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Ragging In College

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

I am Pooja and I study in first year of college. I am in engineering and as you know there are very few girls out there who study engineering. I had to join college away from my home and was staying in the ladies hostel there. Our hostel is small and there are about 40 lady students staying there. I had joined the hostel and had two room partners one from first year Renu, and other from second year, Shweta. We got to know each other soon and I liked both of them very much. I am 5’6″ tall with big breasts and big swaying ass.

I look attractive and my features are such that the boys feel that I am ‘chalu’. I am not! I am little innocent about the sex aspect but curious too. I felt free here in the environment of the hostel with nobody to boss around me. I thought of looking forward to get to know more about it in forthcoming years. But did not take it that serious. I heard about colleges and ragging in the hostels but did not see any such thing here, that’s what I thought. One day renu told me that she heard about some ragging going on in our ladies hostel but I said that I did not know about it. I took this lightly but asked Shewta about it. ” Dear girl! Ragging is gong on every where so why not in our college? We had faced it in our first year and now you have to. But one advice, don’t resist it!” ” I am so afraid Shweta! Please help me out of this.” “You poor girl! What can I do? Lets see when it comes.” I was restless and worried about it. But another thought about it made my body tingle with some unknown sensation that I never felt before. Was it that I wanted it to happen ? may be but as I thought about it more I loved the idea of being dominated and forced to do things that I did not want to.

I was confused and looking forward to it. One day we all had dinner and had retired to our rooms. Shweta was out somewhere and was due any time. Renu and I were reading books when the bell rang. Renu opened the door and what I saw made my heart skip a beat! I saw Renu run inside with many boys and girls filling in the room. Amongst them was Shweta! There were seven boys and four girls and they were blocking the door. One of them closed the door and signaled us to sit on the bed. Renu was terrified and so was I ! this must be ragging! Shweta spoke to us, ” so you wanted to know what was raging? This is it. Come on boys take the bitches and tell them what they should do. Come on sluts stand up on the bed.” We both stood up on the bed shaking with fright. The boys walked closer to the bed and the four girls followed them. “Come on Sachin! Take that nightly off the bitches’ body and show us what they are filled with. Ohhh! Pooja must be having lot of flesh to show!” Renu was shaking and started to cry, ” Ohh please don’t make us do that! Please!” “Shut up slut! We are here to use your body as dustbin! You filthy Randi! Sali harami! Chal aapna gown nikal! Aur tu bhi Pooja! Dono nangee ho jao!” Sachin said. With tears running out of our eyes we both pulled our nighties off over our heads and held them in front of our body just to cover our nakedness.

Shweta and the other girl climbed the bed and each one caught both of our breasts in their palms. “Ohhh Pooja! Sali tere mamme to bahoot kadak hai! Jara jorse dabakar dekhati hu ki kitne dabte hai?” Shweta pressed her palm onto my boobs and I could feel her fingers digging into my chest. I cried in pain and begged Shweta to stop. But she did not listen. The other girl caught hold of Renu’s boobs and did the same. Then they made us sit on the bed and asked each one of the gang to press our boobs and see their hardness. Ohhh it was hell! Each one came near us and pressed our boobs. That made my nipples hard and one boy pulled on them with his fingers. My breasts stretched with the pull and he rotated the stretched breast in circles making me cry for mercy. Renu was terrified and fainted on the bed so they carried her to the corner of the room and made her lie there, naked. Now their attention was on me. And the entire group surrounded me with devil in their eyes.they were staring at my naked body with lust and I was afraid they were upto something dirty for sure. Sachin came close to me and he caught me by my hair and pulled me up on my feet.

He asked me to do everything theyu tell or else they would make me eat their shit. “Hey Randi! You will have to suck all the cocks here! Hear me? There are seven lunds and four choots.come on kneel in front of each of us and suck or lick what ever you find. If it’s a cock suck it and make it hard and if it’s a choot push your dirty tongue inside and lick it. Come on you whore!” They all stood in a circle surrounding me and I had to crawl on my knees to go near them. They were humiliating me! They were making me do dirty things I never thought. I had to do it! I crawled to the first one and it was a boy. He was standing with his cock out of his pants in a semi hard state. I caught it in my hand and rubbed it. Sachin kicked my ass and told me not to use hands but just my mouth. Ohh ok I said. I put my mouth to the first cock in my life. It smelled of stale piss and I felt nauseating. But I took that semi hard lund in my mouth and sucked it. I felt the lund getting hard and filling my mouth. This lund was about 6 inches and thin one so I could easily suck about all of it in my mouth. The others watched me sucking the boy and were clapping and talking dirty to me. “choos Sali! Kha ja lund ko! Chal jorse choos. Randi! Whore! Slut!” and many more! I was getting a bit excited at the taste of that lund in my mouth and I don’t know why I started to take it deep in my mouth. The tip of the lund touched my throat and I gagged.

I felt it difficult to breath and I relaxed my throat muscles to accommodate the devil in there. Suddenly the cock started to twitch and I felt hot cum spray at the back of my throat. Ui could not swallow all that he gave me and much of it spilled out of my mouth and on to the floor. The boy was very annoyed at this and he slapped me hard and kicked my ass making me fall face down on the floor. Then he caught my hair and pushed my mouth on the cum that had fallen on the floor. “come on slut lick that precious cum! You dirty whore! Lick it clean. Come on with your tongue! Lick slut!” I was forced to lick the odd tasting cum and I drank it. Huuuummmmm! It surely tasted nice! I liked it even though I was forced to do it! Then there was a knock on the door and Shweta opened it. Ohhhh! That was our principal, Prof. Basu.! The fellow in his 50’s was standing there and with him was our math’s teacher Shalmal Lalwani. She was 40 and very busty. I was stunned with the two of them walking in and joining the ragging. They had brought a crate of beer and few bottles of whisky along with them. Our peon Shankar was carrying them inside the room. The group welcomed them and told tehm that Renu was unconscious. Shamal looked worried and went to the girl and woke her up.

Renu looked around and when she saw the Prof. She started to weep, ” Sir please save me from these rascals! Ohh God! I cant bear it.” “Don’t worry my child we will take care of you. Come here Shamal hold this girl so that we can make her lie on the bed. Renu be comfortable! They are not gong to harm you when we are here.” They placed Renu on the bed and Shamal Lalwani sat at her feet and prof. Basu near her head. The elder ones signaled the gang to have beers and whisky. All grabbed beer and whisky bottles and started to swallow the liquor. They were drinking the whisky raw! Shweta came near me and placed a whisky bottle near my mouth. “drink this bitch! This will make you beg for the cocks. You will be real whore with this whisky. Drink it bitch!” I thought it would be better to drink and so I sipped some whisky in. Ohhh god! It tasted bitter and my throat burned as it went to my stomach. There on the bed Mrs. Lalwani was drinking whisky and Prof. Basu beer! Renu was lying there with her eyes closed. Shweta came near Renu and wanted to make her drink but Prof turned her down, “No, don’t make her drink. We want to surprise her!” Shweta came to me again and made me lie on the floor with my legs spread wide. She called the gang, ” Hey come on lets drink the beer from this sluts choot. She is virgin! From the virgin choot lets drink.” She pushed the beer bottle’s neck in my choot and tilted the bottle. Ohhhhh the cold liquid started to fill my choot. She let some beer fill my choot and then she removed the bottle and put her mouth on my choot. Ohhhhh she was drinking the beer from my choot! Ohhh god! What a nice idea.

I appreciated the idea even when they were abusing me. Thus they all drank beer from my choot and Shweta made me drink whisky from her choot! That was the first time I ever placed my mouth on a choot. It felt nice friends! The boys then poured whisky in some glasses and diluted the whisky with their piss. Ohhh so dirty! They then made the girls drink the piss mixed whisky and to my astonishment each girl drank it savouring the taste. I too loved it. By this time all of us were intoxicated with the liquor and now the real game started. I was forced to suck on each cock for few minutes. I sucked all the seven cocks. They were of different sizes. From 5 inch to 10 inch. Long and different smell. Some had put some spray on the cocks so they smelled nice but others smelled dirty, stale piss and even some had not washed the cocks for days! I was again made to crawl all around the room with somebody sitting on my back and poking his cock on my backbone. Then I was made to stop and I felt a cock being thrust at the opening of my choot. They wee going to fuck my choot! “Oohhhhhh! No please don’t fuck my choot. I am virgin. Please don’t do it to me!” I begged. But it was of no use. The cock at my choot was of the principal Prof. Basu and he was given the honour to break my cherry. ” Shut up Pooja! Spread that choot and let me fuck you. You dirty whore! Come here Shamal. Put that choot of yours in front of the sluts moutha nd let her taste both my cock and your choot at the same time.” I couldn’t believe these were the words from the principal and I had to suck my teachers choot. This excited me and I involuntarily spread my legs for the dirty old man. He pushed his lund forcibly in my tight virgin choot and I felt as if a knife has been thrust in there.

Ui cried in pain as the lund trespassed my virgin territory. But Shamal was fast and she pushed my mouth on her dripping choot. I smelled the choot and pushed my tongue in the cleft. The woman was already dripping juice and I had a mouthful of it. Now Prof. Basu had pushed almost all of his cock in my choot and expanded it to accommodate his lund. I knew that my hymen was battered and I was no longer virgin. I felt relieved of being a virgin and my virginity was a past for me. I pushed my ass back to take more of the prof’s cock in my choot and he felt wild. “Hey boys and girls! This slut is responding to my fucking. She is moving her ass and swallowing my cock. Ohhh god she is a real sexy girl we have found. Come on boys it’s a feast for the cocks and choots!” And he fucked me with added enthusiasm. His cock rammed my choot and his hands moved over my ass rubbing it and sometimes spanking it. The spanking sent chills up my spine and I moved my ass faster. Shamal was rubbing her choot on my face and watching the principal’s cock fuck my choot. She was hot and she called for a hard and big cock. ” Come on boys! Fuck me with biggest lund you have. Hey Sachin come here. Fuck me! Sala ye Randi ko chudate dekh meri choot pania gayee re. Chalo jaldi se Chodo! Dekho wo tumhara principal sahab us ladki ki choot kaise chod raha hai. Sale ko kori chokadi chayhiye jab ki sale ne meri choot ko chod kar uska bhosada banadiya hai. Aab mai ek saath do lund choot me leti hu. Chalo Chodo.” I could not believe my teacher was talking this. She was fuckid by principal and her choot was made loose by him. I couldn’t digest this.

Two boys caught Shamal and one went below her and pushed his lund in her choot from below while the other went behind her and pushed his lund in her choot along side the other. Ohh god! Shamal Lalwani had taken two hard cocks in her choot. Prof Basu saw this and he fucked me harder. Murmuring obscene words he fucked me, ” Ohhhhh Renu! Teri choot bahoot tight hai ri. Sali mere lund ko nigal rahi hai. Chalo Shweta, Madhu ! Rub your boobs on my body while I fuck this choot. Ohhh god! She is so tight!” The girls had shed their clothes and were rubbing their choots while theu watched the fucking going on. The two girls came near me and started to rub their boobs over my body and that of principals. It felt very nice to be caressed with the boobs and being fucked with a hard cock. I forgot I was being raped and savoured unmercifully and started to enjoy this. Shamal was pushing her heavy body over the two cocks lodged in her choot. She fucked hard, her body moving fast in spite of her bulkiness. The remaining boys could not wait any longer and they came near us. One went behind Shweta and started to fuck her and the other caught Madhu and pushed his cock in her choot. “Come on boys there are more holes where you can put your lund. Fuck the mouths of the girls.

Come on shove your cock in this randis mouth. Yes fuck her mouth as I fuck her choot.” A cock was shoved in my mouth and another one was rubbing on my boobs. We heard a big moan, ” Ohhh bastards! I am comminggggg ! fuck me! Chodo bhadwe! Sale madarchoot! Aapni ma ki choot ko Chodo! Oohh dekho renu ki choot ki chudai. Sali Randi kaise lund kha rahi hai! Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmaaiiiii gggaaaaaaaaaay eee eeee eee. Ohhhhh hhhhh hhhh AaAaa aaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh!” and I saw my teacher convulse on the floor with the two cocks jerking in her choot and spraying cum inside. This triggered the principal and he pushed his lund deep inside my choot and sprayed his seed. The boys had just begun so they continued fucking our mouths and choots watching the elder cum. I collapsed with the Professor and I don’t know what happened to me but I fainted! You can send your experiences, stories , and fantasies on me and comments on

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