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Rani And Her Boss

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

This is Rani once again. My first virgin sex experience read “Rani’s first fucked” although it must have read “Rani’s first fucker”. I’m here to share how I seduced and fucked my boss. Thanks for your feedback I’m encouraged to write another encounter. Main janti hoon ke sab ladke apne laude ko hila hila ke mere ko chodte honge aur sab ladkiyon ka pani neeche geela ho gaya hai.

I hope, all young dicks may have shagged n removed their hot cum; and the girls are wet down their pussies. Hmm. Ready for this one. My first boss’ name is Mr. Mehta. He is a stock analyst and runs a brokerage firm in Mumbai. I’m dying to share how I got him to take me left-right and centre (of course you all know which centre). I’m one of those types who won’t give my ass to cheapos. I fuck only by my choice.

Money is not the only critea; mostly it is the moolah that comes with screwing. I’ll explain that later. Anil Mehta is a 26 year old hunk. He runs one of the leading stock brokerage firms in India and I was lucky to find job in his company. I had just flown in to Mumbai and I didn’t have qualifications to the caliber they were looking. But I had oomph of a 19 year old. Young men can sniff that.

My body movements, my hair and my seductive perfume did the trick and I landed job as his personal secretary. On the day of the interview itself, I saw the big bulge in his pants as he questioned me. I put up an innocent yet confident act. I was wearing a black saree and (yes) black sleeveless blouse which showed away my curves and clean armpits. Anil swallowed after every question I could make out his naughty thoughts and bit my lower lip while answering.

He asked me about my previous job, my qualification and then jumped to whether I had a boyfriend. I didn’t expect it would come that soon- oh oh. I replied sir, mujhme aisa kya hai ke koi ladka dosti karega. Lekin mujhe ladko ki company achi lagti hai. Aap khud itne handsome aur sexy ho. Aur ek din aap jaisa mard mere haath pakdega, mujhe pyaar karega. Main bhi apne man aur tan se use apni baahon me rakhungi sir, how can anyone make friends like someone like me?

But I like to make pals with guys. Look at you. You are a handsome and sexy lad. And someday someone like you may marry me, love me. I too will give all my body and soul to make him happy. Anil got up and came behind me. Only I and he were in the cabin. He asked me to stand. I moved my buttocks up and stood. He came close and put his hands on both sides of my waist. My soft stomach trembled. My tummy went inside.

He caressed my navel and moved his hands up. I said, “Sir, aaj meri pehli interview hai. Nervous hoon. Aap mujhe naukri pe rakh lijiye. Main sab kuch karne ke liye tiyar hoon. Sir, today is my first interview and im nervous. Please employ me. I’m ready to do anything I was not desperate for the job. Anil was already hot and had erotic designs on me. I knew I had got the job. His eye movements and hands cannot lie.

He slowly put his chin on my neck and licked my ear. I thought if this continues, my clothes will be removed any minute. I want to describe that my body figure is like a south Indian actress- Priyamani. Only my lips are like Aishwarya. I practice aerobics daily and eat only food where I can maintain this lovely figure. I dress only in saree to show all my curves. Men are only staring at my boobs and lips.

When I’m walking, I know they stare at my ass. I know that married men crave for sex. Their urge to fuck is much more than bachelors. And these men seldom get cooperation from their wives and on the next day of bed-action, they are enthusiastic to flirt with women around them Anil Mehta is married to beautiful Rinki (20 yrs). They were in courtship for 3 years before marriage and it was their 5th year together. She is sexy and modern.

She is a workaholic while Anil is not. He loves to enjoy the company of women and she loves to chill at work and initiate new businesses. And, like all marriages that move to boredom from their partner, Anil wanted some excitement! Sex is always in the male mind and good sex leads to more good sex. Fantasies were leading to reality as I entered Anil’s life as he was proceeding licking my ear, I turned around and touched his hand.

My intention was to keep distance, at least today. So I caressed his hands and said, sir, aap bade woh ho! Aap to andar se bhi garam ho gaye ho. Kya main apni naukri pakki samjhun? Mujhe rehne ke liye ghar bhi dhoondhna hai? Please sir, aap haan kahiye.” sir, you’re a naughty boy. You are horny now itself. Is my job given I have to start looking for a room to stay. Please sir, say Yes Anil removed his hands from my touch and placed it on my shoulder.

Ooh the currents are overflowing! So I thought. He said, “Don’t worry about the room. We have special apartment for my secretary that is close to my building. You can shift today itself. Your salary is Rs.40000/- and you have to be ready for any kind of assignment I give you. I want you to dress with clothes that stick to your sexy body. And wear matching undergarments too.

That‘s the condition you don’t have to pay for rent. Your travel allowance is also granted. Next day, I entered his cabin and was in for a surprise. “We have to travel 100 km from here to meet Mr. Singh to explain some deals. You have to pack clothes for 6 days, as he is introducing us to several clients.” Anil told me a journey of 100 km was not far from town. I assumed that he wants to screw me, so that excuse.

I asked for half day leave as I had to buy some clothes. He offered to come shopping with me too. We went to the most posh shopping mall, where he bought me some expensive perfumes, lingerie and slips. Lust is after-all an amour. In the beginning I was shy to ask the salesgirl in front of him. He took one of the bras and placed it on my boobs. He said, “This one’s so nice.” I still couldn’t understand how anyone can be so desperate

At 5 pm that evening, we both entered the back seat of his interior-modified Innova vehicle. Inside was a bar, cool disc music, a fantastic lounge sofa where two people can cuddle and enjoy. The driver in front can’t see what’s happening behind. Just the setting to fuck and fuck, I thought! As we started, he played a vulgar Bollywood track and pulled me on the sofa I thought, this guy may have shagged with me in his mind for several hours.

Anyway, I told him, “sir, aap thoda time thehriye. Aap mujhe bahut ache lagte hain. Main aapke liye wohi red bra pehenke aayee hoon. Aapko isme doodh bahut tasty lagega. Sir, have some patience. I’m in love with you. I wore that sexy red bra for you. You’re going to tast some lovely milk when you remove it jaane-man. Itni garam ladki ko aaj tak maine apne car me nahin bithaya. Tum pehli ho. Aur main biwi ka doodh pee pee kar thak gaya hoon.

Mujhe aur garam, fresh butter milk chahiye. Raat ko Sher Singh ke saath meeting hai. Uske baad uske 5 star suite me raat guzarenge. Dear, I have not let such a hot chick in my car till today. You’re the first. And I’m tired of sucking my wife’s boobs. I want some hot, fresh buttermilk. This evening we’ve to meet Mr.Singh and thereafter we will spend the night in his 5 star suites. The entire journey, we kept necking and smooching.

Our hands were moving up and down the other’s bodies. We looked like two lovers who have come together after years of penance. He kept licking my neck, and I kept moving my hands on his bare hairy chest. I gave him two lovely love bites in the two hour journey. But we never screwed. We reached Mr.Singh’s star hotel by 7:30. You won’t believe I was flabbergasted by the panoramic view of the hotel. Huge doors, lovely lobby, large landscaped gardens and clean, lovely lit balconies.

It looked like I was on a honeymoon. Of course I was. Anil was going to screw me tonight. Mr.Sudeep Singh, our host is a 30 year old bachelor. Broad-chested and killing smile, he entered our room. He was surprised to see me with Anil. But he couldn’t keep his gaze away. Made us feel comfortable and invited us over for dinner. The dinner was in his conference room with five top businessmen of Pune.

They were jewelers, industrialists, hotelier, a celebrity actor and a liquor baron. All of them were to meet Mr.Anil for beginning a new venture. Some facts were finalized and I was bored with their statistics. I was looking away to the view of the swimming pool. After the meeting, we had a light dinner. Like all men meet and discuss business, they also discuss women, wine and sex (uh uh)

A couple of drinks down and their stories of sex came up. Sudeep said let’s take a walk around and we left that room. He told me I looked gorgeous in pink saree, and also placed his hands on my shoulder once we were away from their sight. I too wanted to have contact with Sudeep. So I didn’t say anything, but kept blinking and blushing while we talked our friendship? Had begun and the sex that I will share in my next experience.

Not to let my reins loose, I gave him a smack good-night kiss before departing. Anil and I were alone in the room and the mercury levels shot up. He went to take a shower and asked me to be ready for some action. Before he came out, I removed all my clothes and went into the white linen bedsheet. He entered the bed room and saw me, I mean my bare shoulder.

He was only in a towel and his biceps were all veins. His shoulder and chest were so sexy. I felt some wetness down. His eyes were like Hritik Roshan’s. He removed his towel and exposed his white underwear. Ya his cock was on a high. I was looking at it. He came and smooch me on my lips. And as he was kissing, he removed the sheet that covered me.

His eyes were stuck on my boobs. His hands went down and felt them. He squeezed and said, itne naram, itne garam. Lagta hai inhe kisine aaj tak nahin chua wow. Such soft, so warm I assume no one has touched them till today. I said agar itne naram lagte hain, to inhe thoda aur dabaao, aur thoda choos ke inka ras to chakho if it looks so soft, why don’t you squeeze them and why don’t you taste the juices that come from sucking?

Kya tum janti ho kee aurat aur mard bistar pe kaunsa khel khelte hain. Kya tumhe kisine do you know about sex and how a man and woman enjoy sex in bed. Did someone ever screw you? Sir, aapki main bahut aabhari hoon aapne mujhe naukri dee, aur pyar diya. Main aapke lund kie deewani bani ja rahi hoon. Maine ek blue film me dekha hai ke mard ka lauda ladki ke ched me dalte hi use bahut aanand aata hai.

Uske boobe bade aur sakht hone lagte hain, aur usko apne badan ki garmi ko kam karne ke liye ek mard ka saath chahiye hota hai. Aur mard apne laude ko andar dalke usko aanand deta hai. Mujhe woh aanand chahiye, anil sir. Main aapki biwi hoon aaj raat. Mujhe wo aanand chahiye. Mujhe jore se chodo sir, I’m so grateful to you. You put me on job. I want your cock. I’ve watched in blue film in which the man enters the girls cunt and satisfies her.

Her boobs and tits swell up. And to make the fire of lust lesser, a woman needs the body of a muscled man. And when the man puts his cock inside, she feels a lot of ecstasy. I want to experience that state, Anil sir. Today I’m your wife. I want to go into ecstasy. Screw me hard and that was enough. He removed his sexy white underwear. His cock was 8 inches and I loved the sight of his clean shaven balls. His erect cock was yearning for a den.

My cunt is his den even I have the deep urge of having sex. Although after mating with Mithun for 2 months (eight times), he taught me men’s sexual anxieties. Many of you who are proud of big cocks, let me tell you that it is not the length that matters (to girls). It is the magic in your wand. So if your cock is big or small, don’t get hung up on length. You have to move into intense fantasies of satisfying your partner/ girlfriend/ wife.

You have to change your sexual activity positions at times. You have to indulge in foreplay and hug your girl even after the screw. He swiftly moved and sucked my tits for half an hour. My tits glowed like black grapes that are to be only taken inside your mouth. He moved down and kissed my navel and caressed my opening. His hands were between my legs pressing and massaging my opening he went underneath and said mujhe teri chooth bahut achi lagi.

Kya tumhe kisine bataya hai ke mard ko shaved chooth pasand hai. Agar baal hote to mujhe mazaa nahi aata. Aaj main tumhe bahut baar chodunga. Thoda sa dard hoga, starting me. Phir second time sex ka bahut ras niklega. Aur tum swarg ke jaise mehsus karogi. Ek to ye sharaab, upar se ye haseen mausam, ye garam sa karma, aur usse bhi garam jawani. Wah wah. Aaj to Anil aur Rani ki suhaag raat hai. Kuch meetha ho jaye.”

Saying so, he went down and started licking my pussy. Ui Maa. Ye kya kar rahe hain sir. Yahan gud gudee hoti hai. Ui Maa. Ui Maa. Ye kya kar rahe hain sir. Mujhe kuch kuch hota hai. Haye aaj ki raat to Rani ki choot phategi. Sir aap dheere se karo. Sir aap dheere se karo. Bahut acha lag raha hai. Then he got up and said ab main apna ling tere andar dalunga.” He pulled out a condom from the bedside draw and wore it. He placed a pillow below my ass and began to put cock inside my cunt.

We were both hugging each other like newly wed couple. His warm chest and big hard cock was making me go wild. I told him I wanted to be on top. He reluctantly came down and slept on his back. The best position I like in sex is woman on top. I like to be in control. Mithun told me, some men become anxious in bed and can’t keep their cum. They ejaculate earlier than the girl.

So, if the girl is on top, you can satisfy your cunt can keep riding, and also, the man will also be high as he is seeing his naked prey all breasts. The man will play with the boobs and sqeeze and also move his hands behind the back. So, I mounted Anil and pushed his cock inside my cunt. It was thicker than Mithun’s and even 2 inches longer. I could feel pain, but I knew I can control.

I slowly, slowly pushed and pushed till his whole meat went inside. Now my riding started, and yet again I pushed aaah, oooh, aaah, ooh,aaaaaaahh. Anil was also moving into bliss. He began to move all over my back and squeezed my ass. I came down and he began to suck on my boobs. My nipples were hard like rocks and I feeded him my boobs. I pushed even harder, and even harder and even harder

Eventually, we both came together and he was exhausted (even though I did everything) I felt so powerful screwing him. I knew he will question me on my virginity again and yes, he asked tumhe itna acha chodne kisne sikhaya. Kya tumhe kisine choda hai? How can you fuck me so well? Has someone had sex with you before? Kya sir, kya sab mardon ko kora maal chahiye hota hai?

Agar aap log apne aap ko control nahin kar sakte, to hum log bhi to insaan hain. Ek baar ek ladke ne mujhe choda hai, aur uske baad hain aap. Kyun aapko maza nahin aaya? Aur agar mujhe kuch aata nahin hota, to kya aapka itna mota lamba land meri chooth ka maza ley pata. Mujhse zyada aapke laude ko dard hota. What sir, do all men want fresh meat in bed?

Look at yourself. You guys can’t have control on your sexual urges, what about us? Only once, one guy has fucked me and now it is you. Why? Didn’t you enjoy? If I never knew anything, would you have enjoyed, would your thick and long cock have enjoyed me. More than my cunt, your cock would have pained. He agreed, blushing.

He fucked me once again that night with equal force and then for the next 6 nights in Singh’s hotel room. Till we came back to town on the way back, he said,” agar ye Sudeep tujhe pasand karne laga hai, to use gaand marne dena. Isne mujhe aaj 5 carod ka business diya hai. Write to me if you’ve enjoyed, so I can continue to give you more reading pleasure.

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