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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi my name is Rahul i am from Bangalore but working in Hyderabad now.I am 24 years old I always never wanted to leave Bangalore and work in Hyderabad but once when i came and joined My office here i was very pleased and happy that i had made this decision of moving to Hyderabad for work. The reason was the girl whom i saw in my office. Her name is shailu (that’s how i call her). Wow she was really a lotus in the pond. A rare star in the sky. She was too sweet ,too hot and too sexy.

At the beginning after i joined office i used to stare at her when ever i got a chance and she used to shy away or respond back with a stare in a very romantic and exotic manner. This kind of starring went on for a month and i slowly got the confidence and realised that she knew that she was being adored by me.

One fine day we had a party organised by the office at one of the hotels in Hyderabad. every body was having a great time and i too was enjoying the beauty of my dream girl. she was dressed a in a blue Saree, she had done her make up in such a way that her beauty was even more highlighted. I finally made the courage of talking to her on that day. She knew my name as we have a small strength of staff. I told her that she was looking very beautiful and she the most gorgeous girl that i have ever seen in my life. She was flattered and by by compliment and smiled with a bit of shy on her face. We then began talking and when ever i get a chance i would praise her and make her feel at the top of the world. That made her very proud as well. That day went on good and also that day was the beginning of a warm and hot relationship between the two of us. We used to not hang around too much in the office together, we wanted no one to know about us. We used to meet after office hours and that used to stretch up to 10:00 to 11:00 in the night. This kind of stuff again went on for another 1 and half month or so. During this time we got very close to each other.

One day as usual on a Friday evening after office went for dinner. After dinner i usually drop her home. The main thing and the best thing happened on this day that it began to rain by the the time we were half way through to her house. When we reached her i was completely drenched and so was she. I dropped her and said will leave but she persuaded me to get my self cleaned up and wait for the rain to stop. I did not want to say no to my darling. We went in, i was surprised to see the house dark. I asked does she stays alone. She Said no, i stay with my husband. OHHHHHHHHHHH shit this was the shock of my life. I was heart broken. I guess she read my face and my feeling after she told me this. She asked whats wrong why did u become quite all of a sudden. In a gentle voice she asked Didn’t u want me too be married? Well there was nothing to hide i said i never knew that she was married. She said she has been married for a year and half now and has stayed with her husband for only 2 months. He was in UK for a project and could not ot take her and she also said me that he was not very interested in her nor what she was doing.

She got a bit emotional and placed her head on my shoulder and started to cry. I slowly consoled her and brushed her hair with my hand trying to calm her down. My hand slowly then went on to her back. she was enjoying the warmth as well. She did not want to let go off me. By now we both knew that we were not us and we wanted to do it. I looked into her eyes and asked “sailu do u really want to do this” .She replied stating do not ask me anything do what u want and i will respond to u. This gave me courage. I moved my hand on her hip and pinched it slowly. She enjoyed it and moaned slightly. BY now she had forgotten all her grief. We had still; not changed ,she told we should get ourselves into dry clothes or else we will catch cold. She told this looked at me and went into her bedroom. I followed her into the room. She undressed in front of me, now she was standing with just a blouse and a petticoat in front of me. She signalled beautifully through her eyes to take her in my arms. This was the best moment of my life. I went near her and slowly started to kiss her neck. She was really enjoying it. I gave her a gentle kiss on her lips to start off and then we kissed passionately for 15 to 20 minutes. In the mean time she undressed me as well But i did not want to go at a single shot for overturning i wanted to See her beauty one by one. i Slowly unhooked her blouse.

She had a very well shaped boobs. I squeezed them with my hands and bit and sucked her tits, she was just enjoying the moment. i kept on sucking them until she was satisfied and until i was. Now it was time to reveal the beauty below the hip. I planted a kiss on her navel and kissed all over her hip be for i removed the petticoat. She was in pink lingerie.i stood back a and starred at my darling for nearly 2 to 3 minutes just adoring her beauty. I then took her in my arms and laid her on the bed. I kissed her inner thighs and her feet and legs. I just wanted to taste each and every part of my darling. I slowly slid down her pantie. She had beautifully shaven pussy and the pussy lips so beautiful. she had given me pleasure all these days with her beauty. it was my time to say thank you.

I had read about female orgasms on the net and wanted to use it and give my darling the pleasure of her life. I was always playing with and talking to dirty to her which made her feel good. I then kissed her pussy lips slowly and started to lick it. She was getting wet and little by Little of her sweet juice was flowing. I rubbed and licked the pussy lips as slowly as i could in the beginning and then slowly increased the pace. I then started licking her hard spot about which i had read on the net.This was making her crazy and she was moaning hard . I then inserted and my fore and index finger soaked with her juice into her pussy and started the movement process. She was really enjoying it and was screaming my name. I increased the pace and git her rocking. At when i touched her g spot she cum med a splash of liquid on my face. Wow it was so sweet. My darling had just cummed on me. She told me that this was the best orgasm she had ever had. She was exhausted but i was not. I kissed her again on her lips. NOW it was her turn she said she wanted a piece of me as well .She took my dick in her mouth and played with it. Woo she was too good and she gave a good job. I wanted my darling to have the max pleasure and asked if she wanted another orgasm of a different kind. She said yes, And gain all those reading from the net helped. She cum med again on my face. Each time i gave her orgasm i kept her on her peak for 30 -40 minutes after which she used to cum.

We both were exhausted but did not stop it as well. I took my dick i started piercing slowly into her. THIS was he time when two had become 1. We tried the positions of kamasutra as well . I gently fucked her and then started ramming into her. She was enjoying and crying with pleasure. She was just telling me to continue and go on forever. At last after 30 minutes or so i cummed into her.

We had sex the entire night and we did it 5 times. She had three orgasms after the first one again. I was the king in bed that day and she was my most adorable,sweetest and beautiful queen. Her husband came for a month or so and returned again and we are still maintaining the relationship although i am in a different company and so is she. She also taught m some intimate secrets and things a girl wants while having sex. We try all those things and i am improving each time i have sex with my darling. Any of the ladies in Hyderabad require any help, u are most welcome to contact me at The relationship will be very secret and no one ill never have a clue. I should really thank desipapa for a site like this where we can share our feelings.

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