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Rathi Fucked By Her Daddy

  • desipapa
  • December 24, 2015

Hi all the Desipapa readers i want to tell my story which happen when i was doing my graduation. My name is Rathi. I am from Andhra Pradesh India. I finished my graduation in Bio-Medical sciences from a repudiate institution in AP. i am 25 years old. fair in complexion, with a body structure with the stats of family consist of three members myself father and mother.
This story happen when i was doing my 2nd year of graduation i came for my study holidays to my home. i am working hard in my studies to get a good score in the competition in the college. At this time my cousins marriage came, both my parents want to attend the function which is about to happen near the village which is nearly 100km away from our place. coming to my family my father is a state government employee, who earns nearly 20k per month, with that money we are spending a happy life,

Father will usually have some drinks in the weekend, mother is a housewife who doesn’t care abt her body which is slightly heavier. my father always giving some ideas to mom for keeping herself fit. coming to the occasion when they are planning to go father got some heavy work as the chief minister suddenly visiting the head quarters father had to cancel his trip to marriage. so my mother left for the function.

My father was busy in the work for the next two and half days. the program was a big success and there is a party took place and my father had drunk too much of alcohol and came to home in very bad condition. upon reaching home i took him into the bedroom to have sleep all of a sudden he vomit all over the place on to his body and on my body.I took him in to the Bathroom and turned on the shower

And took of his shirt and inner wear on the top while removing his pant he throw some water on me indicating that i should also keep myself clean. In that process all my dress become wet i removed his pant after so much struggle. He is in his underwear and i am in full wet condition still he continuing to pour water on me i was in my nightie inside i am in bra and petticoat. due to my fathers action with water almost

My bra and petticoat is visible and he trying to remove my nightie in that situation i can see some bulge in his underwear, until that i don’t have any strange feeling in me like sex with him, while i am in that trans after watching the bulge suddenly another round of vomit came out and it fell all over me. I don’t know what happen to my father he suddenly become some what active compared to when he

First came in to the house and he tried to pour more water on me n the name of cleaning the vomit. He removed my nightie with out any hesitation and i am standing in front of my father only in bra and petticoat which are also in soaked condition. i am feeling a bit embarrassed and at the same time i watching at his bulge i also got some strange feelings inside my virgin cunt. i asked my father

To leave the bathroom so that i can complete my shower, but he not in that mood may be because after a long time he may be watching a lady of my stats he is trying to remove the remaining cloths on me. All of a sudden he removed his underwear showing his own daughter from where he gave her the life into the womb of her mother. i am staring at that bulge which is 5″ longer and 2″ thicker in semi erect state.

By looking at that iam almost stunned and not able to look into my fathers eyes. He took this opportunity and removed my bra exposing my 34 size fair boobs with dark aerole and nearly an inch long nipple hardening at the pulsating cold water stream and my fathers hard and rough palms. all of a sudden he placed my hand on his semi erect shaft and asked me to move it front to back. he also removed my petticoat now iam fully nude in front of a male who gave his cock

To my mother to produce me. Now his cock is becoming harder due to my motion he suddenly shut the shower and lift me in his arms to the bedroom on to the bed where my parents used to have sex he throw me on the bed. His lips came in contact with my lips and he is trying to insert his toungh in to my mouth at same time he if fondling my breast hard. i allowed his tongue to roam inside my mouth and swallow my saliva i closed my eyes having a great feeling.

He moved a bit downwards and took my right boob in to his mouth and fondling my left with his right hand,his left hand moved towards my pubic region i cant able to bare the feeling some strange feeling started to build inside my belly when he touched my cunt for the first time. He is trying to insert his middle finger inside and it went inside freely due to the juices stared to flow and sudden buildup of pressure increased after

He inserted his second finger into my cunt at the same time his thumb is rubbing my clit and i reached a big orgasm and the juices started to flow thorough his fingers. He left my boobs and came down to see my cunt i parted my legs for his view. By looking at my cunt he started to suck it and tried to insert his tongue and swallow the juices from my 1st orgasm and he cleaned my cunt with his tongue.

His erection reached full size and he showed it to me and he tried to put it in my mouth at first i hesitate to take it inside but he pushed it in and i gave a blow job which is new to me. while i was sucking it hard he if fondling my breast and i am feeling the built of another orgasm and it slashed me and he came in my mouth his cock became limp he tried to suck me again i parted

My legs to his free access and his cock came to life again in no time.He came back on to my boobs while sucking my boobs he tried to keep his lund inside my chooth he rubbed it on my cunt and i went slightly inside and it is nice until that when he forced to send it inside its hurting and in pain i am shouting but his lips closed mine and the shouting didn’t came out of my lips all of a sudden he forced it harder

And it tore away my virginity and my shouts not able to come out i am weeping in pain. My father didn’t move untill my pain submersed and he started to move slowly and i am feeling the pleasure of fucking that to from my dad this continued for the next 15 min’s and i got some 3 orgasm in between. after that my dad increased the speed and finally he came inside me.

At that moment he felt and slept beside me nude and in the morning he waked me up and he feel very sorry for what happened between us and i console him and asked him to have another round of sex with him. we continued it for the next 4 days until my mother came from the function and i used some tablets for safety. Now I am happily married to my husband and some times when my father comes to visit us i will give a blowjob or nice little fuck for his satisfaction. Rate my story please

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