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Rajan From Tamil Nadu

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hai readers! This is my real life incident which I like to share with you all. My name is Rajan from Tamilnadu (Don’t want to mention name of town). As my father got transferred to another town, my family shifted to new town and my sister joined her under graduation study in that town. I was asked to reside with my grandparents as I was doing the III year of my Engineering course. The incident took at my grand parentrs village.

My grandfather has only one brother and both the houses are adjacent to each other, space between two houses, having common separation wall. My grandfather is younger and his only brother had only two daughters. One of his daughter married and settled at Chennai, and elder daughter in the same house as she was married to his maternal uncle. This incident is my experience with the elder daughter (aunty). At around 8th standard itself, I have got much attracted to her. Though she was about 18 years elder than me, her sexual appearance had me lust for her from that years itself. She was the woman whom I had seen nude first in my life. About her, She is milky in colour, has two child, one male and another female. She has very beautiful boobs which are very tight and stands erect at even 36, she has only slight swollen stomach and her butts project outwards and make me mad. From my childhood itself, I have seen her always commenting and scolding the uncle, as he was so older to her and doesn’t do any other work, than sitting at the lands. She was not active in sex with him, she has married him in small age due to granparents compulsion. But after neglected him as he was fit for nothing(most of the villagers say this including my grandparents).

Both our houses are at the end of the street, there are no street backwards as there are cultivable lands behind. Both our houses are too big typical village houses of large landlords with big garden in back of the house. There was a passage in the back side to go between both houses in the compound. Both houses had large number lemon, flowering plants, papaya, banana and many much more trees in the back garden that it is difficult to identify a man in the garden at dull light. Since in my grandparent house there is no TV, I used to go and watch TV in my aunt’s house from my childhood. I saw her first nude when I went to see TV at about 7 pm, when I was to the village for my VIII annual holidays. When I went through the backside which both our family usually communicate, I saw some one taking bath, I was really made surprise to see my aunty bathing nude. By seeing something I felt different and stood behind the banana trees and watch her. She was only her back towards me and putting soap all over her body and rubbing, while bending down to rub the legs I saw her boobs jumping. She was taking bath with the back door of her house closed and light was on. I felt first my penis growing thick at that instant, I watched fully till she wiped herself with towel and put clothes and went inside the house. From that instant I got attracted to her body. I always used to be in her house during my holidays to the grandparent village other than eating and sleeping time, telling my grandparents that I am going to wacth TV. But not the fact, I was watching her body all the time in her house. Her son was studying in hostel and her daughter is older than me about 9 months. From that day I usually looked for another nude bath feast but that didn’t happen, as she mostly takes bath in the bathroom which is adjacent to my grandparent house and cleanly visible while getting up in staircase. Aunt’s bathroom is uncovered in top as also my grandparents house, which is common in villages. Her bathrrom doesn’t have lights so hearing bathing sound in bathrrom I used to stand on the stairs and watch her taking bath, hiding. As there is no light in bathroom, light from outside and moonlight shows only her nude body, but I could not watch her nipples and pussy bush as I saw at first.

These went through about four years, she also didn’t suspect me. After my XII exam, I didn’t free seat as my name was in waiting list for engineering. So I was boring and my parents asked me to be in grandparents house till my admission confirms as I feel more close to my grandparents. During these holidays, I revealed much about my aunt. I had seen some sex films along with my friends and blue filmsin friends house during XII standard, I was very well knowledged about sex and was masturbating thinking about the films and my aunty. My aunt’s daughter used to go college on morning 7.30 itself as it takes about 1 hour or more to reach the town. After that my aunt will only be in the house, my uncle will com for eating time and will leave after in 20 minutes after eating to lands. I was always in the aunts house as she also looks TV serials and other programs right from the morning. I also sit and watch her while she was watching TV. She doesn’t wear bra at house, so whenever she wears a black bra (which she wears once in 3 days, as she wears on red, blue and black alternatively) which is see through, her white boobs ans nipples are clearly visible from side. By seeing this I would get aroused and sometimes when sitting I also have short glimpse of black bush while spreading her legs. I became to closely watch her. She used to grind idly and dosa Maavu’s for the nearby villagers in order to make money for her children studies at every evening. I will be sitting in the hall so that the grinder is cleanly visible to me from the hall. She usually tucks her saree and petticoat in her belly and do the works and while doing her saree would always be showing the sides of her boobs which while in black blouse day reveals her nipples well. She does not care much of it as I was only at the house that too seeing TV. While bending to take water, buckets or vessels, I could see her white fleshy thighs and she also frequently comes to hall for watching TV while doing work. After grinding all the rices, she used to tie up her hair and go to the bathrrom to take bath leaving me in the house to look after.

I used to see her wearing only petticoat while she is leaving from the room behind the hall. I also used to go after water spilling sound hears and peep through the partial opened door of her bathroom as she could not watch anybody standing out the door as usually it becomes more dark as it becomes 7.30 or 8 pm. I could watch closely her but her nipple and bushes are clear to me. After taking bath she will enter room behind the hall with only petticoat to dress inside. I was eager to see her nude in light. An idea struck to my mind, as the ventilator of grandparents store room is the common ventilator to her room behind that too a store room where grinder is located, I thought that it would be better to peep through the ventilator to see her in light. My grandparents house store is not even with lights dumped with agriculture materials. No one will go inside it except my grandfather that too in day time for taking agriculture materials. So I decided it is the best way to fullfil my needs. I arrander an tall stool to climb on the slab from where I could see her room well. From that day I used to sit and watch TV i.e her until she switches of the grinder after finishing her work and then leave to my house through back side dorr to the store room to peep through the ventilator. My grandparents thought that I would be watching TV there. To my surprise the idea worked well. She took the towel and petticoat outside, I think she may have kept in bath room wall and entered the room. She removed her saree and then her blouse, which made her boobs to be revealed well in light, she then went to the nearby window and took an clip and tied her hair with it. She was half nude till now exposing boobs that stretching up down while she was tieing her hair. Then she untied the petticoat and put over her boobs and went outside. I also used to go the steps of the staircase and look her bathing behind the hand rail of the stairs and when she is to finish bathing I would again go the store room and see through ventilator. She will come into the room with holding the petticoat in her hands above the boobs.

After entering and closing the backside door she removed the petticoat fully and wiped whole body with towel and then puts powder to her breasts, neck and face and then puts petticoat, blouse and saree. Sometimes she will be facing the ventilator by which I was able to see her whole body nude. She was not able to watch me as the ventilator is at height and my store room is dark. I used to masturbate seeing like this. The same thing continued when I was at my grandparents house due to tranfer of parents, I had no guts to approach her for sex even though I was in thirst for her. One day when I was hiding and seeing from the steps on a full moon day, due to bright light I was able see her nipple and body clean. So I was masturbating and seeing from hiding behind the wall. I think she would have seen my shadow below in bathroom floor, so she suddenly looked up and noticed me called loudly, Who! Who!? I was frightened at her bolder voice and got down out the steps and went to my room. My pulses very high, I was fearing that she may say this to grandparents and make me punished. With lot of negative thoughts of getting punished, I finally decided to got to her and ask sorry and convence her anyway so that she may not tell to others. So, I went to her house through back side, she was putting wet clothes for drying in the rope and starred at me. I was able to say even a word after seeing starring at me with angry. I went inside the house and switched on the TV and began to watch TV as if nothing had happened. She didn’t talk to me even a single word. For 3 days from that I didn’t peeped over the bathroom and ventilator of fear. But then I was not able to control my thirst for her, I started to see her through the ventilator and after 2 days I was also tempted to see while taking bath, thinking that she may watch the steps, I gone near the bathroom window and peeped through the half opened door.

I watched that she was frequently watching the stairs for whether I was looking or not. In the dark, I did not watch the small vessel kept beside the bath room door. I was matrubating and looking over her while balacing one my hand in the floor. As I was to ejaculate by body shightly shakened and I lost the balance and for balancing I took the hand from my penis to rest in floor, but I kept my hand over that vessel so it made noise and she noted and suddenly opened the door and I was caught with my penis out from my lungi hanging about 8 inch long and cum spilled in floor. She asked me to go inside the house and wait harshly. I obeyed and went inside and sat in the hall with fear what she is going to say. But to my surprise she came to hall locking the back door (as usual while no one are in house after taking bath daily) only holding the petticoat above her boobs. She stood straight in front of me and asked what the nonsense are you doing, I have caught you 2 times, for how many days are you doing this things? I asked sorry, but she said answer my question. I said the whole thing right from I saw her full nude while taking bath at back side of her house, peeping through the ventilator and bathroom. She got angry and caught my penis over lungi which has lost strength after ejaculation and said I have brought you up right from the birth and watched this bella, but now this bella is needing a aunt who has brought up you. Although she was crushing my penis, the touch of her hand and her wet body with the breasts slightly exposed from the sides of her petticoat while crushing me penis, made my penis to grow which she noted with hand and said with a different tone with a smile I am scolding and yours is bulging.

She abruptly removed my lungi and caught my penis which was about 6 inches long and softly moved the skin up and down as if stroking it. Her face was with smile as my penis was growing more and more. She looked at me and asked why are you so eager to fuck an aged lady like me? I said that though you are aged but your organs looks young as they are not used by uncle. I said I know you have not fucked uncle for past several years so you really look young. She then seeing my fully grown penis about 8 inches, she kneeled down and took my penis near to her face and said that she was angry with me till she saw my penis as she opened the door after seeing it her mood has completely changed to taste it and fuck it. Saying it she left the petticoat and held my buttock towards her and took my penis tip inside her mouth with another hand slowly stroking it. It was my first experience of having a hot mouth sucking my penis, I was filled with pleasure and was crushing her exposed boobs with both the hands. She was sucking my cock very hard that I came on her mouth within 2 minutes. She wiped and drank all my cum and with a feel of satisfaction looked at my face and said that my uncles penis was just 3 ½ inches long and only about thumb thickness. So she was frustrated of having sex from that. But after seeing such a long and thick penis she was completely filled with sex pleasure and she wanted to experience the full pleasure with my penis in her chut. As my penis has ejaculate two time within 20 minutes, it was completely loosing strength. She noticed it and said let me grow him up. She got up nude as her petticoat has fell down completely and told me to follow her to the room behind where I see her through the ventilator and asked to sit before her in the floor. She was wiping out the sweat and started putting powder over body. While wiping her leg she bent down and I could see her ass hole, my penis started growing slowly seeing her actions. She then poured powder on her body, breast and turned towards me crushed her breast as if applying the powder and teasing me. She then applied powder to her face and with all freshness she was very erotic in front me. My penis has grown to his full length. I raised and asked her for fucking her, but she refused and asked why are you hurrying. I said grandma will call be for dinner.

She said I will tell see all that and told me to do what she says. She went into bedroom and called me. She sat on the bed and opened her leg apart and put finger in her hair bush and parted her lips so that I was able to look her pussy clearly and asked me to come and sit below and lick her pussy with my tongue. I obeyed to her and licked her with sucking all her juices that her flowing out while licking. She was massaging her breasts while was licking her pussy. She moaned loudly ahh ahhh hooo when her first orgasm came. She held my head along with her chut by holding with the legs tightly. After that she hold my head and took my lips in lips and drove her tongue inside my mouth.

My penis was very erect shaking to enter into her pussy. She held my penis with her hand and put into her pussy hole and asked to pump it in and out slowly, but out my eagerness I was wildly ramming her as my 7 years fantacy was becoming true. I my penis has ejaculated 2 times earlier itself it did not cum soon. As her legs were paining in same position she asked me to lie down on back and climbed up me to ride on me. She sat on me and was slowly riding and enjoying the full long penis deeply penetrated into her. I was getting excited seeing her boobs jumping. I caught her buttocks and made her to do fast, she also increased speed and within 5 minutes of ride she got orgasm so that her inner pussy was tightening my penis inside, I was also in stage to cum, so even though she was to stop riding and I made her to ride by moving her buttocks and I cummed in her pussy with moaning, I order to suppress my loud moaning she bent down and mouth kissed me and laid there in that position about 5 minutes and then she got and dresses up and asked me to dress up and go to the house. From that day, I had sex with her in all position and even one day when my grandparents were gone for a relative marriage we  have fucked her in the bathroom and the back side of the house where I have seen her first nudely. She always tucks her petticoat and saree in belly so that I could watch the pussy (she always keeps her pussy without hair as I wanted to keep on look her pussy lips when I am at her house) and do all nonsense even in day time without getting off the clothes, to be not caught by anybody else. No body suspect us. She does not allow me to see her daughter taking bath.

She will be watching me when she in bathroom, if I try to see she will stare at me and warned that if you do that she will stop fucking. I do also like married ladies only so I also agreed with her. We even also tried once in her ass hole with oil. Your comments are welcomed to make us discuss about it while fucking. Kindly send to

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