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Roja And Shehkar Sex

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Roja was a goddess. She had the womanly figure that could make any man’s cock spring to attention in an instant: smooth, tanned skin, a flat sexy belly, and curvy, sensuous hips. Her round, perky breasts fit quite nicely in her 36C cup. Roja’s hair was long and shiny and wavy, and it mirrored her attitude… totally wild and loose. It was dark and contrasted with her eyes, which men could never decide if they were mocking him or not.

They were large and black, with alertness and intelligence, but also a wickedly lustful gaze that couldn’t be ignored. She was mysterious and dark; hypnotic… seductive. She was definitely something. Everyone called her Sin. Roja, a bored rich girl, was also very manipulative. In just her few years of existence, she’d managed to break a number of hearts. Love didn’t interest her… but sex… well that was another story. She wasn’t necessarily a tease, but only because she ~did~ put out. The feeling of power she got from seducing a man was incredible to her; she loved reducing them to nothing more than a stuttering, drooling mess, begging at her feet to touch her, taste her, fuck her. …So she’d give in. The pleasures of the flesh were constantly on her mind… was she a nympho? Probably, but she enjoyed every minute of it… Roja was thinking about her lovers as she smoothed the oil over her belly.

She was in her backyard, laying on her back in a lounge chair by the pool. Her hair was tied up in a messy knot, and she wore a black string bikini that could’ve been stuffed into a contact lens case. The hot sun beat down on her, warming her skin which was wet from the oil. She continued to run her hands over her body, over her breasts and slowly down each arm, then moving down her legs. She looked up into her house, and realized she’d been giving someone quite a show…Shekhar. His large figure stood in the doorway of the back patio, and when her eyes met his he quickly moved away. Roja chuckled to herself. Now there’s a man, she thought. Shekhar was a close friend of her father’s, who’d recently been down on his luck: the same week he’d lost his job his bitch of a wife kicked him out. Her father wasted no time offering his house to Shekhar, and Roja was glad for it. Shekhar was 36, tall, rough, and rugged…and devilishly sexy. His thick hair was black as pitch, and so were his eyes. His huge arms were covered in hair of the same hue, as was his chest. He was somewhat quiet, thoughtful, intense, and serious… and Roja was determined to seduce him. Shekhar didn’t know anything about Roja’s plan… but he ~had~ thought he’d noticed her half-winking at him, lingering a little too long when she hugged him, pushing her firm breasts against his chest. Not that he minded in the least… he didn’t hesitate an instant when her father invited him to stay at their house mainly because of Roja.

God she was gorgeous. They didn’t have girls as beautiful and mature as she when he was her age. Shekhar gazed out of the backdoor, watching her sexily spreading the oil over her tight young body. He wanted her so badly… An absurd thought entered his mind: What if ~she~ wanted him, too? What if he wasn’t imagining her flirting, her advances? He needed to find out. Shekhar took a deep breath, and stepped outside. Roja looked up when she heard the door close. She smiled that sexy little smile of hers when she saw him, naked from the waist up, walking towards her. “Hey, Shekhar. Nice out, isn’t it?” She put her arms up over her head, resting them on the back of the chair, making her breasts look even fuller and rounder. “It is. Mind if I join you?” He sat in the chair next to hers, trying in vain not to stare at her breasts, which looked like they were about to burst from the skimpy fabric. “Not at all. Do me a favor? Rub this on my back? It’s kinda hard to reach…” Before he could say anything, she’d put the bottle of oil in his hands and turned over onto her stomach, revealing that her bikini was also a thong. Her smooth, round ass was incredible.

His cock twitched. He poured some in his hand, rubbed them both together, then put both palms on her back, slowly and softly smoothing out the oil. He began to massage her, making sexy little circles over her back, and stopped when he reached that beautiful ass. “Uh, Sin…?” “Go for it.” So he complied. He massaged her ass, one hand per cheek, deeply and sensuously. The girl moaned softly under him. He couldn’t resist… his right hand slipped beneath her ass, and he felt her warmth. Still massaging her ass, he placed two fingers on her pussy, rubbing the lips through her swimsuit. She gasped, but spread her legs a little wider to accommodate him. He took this as a good sign, and pressed a little harder, massaging and kneading her hot cunt. She reached below her, in between her legs to tug the fabric aside, giving him full access. Roja positioned her ass a little higher in the air as his fingers slipped between her lips this time, exploring her cunt. “Oh, god…” she whispered. His touch became more urgent, and he slipped a third finger into her, feeling her moistness. He quickly pulled away, which startled her.

With big, strong arms, he lifted her onto her back. “I want to see your face as I do this,” he said. Shekhar spread her legs, and positioned his face over her cunt. He untied both side of the bikini, letting it fall away. Seeing her young, fresh, gaping pink cunt almost made him cum right then and there. But there would be more time for him later… God, he wanted to taste her. Roja smiled wickedly as she gazed at him, a look of pure lust in her eyes. She’d untied her top, too, and it was already on the ground. She was squeezing and pinching her nipples, massaging her full tits. “Eat me,” she said simply. And he did. Shekhar’s thumbs massaged her inner thighs as he kissed his way up her left leg. He stopped as his mouth reached her cunt, breathing hot breath over it, inhaling its wonderful scent, and anticipating its sweet taste. He flicked his tongue over her outer lips first, teasing her.

Then he slowly licked up the entire length of her pussy lips, giving her clit a light lick when he reached it. He repeated this, deeply and teasingly running his fat tongue over her pouty cunt lips. “When will your parents be home?” he breathed. “Hours from now…” At this, his tongue found its way inside her hot cunt, licking roughly and sucking at her pink. Her hips bucked slightly as she grabbed her tits harder, moaning like an animal in heat. His tongue found her clit, running circles around it, sucking it gently and licking as two fingers from his right hand found their way inside her cunt. He began fiercely finger fucking her, as his tongue continued to tease her clit, flattening it and flicking it. His fingers reached deeper and deeper depths, and became more and more soaked with her juices with each thrust. She lost all control then; bucking wildly, pulling his face closer into her cunt with her hands. She whimpered and moaned, repeated his name over and over, along with a string of curse words. She begged him to finger fuck her harder, suck and lick her faster. Shekhar’s hard-on was throbbing by then; this girl was driving him crazy with desire.

Finally she came, her whole body tensing up and then contracting, and Shekhar continued to eat her. He felt her pussy muscles gripping his fingers, her juices releasing and soaking his hands and face completely. Her back arched and she bit her lower lip to keep from screaming, enjoying every second of the high. For what seemed like hours, the waves of pleasure shook through her body. She came down, collapsing back onto the chair. “Fuck,” was all she could say. But she said it with a grin… Shekhar crept up to her face, and kissed her forehead. “I just heard a car door slam,” he said. She pouted. “But I want to fuck you so badly…” She massaged his cock through his swim trunks with a sexy smile. “Some other time. Believe me.” That night, as Roja lay awake in her bed masturbating to the thoughts of that afternoon’s sexcapades, she heard a knock at the door… A smile crept across Roja’s lips. Before she could answer, Shekhar quickly and quietly crept into her room, shutting the door behind him. His cock grew hard as he gazed down at her beautifully sculpted body. She’d cast aside the covers and was touching herself, completely naked before him. “Starting without me?” He slipped in bed beside her, sliding a hand over her wonderfully full breasts. Her nipples were already hard, and he teased and pinched them. With his other hand, he guided her face to his, pressing his lips firmly against hers, and allowing her tongue to play with his. They kissed deeply and passionately; each exploring the other’s mouth, tongues flirting and dancing, breath hot and urgent. She caught his tongue and sucked it like a little cock, sending his mind reeling.

He broke the kiss, and began licking and sucking down her neck. Roja tilted her head back and allowed his tongue to roam over her neck, down to the little hollow below her throat, slowly, teasingly, down between her breasts. He planted soft kisses down her smooth belly, pausing at her navel, giving it a few extra licks before moving back up to her face. “Your parents…” he breathed between kisses, “won’t be able to…hear us, will they?” “Never have before.” Roja ran a hand through his thick black hair that she loved so much, the other wrapped around his neck, scratching gently. Her hands ran over his back, feeling his smooth skin, his muscular form, his tight ass. She squeezed his ass cheeks, then massaged them sensuously. Shekhar’s mouth had moved to a breast, and his tongue was flicking over her erect nipple. He caught it gently between his teeth, lightly pulling, then sucking it into his mouth. Roja moaned with pleasure. He gave the other equal attention, the sensation of his tongue making her crazy. She reached between them to feel his cock, and realized he was hard as a rock. Roja gasped at his size; she mentally figured he was about 8 inches, and thick. Her mouth watered as she rubbed him through his boxers. He’d read her mind. “Wanna taste?” She nodded, and smiled sexily. Roja pushed him onto his back, his head on a pillow. She crawled up over him, kissing him full on the lips as she pulled his boxers down. He helped her get them off; his cock nearly hitting her in the face as it sprang free. She giggled and licked her lips. She wrapped her hand around its length, gently stroking him up and down. Roja’s head bent forward and she began to lick his balls, flicking her tongue over his huge, round testicles. She began to suck them; first one, then the other, running her tongue over them, massaging them. She tried to suck both into her hot mouth at the same time, but failed. His low moans showed he approved of her efforts, however. She continued to stroke him gently, using his precum as lubricant.

She slowly slid her tongue up the length of his shaft, pausing at the head. Her long hair fell all around her face, tickling his legs and belly as she licked and massaged the head of his cock with her tongue. He ran his fingers through her hair, pushing it out of the way so he could see her full red lips as they engulfed his bulging cock. She finally did take him into her mouth, the friction of her lips against his cock making him moan and groan, helpless. Her tongue lapped around his cock, licking and tasting all of his manhood. She sucked on him hard, like a lollipop. He thought he’d explode right there, and Roja sensed this, so she sucked more gently. She’d never deep-throated a man this large before, and was determined to do just that. She pushed her head over his cock, taking in more and more of his length, until she almost choked on his huge erection. Her throat seemed to automatically accommodate to his size, as if it were built for only this reason… to suck cock. She loved it. She allowed the head of his cock to rub up against the back of her throat, massaging it. Shekhar couldn’t take much more of this; his balls tightened and he managed to mumble something that let Roja know he was cumming. He shot what seemed like gallons of cum into her throat, as he moaned and thrashed under her. Roja took it all like a pro, swallowing his load whole. After his intense orgasm, Shekhar lay back, spent. “Jesus, Sin… Where’d you learn to suck cock like that?” Roja just laughed playfully. “Glad you enjoyed yourself.” She put a hand to her pussy, rubbing it a while, then showed him her soaking hand. “I enjoyed it, too. You’ve got a beautiful cock, Shekhar. I’d love to fuck it…” Shekhar smiled. This girl was insatiable. He was getting hard again just watching her. Roja kissed him briefly on the lips, then smiled and lay across from him. “Just watch me.” She spread her legs wide, giving him full view of her swollen pink cunt lips. She closed her eyes, and her hands roamed over her breasts, down her belly, finally meeting her pussy.

Her fingers pulled apart the lips, and she began masturbating for Shekhar. She fingered her clit, and it began growing harder under her touch, like a little cock. She moaned and threw her head back, her hips bucking against her own hands. Shekhar’s cock was erect again in no time. This beautiful woman masturbating in front of him was something he’d only dreamed of. He didn’t want her to cum just yet; no, he wanted that pleasure for himself… He seized Roja by the shoulders, pulling her hard body against his, then laying her down on the bed. “You’re going to get fucked, little girl.” Roja grinned up at him. “Yes, sir.” Shekhar positioned his hard cock at the entrance of her cunt, while laying on top of her, taking great care not to crush her. He teased her cunt lips with the tip of his cock; running it over her pussy, feeling its warmth. She sighed and spread her legs further apart. “Please…” With a slow thrust, he entered her, slightly stretching her pussy, and filling her completely. God, she was tight. And wet. He knew he’d enjoy this… Roja wrapped her legs loosely around him as he established a slow, sensuous pace. He fucked her deeply, pulling his cock almost completely out before pushing back into her. His pace soon quickened his thrusts harder, rougher. Roja in turn thrust her hips upward, meeting each and every one of his downward strokes. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his face down to hers. They kissed deeply; tongues intertwining. He reached underneath her ass, positioning her legs over his shoulders. He fucked her senseless like that for what seemed like an eternity; hard and fast, his balls slapping against her ass.

Roja’s moans became louder. “You like that, don’t you, you little slut?” “Mmmm…fuck yeah. Fuck me deeper, Shekhar. Harder…” Roja let out what seemed to be a some sort of animalistic growl as his mouth found her breasts again. He tried sucking on a nipple, but her bucking and bouncing like that made it damn near impossible. They were both lost in ecstasy; pleasure like neither had ever experienced. They were in another world, on another planet… and no one could touch them. Moans and whimpers and groans, a tangled mess of writhing flesh and neither knowing where one ended and the other began. Roja reached in between their sweaty bodies, squeezing Shekhar’s balls, and massaging them, coaxing the cum. This sent him over the edge. With a final thrust, Shekhar filled Roja’s pussy with his hot, sticky cum as she had her own earth-shattering orgasm. She gripped him tightly, her nails digging into his back that surely would leave marks for days. It took everything she had not to scream as they both shook and convulsed together. After he’d shot his entire load, he collapsed on top of her, his cock still inside. Her pussy squeezed around his cock, sucking up every last drop of cum. Shekhar breathed heavily into her neck as her hands massaged and scratched at his neck playfully. Neither spoke; what words would be appropriate? They lay in a sweaty heap, each caressing the other. After a quick rest, Shekhar kissed her once more, and put his boxers back on. “Tomorrow?” Roja smiled. “Tomorrow.” Send your comments to:

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