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Raj & Urmila Sex Thrill

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Its Raj , a 21 year old man from Karnataka I have become fan of all desi stories and would like to share my true story (remember this is not a fantasy) with you all. I am very good in studies as well as good-looking guy of 76kgs and with very masculine body. And they love the way I give them pleasure as I believe in Kamasutra and its positions. In past I have learnt a lot about these positions and practised a lot too so any lady who gets my attention gets the pleasure of a lifetime. Anyway let me start my story.

This happened when I was just 21 and was in the start of my sexual life. As I was very good in studies one of my relative Urmila ( i used to call her since she looks like that) used to come to our house for help as she was appearing in SSC. Let me describe you how was she? She was just 16 years old but she looked 18-19 years old as she was well developed and very sexy looking. Her figure was 33 26 34 at that time. Her parents are staying at other place , so she used to stay with us even thogh her brothers staying near to our place. When her parents requested me to help her in studies I was very happy to take the offer. So she started coming to my house and started taking help in maths .This is in the month of august she was in our home , at night we both sleeping on same bed , after some time i wantedly put my hand on my hard pennis and masterbating so that she can see , i know that she is watching , i saw her face she laughung and told me what u doing , i say i am doing hand blowjob to my pennis , i asked her to do for me , she told me i will do my cunt and u do your pennis , then i requested her she say no fuck just kissing and pressing , i said ok . I placed my blancked over her and pressed her boobs and put my hand in her panty and almost removed , she got angry and left the room and slept at other place , and on that day i missed that chance and i am afriad she may tell to my parents , she never told to any body .

Next day when i asked her she told it is common and not to worry .So i have waited for 2 months more . In the month of nevember 14th her mother came to our house and she had a habit of drinking whisky . On that day her mother drank quarter bottle whisky and slept , next to her my urmila slept , and i also slept same room . After every body slept i slowly put my hand on her boobs , she never say any thing . She wearing kurtha , her top buttons are tight i cannot open .I tried for 2 hrs , just pressing on her top only , suddenly she woke up and went to toilet and came back . She slept near to me . Again i started to put my hand to my surprise her top buttons are open . I made my hand to go deep inside her bra and pressed her boobs and she really enjoying . On that day i never had a chance to fuck her . The next day my aunty and my parents went out and my urmila told that she cannot go due to not feeling well . At that time i and my urmila in my house nobody there . Then i asked urmila , did u like that what i did yesterday , she just laughed . I told her your nipples are very small and your boobs are big . She replied that until now nobody touched her boobs and i am the first person touched . I asked her shall i kiss you , she never talk to me . I forced her to kiss me , she slowly responded and i hugged her tightly pressing her boobs to my chest and i slowly put my hand in her choot , i put my hand in her choot over the panty , the whole portion is wet and slippery . I touched her clittories with my middle finger , she was so exited and shouting Venkatesh( she used to call me since i look like him) please put your finger deep inside , then i made her to sleep on bed and i removed her dress and panty , i saw her pussy was wet , and her hair was full grown and full of juices .

I asked her why u never shave , she told she dont know how to shave . I asked her shall i shave , she told OK . I told i will kiss there and shave later , she agreed . I kissed her lips and removed her top shirt and bra , now she is naked in front of me and i am still in dress . She asked me to remove my pant . I asked her only to take out my dress . She came to me and put her hand on my lund ( the feling i cannot explain) slowly removed my zip and she saw a bulge she removed my underwear and saw my dick which is 7 inches and it was wet like her , i have shaved morning only . She immediately taken my hard lund in her hands and shaked it up and down and i asked her she like my cadbury , she say yes and taken in her mouth .With in few minutes i loaded my sperms in her mouth ,my lund was hard as usual ( this is my first sex).Then gently I started licking her pussy. She gave me way by parting her legs.I could make out that she is liking it very much. I just licked her pussy lips once and again another shock of electricity went thru her body. She was liking it very much. I could hear her maons becoming louder I kissed her pussy and drank her lovely juice and i inserted my hard pennis in her cunt . She shouting paining , pain . But i continued to press my lund in her at last she feeling , Then I started moving and I could see her face changing. Now she was getting the pleasure of lifetime. She started moving with my movements and then she took charge of the situation. Her movement was as good as mine and that was making me excited. It gave me pleasure to move along with her. She was shouting with pleasure too. She started taking out sounds like ooh aahh uhnn please fuck me please It was great to hear from her. I started moving faster and fsater and she started shouting again and again. Suddenly I could feel her body shivering again yes she was getting it again. Yes and then suddenly I felt blood rushing thru my dick too as her cunt was sucking it like anything. I unloaded my cum inside her and she was shouting with every smash of my cum. It was an never ending process as my dick never stopped oozing out. She was liking it very much and I could see some line of satisfaction in her face. She told me i love you and we will marry . I told u are relatives and our relation is brother and sister , so nobody will agree , please dont think like this , If u want we will enjoy like this .

On that day i shaved her pussy and again we had nice sex . She called me over phone and told me i love and let us try job in other country so that nobody will be knowing our relation , since we both are well educated . I got job in over seas and she is India , and aslo she married , had one son . Since last 4 and half years there is no message from her . I think she will read this story and sure she will mail me . I know she loves me a lot . I am not disclosing her name or my name . Since we both married . My nick name is Venkatesh and her name is urmila remember cadbury choclate . My dear urmila if u read this mail me .Now I am a very well experienced man with lot of fun so any gal, lady,aunty bhabhi interested to have fun in Mumbai(Bombay) can mail me personally so that we can exchange our experiences as well as have fun too. My mailing address is

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