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Reshma’s Introduction To The Art Of Love

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi everybody…. My name is Reshma… Baby. I am from India, A.P. Resident of Andhra’s Ooty. No stats please. Because I am not interested in disclose that details. Oh…god I am not in bad physically….I am very good at stats….so don’t think otherwise. Anyhow whatever it may be…. I am regular spider of the net. I read lots of stories published in the net. Most of the stories of stereo typed…just names changed. Why the guys are behaving like that. I have lost my patience to read that type of stereo type stories.

Occasionally somebody else writing good stories…about women in Saree and describing the curves, provocating hips, boobs, belly, navel etc.. that is most provocating ones, and also about describing mens also about their length, thickness, diameter, wearing kurta, lungi, boxers etc….. Women in saree, blouse, petticoat…..describing most effective to guys. Definitely these stories are impact on guys instantly. Mostly men loving these type of stories. Some stories written by some of the ladies also narrating….only about wearing cudidar, kurta…pressing, sucking….next final barrier…..that’s it. Sorry guys and gals this is my opinion. If I make to anybody to hurt please just excuse…. So, I am publishing my some part of oldest fantasy, some real, some lesbi… So read it of my first part….tell me how it is….then I will continue to my rest of the parts….. * * * Here goes guys and cuties…. When I was sixteen years old I was a pupil teacher at the Public School. I had a bedroom to myself, but I always chose one of the elder girls to sleep with me.

My favourite, Bhavana, was about my own age, and of a warm friendly disposition. We soon became very intimate, and promised to tell each other all our secrets. We were both exceedingly curious to know all about the secret pleasures of love, and often talked over the subject at night, all the time fondling and playing with each other\’s lightly trimmed cunts. Did you ever hear any name for this little chink, reshma? Yes, dear, cunt. One of the girls wrote it the other day on her book. She said that was what the boys called it. And what do they call their own things? Pricks, Why do they call them pricks? I suppose it is because they prick our cunts. Would you like to have your cunt pricked? yes, I think, I would like it now, for my cunt feels so very hot. So it is, and mine is just the same. Ohhhhhhhhh…Reshma if my cunt could be turned into a prick what fun we would have. She then got over me, and rubbed her cunt against mine, while i held the cheeks of her bottom and pressed her in between my thighs. Reshma…did you ever notice the lump between the legs of pavan, the resident tutor? yes, dear that\’s his prick, every man has that, though some have it larger than others. yes, i know that, but have you seen it swell out when he talks to us, and leans over us to make us hold our pens right? Perhaps he is then thinking of our cunts? I am sure of it, and especially of yours, for you are his favorite.

If he were here now I know what he would like to do? What? Just to get on top of you, and shove his prick into your cunt, and fuck you. I only smiled, and we soon fell asleep. On sunday, a short time after, having a headache, I remained at home. I was not aware that anyone was in the house, until hapeening to pass pavan\’s room, he suddenly sprang out, caught me in his arms, drew me in, and closed the door. Ohhhhh…pavan, please let me go. Dear Reshma, let me tell you how dearly I love you. And while he half smothered me with kisses, he gently drew me towards the bed. No, I won\’t sit down, let me up, don\’t attempt to put your hands under my petticoat. But he forced his hand up, and I felt his eager fingers exploring all my secrets there. pavan, take your hand or I will scream, i cannot allow such liberties. Don\’t my darling, for there is no one to hear. Today is sunday. you know that. Do let me up, and take your hand – Oh, my god…how dare you life my clothes. He held me down, and soon, inspite of my struggles, he removed my half saree, petticoat and blouse. I am in the bra and flowered panty. He kisses, licks the all over my body…then he ripped remaing two pieces, he uncovered all my belly and thighs, my curvatures and my cunt lay bare and exposed to view. It was the first time it had been seen by man, and I felt horribly ashamed. But a peculiar sensation of pleasure quickly turned the idea of exposure into a source of delight.

His face flushed, and his eyes sparkled as he looked down, and exclaimed, \”What a lovely cunt you have, reshma – this rising mound is covered with such a profusion of rich brown hair, and the swelling lips, how deliciously they pout, while the glowing red chink between is most luxurious and inviting. I must kiss it. Ahhhhhhhh….how sweetly it smells.\” He stooped and warmly kissed my cunt. Then opening the lips he sucked the clitoris and pushed his tongue into the hot recess. The touch of his mouth made my cunt thrill, and when I feld this tongue moving around the clitoris, and penetrating the sensitive folds inside, I could not help opening my thighs and raising my self a little, so as to afford him a freer access to that my most pleasurable spot. When he stood up I saw that his trousers were down – hay….there is no underwear, and that his prick was sticking out pointed towards me, and nodding its great red head as if in proud defiance. Holding it in his hand, he said – Look at this poor fellow, reshma, he craves your kind indulgence, and only asks to hide his blushing red head for a moment in this sweet nest; won\’t you take him in your hand? No, No…..for shame! pavan. Put that horrid thing away. I won\’t look at it, or touch it. I won\’t let you put it in. And I covered my cunt with my hand. He pulled my hand away, and placing it on his prick, forced my fingers round it. It felt deliciously smooth and soft, but at the same time firm and stiff. Pavan, let me up. What do you mean? I mean that I am going to fuck you reshma; to put my prick into your cunt and fuck…fuck…fuck….you. I will never let you. It would harm me, and hurt me. No, my love, it will neither hurt you nor harm you. Let me put it in, do my sweet darling. He pushed the head of his prick in between the lips of my cunt, and moving it up and down the furrow, said, – there, that does not hurt you, I am sure’’. He then placed it at the inner opening, and with a sudden push forced it in. No….No…..oh….god…..bastard…..take it out.

Oh! It is hurting me. You said you would not hurt me. But he only pushed harder, then something gave away inside and I felt the whole prick rush up into my belly. It had a startlling effect at first, and almost took away my breath, but when he went on to work his tool in and out, and I felt it rubbing with a most delicious friction against the throbbing folds of my cunt, the feeling became one of overpowering delight. I twisted about and heaved to meet his thrusts. Darling….now don’t you like that? Yes, I like it now, that’s very nice….go on… He asked…what we are doing? Fucking…. Go on, say what it is you like. I like to fell your prick fucking my cunt. Oh….go…on….it’s just coming. Prick….cunt…fucking…belly-bottom- Then, drawing his prick suddenly out of my cunt, he poured a torrent of hot seed over my belly, and upto my breasts. After this pavan and I lost no opportunity of performing the sweet rites of venus, and he soon initiated me into all the various ways and modes of enjoyment. I found that I could fully trust him, as he was very discreet. Bhavana and I too became more and more confidential. I acknowledged to her that I had been fucked, but did not the name of pavan. One night I prevailed on her to give me full particulars of some love scenes between her elder sister pooja and her intended Mr. Rao. They used to take me out to walk with them. They generally went to a hut, where they had a favorite resting place, well sheltered among the lots of trees. But when there they always sent me away to gather flowers, fruits etc., I often saw him kiss her, and sometimes when no one was looking, push his hand up under her petticoats.

This aroused me curiosity, and I resolved to watch them. So the next time when I went off, I made a circuit, and entered the hut behind them. I crept through the trees until I could both hear and see them plainly. He was lying on his back his trousers all open, and a long fleshy thing with a purple head was standing up. She was stooping over it moving it up and down with her hand. Then she kissed it, and took it in her mouth and sucked it. He said – How nicely you suck my prick, pooja, kneel up now, I want to see your beautiful bottom and cunt at the same time. As she did so he threw up her clothes over her back, uncovering the two round cheeks of her bottom, and the thick lips of her cunt jutting out like a huge hairy mouth between. My darling, you have a spelendid backside, the sight of it would bring to life the prick of a dying man. Keep as you are. I’ll fuck you this time from behind, in what is called doggy fashion. He then got up, and knelt between her legs, and drawing apart the white cheeks of her bottom, pushed his prick into her cunt. “Then holding her hips, he worked his article rapidly in and out, telling her to push back her bottom to meet each thrust of his prick.

She panted and pushed, while he grunted out, do you feel it pooja? Do you feel my sulla? (prick – in telugu that is ‘sulla’ – I adding some telugu words to bring life to story and to guy’s – gal’s). Yes, dear rao, I do feel your sulla, ever so far up my puku (cunt) –that’s right – drive it in hard. Fuck-Fuck….(Dengu…Dengu). (How is in Telugu) Then they fell together on the grass, and I ran away. How did your cunt feel, Bhavana, when you saw his prick, and watched them in fucking action? Ohhhh…it used to get very hot, and then I would rub it and squeeze it as hard as I could. Did you often see them doing it, bhavana? Yes, many a time, and in every kind of way. Would you believe it, I saw him once fuck her in her ass, and she did not mind it a bit. Did they ever find you out, bhavana? They did, I’ll tell you how. One day I crept up very close to them, she was standing with her back against a tree, holding up her clothes. He was kneeling between her legs kissing her cunt. He looked up and she said – Well, to please you – there-watch. And a stream of amber fluid spurted out with a hissing noise from between the hairy lips of her cunt. She had scarcely done before he kissed it again, and sipped up the drops that hung about the hairs. Now, rao, its my turn to see you spouting. Well, if you hold my prick I’ll try. She held it while he pissed, rubbing it all the time, as if she was milking a cow’s teat, and when he had done, she kissed and sucked it. Your prick is in grand order today. Look how stiff it is. She bent it down, and let it go, when it sprang up erect as before. She said to rao – lie on your back and I’ll get over you, I know it is a way you like. So he lay down, his fine prick standing up in full erection. Now tuck up, and turn your bottom to my face.

She did so, and straddling over him with her great white bum jutting out, she stuffed his prick, neck and shoulders, into her gaping cunt. The she bounded up and down like a jockey riding. When she rose up I could see the prick standing up, all red and inflamed. Then heaving down, the prick rushed up into her cunt, and her bottom came flap against his belly. This scene excited me greatly. I envied pooja. She seemed to enjoy it so thoroughly. And not thinking what I was doing, I forced my middle finger right up my cunt, the sudden pain made me cry. Oh………They started, and quickly drawing aside, saw me, my clothes up, and my finger in my cunt. Oh…god….bhavana…is that you – cried rao. To be continued…….. How the 1st part…….. Critics welcome – comments to :

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