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Queen Sister

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi desipapa Reader and this is Ilan with another fantastic experience I had with my sister Tamil again. After the first incidence we did in my grandma village I came back to Chennai for studies and we both were speaking through message.

I don’t know why she is not responding me regarding sex properly in phone or message like how we are in together alone. We were waiting for another chance to have fun and at last the day arrives.

That happened when I went to native again for pongal with lot of exciting and I went to the native expecting the same from my sister. I reached home in early morning and I could see my sexy sister waiting for me near the door while I reach the gate.

Wow, she was wearing the same skirt and shirt for me so that I can get in to the mood soon. I was walking speed to catch my sister and planning to place a kiss, my rod gone straight and as soon as I reached her and I could hear my mom Voice which reduces me and my sisters expectations.

My mom take me inside, our eyes were looking at each other eagerly, my eyes going all over her body and even hers. We couldn’t get alone since then, after lunch we sat together in sofa to watch TV and my dad is sitting in front of us showing his back.

We took advantage and got closer. I slowly placed my hand over my sisters thigh and she smiled by watching TV itself while I started moving my hand, suddenly power got off and my dad got up and started roaming. I took my hands with frustration.

My Sister smiled as to tease me again. I got up and went to bed room where my mom was in sleep. My dad followed me and I asked dad, are you going to sleep? Yes he replied. My mind started flying to heaven thinking my sister.

I left him to sleep with excitement again I went to hall when I reached, there I couldn’t find my sister and heard the water sound in bathroom when I gone there my sister almost started bathing. Tamil! I called her with low voice mmmm” she replied come out I said.

No, I have to wash cloths she said again with frustration I left the place and slept in sofa. I thought to wake in another 30 minutes. But I slept till 5.30 and my mom came with tea in hand then again.

I searched for my sisters she followed my mom with tea in hand. She was wearing black chudi without shaal. She came and sat down to have tea. Since I was in sofa, I could see her soft white cleavage. She saw me in half eye and smiled.

But I couldn’t even touch her boobs / kiss her till then. I said loudly that I am going to watch TV till late night. Tamil shouted me too. Mom told then you both sleep in that room, saying that mom and dad entered in to a bed room. We were sitting quietly for 15 minutes.

Tamil said I am going to sleep and immediately went to bed room. I shut off the TV and followed her and I ran in and closed the door. Tamil standing right in the centre of room and starring the floor and I went and slowly hugged her from behind and placed a kiss in her back neck.

She took her hair to front and showing her back to me insisting me to kiss her back. I thought to play with her and I get back from her and went to bed and acting like going to sleep. Tamil got shocked and called me hello Annna?

I replied in message you will avoid me right, so in real I will avoid she started pleasing, please. I starred at her for a moment and asked her to remove my clothes and I stand there with taking my hands up.

Tamil removed my t shirt and kissed my chest and passed her hand throughout my body and told Anna you got 6 packs making me yet hot.

I replied, remove my under, she did immediately. Now I was in bare body. She started kissing my cock.

Now I lifted her and make to lie on bed, I sat near her legs and slowly started rubbing her toes and leg. I kissed her toes and legs moved slowly to her thighs and rubbed and kissed for sometimes and there it she started moaning.

Now removed her bottom pants and touched, kissed and licked her bare legs and moved to her face. She was seems to with closed eyes and moaning. Instead kissing opened her mouth and inserted my tongue and took her tongue out and licked and kissed for more than what I expected in dream.

Moved down and placed my hands over her boobs and I seen her hard breath, started pressing with right hand and moved my left hand to back and unzipped her chudi and bra at same time. Now made her to sit and removed both bra and chudi.

Made her to lie again and started kissing from abdomen to neck rapidly with high speed and to my surprise even I started to moan hmmmm aamm aa tamil aahh mm moved down inserted my 3 fingers in to her panty and touched her hairy pussy and slowly inserted a finger.

Lifted her legs and removed panty and kissed and licked her pussy and ass and hole for more time and asked her to do suck my tool. This time she did superb, the reason is porn movies which she told me later.

I inserted my dick in to hers and was in massive joy and experience with her loud moan closed her mouth with my one hand and started going wild but she seems to be unscarred of parents and loud moaned. Unbelievably we had a long sex that night fully but only two times of cum.

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