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  • September 18, 2015

Hi my dear readers Vamsi again sending you good story from our telugu stories book, first of all I would like to say sorry to disappointing you since long time for not sending my stories to all of you, I am very much thank full to all of my fans, friends for the encouragement, I am still receiving lot of mails about my story Pussy Fever, and I will continue that also. Any writer wants more encouragement, and in my case I am translating telugu stories and sending to you all, so it takes some time and also I need good mood to write a good story, which will hit your hearts. Now coming to this story this is a story of a lady who married an innocent man with out knowing about his innocence.  Her name is Madhavi and in her house they called her as Madhu.


Madhu’s father is a middle class former and he had three children, one elder daughter Padma is now 27 years and married to his sister’ son and Second is Madhavi now 24 years and next Malathi is now 22 years. Madhus father is not very rich but a middle class family, he is not able to marry his three daughters to good and above to his status, and also they don’t have even good studies all three are just completed their 10th class in the local school.   Padma is married at the age of 25 to his uncle, and it is very difficult to him to marry Madhavi, he has not enough money or lands to offer dowry, so in one marriage function one of his relative told him that in near by village he heard a rich family with only 3 in the house Father, and son and an old women, that fathers mother, and the son is not clever but they have enough money and lands and all, they want a good looking girl who will look after the three persons and also to escort the innocent boy.  Madhavis father came back to home after that function and thinking about the proposal and one fine day he along with that relative went to the near by village and talked to the head of the family, i.e with the father of that house and his name is Prabhu,  and he is around 55 and his son is around 27 his name is Satyam and in the village all are called him as sattipandu, and Prabhu’s  mother is around 72, these are the family members and Prabhu is a rich man in surrounding villages, a big old model house, lands and money lending business. Prabhu explained very thing about his son and he told them that if they agree for this marriage he will bare all expenses and get the marriage done and also he told them he will help for the marriage of another younger daughter also.  Madhavi’s  father accepted this proposal and fixed the date and asked Prabhu to come and see her daughter along with his son, Prabhu told them that his son is not necessary and he will come and see the girl, and on the next day it self Prabhu went to Madhav’s house and Madhavis father arranged all formalities and some of the other neighbors also attended for this and Prabhu asked them to bring the girl, Madhavi came in to the hall along with some others and sit on the mat, she is very beautiful and Prabhu is looking her with lust and he accepted the proposal and fixed the date and with in a short time Madhavi married Sattipandu.


In Prabhu’s house they are arranged for the first night to Sattipandu, and there are not much relatives in that house only a few, and at about 9-00 PM Madhavi send to her bed room and in that bed room there is a dim light is on and on the bed sattipandu is sleeping. She don’t  know what to do and she came near to the bed and looked at him, he is sleeping no doubt, and she sit on the bed and thinking about her, in the mean time the door is knocked and Madhu opened the door and see her father-in-law and shocked, Prabhu asked her is sattipandu sleeping, she said in a shy voice yes, he came in side and sit on the bed and called her to come near to him and he shouted sattipandu to woke up, sattipandu after few minutes woke up and see his father with fear and Prabhu told him to go and sleep in other room, sattipandu immediately went out side with out saying any thing, and then Prabhu asked Madhu  to sit on the bed and told her to talk something with her, Madhu sit on the edge of the bed and Prabhu told her that his son is quite innocent and impotent and also he told every thing to Madhu that her father knows it and he agreed for this marriage.  Madhu is weeping for his bad future and Prabhu came near to her and took her hands and said, look Madhavi, I have plenty of money and if you keep quite you can enjoy with this money and I will give you what ever the jewelery  you want and he put his hand on her waist and pressed it smoothly, Madhu understood his intention and removed his hand and told him, you are my father-in-law please don’t do any thing and go out from this room, still she is weeping, Prabhu told her that sattipandu is not able to do any thing to you, don’t waste your youth and don’t spoil your life, Madhu  looked at him hatefully and Prabhu once again put his hand on her belly and pressing it smoothly and said Madhu hear me once again I will give you my keys, from tomorrow you are the owner of this house, ok, come with me and he lifted her and took her into the other room and open his safe and show her the money and some jewellery and told her look Madhu these are all yours from tomorrow, and if you co-operate me I will buy more gold and what ever you want, Madhu looked at him and went to her bed room and sit there, thinking about her future.  She her self decided to take revenge on him.  Her beautiful dreams are fly in the sky, she thinks about her first night in such a way that she will be surrender to her husband and give him all of her assets, but its all are in dream, not real.


In the mean time again Prabhu came in to her room and closed the door and sit very near to her and put his hand on her belly and pressing it smoothly and then he raised his hand slowly on to her boobs and pressing them hardly, Madhu closed her eyes and Prabhu removed her sari pallu and kissed on Madhus cheeks and then on her lips and slowly he opened her mouth and put his tongue in her mouth and sucking her tongue with passion, his body is shivering with lust to fuck a young and beautiful lady and he removed her blouse hooks and thro  it and he surprised to see her beautiful boobs in her bra, Madhu closed her eyes with her hands and Prabhu asked her to lay on bed, and he also adjusted by her side and slowly he removed her bra and pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples, and then Prabhu slowly raised her sari up to her thighs and put his hand on her pussy and pressing it smoothly, Madhu is moaning and Prabhu opened her sari and petticoat and thro them on the floor, now madhu is nude and Prabhu also removed his lungi, and lay on Madhu and kissing her lips and sucking her nipples and his cock is pressing Madhus cunt, madhu is breathing heavily and pressed his head on her boobs and Prabhu is sucking her lips and Prabhu opened her legs wide and put his semi erect cock in her pussy, it is not so hard and not entered fully in her pussy, Prabhu is pressing his cock forcefully but he cummed on her pussy and hugged her tightly and kissed her lips and pressed her boobs and lay by her side and breathing heavily.  Madhu is on fire and she think at least her father-in-law will fuck her hard, but he is also not a good fucker.  After some time Prabhu wear her lungi and told her to wear her sari and sleep with him,  Madhu wear her sari and give him milk and Prabhu drink some milk and gave it to her, Madhu also drink that milk and sleep by his side,  Prabhu hugged her tight and told her tomorrow I will call goldsmith and  order you what ever you want and he kissed her lips and pressing her boobs, he is trying to fuck her again, but his cock is not in a position to fuck, he kissed Madhus lips and he open her blouse and found no bra, he feels that Madhu is interested on him, so she don’t wear bra and he is happy and pressed her boobs and with one hand he took madhus hand and put her hand on hes cock and in her ear he told her to press it, madhu feel shy and told him that she feels shy, Prabhu pleaded  her and again put her hand on his cock and now she is pressing his cock, Prabhu is pressing her boobs and kissing on her lips and he took her lower lip and sucking it smoothly and put his tongue in her mouth and Madhu is pressing his cock now it is hard and Prabhu raised her sari up to her thighs and lay on her and opened her thighs and put his cock in her cunt, and pressed it hard now his cock is entered in her pussy and Prabhu is jerking and moving up and down and Madhu hugged him tightly and raised her ass and Prabhu speedily jerking his ass and uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he cummed in her pussy, Madhu is pressing his ass to her cunt and Prabhu is breathing heavily and he kissed her lips and get down from her and lay on her side.  Madhu feels something better now and sleep by his side.


Modati raathri anni arrangements chesaadu Pradhu vaalla inteloo,  peddagaa relatives evvaruu leru, Pradhu kavaalanee ekkuva mandini pilavaleeduu, Prabhu valla amma old lady oka muula gadi looo padukuntundeee, sumaaru 9-00 PM ke Madhu bed room ki vachiinde akkada chinna light maatramee undee, sattipandu mancham meeda padukunnaduu, Madhu mancham vaddake velli chuusindi, sattipandu niddara pootunnadu, nijamgaanee niddrapootunaduu, Madhuku emi cheyyaloo teleeka alaa manchm meeda kurchoonde, emite tanu emi cheyyaale ani aaloochanaloo undee,  intaloo talupu chappudu ayyendi Madhu velli talupu teesendi, valla maaamagaarni chuusi siggupadindii, Prabhu loopalaki vachii, netooo matalaadaali, ani mancham vaddaki velli sattipandune tatti lepaadu gattigaa, sattipandu lechii bhayamgaa vaaalla naannani chuusaadu, pooraa nee gadilooki pooye padukoo annadu Prabhu, sattipandu emi eduru cheppaka vellipooyaadu, Prabhu, Madu ne mancham meeda kurchoo mani, chuudu Madhu neetoo matalaadaali, ela kurchoo ani chuudu  naa koduku, televe leeni vaadu, emi cheetakani vaaduu kuudaa, nenu anni meenaanaki cheppaanu, tanaki anni telesee eeepelli cheesaadu, madhuu kee eedupu vachendee tana bad future talachukunee edustuundee, prabhu nemmadega tana daggaragaa vachii chuudu naa maata vennavante neeku anni istaanu, ani tana nadumu pattuku nokkutuuunnaadu, Madhuke ardham ayyendii, chee lendi meeru naa maamagaaru, ani Prabhu ne ashyamgaa cuusendee, Prabhu annadu nee moguduu emi cheyyaleedee pilla, enduku nee andam antaa ela eedustuu gaduputaav, ani Madhu pottta meed cheyya vesee paamutunnaaduu, chuudu madhuu naa mata venuu nennu naa intekee raanee ne chestaanu,  raa neeku naa dabbu, naa nagaluu anni chuupedataaa ani tana cheyye pattuku ne prakknee unna tana room looke teesukuvelli, safe open chesii chuudu eedabbu, nagaluu, mottam neeve, naa mata ventee, repati nundee ee inteki nuvvuu raaneevee annaadu, neeeku inkaa nagalu cheeyenchutaa annadu Madhu eedustuu tana gadilooke vachi mancham meeda kurchonde, emi cheyaalee, eee musalaadi ke tagena budhhi cheppaaali, veede meeda paga teerchukoovaali ani aaloochana loo undeee, tana kalaluu anni gaali loo kalasi pooyaayee, entoo madhuramgaa tana modate raatri gurunchi kalaukandee tana mogudeki tana andaalu anni ivvali ani kanee tana bad future ke eedustuu undee.


Prabu nemmadigaa room looke vachii mancham meeda Madhu prakkanee kurchooni nemmadiga tana cheyya Madhu potta meda vesi nokkutunnadu, Madhu emi addu cheppaleedu, Prabhu nemmadega tana cheyyi paike poonichii, Madhu sallu pattuku ne nemmadeigaa nokkutuunnaduu, Pradhuu nemmadegaa Madhu meda meeda, pedaala meeda muddu pettukune, tana naaluka Madu noteloo petti madhu naaluka nee cheekutunnaadu, Prabhu body kaamam too vanukutuundee, inta andamina pilla vayasuloo unna pillani dengutunna ani taaapam too Prabhu kasigaa unnaadu, Prabhu nemmadigaa Madhu blouse hooks open chesaadu, blouse teese prakka na padesaadu, Madhu sallu Bra loo chlaa andamga kana padutunnai, Prabhu ke mati pooyendeee, Madhu rendu chetula too kallu muusukundee, Prabu nemmade gaaa Madhune manchammeeda padukoo petti tanu prakkana padukunnaadu. Prabhu nemmadigaa Madhu bra open cheese prakkana padesaadu, madhu sallu rendu pisukutuuu, pedaala meeda muddu pettukune, salla mucheikalu cheektuu, oka cheyya nemmadegaa Madhu todala meeda vesi cheera paiki ettti, Madhu puuku meeda tana cheyye veesee nokkutuunnaaadu, Madhu ke paravasamgaa undee muulugutuundeee, Prabhu Madhu cheera, langaa veppesaadu, prakkana padesaadu, tanu Madhu meeda ekki, Madhu todalu vedadeese tana sulla ne nemmadegaa Madhu puuku meeda petti okka saaritoosaadu, Prabhu sulla baagaa gattigaa leedu, kaani koddigaa sulla modaluu Madhu puukulooke vellindee, Prabu Madhu sallu nokkutuuuu Pdaala meeda muddulu pettukuntuu, tana sulla nemmadigaa Madhu puukulooki gattigaa neetteduu, kaani ventanee tanu ki kaare poooyendii, Prabhu, ropputuu, madhu pedaalu muddu peetukunee, sallu nokke, Madhu prakkana padukuunnaaadu.  Madhu ke olllu kaali pootuundee kaneesam maamagaaru sarigaa dengenaa baagundeede anukundee,  Prabhu tana lungi kattukunee Madhu neekuuda cheera kattukune prakka nee padukoo mannadu,  Madhu cheera kattukunee Paala glass maamagaariki ichindee Prabhu sagam taage Madhukii ichaadu, Madhu paalu taaagi Prabhu prakkana padukundeee,   Prabhu koddi seepu ayyakaa, Madhune hattukunee pedaaalu muuddu pettukunee, nemmadigaa sallu nokkutuunnadu, blouse open chesaadu, Madhu bra vesukooleduu, prabhu anukunnadu nenu antee istmee Madhu ke, ani nemmadigaa sallu nokkutuuu, muddulu pettukuntuu, cheera padike lepi Madhu todalu nokkutuuu, puuku meeeda cheyya petti paamutuunaaaaduu, Prabhusulla leevadam ledu, Prabhu, Madhu cheveloo naa sulla patuuku ne nalupuu, annaadu, madhu naaku siggu baabuu andii, kaadu patttukoo nemmadigaaa nalupuu, pls annaadu, ani madhu cheyya teese tana sulla meeda vesaaadu Prabhu madhu sallu nokkutuu pedaaalu muddu pettukunnaaadu kasigaaa, madhu nemmadegaa prabhu sulla pattuku naluputuundeee, eppudu prabhu sulla gatti padindee, ventaneee prabhu madhu meeda ekki cheera paki laaagi madhu todalu veppadeesi pukulooke tana moddani toosee uuputuunaaadu, madhu pedave cheekutuu, sallu pisukutuu sulla ne baagaa uuputuunnaadu, Madhu tana chetulu rendu prabhu naddi meeda vesi kasigaa tanakesi nokkutuu, tana pirralu rendu paiki ettutoondee prabhu gattigaaa tana sulla nee uupi kaarchesssssssssssssdddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuu, Prabhu lechi prakkana padukunnadu,  Madhukee koddigaa sukhamgaa unnatuu gaaa Dundee, tanuu kuuudaa padukunndee.  Ee kadha kuudaaa peddadi, Madhu tana mamagaari meeda ela paga teerchundee chuudandeee.


Dear readers this is also a big story and may be about 9 to 10 episodes, please be patient and wait for the nest parts, how Madhu take revenge on her father-in-law.  Mail me your comments and how you feel this story and how you enjoy in your bed.

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