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Rani Mukherjee

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

My favorite heroine always has been ms rani mukherjee.i just love her smile, her lovely face, her full ass and her sexy big chuchis. I have beaten my lund several times in her name. Just imagine how u feel if she blows your cock. I am a photographer and she comes to my studios becoz she has to pose for some pics, the naughty ones fir a magazine.. She looks amazingly voluptuous in her tight jeans and straining red top in which her arrogant birds are straining to get out. I ask rani if she is comfortable showing some flesh nbecoz it is an adult mag.she says she doesnot not mind. I give her a small miniskirt and a top. Her cleavage looks so ripe that I feel like touching them.

I tell her to bend and when she bends I get an eye popping view of her bablesitake her boob shots in various angles, my cock begins to rise in my pants.iteel her to undress becoz I want to shoot her ass. She removes her skirt and I see her curvy big ass in her white panites.when she turns I see the cunt of my favorite heroine, rani mukherjee.i see her pussy is very hairy n her have lot of hair down there, say. She smiles and says” I am so busy that I hardly have time to even trim my hair ” She sees my erection, and smiles”myjungles has provoked a beast in you”. I love her dirty humor drop my camera and been to kiss her savagely I lick her face lustlyand I grope her ass like crazy.

She gets turned on and we smooch passionately. Feel her boobs now and I feel her big nipples gettignerect like two matar ke daney. Her husky voice has become very husky nowshereaches behing and removethe strap and her mischevious balls pop out with her brown nipples. Her boob s are fair soft full and luscious like mangoes. Her panites also comes out, she is totally drean has come true. This is 100 times better than shagging.i squeezing her balls, she moans passionatelyumnnnnghn ungggghh.i I feel rani’s chooth, it is moist. Feel like drinking her chooth ka pani.i nemd and take one of her balli inh my mouth and she says /////////’yes chew my mangoyesssss.’ While I sucked one, cupped and squeezed the other in such a way that I think I changed the shape. (Just joking). Lets go to bed I said as I freed her she saw my Lund. She said “into moat Lund. Kay hate ho agape’ when she said the word Lund, m Lund began to jump hysterically. My Lund loves rain very much. Said, “ yen to asp key lye about rote hay”. I began to kiss her hairy contend I smelled it . it smelled little fishy but not offensive..bengali girls like to eat fish.i was sniffing her cunt. She felt shy. I put tow fingers in her cunt, it was not really tight. So rani had a fucked bhosda she had taken so many lunds inside her but she had never met my king sized one. As I fucked her cunt with my two fingers she moaned ,uunnnnnggggg I sucked her nipples while my fingers probed her pussy. then I began to lick her bely button, it was so ssexy she squirmed as I teased her navel . then I went to kiss her cunt.

She spread her legsi licked her curly cunt hairsshe moaned again as I separated her pink folds of her labia. It was shining and pink and fleshy .iwas staring at rani’s most private thing HER CUNT. Her experienced chooth opened like a petal of a beautiful flower. Her little saheli, her clitoris rose up to greet meand I nibbled on it like arabbit. She shouted oyyyyyunnnnn. Ibegan to slid tow fingersi n and out.ooooh ashhhhokkunnnnnnngh. Islurped her cunt honeyand munched her chooth ka baji as if it was my favorite dish I knew she would sprinkle her sauce on myn face I kept on fucking her cunt with my fibngers as I ate her pussy.she lifted her assup and I pushed one ginger in her anus. She moaned and grunted like a bitchand orgasmed on my face. My face was washed with her chooth makkan. She reached for my cok and felt it . she lokked beautiful, awoman looks really beautiful after she cums.. she massaged my cock.tera tho bahut bada hai”she said. Iwant to fuck you isaidf. She guided my dickinside her. My cock went in with ease,she cried hoarsely as my lund wentin. It was warm and so fucking great I statrted slwly then built up speed,she caressed my back and head. She brought her soft big thighs and circled it on my back so that my lund toushes her deepes parts.

She moaned ooooooh asshhok ffffffukkk me yexsss unnnnnnnnnhgjh.icried “oh raniohhhhhraniii”aand began pumping thick and fazst stabbing in her her. She was also fucking me from down. Then my thrust shortnedned and I begant to shoot in her my semen going deep in her womb. The I collapsed on her boobs.”that was great. She said. You know how to satisfy a woman’ssecret desire”.she careed my chestand then felt mylund which had grown smaller.i caressed her lovely ass. I love you rani”isaid and as ifelt her posterior hillsmy lauda began to grow again. She lokked down and saw my cock growing with her touch. She reached and felt my balls”tera kela itna bada hai lki lagta hai jha jaoon”. Isaid . she said “ithink I should isuck agifted cock like this.”she went down andbegan to scuk my cock she plaued with my nuts.i moaned as she licked my pee tip and gave me a fist job and blow job alternatively . she looke beautigul with my banana in her mouth.” Stopit” she said what happened don’t u like it “isaid mujhe aap ki gand marna hai’. I asked kisni aap ki gan mari hai” haan”, she said two producers mr.. and mr..but keep it our secret”. yes isaid. I told her to get on knees . she held on to the bed railings for suppor. Rani’s gand was the most tempting part of her body . I separated her butt cheeks and looked at her delicious shit hole.i licked her lovely ass with passion as she moaned , lick my ass ub basytard ass kisser.’.then I squeezed her ass and nd inserted my tonghuein.s he moaned and as I forced her ass apart to lick, a slimy fresh fart escaped through her asshole with a whoosh sound.her fart went in my mouth and tongue.

She looked behind and said”iam sorry”.i priede myself on the fact that ismelled rani’s paadh.her fart was smelly, not so offensive in fact it was like an aphrodisiac. I told rani” I am a lover of beautiful women. I like to taste their milk,their cunt cream , their mc, their piss, anything from a beautiful girl,even her farts. Iwold not even mind your sandas,rani”. Seing such a lust ,she ramartked “u are so kinky.but sorryiu cantgive u my shit I emptied my bowels in the morning . I then licked her anus again amnd then it began to grow wet and her spinchter musles realaxedand became big. I kiseed her neck and my cock was touching her anusand slwly but surelyu it went cock pushed between her asscheeks it looked like a buger between her buns. Isqueezed her balslls as I fucked and fucked and fucked her sexy fleshy ripe erotic delicious gand.we both cried and I stimoulated hetr clitoris. She came agan an di emptied my sperm in her ass.

I coolapsed ioon her. Even she was tired.with my lund la lotion in her ass..rani said,I iam really tired and I cant walk.naked she reached for aher mobile and called her producer and said that she is not wll and she nedd s restm, so cancel the shoot. We caressed each other s genitalsand itold her,”thanks gor everything”. She giggled and said”I never thought I coulod get fucked but you!”she rea hed down and talked to my lund”kyon laat saab so rahe homeri gand maar ke”as if to ansewer a tiny droplet of sperm came froem my dick , she liked it and said hmmmmm” She got up and said “ihave to go to the loo” for what? Iasked . to pee” she said I said aim coming.mujebhi moothna hai.sshe squatted and started to pee on the loo but igor between her thihg and dranks her steadynsalty stream.rani kas mooth peene mein bahut maaza aya. She saidyou love the taste”. Yes said. Then I peed on her face and her balls and she looke curoisly at my stream.

Then we took ashower and fucked again. Any beautiful girls women ,sexyauntieswant to get their cunt liced,fuckedor asses licked and fuckedare welcomee. I don’t even mind drinking your bodily fluids I could be your slave even sniff your fartsand wash your gand after uloely beautiful babes shit in the morning. Mail me at

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