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Ritu’s Tv Friend

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Dear friends Thank u for your love & mails for my stories. you know well that the date of Pregnancy fuck for Ritu’s friend was discussed with my little wife a few days back when she enjoyed sex, fully satisfied and she was emotional for her colleague too. They have fixed the day for today according to guide lines given to her friend i.e. 16th. day of her menses.They wanted to give me a Surprise to day. I was out of station for a week due to my work and returned home in the morning only. I wanted to enquire Ritu if she can release twitching of my prick thru a Pleasure sex with her, as I had no sex since last 8/9 days.As soon as she heard my voice she was very much pleased and asked me to come in the evening. During office hour also I felt hardened at times thinking about Ritu, but I had to wait for the days work to over. However, when I reached her house in the evening surprisingly I was greeted by a very very beautiful angle girl and I was at a loss to see her faultless beauty and erotic dress Her body was completely covered but erotic in style and inviting for sex. Her boobs,hips & slim waste-band, deep pinkish hole of naive, big eyes, Pink lips, glazing & youth full cheeks tall figured cool lady with a cute smile and captivating femalish aroma of her body, made me mast mast.

I enquired from her about Ritu. A loud laughter came from inside and Ritu came immediately out and introduced her most intimate friend & her colleague Anjalee –She told me that they had reserved surprise for you. She is a reputed Fashion designer and a successful TV star. I will not give u more details of her as she is in public life. I enquired her if she is married, as her friend Ritu had informed me to be married …..really there is no glimpses of marriage on her face or any where in her body rather it seems that she is yet to mate a male. By God her husband should be given credit how he cares for his wife…. A cloud of laughter…..I still in doubt Anjalee, please tell me frankly you are really married. She confirmed boldly as yes– and that too since last one & half years. Ritu further flirted AB MAN GAYE NA MAINE AISA HE BATAYA THA many guys waits for her single glimpse. I replied BHAI MAN GAYA…My good wishes for you Anjalee. I turned to Ritu and requested her, I am very hungry will you give some thing to eat. She turned the words, hungry ? for what? SUNDER LADKI DEKHI KI NAHIN BHUKH SATANE LAGI..PAHLE BATAO why you took for 9 days. you know few like us are depending on you only. Anjalee is also asking me since last three days whether she could be getting you this time or not. You have given the prescription and when the patient is ready for the prescribed injection doctor is out. we enjoyed for light snacks & fruit juices along with chatting to make Anjalee more relaxed and comfortable.

To make the occasion RANGILA Ritu and Anjalee took some wine along with their juices and also mixed some in my fruit juices as I am a non alcoholic.I replied, by putting my lips on Ritu’s soft lips when such Alcohols are there I don’t require any extra Alcohol. Ritu filled with pleasure and after some moments she realized the presence of Anjalee and told me GUESTS, first to day is her day otherwise if I am melted she will remain thirsty. Ritu further informed that luckily Dimple is out for 2 days and I will move to Dimple’s room right now to give you both full privacy. And she woke up prepared to go out. Before going out Ritu told in my ears that THODA PANI MERE LIYE BACHA KAR RAKHIAGA AAJ HUM AISE JANE NAHIN DENGE 13 DIN KA PYSI HUN.I replied in to her eyes . At this perhaps Anjalee could pick-up some signal Kissed her friend Ritu. I was getting hot with these. As soon as I closed the door Anjalee was standing with me. I was impatient and I caught hold of Anjalee, pressed her to my chest touched over her body, which ignited huge fire in my body and I was unable to stand. I kissed her lips,pressed her boobs, pressed her hips and thighs over her clothes.I caught her PATIL KALMAR gaur USE SAHLANE LAGA. Uska body bahut garam hone laga and requested me to open her dress due to heat. I took her near the bed and pressing her body front to front lips-lips,chest to boobs, erected lund to the spot of her cunt, thighs to thighs, She also holding me wrapping her hands tightly kissing my lips.

Some times pressing my lund as if wanted to asses the size of her favorite. I opened the zip of her top.She was wearing pink colored completely see thru laced Bra. Erected nipples clearly visible from bra properly sized as a teen ager. I unzeeped her bra and put my lips on her nipples immediately , licked her,sucked her nipples for a few minutes. She started moaning with light whispers OHH.. She could not stand any more and felt on the bed. her face was RED her eyes were red her whole body was under fire. Then I came to naval portion, kissed it and opened her lower garments. she was wearing again a see-through panty. Really with the look of her this sight any NAMARD also get erection. It is not required to go for VI AGRA like medicines for Namards. I could not resist and striped her by force. She was now completely Nude. She requested me to get my self released from the clothes and come on her please, she is unable to bear the blunt fire burning within her. She hold my lund with her feather soft hand, which was lubricated with the pre cum and she began to whisper within herself as it is too b i g, it is big..but hypntising me. I didn’t care to reply her as I know that my lund is of normal size with exceptional hardness as per s o m e HAPPY USERS. However I removed my clothes she was looking my things anxiously. After that I came on her body and kissed her lips, sucked her nipples her hands were encircled my body caring my should ers and my buttocks. she was pressing her body as hard as she can. I was teething her nipples boobs, ear lobes and her body but was not complaining of any pain.

Then I brushed my lund on her CHUTE’s lips, it was fully wet I tried to enter her. My supara gone into it but not further Her chute was giving a great resistance. I applied some more pressure but it was paining her. slowly I continued in-out play with my supara and then applied a hard jerk. She cried with pain AH OH Ohhh…Pl take out, Pl take out …and my 60% lund was inside her. I kept for some time in that position only kissing her lips and pressing her nipples and fondling her. some moments after I slowly started pumping her and found slightly lubricated in side her. She was also a bit eased now. During this process whole of my Lund entered her. She was also feeling pleasure now. it was time to applied hard strokes and she was encouraging. Soon she requested me to to apply harder strokes as something is forcing inside her to come out. She was lifting her her hips to meet the force of each stroke and finally she collapsed with various noises and heavy breathing. I was riding on her.. she controlled her breathing and expressed herself that she had never known the pleasure of is my first time pleasure.Hearing from her to be first time I was confused and more confusing was– she was thinking the episode of Fucking is over with the release of her orgasm. I did not wanted to divert her as my member was under tense inside her. I started ramming her choot with full LAUDA out and full into her.

She was enjoying like anything.My ZORDAR strokes continued,she was moaning some times Ohh.. Ah ah ah maza A raha Hai etc. etc.She came thrice by now. Pressure was building in my balls also. I continued full strokes like a wild animal. USKI PURI BODY KO MYN JHAKJHOR RAHA THA.OH VI PURA SATH THE RAHI THI. I could not hold my volcano any more.It fused. My pressure jets opened inside her vagina. A lot of Hot liquid jets trying to spray over her inside cunt,trying to quench her fire. Both were released on climax she was in heaven. After sometimes she was realizing to be on earth. I was still on her top. Then she laughed with satisfaction and kissed me allover. She then told me that she never enjoyed sex this way. she shied to say that she thought the process of CHUDAI over with the release of her orgasm. She was sorry that her hubby never could make her realize the pleasure of sex till date. She could know for the first time the meaning of marriage and male-female relationship. His has a small tool of marley two inch in erected position as thin as your index finger and very small balls. In it is similar to a NUNI (TOOL) of a child. He gets water like discharges of few drops with slight rubbing of his tool on my pussy or on my body. But he loves me very much, cares very much for me. He always took my side in case of family feuds, financially we are very good. He fucks me frequently with his small tool but gets discharged very soon leaving me unsatisfied and burning heated body. His discharges were just like water and non sticky where as I had seen in some blue films huge discharges of thick & sticky white liquid .

In my early days I was getting irritated with the name of Fuck but slowly I compromised with the situation. This is not the end of my agonies. My in laws started demanding for a child.We consulted many doctors but declared possibility of 50:50 due to husband’s inability there was nothing wrong in me. An American doter checked both of us and getting an opportunity of lonely told me that there is nothing wrong in you and if you agree for sex with me it will enable her to bear a child and enjoy pleasures of sex from me. I will not charge a single penny for the costly medical checks already done here. Lady please don’t refuse me , my urge for sex with you is becoming un controlled seeing your sexy body, believe me my love showing his dick to me from his under garments. you can just check up.. I am not telling lie…YOU are too SEXY to bear with. I can give whatever you demand.Even I can marry you. She was getting angry from inside with these words to an Indian Wife and ultimately slapped him and came out of his chamber. With the result of his shortcomings in him my hubby was in distress. He told me Anjalee my IZZAT is on you now. as I cannot say my parents about myself and at the same time I cannot bear them accusing you. To keep his morality up I assured him of my cooperation and assured him no leakage of this confirmation. to any body. But I was under depression, when Ritu came to my rescue a few week back and I am with a great Bull now by the blessings of God. On hearing her I replied O! my love forget the past now. Have faith on the Almighty, if He likes you will be pregnant to-day only Both were coming into recharge. the time my prick was twitching in her valley of love,she aroused again & she whispered.. Oh my love.I want again to have this pleasure please.

At this my lund which was in her cunt, getting bulged & readying for the next round. She pressed my hips to get more penetration.I touched her body again and again. The holy fire started to ignite our desires, the look of her bare body was making me hostile. AK BAR AUR TUMKO KARNA hai MERA MUN BHARA NAHIN. the sound of FUCHH..FUCHHH was coming from her chute.I took out my lund from her. It was coated with full of fucked juices which I rubbed on her body to clean it. I made her sit for some time so that love juices like sperm&orgasms will drain out from her love hole and also rubbed my supara on her CHUCHIES,GAL,her body and finally asked her to eat my lund. she licked with her tongue the top of supara without any hesitation and took my lund into her mouth begin to suck .It was a good blow job and tweezing me again. I was pressing her nipples and sometimes holding her head in my hands fucking her mouth. Anjalee requested to give her a heavy fuck in to her cunt. I lifted her to the another side of bed to get rid of fucked discharges on the spot which oozed out of her chute.then putting a soft pillow below her hips I thrush-ed my lund in to her.She cried out AHHH.. due to the heavy impact of lund on her choot . without caring it I kept my flight on. I wanted to enter whole of my body into her choot .I was fucking her like a fucking machine and each time her body was giving erotic sensessions to my body and I was thrusting with double energy.

It was a non stop ramming process continued for sometimes tearing out her virgin choot and observing vibrations of her teen sized boobs. I wanted now to unload my tons of sperm in to her vagina which already has released orgasm a number of times. OH OHHHHH it is gone my lady.. ohhh I am coming, I cannot hold now….OHH hold tightly my hips please and I came in her choot heavily. The hot jets blown out of me gushing in to her choot and she screamed with pleasure… OHHHA..HAAA BAHUT ACHHA OH MY loving man..etc. etc. and I collapsed on her body.I took rest on her body for a couple of minutes.I took out my lund from her. The Tip of my lund was very much tender due to high friction and not feeling like touching it.Her eyes were explaining her satisfaction and very tired. I kissed her again and again as I was still not willing to leave her. After some time I told her to take rest for some time and I am going to honor her friend RITU in the next room. Ritu was sitting prepared for me . As soon as I reached her she saw my semi erected lund covered with fuck juices of her friend and wiped with dettoled water my portion of lun, balls and near about area cleaned for her use. She kissed my lund took it into her mouth .With the action of her blow job again my lund rose to full bloom. she then hang on me and started kissing my lips rubbing her nipples on my lips my chest.

I pressed her hips boobs nipples and palmed her chut. Her choot was highly wet & slippery. she pushed me to lie on bed. she climbed on me put her wet pussy on my hardened prick and started thrusting. It is her favorite style. She will get tired with her strokes and after one orgasm she will come down and will ask me to lead her to the ultimate ecastecy. She was jumping on me and also trying to make her nipples rubbed on my lips and chest. She was going on moaning — itna din se unchudi hoon kisi ko koi khabar tak nahin yeh vi pata hai ki apke bina avi mera koi gati nahin OH…AHH>AH main niklee OHHHH>>AB AAP UPER AAO MERA SANT KARO. I was thrilled and started pumping holding her waist,her boobs vibrating, she was teething her fingers giving jhatkas to her head.My strokes went on & on with noises from her love hole & her mouth for some minutes. Mine was drained twice by Anjalee as such able hold the pleasure for some time. But RITU came on for 3/4 times. I fondled her nipples her naive her body even her clit. She got aroused and I too build pressure in balls. Now you readers know the result. both climaxed in bull fight. We both got discharged symoltaneously and that’s the pleasure. THE TWO YOUNG LADIES ROBBED THE SIMPLE MAN TO DAY. We saw Anjalee was sleeping due to tiredness and smiling in her dreams. In the light we saw many markings on her boobs her stomach and cheeks during the process. Her body was in reddish shade even after 30 mts of the pleasure.

When she woke up she complained about urination problem. she could not urinate due to pain. Ritu Explained her this happens in first fuck only.Leave it your pain will go with next fuck. To change her mind she asked her how she Enjoyed .Her body language replied immediately but she shied due to my presence. She thanked Ritu for this heavenly pleasure. Dear readers mail me your views Any slim & beautiful needy ladies below 30 years, preferably singles or forced singles working ladies likes to get any help from me or any body like any advice for her sex problems may contact me.I will try to give possible help to them This I am writing for our readers of desipapa after nearly three months of incident. She was confirmed by her Doctor to be Pregnant with a healthy foetus. She and her family are very happy with this news.Her hubby is also happy that it is his baby.

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