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Rabia My Aunty

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

I am the great lover of these pages. Today I want to share one of life experience to all of you. I am now 22 years old. But when this happened then I was just 18/19. I am belonging with a noble family of northern area of Pakistan. My family is basically landlord and we are living in for village. When I completed my ssc, my father sent me to a city for further education. My father has a close friend in Rawlpindy so my father asked him for my accommodation and he told my father that I would be live in his house, as my father didn’t like hostile life. I am quite cute and healthy boy. So I shifted there and started to live with the family of my father’s friend, whom I called uncle and his wife aunty named Rabia. He ahs no large family, but one son and two daughters. His son was helping his father with his business because uncle usually visited foreign business tour. His daughters were studding in college. They have Gavin me a separate room and they all were very nice to me. And I never felt there any problem. I was treated there just like a family member.

Aunty Rabia has very attractive very pretty woman although she was in her last thirties. She has very fleshy with a heavy sized boobs and wide ass. Her complexion had wheaten color but very fair skin, 5’3in height. Skin. She had very long hairs and her lips were too juicy. I have been living there from last 2 years; the main story begins like this that once there was strike in our college. So I scoped go to college. One morning when I was sleeping late as our college was closed and I have nothing to do. I was still in bed and was in deep sleep that suddenly I felt that someone has sucking my cock. First I thought that it is dream but when I opened my eyes that was not a dream but I saw that Rabia aunty knelt on me was sucking my cock vigorously. I became astonished to see it that she was not only sucking me but was trying to eat my entire penis, meanwhile she was fingering her cunt. I asked her unintentionally that what are you ding aunty ? she replied me shut up, without abdicate my cock. She was sucking me wildly. And after few minuets she opened her knot of her shilwar as she was still in her casual dress of night cloths. She opened her shilwar and it slid down to floor. She climbed on bed and as my cock was stood like a pole she sat on me directly spread her leg each either side. She applied some of her salvia on her cunt hole and pointed my cock on her pussy hole. she pushed herself down and with a little scream my dick diapered in her hole, she was saying abuse language to me. I was still in trance that what is this going ? but by now I was enjoying it very, very much and I was feeling that my cock is in very hot, lovely place. She now became a mad and was jumping up down like a spring. As she was wore her qamiz so I caught her breast with her cloths. She said if I want then she could remove her qamiz and she very expertly pulled her qamiz out. Now her voluptuous tits were swinging over me, which I took on both of my hands and started rubbing them. Her breast was so sweet it was like ball perfectly round & nipple was getting erected. I told her to feed me. Then she bent on me to suck her tits. I put my mouth on her tit to suck and started to licking and sucking them. Now she was crying suck hard now them you naughty boy, your aunty has sweet tits. Doesn’t it sweet? Tell me you little rake. I told her you all are sweet my sweet Rabia aunty. Now she was flying on sky and I was in heaven. She was acting like totally a mad woman. She was continuously saying that you basted you have cock like this, why you didn’t fuck me before this as I have really long and thick dick. She said that I have tried a hundreds time to seduce you, but you son of the bitch you never understood me and I was right to think about you that you have no sense of sex. And today as I came to awake you and I saw you’re this king-size dick which was hard and made taint. Therefore I couldn’t control myself and started to suck it. You basted you didn’t fuck me so I am fucking you. He was jumping for a long time and I felt that she became twice, because her cunt hole was now too lose and the sounds were coming from it. After a long time she asked me to finish it because she felt tired. I said her this is not in my power to finish. My cock is wants you more. She said me that then she would be like to climb down from me, and that I should ride her because she can not stayed up more. So she climbed down and laid on the bed on her back. She spread her legs wide in V shape and expose her cunt to me I went between her thighs and sat there she hold my cock and putt on her cunt hole. I push my dick in her hole with a little force as my cock was really bog and thick so I enter my dick in her pussy first slowly, then fast. she starts shivering now as her 1st sex. I asked her aunty this is not your 1st fuck why you are so crying and moaning. She caught my hips and squeezed them by now and wrapped her legs around my waist and said me that this is not my 1St fuck but she has never get huge and thick cock like this in her life. My dick was so large and satisfying that she never gets from my uncle before like such satisfaction. That made me to fuck her more hard. She said that your uncle has not fucked me from last four months and he always fucked her once or twice a month. But she often left her unsatisfied. I was fucking her now very deep and hard as her abuse talking made me more exciting. She was now too exhausted and was requesting me to finish it as she came four time during this fucking and she has very tired and exhausted. She was now breathing heavily. She was requesting but was still giving me her full cooperation, and she pushed her hips with my every stroke. She said that she could swear that she had never been fucked so long in her life like this. Now I was also felling exhausting so I increased my speed to pumping her and she increased her screaming. And after four five minuets this exercise I felt that I am coming and I said her Rabia aunty I am coming. She said come in my pussy. And I sprayed my semen in her pussy. I laid on her for a while and my dick was still in her pussy. She was kissing my lips. I was on her chest pressed her boobs to my chest. She was very happy and she told me clearly that she really needed my cock as she has a great desire of fucking and that her husband fucked her very occasionally. We were laid on the bed naked. She pulled me towards her chest so close, that her heavy breasts were pressed me tightly. She hugged me tightly, and said you gave the real pleasure of my life, but I felt guilty that you are too young. but my dear I did all this helplessly and I have no other way to satisfy my self and the other thing was your erected cock, which compelled me to do this. I told her don’t think like this, I am very pleased to did this. We were playing each other as I was rubbing her tits and caressing her pussy and she has hold my prick and was rubbing it. one thing I noted special that she was too hot and her whole body was burning. After half an hour my dick got another erection. She said me you are ready again. I asked her what you are saying? Are you ready or not? She told me you would find me always ready I will never say to you NO. I have been very thirsty for a hard fucking since long. She said me that I would like you the secret of my heart that I have very lust for sex as your uncle has never took it serious, and he behave me in this just like a duty . He never fell full my desires but when he needed he fucked me simply. And I have great wishes to make it pleasurable it. He even not played with my breast, as I needed. So I want to fell full all my desires. So treat me like whore not like your aunty . I am your aunty but only in the presence of others. You would always find me like your whore in solitude. Now she was sat on bed in very sexy pose totally nude, I was seeing her now because the incident was just like an accident . and I didn’t seen her body. I was thinking about her discussions and was astonished to listen all these from Rabia aunty. Then she asked me that have I ever thought about her like this? I told her, yes, aunty that was a naturally I have thought about you and especially your ass and breast have seduced me so many times. I would also tell you truth that I have masturbated so many times on your name. She hugged me once again to listen this and said but you never show me it. I told her that how I could show it to you. I have not courage. she asked me that am I like her as she is an aged woman. She was rubbing her breast when she was talking these, as her tits were too heavy and an well shaped. She has dark brown nipples with a big areola. Now she hold my cock on her soft, hot hands and it gave me an electric shock and my dick became more hard.

I put my mouth on her tit and started to lick and suck her one tit while I was rubbing her other tit on my hand. she was moaning and rubbing my cock. She asked me now to give me your dick in me. My cock and her nipples were now become too hard. Now I inserted my one finger in her pussy hole. she said to me that this cunt needed your thick dick not your finger. She pulled me towards her and said don’t anxious your aunty more. now she laid on her back spread her legs wide and she up her legs a little, and asked me to come in her thighs. So I sat between her thighs and I put my cock on her pussy hole and gave it a smooth stroke. My whole cock went in her pussy hole very easily as he cunt was too wet, she hold my hips. I stared first slowly and then she said me do hard. She was taking pleasure a lot from my every stroke and was pushing her buttock up to take my cock more in her pussy. I was now eating her tits and was fucking her hard and fast, we fucked for a long time and after more then 45 minuets we I poured my cum in her pussy, while as she told me later that she became nearly four time during this fuck. She lay with me for a long time and we were kissing and caressing each other, she was too pleased to fuck with me. After some time she said me that now she should leave the room and also asked me to go to bathroom to be fresh and take break fast. And thus she went to kitchen and I went to bathroom. I went to kitchen to take breakfast where she gave me breakfast, which I took and we also kissing and caressing there for some time. And thus our session finished with this promise that next morning we will fuck again.

We were fucking form four regularly and on fifth day when we were laid and were kissing my one hand was on her moving on her ass which was too big and soft. I tried to insert my finger in her as hole but it was too tight and I couldn’t succeed. I said her that aunty I want to fuck your ass. She became very frightened and said me that I have not any experience of ass fucking and that she has heard from some women that it is too painful. But I old her that this is my wish from very soon when I have seen your ass. She reluctantly agreed with me. she asked me that you should apply some thing on your cock to lubricate it. I went to dress and took a bottle of oil. She turned her over and placed two pillows under her belly and opened her legs apart wide . Her beautiful, wide and soft ass cheeks were now before me. I bent on her buttocks and kissed her both ass’s cheeks. I moved my tongue on her whole ass and pulled it in her ass hole. She said don’t lick there his is dirty place but I was licking her ass hole. Even I tried to insert my tongue in ass hole. Then I applied some oil on my cock head and allover my cock and some of oil I poured in her ass hole. She said you did this good, thus my ass will become lubricated. I inserted my finger in her hole to be losing it. I did this for a while. Now I massaged her ass and put my dick in her ass hole as I pushed it slowly she cried loudly. I asked her how you are crying my cock is still out from your ass hole and you made crying. She laugh with at his and said that as she is too fear of ass fucking and when you put your cock on my ass hole I thought that it went in me, so I felt pain. She said me please do it with a great care as your Rabia aunty ass is virgin and definitely it will be tight. I said her don’t worry Rabia aunty, I will care about it and you will feel not bad it. I was pushing it very slowly and she was moaning and screaming. I entered slowly it was tight and my dick was all in her asshole. She was screaming loudly I was also having hard time but was enjoying much. I was pushing it very slowly and she was moaning and screaming. I asked her that is there too pain Rabia aunty ? if there is too pain then I will pause it. But she said me no that am too do it. As I was seeing now my all cock was in her ass till my ball. And my balls were between in her ass cleavage. She was not felt a little pain. But when I started pushing my cock in and out of her hole, and my speed increased to pumping her ass, she was now crying and screaming, but I didn’t care her moaning or screaming. I moved one of my hands her thighs and search her pussy, which I founded soon. I rubbed her pussy for a moment and then inserted my finger in her cunt hole. Now I was fucking her from behind her ass and under her pussy, she was now enjoying it much and said me oohh uufff its right, you did this nice. Fuck your aunty ass, fuck it hard and fast. It is not so tight and painful, as I was worrying. Its gives me pleasure a lot. She was now in great pleasure as I was enjoying it very very much. Now I was fucking her ass hole with a great stroke and she was pushing her ass towards me on my every stroke. She requesting me continually to fingering her pussy fast that gives her very relish, it is to fun. I will give you once in a week my this big ass hole. therefore I wanted to fuck with you that you will give me deferent pleasures. This totally new for me , and I enjoying it very much. Her both breasts were swinging, I rubbed one of them and started rubbing its nipple and whole breast. She was crying now with pleasure and told me that these are screaming of happiness. I am very lucky to found Dick like yours in this age. Her these abuse-talking making me wilder and my stroking were became stronger. her cunt overflowed twice, and all my hand became wet of her juices. I fucked her ass for some time and when I felt that I am near to coming I grabbed her on both her shoulders, and gave her a strong, hard, and fast stroke. which really put her in pain and she shouting loudly saying you are going to tear your aunty ass. Yes tear it, it’s your ass you discover its hole you have right to tear it. She was moaning and I was breathing heavily. After some full blooded stroke her ass hole full of my cum as I discharged in her ass hole. and I fall on her, as my dick was still in her ass hole. when I became in mysense I put out my cock from her ass hole and laid on bed and she also laid with me. She was too happy and was kissing me. She said me that she is too pleased with me.

After this we made it our routine that whenever we get a chance we never missed it. She was now always seemed too happy and her whole life became changed. she was needed a big thick and hard cock which she found in her own home.

I fucked after that her both daughters but it is anther story, and I will try to narrate it to you soon.

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