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Relieve Priya’s Pain With Sex

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Warm Greetings to all readers. I want to share about my first taste of Sex. That too from a experienced one. That time I was 19 years old doing my final year graduation. At that age I know something about Sex by the way of reading some books and the chatting with the friends. But due to moral fear as well as real fear, not even tried for a real one. Moreover I was a shy guy. During the semester holidays, my parents suggested me to go to my cousin’s house in the nearby town and study some maths as he was a maths lecturer. Reluctantly I agreed to loose my holidays to score some good marks in the subject. He was at the time 38 and his wife priya was 33 and a kid 2 years old.

Priya was also working in a government office. When I reached their house after prior intimation of staying in their house for 2 weeks, they greeted me with cheers as I visited them after a long time. After the breakfast they asked me to take rest and both went to their office after leaving the kid in her mother’s house nearby. I was alone in their house. Till that time no bad (may be good) thoughts came into mind. After sometime I got bored and searched for some books for reading from their book shelf. While going through the books , I found a set of books in small sizes. I thought that will help me to pass half an hour and I could sleep afterwards. So I took one and without opening it I went into the guest bedroom and lay on the bed. On opening I found it was a porno book. All alone in the house with a porno book, I was very happy. It was a story book narrating how a boy was seduced by her aunt. I could not control myself and I jacked off . I read that book throughly and jacked off twice in the afternoon dreaming my cousin wife priya and kept the book in the shelf. In the evening both Priya and Rajan(my cousin) came with the kid. On seeing Priya, my thoughts going wild. I could not take my eyes from her lovely boobs and tempting curves. After 6o’clock, my cousin taught me something in maths and mind was always roaming around Priya. During the night also I jacked off dreaming her body lying in the next bedroom and after exhaution I slept. Around 6.30 in the morning while I was in dream, Priya came to room with coffee in nighty. As usual my dick was full erect making a mound of lungi. She went out as I was sleeping and that noise made be wakeup. On seeing my lungi, I felt shy and arranged my lungi so that the bulge wont be visisble. After washing and brushing I went to hall and Priya gave me coffe with a cheer in her face and her eyes searched something in my groin. I felt embrassed.

But I dont miss any chance to catch the view of the lovely mangoes which was revealed by her nighty. As ususal after breakfast, they went for office and I took the bath and another book from the shelf and went to their bed and lay naked and started playing with the dick while reading the book. Suddenly I heard a call at the door. I though it may be some vendors or postman. So I put the book under the pillow and opened the door. To my surprise, it was Priya. On entering into the house, she told me that she had severe headache, so she got leave and wanted to have some rest. She went into their bedroom . I was so happy at same time very much frightened as she may find the book under her pillow and would create some problem. After five minutes and I walked towards their bedroom and peeped through the crack of the door. She was lying in the bed and reading that book. I went back to my room with fear without making any noise. After sometime she called me. I went in and found she was there with closed eyes but the book was not there. She requested me to apply some balm on her head. With my heart beats racing and beauty on the bed, I slowly touched her head with balm in the fingers. She opened her eyes and asked me to sit beside her and apply with some force which would make her comfortable.I sat on the edge of the bed but I could not avoid my body touching her. Ashock wave went through me and my dick jumped and started growing. While rubbing the balm, she told me ” u r doing nice job. I will be happy if u r using both hand”. I tried to use both hands As a result I have to rest some my body on her. While massaging she moaned a little and I stopped massaging and asked “what is the problem” She said ” Now the head ache has gone. But my back is aching. Whether u will massage it” I said ” with pleaure” and she rolled and laid her face down which show her sexy butts.

My dick was at its full on seeing that. I started massaging the back not covered. While touching her body I could feel the heat. She moved her buttocks while I did the massage. Now I got some courage and told her her blouse was giving trouble for massaging. She turned her head with a wicked smile on it and opened her blouse but not reomved it. While massaging ,I insert the fingers under the strap of bra and she started sighing deeply. After a few stokes I jerked the bra hookes open and the full back was before me and my hand was playing there pressing and caressing and pinching and she got excited giving some strange sounds. I moved the hand little below and press the buttocks. I told her I could massage well if I sat over her. She said ” Then why r u waiting?. “. This was more than enough to know her willingness. I planted above her keeping my dick just above the two mounds. While massaging, I lowered by dick so as to touch the creek of the buttocks. As it touched, she moaned first, While touching second time she thrust her buttocks upward and my dick feel the heat of her ass. I was totally out of control and moved my hand by her side and touched the milky balls. What a soft one. I pressed it from side. All of a sudden,in a swift movement, She turned on her back and put her hand around my neck and pulled my head into her boobs. I enjoyed the two lovely boobs. I moved by face little so that one of the tits is near my mouth. I opened my mouth and bit it gently while one of her hand already started playing with my dick and saying “what a strong one. Why dont u plough my pussy with this and water it. My pussy is dry for months. Dont wait come on.” On hearing, I rolled over her saree upward and in such a hurry not even seeing her pussy, placed myself between her parted legs. I slowly inserted my dick into the pussy. It was so hot. It was so wet. She moved her buttocks upwards to receive my entry. She asked me to move up and down. Before that I started the same and at the same time playing with the tits. She moved her butts up and gave me much pleasure. Suddenly her body began to stiffen and she curled her legs around my buttocks and squeezed and moaned and told something that I could not understand. Now my dick is about eject. I pumped heavily and let the stream of fluid inot her pussy and I laid over her in the same position after the first fuck. After some time she moved under me and I opened my eyes and saw a satisfied look in her face. I moved down and rest myself beside her and onfling my tits and she was enjoying it. She told me that on seeing me, she wanted to drag me towards her.That is why she put the porno magazine along with other books, which was normally hidden in the almirah so as to make me horny. In that evening she confirmed my reading by seeing the position of the books.

Then only she made that move to quench her thirst as her husband was weak and could not perform after a brief illness. Now he was recovering but not enough to fuck her. That is why she lusted for me. Then my dick started growing as her hands were playing with it. She kissed me and asked me ” ur dick wants another bathe”. I told her ” Yes. But in the bathroom. Come on. I want to see ur treasures “. I removed all her clothes and made her naked and took her to the bathroom . I soaped throughly over her body and pinching her vagina to make her cry in joy. She soaped me throughly spending more timeon my dick.. She asked me to lie on the bath floor and keep ther cunt above my head I could see the pink and wet cunt. I massaged it and the mean time she took my dick and had it in her mouth.. Lovely experience. I inserted my fingers and then explored it with my tongue. White juice started flowing and I drank it and at same time I could not control my coming and gave it in her mouth. She cleaned and we went to the bedroom. She thanked me for giving her good fuck and i also thanked her for teaching me how to enjoy a woman. She told me she had to go to her office in the afternoon and asked me not to tell her hubby about her visit. She promised me to come to home in the coming days. As she promised we had 4 days one session fucking. I came to their home for studying maths but learned a lot about sex. Later on our meeting in a marriage she told me now her hubby was ok. But she could not forget my fuck and dick. Now I got married but could not forget the first experience. Any needy ladies want to have pleasure with me either through mail or through dick contact me at All things wiil be kept confidential since this is only for pleasure not for any agony in future.

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