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Rashmi My Friend

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi all! This is Adi (Aditya) again from Surat. Here I am all set to share my another experience and thanks for the tremendous response to my earlier story: Cousin’s First Orgasm. Note: All names, dates and chronology of the events in this story and forthcoming stories in the series have been changed to protect the identity of all the people involved. The story is about my beautiful and gorgeous friend Rashmi Khanna.

A drop dead gorgeous Punjabi female with lots of flesh, in all the right places. She turned 18 this October 2002. She is a perfect Libran all flirty and with care a damn attitude. Once I complimented her that she has a nice figure and a great taste of clothes to flaunt it. She told me right on face “Adi, I believe in simple logic IF YOU GOT IT FLAUNT IT” and I was like wow this gal has just the right attitude and at the right age. She is around 5’4” and her huge boobs are always what makes ones eye glued to her – her vitals are 34d-28-35. I always wonder what these Punjabi Kudi eat to get bodies like that. Its not just their bodies but also their sexual urge. She has long silky hair usually tied up on her head with her pencil working as a hair clip. She wears both westerns as well as ethnic salwars but those tight fit ones. Her dresses always reveal that peek show of her cleavage which would give any guy an instant hard on. Just imagine with those melons how could anyone hide them and she never needed to that was my girl. I met her through a common friend and she studies in a famous CBSE school run by a mission. She is in 12th now. I always used to take her for a drive in my car as well as on my friends bike which she always enjoyed and of-course me too.

Her huge and soft melons were always pressed against my chest and her smooth hands rested on my thighs as we usually drove on the Dumas Road. I had kissed her many a times and it was just like we were buddies that’s why. This particular incident with her was my first encounter with her in terms relating to sex and physical desires though they had always been primary topics in our discussion again only in our discussions. That day Rash was feeling too pepped up and called me over at Naturals for an ice-cream. She had worn a short tight kurta and hip-hugger jeans that accented the firm mounds of her breasts and showed her cute ass to its full advantage. As we sat with two cones in our hands she gave me a wink and started licking her cone in the most sensual way. As she licked it again I asked her what the matter was and how come shes being so flirty. She just smiled and took a huge bite from my cone and looked down my pants. I was already rock hard in my pants and the bulge was evident. As we sat there in the public the fear of being watched over was all over my face and I was time and again looking around to check if anyone was watching us. She suddenly slid her hands on mine and started tickling them with her nails. It was like what is she up to and she was like sit back and enjoy. I was just getting hotter by the moment and I presume the heat might have melted the ice-cream I was having. Just then some of the ice-cream in her hand dripped on her kurta right over her left breast. She sprang up to get a glass of water and asked me for a handkerchief. In this frenzy she had already slopped both her hands in the ice-cream.

She asked me to wet the handkerchief and wipe of the ice-cream. I gladly accepted and as I was wiping it off she asked me to do it thoroughly as it was her favorite kurta and she wouldn’t want to soil it with the stupid choco – coffee ice-cream. I was still very unclear of her views and I wouldn’t have dared do anything stupid in the public. She was teasing me like hell and she was largely succeeding in the same. We soon left the place and went for a drive in my car. As we moved towards Dumas it was already getting dark and we were just talking normal as if nothing had happened at Natural’s but my mind was still running amok with wild thoughts of Rashmi. Rashmi looked at me in the most seducing manner and asked me if I was thinking about her. I said nothing but she understood well what I was thinking and just opened two of her front hooks to give me a full view of her bountiful cleavage. It was getting hard for me to concentrate on the road and I stopped the car in a secluded lane near airport. As we stopped she leaned toward me and whispered, “What does watching me like this do to you? Does it get you excited?” I was at loss of all words as my mind was all aflutter with wild thoughts of banging Rash. As she leaned, here huge boobs touched my arms. Rashmi’s touch was like electricity. My cock had been hard before, but now it stretched even further out, swelling like I had never had it do before.

Barely able to catch my breath, I answered, “Yeah, I get a hard-on.” “You’re hard right now?” she whispered. Without waiting for an answer, she moved her hand between my thighs right up to where it covered the hard shaft of my cock. She rubbed my bulge and whispered, “God, Adi! The whole front of your jeans are swelled out.” Leaving her hand on my cock, just barely caressing the bulge, she said, “What do you do when it gets like this?” Taken aback by her bold question, I stammered, “Well, I… I take care of it.” Determined to even the score, I asked her, “What do YOU do when you get horny?” She laughed softly and answered, “I use my hand and relieve myself. How do you do it? I laughed along with her and said nothing. Still leaning against me, Rash said, “Do you need me?” “Oh, God, YES! I’m practically dying. How about you?” “In the very worst sort of way,” Rash whispered. “Do you think maybe… ?” I had no more than gotten the words out than Rash had her hands at her waist unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down to where they were around her knees. Even in the dim light I could see her push a pair of panties down to join the jeans. Having bared herself for action, she leaned back against the seat and spread her legs apart. Immediately one of her hands was inserted between her thighs, up into the darker shadow I could see there at their juncture. She soon had her hand in motion, and a sigh of pleasure came from her lips. She was still teasing me but what the heck in this way … naah…. Seeing her behave in such a lewd and open manner made me hornier than I had ever been in my life and I soon had my jeans and shorts down to my knees just like her.

My cock sprang up tall, bumping against the steering wheel. Rashmi must have been watching me as I had watched her because I heard a gasp from her as my dick stood rigidly, quivering slightly. “God, Adi, your penis is so big and hard. I had no idea boys got that big. It must be seven or eight inches long.” I had never thought one way or another about how big my cock was. I had never compared my hard-on with other guy’s and just assumed mine was of average size. I was a little puzzled by Rashmi’s reaction and could only say, “Yeah, I guess maybe.” “I’ve never seen a boy’s penis before. I wish there was more light so I could see it better. Is it okay if I touch it?” Could she touch it? Oh, God, why such stupid questions at this point. I took her hand and guided her all the way to my hot shaft and she was quite puzzled at it being so hot. I gasped at the touch and jerked my hips in reaction. She pulled her hand back and asked, “Did I hurt you?” “No,” I stammered. “It just felt so good for someone else to touch me that I couldn’t help the reaction.” She reached out her hand again and wrapped it around my dick, holding it lightly in her grip. “If it feels so good for me to touch you, why don’t you let me give you the relief you need. Tell me what I’m supposed to do.” I said “Just hold lightly like that and rub your hand up and down. That’s all it takes.” After a few strokes, she had the hang of it and all I could do was moan in reaction. After just a few strokes, she stopped and whispered, “Adi, would you mind touching me like I’m touching you. That way we can give each other pleasure at the same time. Please, will you do me like I’m doing you?” “Yeah,” I whispered back, “I’d like that. I’ve never touched a girl before, though, and you will have to show me what I’m supposed to do.” She was like “You liar I know all about you” This was all I needed to get the feel of her bare young body.

I removed her kurta and she was wearing a lovely white bra inside which were barely holding her huge boobs. I slid my hands inside her bra and pinched at her nipple softly as she gave a moan in pleasure. Her nipples were rock hard by now and my hands were resting on the most fleshy pair of perfectly round mounds. I removed her hand from dick and asked her to lie as I lowered her seat behind. I moved my lips towards her breast and as I pulled her left breast out of her bra they nearly seemed to pop out. Her nipples were tempting me to suck them hard but I wanted to get her hot so I slowly circled them with my tongue as they begged me to suck on them. I pressed her boobs as I sucked on her nipples and had already torn her bra in the process. I quickly slid my other hand near her virgin cunt and was relishing the feel of hey pubic hair as my fingers slowly paved their way to her pulsating vaginal lips. Her cunt was dripping wet and had already soiled my new seat covers which I really cared a damn for at that moment. As she had stopped her strokes I too stopped my self when she was at her peak and asked her to suck my dick. “I thought you would never ask” she said as she half naked and glowing in the rising moon got up and leaned her face on my dick. She took my whole dick in the mouth and started to lick it the same way she was licking her ice-cream. I played with her bare back and slid my hands on her huge protruding ass and pressed them a lil too hard and she in turn almost swallowed my whole dick inside and biting it slightly to make it even in the pain. As she continued to take it up and down her mouth she slid one of her hands inside her pussy and started to finger it vigorously as she intensified the pace on my dick. She was about to explode and so was I.

With a final thrust of her fingers inside her pussy she sucked my cock on its tip and we both came simultaneously. She took all of my cum inside her mouth and wiped me clean with her tongue. We both lay there for five minutes just enjoying, that passing moment of ecstasy. I pulled up my pants as she straightened herself up. We drove back to Natural’s as she laid her head on my shoulder wrapping her hands around me the whole time. Please send in your comments on I would also like to thank Sam, Seema, Samir, Raj Kumar, Neha, Aditi, Vinita and all others who mailed me after my first story was published in Your letters have really encouraged me to narrate my incidents in more detailed manner.

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