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Radhika Aunty

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  • September 13, 2015

Dear Guys and Girls I am a regular reader of desipapa stories and this is my real incident happened to me.My name is rahul and I am 23 years old.I am from CHENNAI ( tamil nadu ). .I am doing Degree.My story is about me and my neighbor. Her name is Radhika .This is my first story about my first fuck with my aunty. I always like the aunt very much.

She does have a huge pair tits and a round, heavy ass, she is 36 years of old .My aunty is very tight with a good figure of 36″27″36″.Her hips are moving here and there and I love her VIRGIN GAND.I know her from about 3 years. But the uncle is short, not having a good figure and might be impotent. Her body is very well shaped. She is really very beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her big boobs.She is fair in colour.She is my fantasy lady. Most of masturbation session I think about her only. I fucked her every night in my dreams. One day I reached her home, she was cleaning her home. She was alone at home. She surprised to see me. She was in her off-Red sleeveless nighty. First time I saw her white milky full hands. She had tucked the bottom of her nightgown up into her panties so that she could walk freely. It was that much up that I was able to watch lower part of her thighs. I asked her,” can I help you anty?” she replied, “no, I will do it. Don’t worry.” I said ,’I don’t have any work to do. I would be happy to help you.’ She said ok.

She told me to go with her to bring a table from the nearest room. While we were going, due to lack of attention, she struked with a wall and first two button of her gown broke due to the nail on the wall but she didn’t notice that. When we went to the table she bend to lift the table and there her treasure was in front of me. Suddenly her leg strucked with table and she moaned with pain and she started massaging her leg by bending. I went to her and asked her whether it was painful. As I bent infront of her I saw almost her full boobs because she didn’t have bra inside. They were amazing and my dick got straight up being hard rock. After some time she felt okay and we lifted the table and whenever she bents I kept watching her deep valley. After putting the table in that room she said me to bring a stool. She climbed up the stool and told me to hold its one leg. I set down and hold the leg and her beautiful milky thighs and my dick was increasing with full speed. As the stool got a bit imbalance she smiled at me and told to hold it properly. I replied her with smile. Suddenly she fell down from the stool and I tried to hold her but in doing so I also fell down with her. During this whole process her breasts touched me so many time and once in holding her I placed my hand and cup her butt.

When we both fell down I was up on her and we both were laughing. In this position I touched her breasts with my hand but she didn’t notice as she was busy laughing. After some moments she realized my weight on her and with a bit moaning and in sexy tone she told me,”Hey nithin, get up please. Your weight is crushing me.” I still could not gather enough courage to propose her for sex as she was not a woman who will easily get ready for this. After heaving a tea she good byed me and I had to leave. Now I started thinking how to get her. One day my mom told me for inviting them for some puja in our house. Actually they all come in our house at any occasion.I go to their house and knock at the door but no answers from inside. Suddenly after some heavy knock the door has opened in fact it was closed but not locked from inside. Anyway I enter inside go upstairs where they stay and called aunty and suddenly there was a response from my sexy aunty that please sit on the sofa and read some mags because she is taking bath. . Anyway I was reading the mags. After sometime aunty has come wearing a white nighty and it was slipless and silky that I can look at all the inner part of my sexy auntyji. I was really in hurry and just told her to come at our house for the puja and ready to leave the place but she told me to take some food. She was requesting as such way that I couldn’t able to refuse her proposal.

She called me in her room and she was combing her hair and the back of the got wet by the wet hair and I clearly seen that she was in white bra and with panty and nothing else. Looking at that my cock got thicker and bolder and there is a tent on my pant and forgetting everything I was watching 9th wonder in front of me. As she was talking about various but I was so amazed there I can’t even reply her any question and she looks backs at me and smiles naughtily. And she asks me what happened to you? Ohhhh God I feel so ashamed of that but she told me to relax. She asked me “am I looking good? I said, yes very good. Then she asks, ” Am I looking sexy? By hearing that I was totally shocked and got perspirated but told her, yes looking soso sexy. She goes to the door and closed it but not locked and come at me started hugging and kissing me. I also started to kiss her lips passionately. I drive my right hand down to her boobs which I touched lot more times in my dream and started pressing it. She got aroused fully by that and she told me to take off her nighty. I was kissing her red lips very passionately and then disclose her nighty.

OHHHH What a sexy body this is!!! Now she is only with her bra and panty. I was kissing her from head to toe. AS she started moaning, She opened my shirt and pant hurrily and then I unhooked her bra and kissed lot to her back. Her huge pair of voluptuaries’ hooters are in front of me and I asked her size of it. She told 42d. Can you believe it? I was squeezing her tits and nipples are got red by squeezing. She was moaning like that aaaaaaa hhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh oooooofffffffff suck me off. Suck my melons I love you. I was so aroused and then I opened her panty so hurrily that it produces some noise. Then I was on her belly circling her navel and she pressed my head so firmly. After that I come down to her red pussy and it was wet enough by then. I started to lick her juice and insert my tongue into her pussy. Now she was moaning like a hell. aaaahhhhhhhoooooooo fffffffffffff oooooooooooo hhhhhh my husband is really done nothing to me and myself is dying for some fuck !!!!!! Oh god you are great, fuck me, suck me, and tear me. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaooooooooo motherchod tera lund to ab ghusa meri choot pe. I was fucking her pussy by my tongue like a mad and it was too hot she pressed my head towards her pussy and I was taking smell of her fanatic pussy. Suddenly her head get leaned back and lips of her pussy got tensed and she was moaning louder she has cummed in my mouth and I drank it all uuuuuummmmmmmm what a taste!!!!! By then my cock got 10″ might be in height and thicker too as urging her to suck my cock. I laid on the back on the bed and she open-end my inner and started to play with my huge cock. Pinching on my red cap, licking the balls and kissing the cock very affectionately.

Then suddenly she gulped my cock and started to suck it. was my very first experience and fucking. Anyway I was moaning a lot and caught her long hair firmly as she was doing up and down her head madly. OOOOOOO hhhhhhhhhhhh great feeling. As her sucking getting so fast and was about to unload she placed my cock to her boobs and cum to the boobs and she lick it by sucking her own boobs. I ask her what the taste of it? She says it’s delicious. Now is the time for final round. As I am very new on that job so I told her to sit on my cock and fuck me off. She obeyed my order like sex slave and she gone up to my thigh and sit there by directing my huge cock which is lubricated by it’s own juice to her red hole and it hurts me a lot for it’s virginity and her hole is well shaped and spread a little.

She started to fuck me and she is moving up and down slowly and her huge melons were bouncing like a restless football. Now I am feeling so good that I forget my all the pain and I am moving my hips from bottom with her rhythm. It is producing some great sound and we both breathing heavily. I was trying to touch her boobs and nipples and squeezing them and she was moaning now also. aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooo oooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhh we were both moaning loudly and blap blap sound has aroused. Now she is moving very fast and I am watching how my cock has been eaten by that triangle. Her boobs were bouncing gorgeously and can you imagine that that 42d sized boobs are jumping in front of your face. I was really getting more and more mad and I pulled her boobs to my chest and she was kissing me a lot like lover. I was pressing her tits and sucking another.

Her nipples were really big than normal size. In the meantime we both were ready for final finishing. She then leaves my lips and up again on my cock and started up and down very rapidly like vibrator machine. oooooffffffffffff still I can’t believe it!!!!! Now we both were got tensed and breathing heavily as we approaching unload by each other she was moaning very loudly and up and down her hips hugely as I also at the same rhythm with her. We both cummed and our tools have got a good bath of each other’s cum. Now we have no power to get up, so we laid on the bed for a few minutes and in the middle of it she did a agreement with me that we haven’t told that anybody.

After two days she has come to our house for puja and acted that nothing has happened but just before leaving our house give me a little piece of paper and it was my invitation for 2nd time fucking to her and lot more. Any suggestions , questions are most welcome. If any lady ( unmarried, married, and widow) could tell me what arouses her the most, I would be thankful. Any horny ladies out there who want a hot enjoyment with a young handsome guy from CHENNAI (TAMILNADU) can feel free to contact me at I shall be waiting for ur e-mails 🙂

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