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Rani Maasi Ke Kapde Badal Na

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi all, I am Raj, this is a story about something that happened to me a year back when I was 19 yrs old. It was a Sunday morning; my parents and my sister were going out for spending the day at a family friends house. I some how convinced my parents and stayed back by telling them I have studies to do. I had infact something else in mind, for the last 3 days I had a crazy desire for sex. I didn’t know what would cool me down. Lot of my friends have been with prostitutes but I personally don’t think it is safe because of the fear of STDs. So my parents left and I thought a good adult film should work things out for me. So I got an Indian XXX from the video shop, while coming back from the shop it started raining heavily and I got completely wet. I was very excited about the video because the pleasures of seeing naked Indian women is not there in seeing the White foreigners.

I locked the main door and took my clothes off. I switched the video on and the scenes were making me wild. The parts where the ladies took off their sarees were my favourite. I finished watching the movie and I was as hard as rock and warm has the oven. I decided to shag and reach the climax on a particular scene I liked. I started to shag and all of a sudden the door bell rang. I immediately switched the video off and put my bath robe on and opened the door. To my greatest surprise it was my mom’s cousine, Rani Maasi. She was nearby somewhere in a rikshaw and got completely wet due to the rainfall. She had come to our house for drying up. Rani maasi was 42 years old divorced women with a 12 yr old girl. I was very close to her as she was very friendly to me when I was a kid. She was a motherly figure for me till then. She was wearing a green shiffon saree, shiffon sarees looked really good on her as she was very slim. That day since she was completely wet her clothes stuck to her body and I could see the entire shape of her body.

Since I was really hot that day I was actually looking at her in a naughty way. I knew what I was doing was bad but sex ke samne anything is nothing. I could see her black bra through her blouse as it was see through for being wet. She was not even feeling a bit awkward standing like that in front of me because she thought it was only me. But I could only think of grabbing her butt. She had normal breasts but very big butt compared to her other features, these things I never noticed before. She told me she was going for a job interview and rain started falling all of a sudden. She walked in and said she needed to change and go for the interview as she really needed the jod. While she was walking to wards the bathroom I saw that her saree along with her petticoat was stuck inbetween her buttocks, and the left and right buttock was rubbing against each other, there was heaven in her butt. She went into the bathroom by now I was completely crazy to see her naked, the dirty thought kept coming to my mind, mai apni maasi ki chooth maar ne ki soch raha tha. She then came out with only a petticoat of my mom’s that was hanging in bathroom hook, and her breasts were covered with a towel. I got very horny thinking that we are alone in the house and were both half naked as I was also just in my bathrobe. She had sexy arms and her skin was like makkhan(butter), she held the towel on her breasts with just one hand on her chest, she told me to get her a bra, blouse and saree from my mum’s almirah.

While she was talking to me, where she was standing there was long mirrior in the corner, and I could see her breasts from the side, as she held it it with just 1 hand from the front the sides were completely open. Here brests were perfect not too big not too small not too big, nicely shaped. I asked her if she needed anything else, she told me that she also needed a panty but my mothers panties would never fit her as her butt was too big, and laughed. She was very free with me and that it was ok to talk to me about all this, she still saw me as her little nephew. I went to my mom’s almirah and took a saree and blouse out, but I couldn’t find any bra, I found 3 of her bras in the laundry basket actually my mum kept her undergarments in another place which I didn’t know of. I looked on the top shelf of the almirah, I found an old bra among her old clothes which she dosent wear anymore. It was a black lace bra with very narrow back strap, it had no padding inside, and made of very thin material and the elastic part had no longer the elasic effects. I gave it to my aunt and I went out of the room a minute later my aunt called me I went in, and to my biggest surprise she was wearing the bra and showing me how she looked, she was laughing at the way it fit her and thought I’ll find it very funny as well by looking at her. It fit my aunt very loose and was almost falling down if it hadent been for the shoulder straps, her entire breasts could be seen except for the nipples which were covered by the top part of the cup of the bra.

The rest was all open. My body was almost shaking by seeing this. I faked my laughter, and she thought I was really amused, unaware of the fact that she was standing half nude infront of a young adult.My mouth was watering. She was very surprised at the fact that my mum’s bra fit her so loose, because23 yrs back before mums marriage Rani maasi and my mum had almost the same size, my mum had 36c and she had 36 D. Now it seems that my mums breast size has become 42 D. She said your mum must have been sexually very active after she got married, I was so surprised at this, I mean she never talked about these things before to me. I then went to my sisters cabinet and took out 1 of her bras and gave it to maasi. My sister was a 34 c, so she wore everything and came out. I asked her if it fit her or not, she said it was better as it was holding her breasts atleast. But she also said it felt like someone was pressing her breasts. I could not control my erection. I was sitting down so she couldn’t notice the bulge. I had to stand up to lock the door as she was leaving for the interview, as soon as I stood up, she was talking to me, my bathrobe fell open from the front. She could see my entire body and my hard dic that was pointing towards her. I got a bit embarrassed and tried to cover, she said “it is ok beta I am only your maasi and I am just leaving you can stay naked now who is going to see you” she had a naughty sense of humour that day. As soon as she left, I started to shag againg watching the good old movie, well I have seen a live show today anyways. Just when I was about to cum I remembered that massi’s clothes were still lying in the bathroom, so I stopped shagging.

Think of the pressures building up in me, I have been horny since morning and shagged so much and stoped so many times before cumming. I went to the bathroom and picked her panty and bra up and came and lay down on my bed, I smelled her panty and the smell was musty, damp and very erotic, there was a thing long stain of her butt hole rubbing between her buttocks. Then I smelled her bra, boy was it nice, I brought it close to my nose and smelled it, it gave me a feeling that I was actually smelling her breasts, I wore her panty it was so big that it almost let my entire dic stand in it. Well of course it had to be stretched a bit as my dic isn’t that small. I had then cum in it. I didn’t know what to do about it, I was scared if my maasi saw it she would tell my parents about it. So I spread both the panty and the bra on the bed for drying up under the fan. After a while my parents called me up to see if things were fine, they said they are going out for shopping with their friends and will come home in the late evening not before that. I then started thinking what more naughty thing I could do. 45 mins after that Rani massi came back, she told me she got the job and was very happy. I looked at her and saw she had mud all over her clothes, I asked her what happened, she told me that some stupid guy drove passed her very fast and splashed the mud on the road on to her. She said now she wanted a shower badly.

She said she needed hot water as the water was too cold due to rainfall. She went in to the toilet and started taking her clothes off, and told me to heat some water on the stove and give it to her in the bathroom when ready. I heated the water and poured it in the bucket and knocked on the bathroom door, she opened the door and told me to bring it in, at this point my dic was getting an erection again. She told me to take the water in because she had a back pain and couldn’t raise and carry anything heavy. As you enter the bath room the commode is just in the left side and when you turn left facing the commode the bath space is on its right. This means that I had to enter the bathroom and go completely in side and keep the bucket. I asked her if she was sure I should come in, she said “aao na beta koi baath nehi thum tho mujhey help karne ke liye hi undher aa rahe ho”. She was completely naked facing the opposite wall, with one hand on the wall covering her crack, I went in and kept the bucket there and turned around, I couldn’t help looking at her butt. She said jokingly “ beta mere bums ko ghoor na bandh karo, maine 6 mahino se shave nehi kiya apna butt”, as if that was the only bad thing about looking at her butt. I thought to myself it was now or never, I went close to her and bent down on my knees and put my hands around her thighs from behind and up to her phuddi(cunt), her cunt was shaved like a baby’s butt. I touched her in such a way and that too so unexpectedly, her entire body shook, as if she got an electric shock, with in 3 to 4 seconds she screamed “uuuuuuhh” and started breathing heavily.

She said “beta mujhey chor do, mai thumari maasi hoon or yeh gunaah hai.” By then I was rubbing her pussy like crazy, and I didn’t leave her, so she removed her hand from her butt and pushed me back wards, I fell back flat on the bathroom floor, and that’s when I had a clear look of her butt. The buttocks were like mountains, her hole was encircled with brown surroundings, with very little hair sticking out of the crack, the hair was not very dense though. She ran out of the bath room to the room, and sat on the bed where her undergarments were and started to wear her panties. I was very horny and took bathrobe off and ran to the room naked. She bent down to put the panties on, as soon as she pulled the panties up to her thighs, I pulled her on to the bed from her sitting position, I held both her hand with mine and forced her to be in that position. Her legs were hanging down from the bed and rest of the body was lying flat on the bed, that’s the first look I had at her naked pussy, as earlier I only touched it from the back but didn’t see it. I brought my face close to her breasts and buried my face between the two hills and started to tickle her with my nose. She was moving her legs violently to break free, she said “isse pehle ke mai kamzor par zaaoo mujhey chor de aour hum ye gunnah karne se bach sakthe he”. I then started to suck her nipples, they felt greast, I realized that she had slowed down the movement of her legs. Then I sarted to slightly bite the nipples not putting too much pressure.

Then I realized that her nipples were getting harder and getting erected, she stopped resisting totally and started moaning as she was holding her self for so long. “mmmmmm uuuh hhhhhh haeeeee oooi maa”. I was sucking her right breast and pressing her left one the louder she moaned the the harder I pressed. Then she said “ abb bus bhi kar beta ek hi din me phor dalega kya beta apne maasi ke chooch, abb niche ki tharaf apna moo maar, saalo se pyasi hoo”. Then I moved towards her phuddi. We were in a 69 position, she was lying with her feet on the bed with her knees bent and my face between her legs. I licked her phuddi for a while it wasw so wet. Then I realized her hand going up my thighs, se took my cock and started sucking it like mad, it sounded like “chee chuk chook chook”. I was going wild, I had my face between her legs but I stopped licking her phuddi as I forgot due to the excitement. She said “ kya hua beta mera phuddi thumhe achi nehi laagi ya uske rass thume maze nehi laga” I replied “aise rass tho mujhey dunya mei kahi nehi milega”. I then started to suck her phuddi like one sucks juice out of a mango, she moaned “aah hmm aise tho mujhey pehle kabhi nehi masoos hua”. It was so tasty, after I sucked for long I moved my head out and saw how wet the her thighs were, I put 2 of my fingures in and after 3 strokes a fresh gush of juice came out and rolled down, I licked it and traced it down to her gaand, I could just reach the beggining of it as the position was such that she was lying on her butt. Then I told her “maasi mujhey aap ki gaand chaat na hai”. She said “mai aaj ithna kush hoo ke thum kuch bhi chaa ho mai karne ke lye thiyaar hoo” .

We both got up from bed, she then lay down on her front on the bed and her back up wards. She put a pillow under her stomach to raise her back then parted her legs, she was in a frog like position. I grabbed her buttocks with my hands and started to to fiddle with them, I had my tounge in her crack, pushing against her as much as I can and drawing lines in her crack, she moved her body a bit but didn’t moan a lot. Then I concentrated on licking her hole, it was so salty in her butt. I pushed my tongue in with all the force I could, it went in a bit then came out fast, I did this for about 15 mins. She moaned like hell in excitement she then said. “beta thujhey meri gaand bahuth pasand hai na tho, thoo ghusaa q nehi detha apna laura”. She then said “pehli apni ungli ghusa aur mera ched ko aur bhi bara banah phir thera laura aaram se undar chala jayega”. I Put my fingure in and she raised her butt in excitement. She said “ hhh hhh ek aur ungli ghusa”. My second had a bit of difficulty to get in so she told me to get some lubricant. She told me “ghee lana usse mera gaand makhan ke tharha phigal jayega aur thoo apna poora laura aaram se ghusa saktha hai”. I went to find ghee in the kitchen and as usual I didn’t know where it was. I told maasi that I couldn’t find it. Then she said “ apni mummy ke room me jaake dekho, ghee wohi pe hoga, thumhari mummy ko aapna gaand marwana bahuth pasand hai, wohi tho mujhey ghee use karna sikhaya hai, kal Saturday raath tha zarroor kal apni gaand marwai hogi”. I ran to my mom’s room and on my way I thought to myself, yes, maasi is right my parents went to sleep much earlier than they usually do.

I went to the room and wondered where it could be, I searched through her almirah for the bra in the morning there was no ghee ka dabba in there. There was a chest of drawer in my moms room beside her bed, there were 3 drawers on the top part, and the bottom part had a cabinet, which I never opened. I opened it, I got the shock of my life, her undergarments were in there, and at the inside end of the cabinet there was the ghee dabba, there were 5 books, of sexual positions, sex stories, sexual exercise, many sex pics and many other sex related stuff. There was a bottle of massage oil, a dildo, a pink transparent gown, razor, hair removing cream. I got more excited seeing these things. I was going back I saw that my massi was coming towards my moms room where I was, we met at the hall way. There was big butsingle sofa there. She told me to sit there. She put some ghee on my laura and fingered some in her own butt. She told me to keep my legs together , she took my cock and adjusted it up her anus, she had 1 leg falling on the floor over mine and she spread the other on the arm of the chair. She had 2 of her hands on the 2 arms of her chair and told me to support her butt from the bottom. She was now yelling with joy, “oof aah hhhh mmmmmm hhhhhhmm ooooooo uuuuuh” and rocking like hell I was moaning now too.She made the “hhhhhhh” sound more because I guess it was fun but must have been very painful and she ran out of breath almost. Because I had cum once before earlier that day I could hold ejaculation that long but now, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I said “ maasii mera nikal jayega rass abhii”. She jumped up, She said “beta mera chooth bhi maar do ithna kuch kiya hai tho”. I said fine. She went to the room and lay on the bed with her back on the bed. I went closer to her she raised her legs, her knees touched her breasts, I pushed my cock in, her legs were near my shoulder, she put her hands through my armpits up my shoulders to pull her up slightly for good penetration, I started fucking her fuddi, my face was running against her legs. I made no sound but breathed heavily, she moaned “mmm uuuuh mai pagal ho raho hoo, phar dall mera phuddi ko beta thoo mera acha bacha hai”. Then I caould not hold it any more I yelled “o o ohhhhhhh” and ejaculated in her. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Then I was satisfied with her, but started growing interest in my own mom, which ill write about in the next story. Any mothers, auntes interested in sharing fantasy with me please write to me at

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