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Reza Tested Sweet Mom

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I am Reza, a young, active and energetic young man. I have just going to a college as a student. I was late in entering college and now 18 year. I am 5 foot 8 inch and possess good health. I am residing with my parents in an urban area of Rajshahi. My parents bought a small piece of land and first made a thatched cottage. My dad was a worker of a mill some 10 kilometre from our residence.

My mom is also a worker of a factory near to our residence. My dad work hard to meet the expenses but he could not cope with. So my mom took the job. Yet they took loan and made a building. It has just two rooms with a long tin shade baranda. There is only one toilet in the house but no bathroom, so we have to bath in open space. These are surrounded with brick fencing. The bath space is opposite my room and toilet in front of my parent’s room. My dad while a school student fell in love with my mom. They were students of the same school, reading in different classes. They got married at an early age, before passing the school. A few years later I was born. My mom becomes pregnant a few years later. That baby was lost due to an accident. She had to undergo an operation. For that she will not be mother again. All of these information I have got from my granny. My mom is running 32 year. She is a lovely young lady with handsome, attractive and sexy figure. Her complexion is pinky white. She is 5 feet tall. Has attractive hip and breast. Her thick, black hair falls up to her waist.

She grows a bit fatter in recent days. I often saw her and feel proud. Generally she wears salwar, kamij and dopatta. She has a fine Japanee red colored black striped silk kamij, salwar and dopatta. She looks like lal pari, when she is in it. It is tight fitted and it seems that the dress could not bind her body. She has a violet lady hamilton three piece. In it she seems to be a beguni pari. Generally she wears salwar-kamij-dopatta. Some time mom wear sari and sleeveless blouse. She has got the kuchi 2 inch below her naval. Though she dresses shari in occasion like marriage, picnic and festival. She becomes much more attractive with shari. I could not take my eyes off from her and thinks to embrace her with my hands. At that time she seems to be a beautiful lass of 25 only. As we have no kitchen and mom has no time, so cooked food came from my granny’s house nearby. Only we have to carry it to our home. So mom has not to do that task, we only got it in lew of payment. Dad goes to his work after breakfast. Mom took her bath and also goes to work. I have to attend college later. Often I saw mom bathing just a few yard from my room in front of my eager eyes. Only the doors are closed. Generally she baths half necked. Some time she has only petticoat and blouse or some time only salwar and kamij. Sometime she only have lower garments in time of bathing and upper parts open.

Generally she drops her wet cloths and put on dry cloths on the varanda. I experience the whole necked adult female body scene in my own eyes staying in front of my room behind the door. I have earned theoretical knowledge with the aid of pornographic book. My friends also show mobile porno video. I enjoy my mom’s good looking, round, big breast in front of my own eyes. I also enjoyed her robust hip; curved, slightly swollen fatty abdomen which leads to her venus trap. I also enjoy her hips curve also. Her hips are really attractive which may cause water to my tongue. I have a desire to put my hands on her abdomen and hips, but not now, there is no vacancy here. Seeing all these I become excited and exercise masturbation. I discharge semen on old piece of cloth. But I have not enjoyed any lady, for which I have a strong desire. It is a fine day, dad has gone to his factory but mom did not. I was also in my room and watching mom’s activity. Mom was cleaning cloths on the bathing place. After finishing the task she came on varanda and opened the chain of her red kamij and dropped it on the floor. She had nothing on her body but the salwar and a dopatta on her neck placed like U falling on her both bosom. I was watching her movement for some time. Then she entered into her room with an unripe banana (sagar) and sat on her bed. She opened the knot of her salwar. I saw her venus trap clearly, there were silky hairs on her groin. She put her beautiful legs on the bed and spread the knees. Then she put her left hand on the slit and began to rub the clitoris. After some time she pushed the banana in to her birth canal and began to push and pull it slowly. I was already exited, my penis grew strong. I entered in to her room silently and sat on her back facing her. I placed both my hands on her two sides and embraced her. I caught her both breast cupping with my palm and began to squeeze and rub. Her slightly hard breasts and erect nipple was felt in my palm soft and lucid. I took the nipples with my thumb and fore finger and began pressing. Mom told me “What are you doing here, Reza? Is college closed today?”“Doing some bad thing, sweet, lovely, dear young mom. Just I want to give you some pleasure. You are my dream girl. I like you very much and want to love you too. I have never seen a lovely, lustful, young lady like you”. I gave her several kiss on her back, neck and shoulder.

“Just I want your favor so that I will be allowed to make you love.” I took the banana from her hand and throw it away. I put my left hand on her hairy mound and began to rub her clitoris with my fore finger and thumb. I pushed my fingers in to her vagina and pushing-pulling them quickly. She is already wet and slippery. I came to her front and sat in between her legs. “Rosy, my lovely, sexy mom, how sweet are you,” I took her pink nipple in to my mouth and began to suck. After finishing one I began to suck another nipple. She has already caresses me within her two hands and began to kiss me. She took my lip in her and was sucking. I was sucking her areola and bite a little. I become more excited caressing her body. “Oh, my dear young boy. You are making me feel so happy that I have not experienced for many years” mom whispered in to my ear. I got an intense pleasure and sensation in my body. I pulled her hip and pressed hard. “Mom, will you kindly lay on your back so that I may mount on you. I could not tolerate any more” Reza said. “I want to mount on your chest and hip just now. I want to penetrate in side you.” She smiled a little silently and laid on her back. She said me to put a pillow beneath her hip so that it will be a bit upward. She separated her fine legs apart from each other and fold them from her knee. Mom slipped her hand around my hard shaft and gave it a few strokes. Mom’s body is throbbing and I gently tried to push the tip of my cock within her pussy. I could not find the passage to go inside her vagina. So I said, “Mom, will you please guide my muscular organ to enter into your beautiful, hot, silky, smooth pussy.”

Mom did not tell any thing but took my penis in her right hand and opened her labia by her left hand. She then pushed it in to the mouth of her vagina. I feel much exited and pushed my long penis in to her smooth, hot, tight, slippery vagina in a thirst. Mom told not push it rapidly, but slowly. She told me to lie on her body, I do so. I spread my body on her. My breast was feeling her pointed breast. I am pushing and pulling my hip, so my long muscular organ was going in and coming out of her mucous filled vagina. I smelled her armpit, it has different odor, I enjoyed. Mom asked me, “Sony, how do you feel?” Her hands were running through my back and on my hip. She was pressing my hip with her palm. “Mom, to tell you frankly, I am flying on the sky as happiest man in the world. It is a new experience to me and much better than masturbation. She was pulling me towards her and told to penetrate much deep in to her canal. “This is first time I got a chance to have coitus with a beautiful, young, healthy lady like you. You are my teacher in my life in every respect.” I told mom. But I could not resist myself from forcing my penis in to her vagina again and again. Mom was moaning “Uhhhh, Ahhhh.” She felt orgasm and discharged her fluid, which came out of her organ. Suddenly my penis busts out and I ejected my semen inside her deep vaginal canal. Mom was also pushing her hip rapidly with upward thrusts. She caught me tightly with her hands. We were breathing rapidly and were slackened, laid on the bed touching each other like tired soldier. “My boy,’ mom whispered, “why you have selected me? Have you no girl friend? Am I the right lady for love.” “Mom, in fact you are my ideal. You have a good physique. I have seen you while bathing. I feel excited viewing at the time of your bath and changing cloths. I often satisfy my eyes and do masturbation. I also dreamed you in the night and have coitus with you in my dream. My classmates are like jute sticks, they have small breasts and thin hips. I want to marry a lady like you,” Reza finished his talk. “Actually your dad had an operation a few years ago. He then began to grow thinner and weaker.

He also became impotent and could not do coitus with me. He has no desire and feeling about me. So I have to starve for a long time with mental and physical dissatisfaction. Some times I also use hand as an alternate way of getting satisfaction,” mom finished her misery. “Mom, if you don’t mind then I want to measure your body parts. Will you permit me?” I told. “Yes, you are permitted.” Mom said. I took the measuring tape and put it around her chest. Her breast measured 36, waist 30 and hip 38 inches. ‘Mom, what is your weight” I told. “125 pounds’ she replied. “How long is your penis, which you have pushed in my hole?” “It is only 7 inch long and 2.5 inches round.’ I told. In the mean time mom took my shrunken penis in her palm and began stroking. Gradually it began to grow. Then she took it in her mouth and began sucking. She pushed my penis completely in her mouth, sucking and licking the organ. After that I sucked her nipples and then her under parts in the groain. I pushed my tongue in to her hot and tight vagina. The inside secretion tested sour. I also pushed two of my finger in the canal and push-pull it. She discharged her fluid and felt orgasm. Mom told me to sit on an armless chair, I did it. Then my sweet mom put me in between her legs and sat on me face to face on my lap. She pushed my erect, hard penis in to her silky soft, mucous filled, tight, hot vagina. She embraced me by her both hands surrounding my neck. She began to lift up herself and down; pushing and pulling of my organ was done by her. She pushed her erect nipple in my mouth. Sucking one and rubbing the other with my own hand, later my hands was engaged in rubbing her clitoris and squeezing her big hip. My dear, sweet young, beautiful mom experienced orgasm. I discharged my semen from the tip of my penis phase by phase. Mom’s vaginal mussels were biting my penis and milking from it. Both of us firmly caught one another and mom pushed her hip downward. She uttered “Uhhhhh, Ahhhh.” We were taking breath rapidly. Resting for a while mom separated herself from me. “Mom, my sweet girl, have you got satisfaction,” I asked? “Yes, my bad young boy. You have satisfied me at the same time I enjoyed coitus after a long thirsty period. We will meet afterwards. Now get on and bath. I have to finish my tasks.” Mom said.I gave her several kiss on her chick and lips. “Dear sweet, young mom. Many thanks to teach me the first sexual lesson of my life. I will be ever grateful to you, darling lady.” We left each other and did our personal work. Busy days have already gone. Our days were passing as usual. One fine morning chance came again.

Dad went for his office, leaving both of us. I was sleeping. A comfortable and beautiful feeling woke me up. My cock was cushioned against some hot and bare venus mound. My cock was straight up between moms groin. It was mom in front of me, her back was in my front. She has no salwar or panty but she has only that red colored kamij pulled up to her chest. Mom hold my penis and was rubbing it to the worm and tender place just where the ass curve ends and the hair between the legs starts. I was rigid and erect. My lungi was lifted upwards and I was going to push my hip forwards, but I did not let mom know that I woke up.Mom kept rubbing my cocks head along her hot, wet, silky groove. She made to go my cock between her pussy lips, the cocks head found the entrance to the slippery pussy. I could not tolerate it, I gave a sudden push and my cock started sinking in to a hot, tight, wet venus trap. I grabbed moms groin. She put herleft leg on my thigh. I heard her murmering “Ohhhhh, Ahhhh, Reja, push it hard. You naughty boy, you are seeing my misery. You are not sleeping. Help me now. Push your organ rapid.” “Mom, I could not reach your tight breast for the cloth. Please remove it,” I said. Mom lowered her kamij hand and opened her erect nipples for me. I pushed my right hand beneath her neck and caught her breast. I was pumping her breast and rubbing her nipple. My hips were moving and mom was doing so. She forwarded her chest as far as possible in her side wise position to have us a good position for fucking. Our hips started making smacking noise. I buried my cock inside her venus trap as deeply as possible. Mom has her orgasm. She discharged fluid from her groove. I have not discharged, so I was pushing my pelvis and pulling it rapidly. I had her breast rubbing with one hand and her clitoris with other. I bite her white back and shoulder. A strong feeling came to me and I discharged my semen rapidly. Rosy, my lovely mom sensed another orgasm and caught my hip tight by her hand. She has her vaginal mussels cramping rapidly and milking my penis. Both of us were breathing rapidly. Then laziness came and we felt dizziness. Both of us were throbbing and after some time we cooled down on the bed. I was playing with mom’s nipple and areola, scratching them softly. I put one in my mouth and began to suck. Mom was playing with my penis. She then began to suck my organ and later I sucked her slit and clit. We become exited again sexually. My organ grows larger and longer. I lift mom and placed her hip on my table, she folded her knee and put her feet on the table. She placed her back on the wall for support. I was in front of her and I took mom’s both leg in my hand and put them on my shoulder. Her genital organ became open and I pushed my hard, long penis in to her soft, wet vaginal orifice. “Mom, I am going inside you. Could you feel my organ?” I asked. “Yes. I not only feel you but I also sense your movement and discharge in me. You naughty boy, push yourself hard. I could also see your organ going inside and coming out. I am directly viewing the act of sexual intercourse. Could you enjoy the viewing and the act of coitus?” mom asked.“Certainly enjoying and seeing everything, sweet mom. I am feeling thrill. It is your cordial cooperation for which I am thankful to my dear, lovely, young, sexy mom,” I replied. “Don’t pump me, you young fool, push your penis hard and rapid.

I have secreted my fluid. Ohhhh, Ahhh, I am finished,” Mom was moaning. In the mean time I have ejected. We caught each other tightly and my organ has penetrated up to its base. Mom caught my hip tightly towards her. Our respiration was rapid and both of us felt orgasm. We are tired. Mom pushed me and told me to go to my work. She left me and after finished bathing went to her duty. A few days have past, may be fifteen, we were busy and had no leisure. One afternoon I came back from college. Mom came from work in the late afternoon. She told me that dad has gone to his parents house and not coming to night. I placed a packet to Rosy, telling her to open, she opened it. There was a black colored brassier, a panty and one set of pink colored three piece. Salwar, kamij and dopatta, all were made of fine synthetic cloth. Mom said ‘why have you spent the money? Where have you got the money and measurement?” Reza replied “My dear mom, don’t be angry. I have measured you on the first day. Your cloths are on the alna, I took it to the tailor to get measurement. I have got stipend, so I bought these. These are the gifts for you to teach me the adult lesson. Now do not get angry and put on all these. I am eager to see these on your beautiful body.” My dear Rosy smiled a little. She took them and went to the other room to change them.

After some time she came back. Alas, she looks like a fairy came from sky. I could not detach my eyes from seeing her. Tight cloths could not bind her body, simply it was overflowing. I become astonished. “Mom, you are looking much more beautiful than the other days,” I said.“Don’t pump me, you naughty boy,” mom said. She pulled off the dopatta and placed it on the alna. Her breasts were bulging on the chest. We got our meal and mom finished her work. After some time I got in to her room. Rod light was on. I simply caught mom and kissed her. I took a stool and told mom to stand on it. Now she became face to face with me. Both of us embraced by our hand and kissed each other on our face. We licked our lips. Then I unzipped mom’s kamij and took her hands free. I pushed it lower, it dropped on the floor. I kissed moms bare hands and took smell of her armpit. It is spreading aromatic odor. She looks so beautiful with black colored bra on pink colored skin. “Mom, it is simply sexy to look at.” I told her. I opened hook of her bra and freed the two breasts.

Putting my mouth on one nipple I began to suck and scratching the other by my fore finger. Then I sucked the other. Rosy also sucked my nipple and opened my trouser. She caught my penis and began stroking. I opened her trouser lace and dropped it, took her legs out. She has nupur on her legs, which sounds jhun-jhun. One of my hands went inside her panty to locate the labia majora and clitoris inside her slit. The other hand simply pushing her hips again and again. After fingering on the canal I took a chair and sat on it. I told her to sit on my lap putting her back on my lap. I faced her back and pushed my big, rigid cock in to her vaginal canal. She supported her hand with the table in front of her. I was pushing her big breast and erect nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Mom was pulling and pushing her hip. We saw our image in a mirror in front of us. We fought rapid ups and downs for many minutes. She discharged her fluid and got orgasm; I also discharged my content and emptied my sac. I caught her tightly and held her hip towards me with preasure. Both of us were breathing rapidly. We got to mom’s bed. She put off the bright light and on the night lamp. We slept for some time and then woke up. We were ready again. This time Rosy ride on my body and pushed my organ in side her canal. She was pushing her hip rapidly and after some time got orgasm twice. I also discharged inside her. Again we got sleep for some time. In the third time after fingering and licking I told her to lie on her back. I took her foot upward and sat behind her hip facing her. I fold my legs and pushed them beside her hip.

I pierced her canal and pushing my organ. I held mom’s legs upward. For every thrust her hip was rising and falling while I am pulling. I gave her satisfactory fucking and both discharged consecutively. We were tired and slept well. In the morning we got coitus again. This time mom took the pose of a four footed animal. She was on her knee and palm. Her feet were near the edge of bed. I pushed my organ from behind, staying between her legs. I pushed myself forward hard and mom pushed herself behind. I caught her thigh and pulling towards me and I entered up to the base of my erect penis. She felt the edge of cut hair in the base of my penis. We got orgasm. We fucked each other satisfactorily four time throughout the night and enjoyed each other very much. We slept well. Later whenever we got chance and leisure we got coitus. Once I fucked Rosy in the toilet in a standing position. I lift her thigh in my hand and pushed my penis in her vagina. She shared with me, putting her hand around my neck as if hanging and shaking her hip. She told me that it was a new experience in her love life and very much satisfactory to fuck. After about a year of our new and happy relation dad fell ill and died. We were alone. Afterwards I always share mom’s bed and whenever we like we get coitus. We are free and the sweet relation existed for many year…

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