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Reenu Fucked Me

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hello, Desipapa Fans. Well I am one of the biggest fans of Desipapa erotic stories section. The stories I read in here have no match which inspired me to write down my story. Well about myself¡XI am Amit Rana from Chandigarh and am doing my B Comm 3rd year from SD College. I used to take coaching at one of the institutes in Chandigarh, when I met this lovely girl Reenu from MCM DAV College, 36.

She lives in Panchkula. About her¡X She is about 5 feet in height and has a boobs size of 36-d, very inviting figure and messemerising eyes. I started liking this girl and one final day I proposed her. She too agreed to be my girlfriend. So we both started a new relationship. She often used to visit my place. One fine day it so happened that my parents were out of the city for attending a marriage. They asked me to stay at home as incidences of thefts and burglary are very common in here. As they left, the phone rang. It was Reenu¡¦s phone. She wanted me to accompany her to her friend¡¦s birthday party. I asked her to come over to my place so that we could leave for the party together. After telling her so I went in for a shower. After about half n hour, the door bell rang.

I was in my underwear. I knew it was Reenu. I opened the door in the same condition I was in and invited her in. She came in and I asked her to sit in my computer room as I had to leave to the other room for changing my clothes. While I was putting on my clothes, I heard Reenu asking me for the password. Maybe she had switched on the computer and was stuck up at the password window. So I shouted out the password to her. As soon as I changed up, I headed up straight for my room n opened the door slowly just to scare her away. But when I entered I saw that she was watching one of my very erotic porn movies. I was amazed to see her hand moving over her clit from over her clothes. I thought of not disturbing her, and went and sat down quietly behind her enjoying everything.

Now Reenu left her clit aside and moved her hands onto her very firm breasts and started massaging them. I was getting hard and could no longer control myself. I just got her and jumped at her grabbing her boobs from behind. She showed no reaction and turned towards me and planted a kiss on my lips. It would have been a very long kiss if I would have not broken it up with my hands squeezing her tits. She moaned in excitement .Her lips were licking me all over my face and I was busy playing with her so firm tits. All of a sudden she placed one of her hands on my dick and with the other she unzipped my trousers. There I was in my same old underwear. I told her that it was her turn no to be stripped and I did the favors for her.

Her breasts sprang up like a hooded cobra. I started moving my tongue all over her tits, sucking her nipples more specifically. She started moaning in excitement. She brought her wrist around my dick and started masturbating it. I was feeling on the seventh heaven. After about 10 or 12 minutes I cummed in her hand and she licked it clean, she really liked it. Now I pushed her on the bed edge and spread her legs wide and then started to lick her clit. It was an out of this world experience. She was moaning oooohhhhhh, aaahhhhhhhh, sssssssuck me hard, yesss, mmmmmmmmmahhhhhhh. I got more excited at because of her shouts and moans. I started licking her real hard. After sometime she cummed in my face and I got a taste of her sweet love juice, It was mind boggling man. Now it was the time for the real deed, I stood up, took my dick in my hands and moved it on her pussy lips. She let out a scream, seeing the big size.

I asked her to keep her calm, and pushed my dick inside. Oh God she was a virgin and that too, a very tight one. She cried out in pain. I had to put my lips over her in order to keep her silent or someone else would have heard us. I pushed in my dick some more and she started shouting¡X¡§Meri chut phat jayegi, please thora dhire dhire ander dalo¡¨. Hearing her talk dirty the man in me woke up and I thrusted my dick with a bang into her clit and started pumping mercilessly. She started moaning mmmmmmmmm yesssssss aaaahhhhhh ooohhhhhh, cum in more u big boy, ahhh fuk me hard, fuk me like a bitch, I want more of you in me. She started matching my strokes. After about 20 minutes of fukin we both came in at the same time and lay there for about 20 minutes after which I again got a hard-on and fuked her ass.

But that is another story which I¡¦ll tell you all later. Comments about my story are accepted at my mail address–„³ Any desiring girls, whores, unsatisfied ladies, in and around Chandigarh and Panchkula who desire to have sex with me can mail me at my address. Let me tell you CHD & PKL gals out there, I am that damn good.

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