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  • September 11, 2015

Well friends let me share an  intresting love story .Please be patient. in reading this story as it is actually not just a sex story. It is more of persons & their behaviors & relations .This story actually happened with one of my friends while we were working in Delhi & I am narrating his story .We were a bunch of friends working in Hotel Centur , Delhi . All of us are either bachelors or forced bachelors .We used to work in shifts & were staying together. Company had provided us a hostel, well actually it was not a hostel, it was Maharaja’s palace & the name was MINT HOUSE. The rooms where we used to stay were actually meant for Maharaja’s guests. These rooms were big in size; you can imagine the room size by comparing your own bedroom. Multiply your room size X 5 times & that makes the size of the room & similarly the bathroom size were also must have 6 times bigger than the normal bathroom. The rooms were averagely decorated but the royal looks of the rooms were the center of attraction for every one. There were 5 rooms of such kind & each room used to have 6 persons each.

You must be wondering why I am explaining about the room sizes, my idea of explaining is just to involve you into the background & get your involved into the entire scene behind the story.

I think you must have involved in the story till now. Well, now let me tell me about myself. My name is Raj .Today I am 35 , I am tall 6’2’’ having fair completion having a open nature & always welcomes to try new things .I am mostly accepted by everyone & people feel comfortable in my company & share things .That time I was 23  .One of my room mates was Nandesh .He must have been 21 at that time. Nandesh was quiet good looking, young, average built but was having a pretty face . As like every youngster he was also enjoying every moment of life. In the next room we had another friend Manoj . Manoj was a slim personality with darkish looks and must be around 5’5’’.He was our senior & was aged around 32 . This story revolves round manoj , Nandesh & Manoj girl friend Rekha . Rekha was around 30 , her size was little bulky & must be 37,32,38 , height must be 5’5’’ but what makes her different was her very pretty face & boy cut hair style which was perfectly suited  her. She used to wear tight outfits mostly tight suits, jeans & tops that makes her different from others in spite of her bulky looks. She used to visit our Mint house quiet regularly & because of her frankness we used to surround her & used to chat regularly & sometimes a little of adults talks but well under the limit. Nandesh was also attracted to her but he used to enjoy the things which all of us were not . Because of his age & childish looks he was liked by everyone & I think Rekha must  have attracted with the same. Whenever she comes to meet manoj Nandesh used to have more talks & sometimes used to rest his head on her lap which she had never reused & even manoj did not objected with the simple reason that he was more of a childish looks & talks. This continued till both manoj &rekha shifted to a rented house & started living together . It was a living together arrangement & obviously as you can understand that sex was also involved in their understandings.

Now let me tell you some thing about Manoj & Rekha.Rekha was also working in some hotel as House keeping in charge & was independent. She also used to drink occasionally & few a times had lost control of her. She used to stay with her friend & later on she shifted with manoj. As I explained manoj was lean & thin & he was a drunkard also. He used to drink whole night & whole day & still he can stand & talk .Slowly  drinks started drinking manoj & slowly he became addicted of drinks .Sometimes  We used to see him drunk all day & on few occasions he used to come on duty with 3-4 pegs. I think that must be the time when her affection must have shifted ,may be it was the sex need which made rehha turned to Nandesh.

It was Sunday that day , Nandesh & me both visited Manoj house in the evening . When we entered his house we saw Manoj & rekha drinking & manoj must have 3-4 pegs inside & rekha with 1-2 pegs. He gave us a warm welcome & we started chatting normal discussions Nandesh also started drinking with them. It was about 9 when Rekha asked us to have dinner with them & we agreed. I asked Rekha that I will help her in cooking which she agreed.Nandesh & Manoj were drinking outside & Rekha brought her peg inside kitchen . Both of us started making dinner & started chatting . Drinks have started dancing on her head & she became emotional & started telling about Manoj. She told me that how their life is on the rocks as manoj is spending most of his money on drinks & he has also started taking some other things.He is spending all his money on drinks & Rekha was managing home with her limited salary.In her discussions I can feel that she not only unsatisfied with her partners style & living & is also unsatisfied with the sex life . I can easily make out that she was under depression & needs a company who can understand her , share her feelings & may be satisfy her sex desires .The sex desires are not only physical but she wanted to love her from the depth & one who can satisfy her from inside. She was like a fish in the water & still wondering for water. So , Both of them were fully drunk & rekha was also half drunk  . We had dinner together which was mostly made by me .We enjoyed our dinner & we again sat together & started chatting again.

After dinner rekha went close to manoj on the same bed where he was resting, drinks started showing his nature & all three were almost in the same stage .Manoj pulled rekha close to her & gave her akiss on her cheeks. She smiled but manoj wanted some more & he pulled her on top.They started giving each other hugs & kisses .That was the time I thought of moving back to my hostel. I looked towards Nandesh & was amazed to see him sleeping .I started waking him but he moaned & kept on sleeping.Rekha came in between & said let him sleep as he is not in his consciousness & may be a trouble for me. I sighed & left the house .

From here onwards the story is based on what nandesh told me & little bit of my imaginations , once he was totally drunk.

After I left their house manoj again started making love to her unaware that nandesh is still sleeping in the other room . He pulled on her salwar & started sucking her heavy boobs .Manoj face was fully hidden inside her heavy breasts .Rekha breath started becoming out of control & started breathing heaviry.Rekha was moaning & put her big round reddish colour nipples in his mouth . Manoj keepon sucking her boobs one after another .Her nipples were almost hard like rocks & manoj was pressing with his full strength. She wished manoj to have full control on her & all his cylinders start firing all at once but was unaware that these cylinders are going to siege in next few seconds and finally the engine has stopped working .Manoj was lying exhausted & his pants were drenched with juices & too her surprise he was in deep sleep .

Rekha’s face was burning with agony & was trembling with anger & tears started blushing her face , her mind was almost blank & was looking at the flowerwase aimlessly. Thousands * hundreds of old memories started coming in front of her like a cinema slide & then she made a discussion & slowly walked towards nandesh’s room where she was under the impression that he was sleeping but she was wrong , while they were involved in making love he got up & thought of going back to the hostel but when he came out of the room he saw both of them were involved in loving each other. He started watching them & now his manhood was stroking his pants & when he was thinking of releasing it he saw rekha was in tears . He was not able to understand what has happened but can imagine the outcome. He was in twin mind what to do & then he walked towards her .Rekha looked and ran towards him & started weeping .Nandesh took her to his room & made her sit on the bed & started wiping his tears .He gave her a kiss on her forehead gave her a tight embrace .Rehka did not control herself & she pulled her face towards her & started kissing all around his face & then she moved her mouth towards nandesh &started giving him French kissing. Their mouths were locked & the tongues started exploring each others deaths . He sucked her tongue & Then she took her tongue in her mouth and she chewed it like a chewing gum. He now moved my hand to her tits. She opened her nighty buttons and  helped him to take off her salwar suit and there were really big but beautiful round pink tits with nice brownish nipples on a red brown areola. He took one of them in my mouth hungrily while played with other. She was enjoying it and was playing with his dick. Now he moved his hand to her soft firm belly and then in her salwar.He  slide it down from her legs.He felt the smooth and wet pussy of Rekha. He rubbed it gentle & rubbed her clitoris. She was moaning and he inserted his middle finger in her cunt and started in and out. After a while. She opened string of his pants and slide down it from me. She took his cock in her soft hand and gave it a gentle massaging. He put his face between her legs and started licking her pussy. She was breathing heavy and moving her hips towards his face. After a while she asked him that she want to kiss his cock. She raised and put her mouth on his prick she kissed, licked it and then she took in her mouth to suck it. Now  both couldn’t wait more. She asked him, please satisfy her as she was hungry from the last one year .

He told her be ready that he going to enter her. She opened her leg wide little up and exposed her cunt. He took his cock on her pussy hole and rub it against her clit. Which was erected by now. . Her cunt lips were thick and pink. It was a beauty to watch. Rubbing her clit with his cock made love juices started to flow from her cunt in abundance wetting her thighs. As he leaned toward her she guided his cock into her. The head of his dick touched that hot wet pussy and he wanted to drive every inch into her on the first thrust. And he did. He pushed his cock a few inches into her wetting cunt. It was so warm and soft. And then he did not control his cock and inserted it with full stroke in her. She screamed loudly. And said Please little gently. And she deeply moaned. he saw in her eyes full of joy. She was squirming on the bed and her hands were massaging his neck. He took her hand and placed it under his balls. She played with his balls with one hand and was massaging his tits with the other.  His cock had already traveling in and out in her pussy. She was cooperating fully. And with every stroke of his she was raising her hip to meet my thrusts. She was whispering in his ear to fuck her,. I swore that no one has touched her body like you did  in my life. I don’t want illegitimate relation with you. I admit you as my husband. I am and I will be your wife. As she became accustomed to his size she pushed up with even more force and he pushed into her even harder forcing her cunt, his balls slapping her ass.They did it more than twenty minutes. He felt her cunt muscles contract around his cock and he continued stroking very slowly while she came in dither. And finished her final orgasmic shudder, He was also to coming,  he pulled his whole cock out from her cunt and then slammed into her with brutal force one last time, and filled her cunt with his cum.. They  lay on each other for another 10 minutes. She asked him to lets go her to washroom. She raised and cleaned him by her towel and they went to bathroom where she washed herself and him. They came back from the wash room and he sat on the sofa took her hand dragged her into her lap. She wrapped her arms around him and looks it in his eyes with love. She said this is her dream of life to lay in your lap. They kissed each other for a long & went for a sleep.

Nandesh  left the house early in the morning ,Rekha  looked at her husband still sleeping on the bed. She smiled and came out of the bed and wore the saree and came down into the kitchen. She made tea and started to think about what she had started to do.But she was not feeling any guilt as she waited for one long year that some day his partner will be hers but things were going bad to worst & she finally came to the conclusion that this relations will soon going to be end but last night stand will be a remembrance forever . She wake up with a smile & a confidence came to her face & decided to face challenges with a new beginning.

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