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Reshma Ki Chudai Train Mai

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

There are places where u find sex to be enjoyable but I found it where u can least expect. My name is Raju (nickname) and am from Kerela. I was born in Orissa. I had to go to Kerela to meet my grandparents. The journey from Orissa to Kerala usually lasts for 2 nights and three days.

I got into the train at 8:30 pm and took my place, which was the middle berth. I looked around here and there to settle off with my luggage and to see if there are any sweet chicks around. I saw each one of them but could not see the face of someone who was sleeping on the top berth covering the face with a bedsheet. All the lights were turned off except for the one right above my head. Suddenly a hand touched me, I turned around to see who it was. It was someone whom I could not see. The person sleeping on the top berth. She was a girl with an average figure and with big boobs. She said sorry for touching me. I said its okay and asked her name. Her name was Reshma and she was fair with marks of lipstick still on her lips, with a white T-shirt, which read I am Sucker. She saw me for a minute and went somewhere. She came back after 10 mins and then again jumped to the top berth this time switching of the light. I wanted to sleep but could not was thinking of her boobs and her bums. At around 11:30 pm one hand came from the top and fell on my shoulders to my surprise. I found that the hand was of reshma. I did not mind coz I thought she must have been sleeping when her hands dropped on to me. I did not even mind to take her hands off from me.

All of a sudden her hands started moving as if searcing for something and finally touched my lips. I opened my lips just a bit to slip in her finger and started sucking it very gently. I was out of control and pulled her hand slowly making her feel I want to get in now. She responded by getting down form the top berth and gently touched my manhood and showed me the direction. She then walked straight into the bathroom wating for me. After around 2 mins I walked into the bathroom to find her waiting for me. I stepped in and closed the door behind. I took her in my arms and then took her lips into mine. She was really a great sucker. She gently carressed my manhood from the top and then opened my zip. My 7 and a half inches popped up like a bullet from the gun. She bend down and took it in her mouth and sucked it as if she had not seen a penis so hard and long. She sucked my penis with her wet lips and rolled her tongue over it. Then she slowly came up and started to undress me. She took of my shirt and then my pants and lastly my underwear.

She rolled her hands all over my body. I took her T-shirt and undressed her to find her in a pink bra. I removed the night pants she was wearning and kissed her on her black silky panties. I took her in my left hand and then went down to suck her hot cum. She had a very clean- pussy. She was wet and hot. Her red pussy seemed to have never been touched by any man with huge cocks and this was my time to satisfy her. I kissed and sucked her and she moaned with pleasure aaah –aaahh- its feeling good– I am liking it— pls give me more….. she pulled me from the bottom and took my lips again. She went down to suck my cock and sucked it like no one had ever before. She said with a very sweet voice I want it now.

Get into me and give me what u have. I pushed her to the walls of the small room and took her left foot with my right hand. She knew it would go in at anytime. She took my sword to guide it into her. I gently kept my sword near her pussy and then slowly pushed it forward. She started to maon again. Its paining— its too big… u have a big cock….. I started of slowly and then applied some force. She was much louder this time give me more– I want it more….. faster— faster—. I gave her the pounding of her life. She was all red and hot. I said I want ur ass too. She readily agreed as if reading my mind. She bend slowly and made way for my manhood to enter. I ponded her for 20 mins straight. I was about to cum and said to her that I am cumming. She wanted me to cum in her mouth. As she wanted I emptied my cum in her mouth. She sucked my penis for another 5 mins to empty me of all the cum left out.

We hugged each other for around 5 mins coz it was very tiring. Both of us enjoyed and it continued it for the next night too. I got down at my destination and found her staring at me out of the window. I saw my grandfather waiting for me in the platform with some girl with red cheeks, luscious lips and 10 pound flesh on her chest. On enquiry I found out that she was my neighbour’s daughter and my nest target was rakhi. Will I do it? Read it in the next issue. Any ladies married unmarried wanting to have an experience of my cocks can contact me at And specially if u r staying in Mumbai.

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