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Rohan Ne Maa Ke Friend Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Dear friends of DesiPapa , I have decided to try my luck by narrating my story, and thereby dabble in the art of erotic story writing. Well ! I am rohan and was born and bought up in Mumbai. My father earns handsomely and we put up in a posh locality. This year, in Jan, I turned 18 and within a few months I got a chance to fuck one of my mothers kitty party friend. My mother is around 40 but looks not more than 30 – 35 and prefers to mingle with younger generation.

Mamta aunty, I do not know her age but her eldest daughter is in class 8, and is a good friend of my mother. Mamta aunty is of exhibitionist types and only god knows how many times, I have shagged fantasising about her assets being fondled, caressed and ultimately fucking her. She has seen me growing up and had quite often teased me for my shy nature and once I stepped into my teens, gradually I became extrovert (thanks to my good looks and my girlfriend). We had excellent rapport amongst us.

That summer afternoon my mother was away for her kitty party and I was fooling around, all alone, in our house when Mamta aunty came. I was surprised and told her that Mom has gone to Ganglanis residence for kitty party. She seductively smiled and said I know rohan, but do you mind if I come in . I realised I was blocking the door and was rude of me. I apologised and welcomed her. As she walked past me, my nostrils were filled with aroma and I inhaled deeply, staring at her back. She wore a sleeveless white cotton blouse and chiffon saree of same color. In the name of blouse, it was just a 1″ or 1 1/2 ” strap at her backside and exposed all of her ultra fair sexy back. As I closed the door, she asked me rohan, so how was it. I was fumbling with words when she giggled and said the perfume, rohan or were you thinking of something else.

I said its great aunty and then addedactually everything about you is great, so was just looking for appropriate words . She grinned and said I feel old and dejected when young boys like you call me aunty. I just smiled and said and how else I can address you, aunty.
She laughed and said ummm, teasing me, hmmm naughty boy, how about Mamta and leaving the suffix . Frankly, I could not understand what naughtiness did I show but was amazed at her offer of calling her by name.

Despite my best efforts, I could not stop myself from staring at her curves, especially the waist and boobs area which despite her transparent chiffon,was so well folded that it covered it completely but could not hide the projection. She was looking outrightly gorgeous, with hairs neatly tucked in a bun form, her long slender neck, flawlessly fair shoulders. I dared to peep into her well formed waist which basically gave her ass and top a hour glass shape. I admired and lusted her simultaneously but still managed to talk with her. She realised that my eyes were roaming all around her assets.

She very cordially without even giving an iota of hint of fending me off said comparing with Ishani, rohan . It was like being caught red handed and I blushed making lame excuses no aunty its just that this is a beautiful saree etc . She laughed heartily and said I dont mind it rohan, relax . I just grinned and asked her if she wanted anything. She struck a sexy pose stretching out her hands upwards and sexily said rohan, dont divert the topic, tell me honestly.

I thought it was a trap to brow beat me and stuck to my ground and had a good look at her smooth armpits,still having traces of talcom powder. She behaved as if I had pricked a baloon.
She talked naturally but in a complaining tone Yaar, I thought you considered me worthy enough to be compared with that sexy Ishani . I laughed feeling very comfortable and said Mamta aunty, you must be joking, Ishani ! and sexy like you, no way, she is still a kid . She smiled and said its your job to transform her into sexy girl and she meaning fully blinked at me.
I blushed and she laughed and asked me did you two not even kiss.

I tried to change the topic by saying she must be getting late for party to which she acted as if she is hurt badly and said rohan, you want me out of the house, am I a problem to you? Basically, I was enjoying her company and said it is nothing like that. She sat on the couch and asked me to sit. She then said tell me yaar, treat me like your friend and you can share with me and it will remain a secret between us . I was feeling very odd. She sounded hurt as she said I thought you liked me and I responded by admitting that I do like her. Her next salvo was then as to why we can not be friends.

I was confused and she subtly hit again friendship can be in different age groups , then after a brief pause added, and do I appear that old, honey . My heart skipped a beat as she called me honey. I cleared my throat and said o.k, friends . She thrust her hands to me and I shook her hands. She pulled me near her and in asked me in hush tone so, dear did you kiss her or not. I smiled and nodded. She patted my back, coming very near and said wow ! So how was it . I laughed and said good, could have been better.

She giggled, oh boy, so romantic, tell me what was lacking that you say it could have been better . I hesitated for a moment and said actually, she pulled out. She said rohan, it must have been her first kiss as well, few things come by experience, you know but why you allowed her to pull out my dear . I protested how could I have forced her to continue . She then blinked at me and asked and in multiplexes, you must have caressed her every where, hmm.

I blushed again and she cordially said its natural, sweetheart, at this age its the most natural thing to do, you know one day I caught Rooma(her daughter) with her boyfriend kissing and that gentleman had his hands inside her tops, . I was aghast at her frankness as she continued honestly, I dont blame her, these days movies, T.V. etc show explicit sex scenes and it is natural to try to experience this.

I drew courage from it and said I have fondled but from over the clothes, Ishani says its risky. She laughed and said good girl but now coming back to point, tell me honestly, were you not comparing . I firmly said no. She then posed next question then what were you looking at so intensely sweetheart . I said now common aunty lets get over it. She sighed and said actually, it felt good, I thought my curves can attract a handsome young man having gorgeous girlfriend,like you and then sighing said yaar, dil rakhne ke liye jhoot hi bol dete. I giggled and said there is nothing to lie, you are very attractive. She said you can not even lie properly.

I emphatically said no, I am telling the truth, you are gorgeous (and in heat of the moment blurted out ) and damn sexy . She raised her eyebrows and said, really, then tell me what you like most in me or to put it this way, that I have and Ishani doesnt . I said pointing towards her waist Ishani doesnt have this.

She got up from couch and removing her pletes of saree from her entire waist, exposing her belly button asked surprisingly you mean she doesnt have this . I gulped and seeing her oval belly button and almost oval shaped muscle engulfing her belly button, said I mean this . She still acted confused and said rohan, now that we are friends would you mind showing me the difference.

She came near me and my heart beat raced as I softly touched and caressed her navel and waist and softly squeezing her muscles said you have right amount of flesh to make it more sexy and appealing . She kept her hands over mine, not allowing me to take it off and guiding it all around her waist said have you seen her waist. I said no.

She softly said then how do you compared it, honey, I just want you to tell me where I am better off than her . I said you are too good for her. She whispered now honey, that is what I am asking you, you are just not getting my point. She then again whispered o.k, honey I will help you, but first tell me what were you looking at when I came. I said, gulping the lump in my throat you are so sexy. She smiled and said that I can see darling from your reaction and pointed towards my shorts which had huge buldge. I felt embarrassed and she asked me its natural, rohan.

She again sat beside me, gently putting her hand over my buldge and squeezing it and with other hand over my shoulders and there by nudging her boobs over my biceps gently spoke you want to experience it . I kept mum and felt strange as she blew hot breath over my ears and whispered honey, you want it badly . I had goosebums all over and could hear my heart beating. She rubbed her boobs over my biceps and nibbled into my ears while squeezing my tool and erotically said take it out honey, it needs fresh air ummmm.

I was breathing heavy and it seemed like a dream to me as she pulled out my shorts and jockey. She exclaimed rohan, you got a handsome young brother and good to see you take good care of him. She then licked my tool from root to top and inhaled deeply saying ummmm which perume you used here sweetheart . She then again licked it like a cat and then swallowed the head and tickled it with her tongue. I arched backwards in pleasure and moaned ohhhh Mamta aunty oooohhhh.

She teasingly said rohan, your aunty is not doing all this wonderful things, call me by name honey then only I will continue . I said Mamta, pls do it pls take it in your mouth . She this time removed the shorts and jockey from my body and licked my balls. I moaned and she kept on playing with my balls and tool.

The pressure inside me was building up and she would at right moments stop sucking. She looked up to me and warned me dont dare to spit inside my mouth, o.k. I just nodded. She again licked my tool with slow gentle strokes. Then it became so pleasurable and from experience of shagging I knew I was there, I moaned mamta, I am cumming and she quickly side stepped but continued giving gentle strokes. She came back on couch and pulled my head and started kissing me.

As our tongues met and she deftly rolled her tongue over mine I started ejaculating and my hands without any fear grabbed her boobs. She softly said easy baby, easy, you will get it all, play with it softly. I sucked her lips, tasting the lipstick as I blew out the last drops of my cum.

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