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Ramu Sexual Life Experiences

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  • October 12, 2015

Coming to the story our family living in a factionists area .In my village Half of the members will be in jail due to group politics. Always rivalry between two political groups in my village. Coming to my family Me, father, Mother, brother My Father work under a political leader. My brother was doing agriculture and my mother also helped him in agriculture . I am going to school near by town.

But I have more sexual feelings from childhood onwards because I’m watching village beauties and their cleavages just I’m enjoying it freely Why because no one don’t wear bra’s and panties. When I was going for pee in the fields some matured aunties & girls came for pee I’m watching their pussies and butts by hiding, some ladies taking open bath near to the riverside. when I was at age of 11, I simply went to our fields and helping to my brother in work. Later on I went for piss near to bushes, there I heard some moaning sounds simply I went near to the bushes without making any noise, I got shocked by watching that scene , a couple was fully nude and fucking by screwing each other and after watching that scene my penis slowly start raising without my notice .

After some time I leave that place ,finishing of all work we reached home and after taking food went to bed but I didn’t get sleep my thoughts revolves around their fucking and aunt’s nude body .Like this my sexual intentions will increase due to that my dick also increasing apart from my age. When I was at age of 13 My father fixed marriage proposal to my brother. I have seen my SIL photo. She was looking good why because village girls always looking natural look. Anyway all things goes good and marriage day will come and all relatives attend that marriage. My Dad sister Nagalakshmi a sexy aunty like kushboo, shakeela with good shapes and not only my aunt but also lot of aunties attended that marriage. I was watching their beauties on sari’s itself.

My aunt Come and talking with each one friendly and came to my side and hugged me kissed on my forehead that touch wake up devil inside me my penis raise and torching to her she didn’t notice that. Later on after taking food we all together start on tractor for temple (Marriage on temple itself) on river side. To get inside of tractor my aunt was struggling due to her size I helped her by holding her hips and I also touched her smooth butts. In tractor I sit under my aunt lap and road was not good due to that her boobs was rubbing tome. We reached that place, all were busy with their works. I found one place to sleep, beside of me an old lady sleep I don’t see her face in that darkness.

In the middle of sleep, that old lady was hugged me tightly and smooching all over my body, by her action I was stunned but she murmured another person name, I think in darkness she came towards me by thinking of other person. Anyway I Enjoy that scene and my dick start raising and stands at 90 degrees .She placed hand into my trouser and remove jip and start masturbating and she take my hands and pressing her boobs Later she became nude and make me nude and start fucking by inserting my dick into her bushy vagina and I was in heaven Later when I was moaning she found that I’m other person take her clothes and jump to other place, I remain silent due to fear of my father but any way I enjoyed my first fuck with matured aunty.

After I wear clothes and sleep there itself, At early morning , My aunty and mom came near to me and wake up me and take me near to the river for bath. We move to one corner of river (alone place) then they start removing clothes in front of me , I’m wonder to see to beautiful ladies like goddess becoming nude ,I stunned to watch their white boobs with black nipples and full hairy vagina and pots like butts and made me mad especially my mom ,due to that my dick stand on trouser itself, they don’t notice me and bath themselves , my mom told me to remove my dress, I hesitate to remove my trouser because of shy in front of them, Later on they force I remove it my aunty started to tease me by seeing my erected penis. Later we completed our bath we wear new clothes, reached our place. But during our bath session we watches ourselves each together .Marriage completed and all things going faster and arranged first night .

I went sleep Next to my Brother’s room due to lack of space ,Aunt sleep next to me. In sleep Their nude bodies came in mind and made me mad I don’t get proper sleep, I wake up for drinking water, on the way I found one window type hole on my brother’s room. Hesitantly I watch inside , I wondered to see them nude and fucking, in that dim light I watching my SIL nude body was glowing, her medium boobs and also light haired vagina .by watching that I started masturbating my erected penis, Suddenly a hand placed on my shoulder , I fully shocked and turn backside she was mom. She asked what u r doing here?. I remain silent for a minute. She scolded me and later on she said It was wrong don’t watch inside. But during our conversation my mom eyes was on my erected penis. I came and sleep by dreaming about fucking of all ladies in the home. I roam outside without seeing my face to mom.

At evening all were starting to my SIL’s home for Reception Except me ,mom for arranging all things. My mom as usual call me for help but I was shy to go front of mom. She was moving as usually, When she was keeping some materials on attic by climbing ladder , I’m holding ladder. Her sari was tucked I had clear view of thighs And light view of vagina by that my penis got erected ,suddenly she slips on ladder and I caught her ,we lost balance an rolled 3 to 4 rounds, her boobs on my hands and erected penis was rubbing her vagina. We adjust ourselves but devil inside ours wake up and I hugged mom very tightly and I locked her lips with my lips not to shout.

By pressing boobs and fucking on sari itself and after some time she too respond for my behavior and that time we forgot that mother and son ,we quickly remove all our clothes and became nude and I smooched all over her body with my tongue and sucking boobs like child and finger fucked her bushy vagina juices were out and finally insert my erected dick into her pussy and starts fuck my own mom , we fuck nearly for ½ hour and all juices filled in her pussy, her pussy hair was blown with my juices and mom sleep on me and told that I was waiting for sex since 10 years onwards because your father always roam with his leader and forget me. Due to traditional life I can’t do any wrong then a loud voice we heard that is my aunt. Hey what u people doing? We got shocked and mom taken her clothes by watching my erected penis she too became my slave, Her husband was in jail nearly 3 years .I fucked my aunt and again both nearly ½ hour.

Later we look ourselves and smiled each other and clean ourselves went to function, Like this our life was going, My brother was actively participate with my Sil. When ever I got a chance with mom we readily fucking .My mother was taking some ayurvedic medicine not getting pregnancy. I watch my brother’s fucking and also my SIL’s bath by hiding. Like this going on my life. I got affair with lot of ladies near to houses. I Moved to college. One day I ‘m coming from college I found a parcel , I searched all that surroundings no one was there.

Finally I opened that box ,inside a international spy camera will be there. I went to my friend’s home and tell him that matter. We discuss for some time and finally got a plan. We Went College from back side without making noise ,we climb building and reached toilet and lecturer’s restroom and we placed it very carefully not noticing any one and finally we finish it .We made connection to his system her parents were employs they were not in home all the time,

We enjoy daily our college mates and lecture’s nude bodies and like this we enjoy a lot and later on we purchased some more cameras fixed in our Village surroundings during festival bath’s etc,.. My Life was going smoothly. My father was killed in some gang wars between two parties lot of people were died. Later on my brother also joined into my father’s group to take revenge on them , but my mother was stopped my brother in all ways she not mentioned her words.

Anyway I completed my graduation. I’m simply doing agriculture not going for job And in the fields I have affair with lot of labours. But a twist turns my life fully One day my brother was arrested by police during gang wars he take revenge on other party members who killed my father, My SIL was crying fully due to brother arrest actually due she lost her sexual pleasures .Then onwards her intentions towards me . when ever she got a chance show me her cleavage and hot shapes One day Mom will gone to marriage .I and SIL were at home.

As usual I roam village having sexual pleasures went to home at night. When she was keeping food to me her pallu slips down her boobs shape will clearly visible to my eyes .I simply finish of eating and gone to bed .But I don’t get proper sleep. Later for drinking of water I wake up by crossing my brother’s room I saw through window to my shock my SIL was lying on led and rubbing on her pussy and boobs on sari itself,

After some time I went near to her bed without making noise and I placed hand on her boobs, she shocked to see me and throw me and gone to other room. I also followed her and hugged her tightly from backside , my erected penis struck between her butts , she try to escape from me but anyway she surrender me. Slowly We remove all our clothes, I kissing all over her body, then I insert my erected penis into her vagina, initially some what entered into her vagina but I forcibly push into her vagina she shouted and later on she too enjoyed it.. Through my sexual experience I show her different positions like fingering,licking,ass fucking etc,.

Whenever we got a chance we enjoyed it lot. Later on my Mom come to know all my affairs Including my SIL. Mom was fully tensed due to Gang wars and My Affairs and Send me to city Forcefully by arranging all things. Without informing others I Left to city and join in my Friend’s Photo studio and in a short time I became a good photo editor in all sections. Due to work I forgot all things and I got a job in a reputed film industry with handsome salary.

Later on I buy a house and my Mom & SIL Came to City with me by giving lands for rent for agriculture. We enjoy a lot sex pleasures. My brother also knows about our relationship, due to love on us he never opposes on it. My SIL gave Birth two children….My mom arranged me Marriage with my distant relative.

After marriage I forget all my affairs and enjoy only with my Wife whenever her absence I enjoy with mom & SIL .My wife given birth of twins…Now I’m well settled , happy going family…Mom Playing with my children she too forgot our relationship….My SIL waiting for her husband and also take care of our children…Like this whenever I was in work pressure I Recollect my sweet memories and enjoyed it… Thank you…

Ramu Sexual Life Experiences

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