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Relationship With Joy

  • desipapa
  • September 15, 2015

I will introduce myself my name Jatin , my Uncle Rajesh, Aunty Radhika These is true story. They were living separate. Well we had family relationship. Well was always thinking how my uncle got such beautiful aunty as time passed I had family relationship.

I had to go with my Uncle & aunty to a village for a marriage. Well I was excited never had seen village marriage .I told my Uncle lets travel in car as marriage was in inner part of Gujarat. Soon it was decide only I & Aunty will go. We were all alone throughout the travel. It seems as if I was driver, no conversation, only formal talk. We reached at the night. It was boring & tired. Next Morning early in the morning at 7 o’clock there was knock at my door. I was furious & open the door a girl came in with tea. As I was furious she was annoyed , she took the tea back.

My aunty was sleeping with some females. I was all alone all my excitement was drown. In the morning I ask my aunty what is theprogramme. Well a relgoius ceremony. Everybody was looking at me I was in Bermudas with video & still camera.Again next morning there was knock same girl, Isc olded her she was crying. She said I am getting married & you are scolding me. I was shocked to see a young girl may 16 years. I asked her what is your name she said Lakshmi. Soon marriage ceremony started. Busy taking photos & video shooting. In the midnight Lashmi came to my room asked when I will get my photographs. I showed her video she was very happy. I told go &enjoy your night. Lakshmi told me my husband is sleeping. MMM you did it & came she could not understand my language. I asked her what did you do till now she said just slept. I was laughing.

My mind became naughty I started oberserving her body she was marvelous & sexy expect her dress I could she her breast. my mind turns towards fun & sex.I asked did he kissed you than I have to explain in Hindi .She was ashamed & said no. I oberserved she liked the conversation. I could not resist put my lips on her lips. Lakshmi was frightened but excitied mustbe for first time someone has touched her. Again Kissed her she gave me response & our kissed turn into the passionate & warm. Slowly I moved my lips towardsher breast. She was hot her hands were holding me tight she said please go ahead she likes it she asnever done before.

Her hands touched my Dick it waslike pole. I told her put it in a mouth she obeyedlike a small girl. She started sucking now I was dying to touch her body . I made her sleep told her to benaked, she said no finally she was naked for fewsecond I was just oberservering her than like a madman I was on top of her body kissing her. Than Islowly inserted my finger in her valley she was enjoying & said do it more & more. After few minutes of fun all my sperm was out flowing out like awaterfall She said what happened I explained that’snatural.

She wanted to do all over again.She just tookmy dick in her mouth sucking she took my hand to herbreast ,I knew what she wanted. Well again I was ontop of her my dick was ready for action, straight Itold her to spread legs it was difficult, I put apillow below her & slowly tried to insterted the dickin her valley oh my god it went right inside her deepvalley she moaned, she hold me very tightly. I waspumping in & out oops I wanted to take out she saidfill my valley. We both were exhausted. I told Lakshmigo back to your room. In the morning I met my aunty Istarted to observe her body she was looking damm sexy& but bored. She came to me we have to stay foranother2 days more.I could say yes/no, she was veryclose to me I could smell perfurme.

Boldy I made aremark you look. beautiful. She started laughing. She said take to me atemple. I said yes. I was very much annoyed whenLakshmi joined us to show the road. We reached templenice carving. My Aunty Radhika rested in Temple, I&Lakshmi when little ahead she asked me to take photo.Lakshmi told me the episode of her husband had justhold her hand in the night nothing else, don’t knowwhat to say. She told me don’t worry let us play shewill not inform anyone. What a relief, I told aunty iswaiting she we are little far & teach me somethingelse I told it is risky game you might get pregnant, Itold always use condom but I am not carrying. Sherefused & started kissing me I also wanted to do samebut little afraid.While kissing we became naked I wascrusing her breast sucking her nipple like a sexy man.My mouth lowered little reaching her cunt kissing herborder inserted my fingers. She said let us fuckslowly I inserted my rod in her cunt she told me justgo to sleep until it gets out while sleeping on her Iwas kissing her playing with her breast.I was enjoying like he man, come on I started pumpingshe asked me why I told aunty is waiting.

All my spermwas in her cunt & I told her never tell anyone or toyour husband also this episode. She said please keepthe door open in the night. She will coming & shewants to enjoy whole night before going to her husbandplace. As we were wearing our clothes she startedsucking my cock, I just pushed her & said we will doit in the night & better way. We returned my aunty wasfurious she what took very long . I was unanswerable.Now we were returning but mind was now seeing my auntin different way, looking at her curves her breastlineher body her hips etc. Now I want my aunt eeks veryrisky I could be out of family also. Courage nocourage well I started trying to seduce my aunt.I started talking something sexy but in a joke way noresponse. I lost hope of having sex with my aunt . Oneday my Aunty came to our house but nobody was there,she said atleast let me in. I said I am sorry. Sheasked me to show the cassette of marriage. I said okaywhile giving her cassette my hand touched her & mymind started kicking naughty tricks. I saw my aunt wasin jeans & top. My dick arouse now I wanted her by allmeans. I just when near her she asked what happened Iwas nervous just sat near her. I tried to sit as closeas possible tiring to touch her breast, with all thecourage I asked her if she can join me tonight atdisco or movie. She said okay. What a relief I justkept my hands around her & crushed her towards me inhappiness. She said leave me I said okay , I justasked her which dance you know she said she willprefer for movie. With all the courage I took my handto her breast & kissed her. She was angry tried topull out.

Again I kissed her deeply on her lips afterfew second she started give me response. Again wekissed more passionately & deeply. My tongue wasdeeply in her mouth waving up & down. I sucking herboth lips. Now we both were in our world. I could notwait any longer I just took out her top & startedplaying with her breast & pressing her nipples &aerousle ( dark colour). Lowered my mouth towards herbreast & kissed her breast & started sucking it like asmall baby with my hand unzipping her jeans which sherefused first but I was successful what a achievementShe was now only in her panty I inserted my finger inher panty than towards her valley slowly but it wasexciting. I became completely naked. I took her handto my dick now she inserted my dick in her mouth,sucking like a mad women we were playing oral sex thebest moment position was I was kissing her my 1 hand was in her valley & another hand in her ass in & out.I did know how we achieved this position she saidplease stay for few more minutes as she was enjoyingit.

In the hall I made her sleep I took her on my topkissing her & than trying to insert my dick in hervalley at last the great success. After sometime allsome sperm was on me & I feel some sperm must havegone in her has it was deeply penetered. We wereexhausted suddenly she took my dick in her mouth madeagain like a pole. I went on top of her kissing herbreast & started penetering the dick in her valleywith ease as it was wet. I was pumping in & out .Again the moment of discharge but this time all mysperm was not waste all fulfilled her valley. She saiddo you know what will happen if I get pregnant. Than Igot behind her my dick pressing her ass my handenjoying her breast. We slept for few moments than shestarted wearing clothes. I said let us do it again.She said no I am your aunty jokingly & she left.Any girls,women working women or older women who wouldlike to enjoy the life & would like to share happiness& mails are most welcome. Please contact meemail: I am in Hyderabad .

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