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Razia And Me By Pure Fire

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

The rush hour was just petering out. The traffic was slowing down. As I waited for the usual bus, I was lost in the thoughts of office. When I had come there were a lot of people with me, now most of them had gone home. There was nothing much to watch, except be lost in thoughts. It was then a Maruti Zen pulled up just where I was standing taking me completely by surprise. Through the window a lady peered though and called me “Nasir, Nasir”. I was very much surprised and moved forward to have a closer look. She was a young lady dressed in Tees and skirts. She had her hair held back in a pony and had a charming smile.

“Hello ” I said. “Hop in. I am going near your place” she called me out. This was very surprising because I did not think I had ever met her, though she looked oddly familiar. I just held back, just wished the bus would come anytime. I was getting very embarrassed, with all the people at the bus stop looking curiously at me. After all these are the same people I see almost everyday. “Come on, don’t be shy”. Come to think of it! a stranger tells me not to be shy. But I ‘did’ want to go with her because she was beautiful. I opened the door and got next to driver’s seat. I looked through the corner of my eye; people were still staring at me. At last they had something happening, something to think about through their uneventful wait. “Thanks” I said. Looking at her more closely, just to find out if I had met her somewhere. I have a bad habit of forgetting people I meet at parties, because usually there are so many of them. At a traffic junction I finally decided to ask her “Have we met before?” “Don’t you remember me?” she replied with a giggle. “I am sorry but I do not remember.” She just laughed, signal turned green and the drive started again. I decided to have closer look just to see if I could remember her. But I could not take eyes off her breasts. They were just too big for her tight tees. I could see her nipples making a small mound at the peak. She must have been a lady of 30 yrs, though she did not look that age.

I am 25. And her floral skirt said she was a fun loving lady. I could see the skirt make a depression at her thighs. But, it was her breasts, I just have to admit, they were melons. I was wondering how sweet they would be to suck. “I see you everyday,” she said as the traffic chaos cleared. “Where?” “In the bus.” “In the bus?” I was surprised. Such a beautiful lady travelling in our regular bus and I have not seen her. She continued “I see you everyday, have you not seen me?” I was thoroughly confused and it was becoming an irritation to talk to a stranger. I decided to get out at last. “Please drop me here, I have some things to pick up.” I said. She came quickly, “Nasir please do not be upset let me tell you. You have never seen me in tees. I always wear a saree. I live very close to you. I get down in one stop before yours,” She said looking into my eyes. Now this explained the familiarity I felt earlier. There were only five or six persons who got down at that stop; three were men and one old lady. The other was a married woman, beautiful -with a beautiful ass. Whenever she was standing in front I would secretly admire her shapely ass and her low cut blouse, that perhaps seduced all the men who looked at her. Being not interested in married women I did not watch her much. I was not interested. Today she looked different. Her untidy ruffled hair was beautiful pony today. And her boobs! Well today was the different day. I decided to stay on. “So you bought a new car?” I filled in. “Nasir I want to talk to you” she said, with out caring to answer me. Anyway it wasn’t meant to be answered. “My name is Razia.” She was quite for a long time. I was waiting for her to continue.

She was visibly nervous, and her lips started to quiver. I now knew fully well what was happening. I have been through it, seen it, heard it. A married woman is about to propose me, since it can’t love or marriage- it had to be sex. I was hot. My tool was big now and ready to burst out of zips. I don’t give a damn, who she is. I just want to suck those melons. I decided to play it out and not give in easily. “Are you interested in me?” she managed to blurt out. “What!” I said with feigned shock. “No Razia, I don’t even know you”. I could see a panic streak across her face. Reasons seemed pretty obvious. She wanted me badly, she had taken the first step and now there was no going back. After much effort and stammer she said the words that took my breath out “Do you want to fuck me?” As I was looking, a strange calm came over her face and her smile was back to its bewitching self. I was hot, too hot. And she was hot. Any delay, and my penis would have burst out of its skin. I just smiled not knowing what to say. She smiled me back. For a moment I sat wondering how the hour was going to come. and where. We both live quite far from the center of the city. The traffic was almost nil on a particular road. She knew it well and stopped the car there. The time had come. We leapt at each other like hungry tigers. I started probing her face kissing her all over. She was kissing me, breathing deeply and running her hands all over me. I knew she was desperate for it. It was time for me make a demand. “Remove your tee shirt Razia”. I had expected some sort of hesitation on her part, but was surprised when it came off in jiffy. Damn, what a slut I thought. I stared at those melons for a moment. Man! They were mine today. Now I was sucking, a true whore. She held my head tight against her breasts.

I was almost getting suffocated. They were big smooth and round and her nipples had become hard. I ran her hand tough the skirt into her cunt. It was wet and clean-shaven. I felt the soft ridge; I played her cunt lightly with my finger and after sometime poked my finger right into it. After sucking and sucking and sucking with no juice left to suck, I leaned back t look at her. She seemed satisfied, laid back and breathing deeply. I was not going to stop here. I was rock hard inside and just wanted to get inside her. I leaned over her and whispered in her ears. ” I want to fuck you here” All the while playing with her cunt. “Fuck me, Fuck me.” She shouted. “Fuck me hard. Fuck me like a whore. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me I am a whore.” I was a bit surprised at this. It is not everyday that you see a respectable female turning into a sex maniac. The damn, wretched Zen did not have enough space for us. “Lets go back” I said. “No let’s go out,” She said. Now she was completely out of her mind; this was a place where the traffic was less, but there was nevertheless. “Fuck me Nasir” She said softly. “Fuck me and give heaven to me today”. “Lets go back” I said again. “No, lets go out” she said – opened the door and went out. Topless! But I was still in my senses. And we were quite close to the place we live. What if some one sees us? Looking at her I was also able to overcome my fear. The fact is I could not stay away from her. I had to fuck her. And fuck her now. I needed it just as badly as she wanted it. I opened the door and went out she was standing near my door. Happy, contended and with that bewitching smile. “So Nasir, Do you want to fuck me?” She asked me. “Yes” I said, holding her slender waist and kissing her hard. She pulled away and asked “Do you want to fuck me” “Yes I want to fuck you” I said.

She was playing with me, that damn bitch. I caressed her smooth ass through the satin skirt. She would not give up “How much do you want to fuck me” She asked again. “I want to fuck you badly”, she said. “Ok my loverboy, let me see your tool,” she said. And undid my buckles. In a moment, I was standing there, in the dark corner of the road, with my pants down to my ankles. And my stick as hard it could be. “Aha” she said as soon as she saw it. And going down on her knees, lost under my shirt, She gave me the blowjob I will remember for life. We were out in the open. Now it didn’t matter we could not stop for anybody. But there were no vehicles; we were at a crossroad that had very less vehicles. I came two times into her mouth. My knees were going weak, and She would not stop. I had to lean on the car for support. She would not stop. I came a third time into her. She drank every bit of it. Stuffed, she sat back. I let go and collapsed near her. Now we were totally covered by the car and nobody could see us. Now it was my turn to go down. I gently took her leg and moved my hand along the satin smooth legs. Very soon I found her panties. I pulled it out, she just watched me and let me do my job. I went down into her skirt. It was dark inside but I knew where I had to go. At that moment, I could feel she was parting her leg much more. Moments later I could hear her panting and gasping. She had tons of juices in her. She was smooth as a jelly. Juices were all over my face. I played with her lips, played rout with my tongue. I could not see her, but she was coming for second time. I was not yet finished when she suddenly jerked. Seconds later I could hear two chaps riding past us. I froze, when I realised where we were. Suddenly we were back to senses, but we were not yet finished. I pulled up her skirt. And kissed her. She had taste of my juices and perhaps tasted like hers. I told her I wanted to get into her. I did not wait for any reply, and I just got ready to place my tools at it right place. “Take me, Darling ” She whispered.

She knew this was the culmination of such tumultuous night. A night when a faithful wife decided she had liberty to taste other men. A night when a man, after a routine days’ work finds himself in a never before and never after situation. This was the moment I waited for and she was ready. I positioned myself on top of her and went into her very easily. It was The moment. She let her head back and let out a sigh. I stopped to see her reaction and to see if she was hurt. Still inside her I bent down to kiss her. I resumed my position and began my rhythm. She began to moan hard and loud. I was afraid some one would hear us. Perhaps she was afraid too. But we could not care less. I came into her once and again. I was exhausted. She asked me to fuck her more, faster, harder and like a whore. I just had not got it enough to do it. “Come on you fucker, fuck me, fuck me till I die” she said into my ears. The passionate kisses roused me again. My tool was ready again and this time, I was not to be stopped. Finally, exhausted we lay next to each other, thanking each other. We became friends. And so went the night. A fabulous one. Razia and I still meet albeit occasionally. She is a faithful wife and a good mother of two. She does not think have sex with other men than her husband makes her ill loyal. She just loves to talk about sex with me. We are now steady partners, but it does not interfere with her marriage or with my life. Our relationship is born more out of need for sex and respect for each other. We have sex regularly, each one an adventure in itself; but the first day was the day by itself. [I write this story of ours, on Razia’s suggestion]. Feel free to contact me at

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