become hard in my intense  gaze.

You ask  me to come nearer to you and I take the liberty of putting my arms around your waist.  You smile, and kiss me softly on my lips, and caress my bearded face with your tender lips and run your beautiful fingers through my wavy hair. As you kiss, I open your mouth with me lips, and thrust my tongue deep inside. You return your passions with a dart of your own. Our tongues do battle in an attempt to please each other. Between gasps of breath, our faces are pressed close. My hands behind your head; your arms on my shoulders. I bring my arms around your back, and slowly rub my way lower and lower downwards. You passionately kiss my neck gently, as my hands trace light circles over your smooth ‘n soft belly. You kiss up my face, and my lips, and then I move in closer.  I feel ur leg press up against mine. My hard lump is pushing right up on your pussy. You rub your body against mine.  I take one of your breasts in my mouth I flick my tongue over you nipple and slowly starts! sucking it and then they begin to stiffen, and stick out like my dick has now stiffened to its full size. I put my warm hands on your  crotch and start to rub slightly, and you moan with sheer satisfied passion, feeling so good.
You ask me to undress and I obey your command and naked as I stand you order me on my knees and ask me to kiss your lovely feet.  On my knees I do as you command and then you order me to undress you, I remove the knot of your skimpy golden cream negligee and it slowly drops to the floor, I am just drink in the sheer beauty of your lovely, smooth body and you are gasping looking at my sate-of-the-art-ready-to-please-you, 7 inch long ‘n thick, gleaming, ever-hungry, ever-stiff big manly tool.  You press you hot  and wet pussy to my face and I love the sexy scent of wild female juice; hungrily I start to lick, you moan with passion and pull my hair and press my head deeper into you.

Then simultaneously we turn our attention to the inviting bed covered with fresh ‘n soft  satin sheets, which you had prepared or this occasion lift you and carry you gently to the bed and I move down and put my face in between your thighs., and continue to kiss and suck your wet pussy.  Then  I move further down tenderly kissing my way down to your beautiful legs.  I reach your cute ‘n beautiful feet, I kiss each of your toes and lick the inside of your lovely soft feet, you purr like a delighted pussy cat.  After I am sure I have satisfied you I start again to focus my attention again between the rich pulsating region between the warmth of your rich beautiful thighs.  With my tongue I  lick your hot little pussy from the beginning of your asshole all the way up to your budding little clitoris which is by now wet ‘n dripping sweet honey. When I lick you  “Mmmmmmm” you moan and I   softly bit your upper lip. You start rotating your hips as I start  licking your pussy fast in ! rhythmic tempo.  I stick my tongue deep. “OOOOOHHHHH!!!” you exclaim, “and cry again, “Please, again, Ankit again” you moan and grab my hair and try to shove my face inside. I begin to eat you aggressively. You would keep repeating to the rhythm “Oh, yes, ankit honey put your tongue inside, please” Your pussy tightens around my tongue as I open my mouth wider and stick my tongue in deeper. You begin to fuck my face. I know you are  close to orgasm. You stand up as I position myself  on the bed with you above me.

You turn around and straddle me, placing your sweet ‘n wet cunt over your throbbing 7” manly tool. U hold yourself on one arm, reach back with the other and guide the head of my pleasingly warm cock to your inviting ‘n throbbing opening and insert just the tip of it into your slippery honey hole.  I shout with delight  as you move on my  dick to get it in. Then with a long moan your force my rock hard head into your tight pussy. “Ooooh mmmyyyyyy gooooddddddd!!!”!   you shout and gasp as you begin to move up and down very slowly on my ramrod straight tool. Straddling over me, you use your body weight to push my wet cock back deeper inside of you and keep aying. “Oh yes, darlingggg, I loooooovvvvve it”. U start moving up and down as another half inch disappears into ur sweet cunt. You start to come and the extra lubrication enables  u to sink another inch. “Ooooooooooo yeah, this is what  I need, a real man.” U moan.   U begin to slide up and down with an increasing speed. Supporting part of your body weight with ur hands on my chest u begin to make slow circles as my cock disappears inside of you fully.  U begin to rock back and forth on my  cock, and say “Oh my looovve, let me fuck you.”, U say and  begin to pick up speed, “Don’t move, oh it feels really incredible.” Your seductive  eyes roll back and your mouth opens as u continue to hammer away at my rock hard shaft. Coming up on one of ur long strokes u pull my cock out of ur cunt just enough to maintain my head just outside as u began to rub the slippery knob back and forth between ur asshole and ur pussy hole. Then u slowly slide it back into ur succulent cunt “darling, get on top of me and fuck me.” you order.  With that u begin to lick my mouth. I gently lower you down below me on the soft satin sheet and I start to fuck u.  I  begin to pound u letting most of my weight crash on u, I  grab ur ass tighter and with all of my strength I push the FULL length of my penis inside of U .I  begin to ram you with reckless abandon. “Uh, uh, uh ,uh, uh, oooh, uh, uh,” U say with each crash. “Oh, Ankit, Oh, Ankit, Yes, I, Feel, It, yooooou’rrre making me cum,” your arrive at a short orgasm and continue to moan between each forceful thrust.  By  now U have both your lovely legs wrapped around me tightly, ur sexy feet touching over the small of my back. It feels so good. “Oh ANKIT , I think I’m cuming, again”  u moan, “Oh yes, I think I’m cuming, oh, oh ! yes, oh please don’t stop, please don’t stop”

I’m cuming, too” I whisper in your ear as I continue with my deliberately slow fucking. And within  the next few long moments of love making I explode inside U.   You like the warmth rushing over U and keep moaning with pleasure “UR hot cum make my cunt feel even better than before., you whisper “OH, OH, YES!, OOOH, MAN AAAH, YES!”, keep saying U like the feeling as U draw me closer to Ur blissful ecstasy. U start again to thrust me as you arrive at another longggg orgasm, and ur cunt makes  wet noises as it grabs my creaming cock. “AAAAH, OOOOOH!, ankit!, OH ankit, OH YES!, AH, AH, AH, OOO OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”, u scream as ur love hole opens and ur juices flow in an urgent gush .  I pull out and lower my head into your pussy and with my warm tongue lick it up as it flow down the soft warm skin of your thighs,   my it does tastes soooo gooood!!!

Darling, , but can we get some really action. Just typing out this mail for you, I got an un-controllable hard-on!!! erection.!!! Before I could finish it I had to use a tissue paper and release myself.  Right now, my erection has slightly subsided, the tissue paper is wet my huge one is wet and slippery inside the tissue paper, almost touching the keyboard, as if to say Hi! To you…!!!  Don’t laugh, you are too tantalizing!!!Waiting for your reply, tell me your fantasies and I shall try to satisfy them.Kisses for you, your wet and waiting pussy, and your lovely feet.  With loooots of Luv.

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