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Raj & Priya

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I was thinking of jotting down my story since long and now I got time and perfect mood to finish this. This is my true story and should not be read as an ordinary sexual story. Its about love and passion. Read it with passion.Names and places has been changed for the privacy of the characters.

I am Raj, 35 from Delhi working as IT manager in a big firm. This story is 8 years old when I was 27 years old and newly transferred to Mumbai. After a series of fights with my wife I was very disappointed and heart broken man. I really want to makeup with my wife but something wrong was going between us. I started feeling alone and aloof until this incident changed my life.

While working on my PC in office, my colleague Harish patted on my shoulder and asked if I can help him finding some online girl. I was really not in mood for all that but somehow I said ‘yes’ to his ambitious project. He asked me to open a new id on Yahoo and start finding. Next hour we messaged some 50 girls on yahoo chat room but no one replied.

Suddenly my window pop up and the lady from other side said “Hi, I am priya from Bangalore”. I turned around to see Harish around but he was nowhere, I called him to ask but he said he already left office and will come next morning only. But I had to answer something on the screen and I replied with a “Hi, how are you”. We started talking from there.

She was from Bangalore, married with two kid and she was four years elder to me. She had her parents in Mumbai so she used to come Mumbai to see them twice a year. It was already March and she used to come to Mumbai every April. As our talks grew we both started attracted to each other. Harish used to ask me about her but since now I took over, he withdrew.

Slowly I declared that I am in love with her and she reciprocated with same gesture. We used to talk long hours every day on chat and phone and soon we started our love making and sexual talks as well. I realized that her husband was not fond of her and they don’t have proper sex. She was not satisfied physically and mentally.

Though I was in love with her and sex was the last thing in my mind I started loving her with my whole heart. I used to miss her talks, used to watch her pics for hours and whatever happens in love was happening with me. Soon she told me her arrival date to Mumbai. The day she landed, she told me the venue of our meeting. At the given time I reached searching for her.

I have seen her only in pics till now and my heart was pounding high in anticipation to see her. When I reached, she was nicely dressed in her striped tshirt and blue denim capri and she was talking on phone. She saw me held my hand and said that she will finish her urgent call. She took good 10 mins to finish her call and all that while her hand was in my waist.

Finally when she finished her call, she held and squeezed my hands. I felt like putting my hand between the softest milky creamy thing. She had the softest and milkiest skin I had ever touched. I kept looking her in big eyes. Her hair was short, till her shoulder and her body was little plump but very very fair.

The aroma of her perfumed filled my nostrils and made me more intoxicated. She led me to the coffee shop and we sat in front of each other. For long, we kept looking in each others eyes, did not know what to say we just kept looking and smiling. She broke the silence with asking if I need something. Next five minutes she got me a coffee and an ice tea for herself.

She asked if I just wanted to stare her or talk something? I big grin ran onto my face and she laughed out loud. I saw her perfect lips opened, her teeth coming out first time there was a sparkle in her laugh. We kept talking till long and finally when she got a call from her home, she wanted to go. But she wanted me to go with her till half the way.

Her head was on my shoulder and my elbow mistakenly touched her ever soft breasts. I got embarrassed and I apologized. She smiled, turned my face towards her and planted a kiss on my cheeks. It felt lovely and I was flying with that kiss. I thought myself as the most fortunate man of the world. she kissed my other cheek and whispered ” I love you” in my ears.

I felt those words melting from my ears to my heart. It was an amazing feeling and I was feeling on top of this world. I got down from the auto and promised her to meet soon. For the next 5 days we kept calling each other and getting restless without each other. I asked her if she want to meet me in hotel and she was readily agreed.

Following Saturday, we had our hotel booked and I picked her from the meeting place and hired an auto to the hotel. All the way we both were nervous never knowing what is going to happen. She checked in first the called me after half an hour to tell her room number. I rang the doorbell of her room with trembling hands but it was already open.

I twisted the doorknob, entered and locked the door behind. It was a nice room with big brown curtains. She was sitting on the sofa with her legs stretched on the table. She smiled at me and asked me and I went more nervous. I did not know what to do what to say. I sat on the bed, shivering, trembling and feeling shy.

Being a guy I knew I would have been more bold but I was being too nervous that time. We talked about other things for 15 mins wasting our time and seriously I was not even interested in what we were talking. She made the first move. She got up and sat beside me and asked me to remove my shoes. As I removed my shoes she saw me careful. I felt like being x-ray.

Next thing she got up and sat directly in my lap. For the first time she was so close to me she wrapped her arms around my neck and with trembling lips she same much closer to my lips and asked “Can I Kiss you?” Without saying anything I surged forward with my open lips our burning lips started working on each other.

We held each other tight that I felt her big breasts crushing on my chest and our lips were wresting. I felt like kissing the hot soft petals and we were sucking our lips like we never want to separate. Till now I havent tasted her tongue. I had strong urge to dig my tongue deep in her mouth but I was too reluctant to do that.

After 10 good minutes we broke our kiss with panting and our hearts pounding, she moved a little back saying ” Did you notice my dress?” I examined her carefully. I remembered that I asked her to wear a front opening shirt with matching trouser and she was wearing exactly same. I smiled and hugged her tight again.

I have more surprise for you” she said smiling. I asked “what is it?” She replied, “you have to find out yourself”. I pushed her down on bed and I was all over her next moment. Kissing her all over her clothes. I started unbuttoning her with my teeth one by one with every button opened I saw her bare exposed skin. When I reached the third button she stopped me asking “Did you see?”

She held her shirt and moved it over her one breast showing her red transparent bra. I looked back to her face she was smiling and I remembered once I told her that I love the red color transparent lingerie. Today she was wearing that only for me. I was elated and happy to see that. My dick started to come into life. She could feel my bulge on her thighs.

I unbuttoned her rest of the shirt kissing her neck, her breasts over her bra, her bare skin, making a tongue trail from her neck to her cleavage. She held my head and guided my head to her nipple. I bit her nipple slightly over her bra making her moan. I slid my hand below her back and made her sit straight helping her removing her shirt completely.

Now I could her big tits clad in red transparent bra and her deep cleavage. I was wonder struck amused and astonished on the sight I was seeing. I had never seen such beautiful pair of boobs in my life. Her nipples were big protruding with large maroon areola. She wanted to remove her bra but I stopped her. I wanted to see her in red bra and panty.

She jumped and sat in lap again unbuttoning my shirt and t-shirt. She pushed me on my back straddling me she started kissing me all over starting from my forehead my cheeks, sucked my earlobes and my lips. She traveled down to my shoulders and halted on my chest. She raised her head ” I love your hairy chest Raj” I smiled with a reply ” All Yours, Pls go ahead”

She kissed my chest all over running her lips from side to side biting softly and finally she rested her lips on my right nipple. I saw her lips parting and her pink lovely tongue coming out to savor my nipple. She circled my nipple all over round and round made me gasp for breath. A big Aahhhh left out from my mouth and she covered my nipple with her hot mouth.

She started mauling my nipple with her teeth and lips pinching the other nipple in her fingers. She changed her mouth from one nipple to other nipple treating both of them the same way. I could not handle it more and my dick wanted to tear my jeans and come out but she was more steady with her pace.

I had to push her on her back and unzip her trouser pulling it down her smooth milky thighs legs and feet. My mouth opened wide on the sight her lying in red bra and panty. I sat straight and had a nice look of her entire body. I wanted to gobble her up, eat, suck and lick the perfect piece of god’s master work.

I removed my denim and I came all over her slipping my hands under her back to unhook her bra. I removed her bra straps one by one off her shoulder and finally her tits were fully open in front of my eyes. I held them in my hands and started running my tongue all over them, biting softly sucking hard slurping her skin she held my head and guided my head from one nipple

to another moaning high. Her every moan gave me a larger hard on. I kissed my way down and dug my tongue deep in her naval. I sucked it dry circling my tongue in and around it. I came up again kissing her all stomach and tits again then kissing her passionately. She rolled me on my back straddling me holding my hands above my head and pinned my wrists on the bed.

She looked at me with pure love and lust. Bending down on my face she rubbed her tits on my chest kissing me hard in my mouth she came down and stopped on my underwear. Looking up in my eyes she dipped her fingers in my elastic band, pulled it to the fullest and made my dick free. She pulled it further down my feet and threw it aside.

She came up back kissing my legs and thighs and held my dick in her soft hands. I Felt my own dick crossing all the limits of hardness in her hands. She held my balls in her one hand and ran her fist on the hard rod. She had nice look of it from base to top and all over the big knob of it. I frowned in question, she smiled and whispered that she loved my long and slender cock.

I was feeling very concerned about my own dick. It was normal 6″ cock with 4″ circumference and she was liking it? I asked if her husband has smaller or bigger? She said that her husband has only 4″ but thicker than me but she is in love with my dick already. Next moment she opened her pink lips and engulfed my cock with her hot tongue working on it.

Soon I came to know that she was a novice in it. She didnt know how to give a blow job but she was trying her best. I held her head and moved up and down on my dick but that did not help. Without wasting more time I pulled her up kissing hard I rolled and came on top of her. Once again moving from her breasts to her panty I lifted her hips and removed her transparent panty.

I kissed and licked her thighs all over leaving my saliva trails all over her thighs. I badly wanted to see her pussy. I tried to open her legs but she was too shy for that. I looked up and whispered “Please Priya let me see it”. She gave in and I slowly opened her legs wide. A clean shaven big wet pussy with large labia and throbbing clitories looked so inviting that I moved

between her legs to lick it dry. Her juices were already flowing on her thigh and the bedsheets was already wet beneath her. I moved like a snake between her legs and opened her pussy lips with my two fingers, She sighed loud and held my head hard. I gave her pussy a long lick from her clitoris to her honeypot hole.

Her pussy lips and labia opened like flower petals and started sucking them hard in my mouth, pulling them biting them in my mouth drinking her pussy juices she never stopped squirming all the time. Finally she could not bear it and pulled me up kissing me hard tasting her own juices from my mouth she held my cock and guided to her hole.

Inch by Inch I start pushing and she started crying. I stopped in the middle with my cock half buried in her hole I started pulling it out. I held her face in my palms asking what happened? She replied ” I havent been touched in five years, my husband never enters me, I think the hymen has grown back but pls put it again in I need you in me”

I asked if she is okay she nodded and guided my cock again in. This time I kept kissing her while pushing in deep till my public hair met her public hair. I kept myself deep in her for few minuted to make her comfortable then slowly started moving. She held my ass tight pushing me in her with her legs wrapped around my waist.

My mouth kissing sucking her lips and I demanded for her tongue ” Give me your tongue, I wanna suck it”, Her lips parted she pushed her pink sweet tongue in my mouth and I sucked it hard as far as I could pull it in my mouth. Our tongue were rolling on each other fighting wristling and our saliva was flowing out of our mouth.

After eating her tongue I surged my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it like crazy. My hands were working on her glorious tits my mouth switching between her mouth and tits I kept fucking her hard. I looked directly into her eyes and I whispered ” I love you” with every thrust. Her tits jiggled she closed her eyes enjoying the every push I made sighing and moaning repaying back

“I love you too baby” she held my ass tight and started pushing from beneath. Soon she declared that she is going to cum. She pulled my head and started kissing my mouth. I knew she was going to come soon, I covered her mouth with mine while she came like volcano. She held me hard shouting” oooooooh aaaah aaaiiihh yeeaahh” in my mouth and kept fucking her with my full speed.

After her orgasm subsided she opened her eyes looking with a satisfied look in her eyes and my cock still deep buried in her. She asked ” You havent come?” I said, ” You came na? Now ill make myself come. Where you want me to come?” She replied, ” Dont come in me pls I am not on safe period”.

I started moving again hard, fast up and down and soon I was coming too, I pulled my dick in my hands and sprayed all over the floor with long spurts.She held my big hanging balls and squeezed them till I emptied the last drop. Exhausted, I lay on her holding her tight she caressed my back kissing my head and cheeks.

We kept kissing and giggling for next hour naked. I was hard again but she was hungry and wanted to eat something first. She got up and walked toward the washroom naked. I loved the way she swayed her ass while walking. Before stepping inside the washroom she looked back at me, blinking and calling me with her finger.

I jumped out of the bed and caught her from behind in bathroom. We turned on the shower and started kissing again. I sucked her tits again she held my cock stroked it, we soaped each other while she raised her leg up on the toilet seat and I inserted her while staging. Soon I she was coming again and I was coming too.

She came hard holding my shoulders while I pulled my cock out and sprayed my semen on her thighs. We took a nice hot shower, drying our bodies, got dressed and ordered some food. She fed me the entire lunch with her hands and mouth kissing in between hugging each other tight saying at least 1000 times I love you.

We fed food to each other from each other mouth caressing each other talking and giggling. When we realized the time, she had another two hours to go home. My eyes twinkled and I picked her in my arms throwing her on bed again. Within seconds we were naked and all over each other kissing deep touching every part of each other bodies.

She declared that she want to dominate this time. She threw me on my back pinned me to the bed and started rubbing her pussy on my dick. She moved her pussy on all over my dick’s length without taking it in. Gliding her pussy all the way to its base and the tip. She lowered herself on me and asked me not to touch her.

I obeyed and she held her both tits and started feeding them to me. I ate both the nipple sucked them hard in my mouth. She held both her nipples in her hands and push both of them in my mouth. For the first time in my life I was sucking two nipples at once in my mouth. She kept moaning loud that I had to keep my hand on her mouth.

She lowered her hand to lift my dick and she sat softly on it taking it all. we started moving slowly then fast. She was coming third time now and she collapsed on me asked me if I came? She came down and pulled me on her asked me to fuck her hard. Her words became little dirty. She whispered in my ears ” Raj, Fuck me hard, Pls fuck me with your glorious cock,

keep fucking and dont stop”. Surprisingly it made me more horny fucking at greater speed. She was coming again she asked me if I am ready to come? I said No I will take time, that didnt stop her coming and she came with a bang, thursting her pussy up to match my length. She regained her conscious saying ” Raj I cant do it anymore, Pls come now.

Do you want me to suck you to make you come?” She sat between my legs and started sucking my cock again but she was not at all good at it. I had to tell her that let me come natural way. I stood on the floor and pulled her ass on the edge of the bed spreading her legs wide I started fucking again. It was already since 45 mins we were fucking and I wanted to come badly.

Few more hard thrusts and I was ready to shoot. She cried, ” Raj come on my breasts baby” I pulled my cock and she held her tits together. I directed my cock on her tits and shot loads and loads of come on her tits. Her tits were covered with my hot thick semen. She looked at her tits then looked at me, ” How do I look? ”

I said ” You look my fairy” I pulled her and we took shower again but this time just kissing as we both were tired and were in no position of making love again. We checked out from the hotel and I dropped her back her home. After that our affair continued for next 6 years and we had fantastic time together. I will write my other intimate lovemaking sessions with her in later part. Till then, comments are most welcome at

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