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  • October 1, 2015

I have many female cousins but none more so beautiful than yasmeen she’s a true Pakistani beauty. She has milky cream skin, light hazel colored catty eyes, small button nose, red full-bodied lips, knee-length brownie auburn colored hair, a gorgeous hour glass figure about 36-23-38, 5ft 9 (tall for a Pakistani girl), only 18. She wanted to be a model but her parents were very strict. They didn’t let her leave her house for anything not even school. She studied at home with a female private tutor. When she did go out both her mother and father escorted her. Her parents insisted she be covered from head to foot when they did go out. She was a very lonely distraught girl, basically a prisoner in her own home. There was always someone with her even indoors. It wasn’t suprising then to find out that she was still a virgin.

This is where I come in I have wanted her ever since I was 24 we were both 18 then. I had been planning for the night I would make her feel like a woman for weeks. I wanted to remove her shackles and obviously free her sexual lust spent up in years of frustration. Since I was her cousin I had relatively easy access to her house. This didn’t mean I had easy access to yasmeen though.

Her elder brother (my cousin) and his wife both were almost worse than yasmeen’s parents were when it came to restricting her. But I had made contingencies for them. You see every Thursday, yasmeen’s parents would visit relatives around RAWALPINDI. They were generally away all day. Meaning the house wasn’t that full and only her brother and his wife alongwith yasmeen were present. yasmeen was always happy to see me. Her warm smile would always melt my heart. Even the number of people who visited yasmeen’s house was restricted to very close family and even then not all of them were welcome.

As you can understand yasmeen’s brother couldn’t stand the sight of me, but that didn’t stop me from coming to see her loveliness. I had it bad for this girl. She was all I could ever dream about. I masturbated allot thinking about her.

Anyway that particular Thursday, I arrived earlier than usual around 8.00amyasmeen brother and his wife were still pretty drowsy and yasmeen herself had not got up yet.

What do you want? Said Najeeb (yasmeen’s brother) in a pissed of tone.

Nothing! I responded wide-awake and as calm as anything did.

Let me make you tea, I said.

Getting no argument from either Najeeb or his wife. I went to make them some tea.

This is where I began to put my plan into motion. A medical student friend of mine had managed to get me some sleeping drugs that he said where powerful enough to put a rhino to sleep. So I slipped them into Najeeb’s and his wife’s tea. Well you do not have to be a brain surgeon to figure out what happened next.

I commended my friend the next time I saw him on how fast the drug worked. Within 5 minutes after drinking the tea Najeeb had passed out on the sofa in the living room and his wife Sarwat had gone back to bed, both completely out to the world.

To test the drug I even slapped Najeeb hard across the face with the back of my palm he didn’t even mutter!

I managed to achieve this all by 8.20pm. she was still asleep she normally did not get up until around 9.00am her lessons with her private tutor where normally around 10.00am. I had already taken care of that part I had sent a friend of mine round to her tutors house with her normal fees doubled enclosed with a note saying that yasmeen and the whole family would be away all day on Thursday and that her services would not be required for that day. I think I did a very good forgery of yasmeen father’s signature.

Sarwat’s (yasmeen’s sister-in-law) room was on the way to yasmeen’s room. I don’t know what came over me. But I could not miss this opportunity to get my own back on this mouthy bitch that tormented yasmeen because she was jealous of her looks. Although I never could understand why because Sarwat herself was very good looking. On the way to yasmeen’s room I caught a glimpse of her curvaceous arse straining against her tight red shalwar lying on the bed. Her knees where bent so her arse stuck out more. She is smaller than yasmeen about 5ft 3 tall, shoulder length black hair, light brown skin, brown eyes, 38d-26-37 figure, 23 years of age. She lay on the bed her eyes tightly shut.

I quickly walked to the bedside. I checked if she was still asleep by pinching her feet as hard as I could. Leaving a mark on her skin. She didn’t flinch too much. So I took the risk. I then stood at the foot of the bed, eyeing her from top to bottom. The naughty thoughts running through my mind as this gorgeous woman lay in front of me, totally vulnerable gave me an almighty stiffy. My cock straining against my jeans.

I straightened her so that she was now lying flat on her back. I rapidly began to pull her red shalwar up. I couldn’t pull the shalwar over the top of her head that would have been too difficult. I simply pushed it up as folds and folds of shalwar until it was upto her armpits. This revealed her huge jiggly breasts in a tight white bra forcing the breasts to spill out all over the place. It was a bit obvious the bra was too small for her massive frame. Seeing her breasts jiggle made my cock twitch. I then set to work on her white kurta pajamas, making sure I slowly ran my hands over both her breasts watching her lovely serene face, gently working my way down her body feeling her soft skin of her waist gradually halting at her waistband. I hungrily pulled at the string that was holding the kurta in place. It opened up and became loose. I pulled the kurta down hard and quick to reveal her hairy triangular bush straining against her thin white nylon panties. No such thing as a bikini line in Pakistan. It was a curly jungle down there! I by now had stripped myself of all clothing, my cock standing to attention. My mouth was dry with anticipation, as I finally pulled down her panties. The sight of her pussy took my breath away. The slit running down from the nub of her clitoris. I gently parted her legs so that her lips would open. Oh my goodness I thought the pink moistness within. I began to tongue her pussy like a hungry dog. All of a sudden I got a shock, Sarwat began to moan. I stood up expecting her to scream. But she was still fast asleep. She must have got the tea with the least amount of sleeping drug.

Unlike Najeeb who couldn’t feel a thing, Sarwat although totally asleep could feel absolutely everything. After calming myself I resumed licking her pussy. She began moaning again light deep sleepy moans as if in some deep dream. This was turning me on like anything and was also making Sarwat’s pussy fill with her juices. Some of it even spat on my face. She tasted better than I expected! Mm I said to her quietly now taste some of my juices. I had actually dreamt of doing this many times.

She would rant and rave at yasmeen for hour’s even abuse her. Telling her what a bitch she was a whore and so on. Now it was payback time. I stood on my knees and edged my hard cock over to her face raising her head with a second pillow so that I could get better access to her mouth. She had light make up on and a little bit of perfume. Surprising how quickly a woman can put on her makeup when she wants to. She must of done it will I was making the tea!

I opened her lightly coated red lips with one hand and opened her jaw wide with the other. Her wet pink tongue greeted my cock. I slowly lowered her jaw. Her breathing created a natural suction, her lips wrapping around my cock. Oh this felt great. I slowly forced my cock to the back of Sarwat’s throat my pubic hair grinding against her face, her nose breathing hot gusts of air against my balls. I slowly began pounding her mouth with my cock, my balls slapping against her face. My hands had now found her big breasts and began kneading them. It didn’t take me long to cum, with each thrust the heavy breathing from her mouth along the length of my shaft and the small jets of hot air tickling balls coupled with her natural suction and random brushing against the tips of her teeth against my length made me explode heavily. Allot of it poured down her throat but most of it filled her cheeks and dripped out in long streams down her face onto her neck and bra. I wiped most of the excess away from her face and neck with her white dupatta. Letting the remainder of cum just dry on her bra in patches. However I made sure her mouth was still full of cum and her lips and tongue were still coated heavily with my love juice.

I pulled my limp shaft out her mouth and went back to her lovely jungle covered mound. Isn’t that simply beautiful? The curve of a woman’s pussy and the fact that it is raised like a mound to me personally is perfection. Looking at her wide open pussy and her cum stained mouth, lying there exposed to the world soon got me stiff again. I lay on top of Sarwat my cock rubbing against her open pussy and clit. I could feel her comforting body warmth her shivering surges of electricity running through her body responding to my movements. Since licking her pussy her breathing became deeper harder and much faster. Sarwat’s body was in a state of frenzied pleasure.

I couldn’t unhook her bra so I simply helped them to pop out like peas in a pod. Although yasmeen is more beautiful than Sarwat, her breasts are no where near as good as Sarwat’s. Sarwat’s breasts have very dark aureole and nipples. By the time I had got her breasts out her nipples were more than erect. I greedily sucked on them making her moan considerably louder than before. I parted her cunt lips with my thumbs and slowly entered Sarwat’s vagina inch by inch. Her moaning had now become more continuous and her body was writhing automatically as I entered her sweet mound. I continued sucking her nipples hard with each thrust. I changed my rhythm from fast to slow occasionally pulling out before thrusting as deep and hard as I could in her wet and inviting vagina. My cock just wet moist cunt walls tightening their grip on my tool encountered no resistance. I really began to pound heavily into her cunt our pubic bones colliding. The bed creaked under the strain are bodies making a distinctive slapping noise. Oh Sarwat I shouted in her ear as I came violently into her wet pussy. My hands clasping her breasts so tight I thought they would explode! I rested on her inside her for a while maybe 5 minutes enjoying the comfortable warmth of her heaving body. I again didn’t bother wiping cum from her pussy or legs I just pulled up her kurta’s and loosely tied them back. I had a difficult job forcing her breasts back into her tiny bra cups but eventually did it before finally lowering her red shalwar back over her body. I gave her one last glance before heading to yasmeen’s room the time was now 9.15 a.m.

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