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Real Life Dare To Fuck Mom

  • desipapa
  • December 3, 2015

Myself Sarthak…I am 19 years old and have d best experience in mom-son incest. If any boy, aunty, or girl wants to discuss anything about incest relationship. Kindly mail me on
Hello friends I am from lucknow and doing graduation from lucknow only. I was not always fantasized about my mom but some cases happened with me which made me fantasize about her….and i got a courage to fuck her after those cases…I started looking at her sexually…Her breast her ass her erect nipples….Her luscious lips and her whole sexy body.

A year ago i did not know anything about incest. Den once I visited ISS page and read incest stories of some authors….which made me fantasize about my own mom.

Now let me tell uh d description of her heavenly body. She is fair in colour and her age is 40. Her boobs are very huge in size and she has a round big ass. We have a family of four members…mom, dad, a younger brother and me. My father is a business man and usually gives his time to family. My mother used to go office and my brother is 12 yrs old.

Now lets come to the story….as most of us I also used to fantasize my mom in my imagination and used to masturbate twice a day thinking of her. My room is separated and my mom used to hang her bra and panty on a rope near my room. My mom sleeps with my bro and dad. Once I saw her panty hanging on d rope…I took her and smell d area on that which touches her hot pussy….believe me friends it was fantastic. I got addicted to d smell….Den I took her bra also and smelled it….it was marvelous…”a sweet smell” .

I got addicted to smell it daily….But a white spot on her panty gave me the indication of her “wet pussy” and her “hornyness”. While In hurry to reach her office every morning she used to change her clothes in front of me in d same room. I have seen her changing her black bra in front of me many times but never noticed those big melons. But after getting that indication I waited for d moment when she changes her bra I intentionally stared at her boobs….big white milky boobs.

First time I noticed her boobs so greedily. They were so huge in size and the smoothness of her boobs was visible clearly….also the big aerosols and dark brown nipples made me mad about her. After that she lifted her nighty and began to wear panty…Her white thighs and bulky ass….fucking her ass would be a dream for every man.

After all this I started thinking about a plan to fuck her and to make her mine….! She had a habit that she couldnt see me sleeping with jeans and shoes on. Once I got late from the party and was very tired…so I was lying on the bed…because I did not have energy to change my clothes. My eyes were closed….My mom came inside the room and at first she unbuttoned my shirt…as she thought I was asleep but I was just acting only.

After unbuttoning my shirt she started unlocking my belt….and as soon as she unzipped my jeans her hands touched my penis over the underwear and I started getting erection. After removing my jeans she removed my shoes. I was still feeling hard inside..and my penis was still erect.

Then she got a blanket to cover me and while covering me from d side of my legs….Her hand again rubbed my erect penis….But this time the rubbing was done intentionally. I smiled naughtily after she left the room….and I was very sure that she is a horny mom who would love to get fucked….that “white spot” on her panty….was also d indication of her hornyness..and she was also not getting cock of my dad since years as my brother sleeps between mom and dad.

Next morning I woke up and got inside d bathroom to take bath. There I found her panty…not a washed one but a used one. I touched d area where d spot lies. It was wet….yes my friends it was really very very wet…I tasted it…I kept that side in my mouth and licked all d wetness. After that I masturbated on her panty and took a bath.

When I came outside d bathroom I was in towel and my mom was wearing a saree then she asked me to get a basket which was kept above the almirah. She asked me to stand on a chair to get that basket…I did the same…and she was holding me with her hands so that i don’t fall from it. I saw down…a great sight. Her white cleavage was visible from there….I was staring at that…meanwhile I felt her warm breath on my penis…as she was holding my legs..Her mouth was near my penis….Her warm breath on my penis made it erect once again….and she noticed it and gave a naughty smile.

After few seconds she dropped her pallu to give me a better view of her huge milky boobs….this was the moment when I decided to fuck her and to make her my slut. Her milky boobs were clearly visible and I made a plan to fuck her very badly that night….I wanted to suck those big melons and the dark brown nipples which she had.

Afterwards I gave her the basket and she called me inside her bedroom to massage her back… with the signs that showed me her naughtiness and her horniness…I will tell uh how I massaged her some more body parts and fucked her wildly…..I will describe her pussy in detail as well as the moans she gave while getting fucked by me…and I can bet everyone her ass is the bulkiest ass ever….I will also tell about d smell I felt while licking her ass hole.

This was all from this story…in the next part I will tell everyone how this back massage reached to her pussy massage….please wait for the next part to come. Please Give your feedback at Anyone want to talk about his/her incest relationship…or any aunty or girl wants to contact me, just mail me on

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