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  • August 27, 2015

Hi Friends My Name is Qhaize Age 28 Height 5″9 I am a Great Reader of desipapa Stories Its Routeen For Me To Visit This Site Its Really a Treat To Read. Today I am Going To Share My Real Story Girls & Auntys At Or Near, Raichur Karnataka Can Contact me ,

Thie Story Starts When I First Met Savita Age 23 Hight 5″5 Stats 32 27 36. in a Bus While Coming From Near by Town Sindhnur. Savita is Married To High School Teacher & Her Husband Leaves in Sindhnur, Savita is a Working Women in Raichur. She has to goto Office everday at 9:45am to 4:30pm. So She Stays in Raichur with Her inlaws.

The Bus Was Packed With Passengers and Savita was Standing Due To Heavy Rush I Offered Her My Seat & i Stand up near Her This was the First Time When i Touched Savita. After Some Time a Passenger Sitting Next To Savita Gotdown & Savita Told Me to Have a Seat. while I Was Sitting next To Her we started talking to each other & exchanged our cell no, after some time i tried to Touch her Breast For Which She Resisted, I Thought She will Not allow any thing & After some time i once again tried to Touch Her Boobs, This time she did not do anything For which i got a chance to Touch to her Breast, Wow it was so smooth,

I was Praying That raichur should not come soon But To Come near to her Breast Took so much of time that Our Busstand Came & With Heavy Heart We Both Got Down. Savita was Searching For Auto. i asked her Lift For which Savita told no Thanks, But After Bargaining & Wating For Few Min When She Did’nt Got Any Autoricshaw, then i asked her once again, For which she Agreed, She sat on my bike & on Road i applied Breaks for which her Breast was touching my Back, Finally i Left her Near her Home & said i will be in touch. for which she smiled.

Later after Sometime i Sent her a Joke sms For which she replied with a joke sms, after some days we started chating on sms, i was watching her daily while she goes to Office & one day during our chat on sms i sent her sms can i ask you something for which she did’t reply, for which i told sorry & chated on other topic One Day She Asked OK, Tell me what you were asking, i told want to meet you, she replied no I Love my Family verymuch, I Told her Dont worry we will just have a good Time around and No one will come to know about it ever.

Savita told me to give some time to think. After Few Days Savita Told Where we can go. i Told her To One of my Friends Home his Parents Stays in Dubai & i will collect the Keys Only Problem is we have to enter after 11am so Neibhbours Can’t See us Entering the House. So as we have decided, i have to Pick Savita From a Place, i took her as we were havng Lot of Time, we had a Breakfast & Packed Lunch & Some Cool Drinks, now it was around 11am. we went to my Friends Home.

I Opened the Door and Locked it From inside. Savita was Haveng Lot of Fear and She was very much Affraid. i made her relax by sayng No need for worry no one will ever come to Know & Hugged Her From Behind, Still She Was in Fear To Make her Relax i Showed her entire house, Now She was Smileng & after some chat i started to Kiss her, She started Cooperating.

We Started Passionately Smooching each other my touch was exploring her Mouth as she was also enjoying it verymuch. Now i Slowly Placed my hand on Her Boobs & started gently Pressing it. She Told She has to take care of Her Dress as No one in her Home can come to know. For which i told yes and Removed her dress and kept in neatly on Tabel. My God She was Looking So Beautifull her Boobs were eagier to poop out from Black bra, I Started Smocching her once again and pressing her boobs. Wow what a feeling it was.

Now Slowly she started to move her hand & searching my Cock. i told do you want to have a look of My Cock She Smiled, i Removed my Cloths & My 7inch in Length & 3inch width Cock, was Out For Some Action, I Removed her Black Bra & Panty. in a Flash & Oooopsss Her jUICYE Boobs were hanging, i Pressed it very hard & Took it my Mouth, Licked like mad, Savita was enjoyng it.

After Some time i Told Her To Take My Cock in her Mouth For Which she Relectently agreed. man She Was Awsome Licking my cock & inbetween giveng me a gentel Jerck. after some time i told her Can we Start Savita Told What do you mean you didnt Started yet.

I Told Baby iam a test Batsmen Will not Give My Wicket So easilly. Savita Told Lets See, I Made Savita To Sleep & We Started in Missionary Position, I kept my cock head at her pussy entrance and started rubbing it. She was moaning and I deliberately started teasing her clit with my cock head Savita said stop that, teasing as Savita Was not abel to controll & Told put your cock inside me.

I Pressed My Cock Deep inside Her, she screamed. I obliged her by ramming my cock Much deep inside her cunt. She was very tight. Her vaginal muscles were expanding to adjust to my huge size and thickness & after Few Stocks my Cock Enters, and started stroking her pussy with medium speed. She was lifting her butts to match my strokes and to accommodate my entire cock inside her and slowly, my speed started increasing Moans of pleasure came out of her throat she started to moan in a louder voice. I muted her with a passionate lip kiss & after few strokes she got the rhythm.

Her bouncing boobs gave me more excitement at the time. Both of us were enjoying the intercourse I Told Savita Let My Cock be inside your Pussy . After few minutes we wanted to change the position. I wanted to do her in the Doggy-style pose. She agreed and was on her four.she was moaning. The bed was creaking because of our hard fucking ohh fucking God! My thighs were slapping into hers.

While she pushed me deeper with her legs, I am going to cum i Told To Savita But She was enjoying Like any thing & Didn’t Replayed & I Fully discharged my thick seminal fluid inside her pink hole. Suddenly Savita Screemed Oooh No. I asked her what happend i asked you before only she was Scared, I Told we will Take Some Pills Don’t Worry Now Time was around 2pm.

Savita Told She Never Knew That Sex Can Be Done For So Long Time. I Told her another Innings of Play is Still Left We Cleaned yourself and had Lunch & cool Drinks After Few Mins We Started Our Second Round. Savita Was Very Much Tired and Told That She cannot handel More For Which i told savita iam not eager now, and its just a beginning of our Enjoyment.

We will have much more days like this, Savita Smiled & Told She never had sex For More then 20mins With Her Husband & Today he Enjoyed Almost 3 Hours She Even Doest Remember How many time She Had Her Organism, After Some time we got relaxed and i dropped her near to her home.

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