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  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hi! I am Rahul.23. i live in Mumbai(Sion).I am working in a call centre. This incident is of the time when i was in my Final year of graduation.There was a family which had recently shifted from Banglore, in my neighbour.

They had a daughter named Smita. Smita was not very good looking but what made her noticeable was her breasts. Such huge breasts over a slim body ! Smita was 2 yrs elder to me and was working.Soon we got on good terms and started sharing intimate secrets. Whenever I was with her I had to force myself not to look at her boobs. After a few months my dad, who works for the Govt., got a deputation to London. It was for six months. my going to London was impossible due to my final year. My mom went alng with dad for 2 months.

It was during those 2 months hat this incident happened. One day her parents had gone to Pune to attend a wedding. They were to return the next day.I was fast asleep in the afternoon, and the phone rang. It as her.She told me that she wanted to spend the night with me and also wanted to watch a blue film. I thought that the sex goddess was pleased with me. I quickly put my clothes on and rushed to the CD shop and hired 2 CD’s which I had already seen.In the evening around 7 the door bell rang.I opened the door and saw Smita wearing a seductively looking blue saree. She was carrying 2 pizzas.we eat the pizzas together and then went into my room.Iput the blue film on and sat on the bed with my back against the wall.Smita was sitting on a chair.After some time she came to my bed and lied down almost perpendicular to me,with her head on my tummy. As the movie progressed I slowly put my hand in her blouse.I began fondling with her big breasts.At that time she kept her hand on my dick (with my jeans still on) and started rubbing it. I took my hand out lifted her face,touched her lips with my lips and we smooched.At that time my chest was rubbing against her breasts my hand was on her belly. As we were smooching she undid my jeans and my undies.Now as we were smooching her one hand was holding my cock. We got off the bed and went in front of her dressing mirror. I said, “Now I am going to undress you and I want you to watch that in the mirror”. I made her face the mirror and came behind her.

Then kissing her on her back I undid her saree.I made my hands flow from her neck to her breasts and the rubbed her breasts through her blouse and then tightly sqeezed them. At this moment she groaned. Then one by one I unbuttoned her blouse. and took it off.I weighed her boobs with both my hands and then took my hand down to her belly. I put my hand inside her petticoat and rubbed her quinny through her panty. I could see her throwing her hands in the air. Now I removed her petticoat. I, then unhooked her bra from behind. I licked her entire nude back with my toungue, and then licking her neck and shoulders, removed her bra.Now gently i moved my hands on her bare breasts.While doing this I made her split her legs,a bit apart, and with my knee rubbed her pussy thru her panty.

Now her moaning became a bit louder and she moved her hands through my hair. I then undid her panty and my t-shit and we both were standing naked.Now i made her stand facing me and then we smooched. After the I went straight went down to her boobs and started sucking her pink hard nipples. I sucked for about 10 mins. After that Smita pushed me aside and said “Now its my turn.Lay down quitely on the bed. I lyied down on the bed.She started by kissing me on my lips and then moving down. soon she reached my erection, which was at its peak. With her juicy lips she kissed my dick all over and then took it entirely inside.OOOOOOOOOH! what a feeling. She was sucking my dick as a school girl sucking a lollypop.I let all my cum inside her ,which she swallowed completely.

Then I began to kiss her pussy lips,her pussy, she was delicious to suck, as if the nectar of a flower, i did it with my tongue going as far as possible and suddenly slid a finger up her asshole, her legs tightened over my face, and her hips thrusting ,she was crying” oh! yeah, oh! yeah”. i moved my tongue vigrously,and she had her first orgasm. She then made her legs apart, she told me to hold her legs in that position. I had the time to look at her beautifully waxed legs.”make love to me” she said.Slowly i inserted my penis in her pussy. First i gave her some gentle blows and then gave her some wild blows. As i increased my speed her moaning and screaming got louder.”UUUUUUgh, mmmmmmm, UUUUUgh” she was moaning very loudly.I fucked her 20 mins and released the child making liquid on her belly.

That night we had sex 6 times. Under the bed,on the sofa,in the shower,on the shit-pot and finally in the wardrobe. thas was the day when I lost my virginity and am glad i did. Since the I had sex with 3 more females, but i think that night with Smita is simply unforgettable. Right now ,as i said earlier, i am working. I am open to random sexual encounters. Any sex loving female can reach me at :

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