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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello! dear readers. I am RAHUL. I am a pretty regular reader of the stories over here. Let me tell you about myself first. I am sure nobody knows me as this is the first time I am writing a story here. Better not call it a story, rather an anecdote. So, let me introduce myself first.

I am RAHUL, a 25year old guy fromMEERUT, 5.9″ in height and around 120lbs. I lookWEATISHand canI am a great fan of desi stories given in the section and got the interest to share mine experience also which I experienced some 6 months ago. These are the stories which made me get the aunty to fulfil my thrust of cunt. I hope you will enjoy this true experience.

I am a middle class boy . I m not given a name of the aunty involved in this story for some reason. In our neighborhood there was one family of 3 members use to live. The couple and two children were in that house. To the person I use to call as uncle and to the woman I use call her as aunty. With aunty’s great lust for me I can surely think that the uncle was not satisfying her sexual needs. Aunty’s figure was 36″28″36″ and she was very beautiful and whenever she comes to our house I use to stair at her big boobs and she also use to expose them for me, and use to give me a horny smile to me. I was always getting aroused by that smile and was masturbating about her in the night in my bedroom.

On one rainy day when there was weekend nobody was there in our house as everyone went outside for some shopping. In the afternoon time as uncle was also went for some work to out of station aunty came just for some time pass. When she knocked the door I came there to open the door and pretty much happy to see her on the door. I thought that this is the real time to fulfill my thrust for her. As there was nobody in our house also I asked her to chat with me for some time as I was also sitting ideal. Then I took her to my bedroom and gave a glass of water to her. As I gave a glass of water I was staring at her big boobs. She also noticed this and intentionally she felled her palloo on her arms and revealed her big boobs for me and gave a naughty smile to me.

By then I got some courage and held her hand in my hand. She was pretty much surprised with my daring but got scared as may be someone will come to the house. I assured her of not being get scared. Then I took her in my arms. And hugged for some time and then gave a french kiss for 15 minutes or so. Then I pressed her boobs hard. As it was my first time I felt so horny by pressing her boobs hard. Then I simply removed her black blouse and and then gave a smooch to her pink nipple. As she removed my pant and was taking my penis from the underpants only. Then she removed my underpants also and took in all my 7 inch penis in her mouth. After 10 minutes I cum in her mouth and she took all my cum in her mouth. As she was eating all my cum I was seeing that she got so much thrust for taking a penis in her mouth and also in her ass. Then I removed her sari and she was half naked above me and looking gorgeous and it was a great site to watch as she was so horny and was saying that she never took a lund in her mouth before and pretty much happy that I fulfiled her pleasure of taking a lund in mouth. I then asked her to be at 69 position, so that I can also take pleasure of taking her cunt juice in my mouth. Then I took her cunt in my mouth and she took my lund in her mouth. We kept sucking each other for about 15 minutes. Then after we got up and then I kissed on all her body parts as it was my first time to kiss someone on her all the body parts.

Then I did fingure fucking to her cunt. It was so tight as it may have not get fucked for quiet a long time. She was moaning like aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh aur zor se Aaj far do tumhari aunty ki choot. Then I made my lund tight and then pointing my lund to her cunt I inserted my lund slowly and steadily then whole my lund in her cunt with to and fro motion and I started giving her a push. It was so paining for both of us. In the paining she crying because of the pain, but then after she was moaning like comeonnnnnnnnn do it fast tear my cunt, as she was feeling the pleasure of her life. As she was moaning I was giving more push and then I also forgot my pain. I then cummed in her cunt only. Then after 15 minutes she took my lund in her mouth again. And I was pressing her boobs with great lust again for her. After that I took her to the bathroom and we showered there. We both were naked there in the shower. we hugged each other and french kissed. We exchanged our saliva and did tounge fucking to each. Then we came out of the shower. She weared her clothes and then gave again a naughty smile for which I was crazy and I kissed her for long.
Then after she left to her house as it was getting late, and she had to make dinner.

After that I fucked her on the regular basis and she also use to come quite regularly. This went for 6 months. Then after her husband got posting to another town and she left me making me horny.

I hope you have liked this story. Any aunty or married woman or a widow from Meerut region who have not tasted a lund for long time can contact me on my email id Response will be kept secretly.

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