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Pyassi Chachie

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hi I am regular reader of erotic stories, prersented by u all.this is my story. My aunt kamal is slightly fat but she is pretty sexy with big boobs, ass and nice smily face with sexy look. She always stare at me. I have taught english. Once my uncle was out for some work for about sixteen days. So I was told by my parents to stay with her b’coz she will be alone .I went there at 4.00 am in the early morning. I rang the bell aunt opened the door.
She was wearing a red transparent gown whose upper buttons were opened. As she opened the door I saw her half big boobs peeping from her gown. She took me inside and told me to sleep because it is early morning she left me and I went to sleep in one bedroom. I woke up at 10.00 am because my aunt woke me.also she saw my erected pennis which had creating an arch of my shorts. I was not aware of that. While going she told me to sleep properly next time. I took a bath and went straight to breakfast. Her kids had gone to schools and they will be returning home at noon. Aunt asked me about my studies of college and my well was summer so I worn a short and banian. She was looking at me upside down with sexy smiles. She had worn a white saree and low cut blouse. She knew that I occasionally drinks and regularly smokes. So she allowed me to smoke infront of her. She had arranged lovely cousine for me. Before taking dinner I took three pegs of whisky and ate my dinner. Due to whisky I was out of mind and went straight to bed. With the door opened. At 12.30 she came to close the windows and saw my erection.

She was excited and was staring at my lund. She closed the door and windows. Next day I got hangover and was feeling uneasy. My whole day went bad. I told her about this. She suggested me to take drink again so I do so and finished my dinner but again I lost my control and went to bed. Again at 12.30 she came to close windows she saw my erection and got excitement.

Now she dared to touch it. She was feeling so nice that hold my lund through my shorts and began to shake it. She was also drunken so she also she was in the mood of sex. She slep near to me and began to kiss me. I was only wearing the shorts without any undergarments. She was becoming horny and began to kiss me wildly. Due to her shaking and kisses I woke up but due to her licking I was also I didn’t reacted at she was completely out of controll. She took off my shorts and took it in her mouth. And started sucking it. Now I got up completely and asked her what she is doing but she told me to calm down and begane to suck it. I hold her hands and kissed her in mouth . she also returned the kiss. While kissing I carresed her buttoks and one boob. She also liked it. She told me to take out her cloths so I took off her saree, blouse, bra nad panty.

We kept on sucking and kissing each other. I said “aunt u r too sexy and hot but u r in wrong hands of uncle who is a drankard how did u managed ur sexual life”. She said that she always sleeps unsatisfy. Now she had got chance and will not miss it. I asked to suck it properly because she was going slow. I made her in 69 position and started licking her pussy. This was new to her but liked it. I put my tongue inside her pussy and satrted toungue fuck. She started moaning and told me “ chat usse poori tarah chaat aaj mujhe tabah karde harami”. Due to this I slapped her ass and inserted one finger deep in her pussy and she moaned loudly “AAAAAHHHH OOOOEEEEE OEEOEE AMMA saley kutte phad mat ise tere chacha ka maal hain ye zara dheere se” but I didn’t listened to her now I inserted 2 fingers and she was now screaming “ AAA AAAAHH OOOEEE OEEE NA NA NAAAAAA mat chodu itna zor se hain amma mar dala kutte ne..” . now she had left my lund sucking and was screaming due to my fingering. I made her scream for next 20 mins and she came with her juices and moaned loudly “ OOOEE OEE OOOO OHHHH AAHH AAHHHHH harami kutte nikal diya mera paani ab kya dekh raha hain saale chod naa tarsa mat jaldi kar meri pyaas bhujha de na “. Now she was breathing heavily and began masturbate herself. I started sucking her ass and pussy and started rubbing my dick on her pussy door. Due to my lunds heat she got excited and pleaded me to fuck her “mar na jaldi se chod mujhe ab mat tadpa me kab se pyaasi hoon phaad de meri chhot ghused naa ander tera ye lund”. I slowly slowly began to move back- front and after some time inserted full 9 inch lund in her pussy and now took speed.

Due to speed and deep penetration she was moaning louder and louder and demanded for more . “phad de phad de chod zor se chod aaaaahhh eeee oooo aaaahhhh umhhh umhhh” due to speed and penetration after some time she bagan to loose and said “bas ab dheere se ab saha nahi jaata dheere se AAA OOO UMH UMH OOHHHH”. But I kept the tempo going on. After 25 mins dropped my juices in her pussy and fall on top of her.

But she began to kiss me and said “ phir se maar meri aaj poori tarah se meri pyaas bhujha de, main tujhse aaj poori raat choodwana chahti hoo. Main tujhe kitna bhi naa boloo tu meri phadte rehna bas tera yeh lowda meri phadne ke liye hi utha, phad meri.” I took rest w for five minutes to get once again ercection whereas she was busy in sucking my lund and kissing me allover.

Then I told her that I want to fuck her in ass. She was frightened and refused. She said that I have very big lund and it will hurt her badly that she could not walk next day. I told her to put some oil on her ass and inside also. After some conversation she was ready to take my dick in her ass. I told her to stand and bend toward the windows. She was bending and I massaged her asshole with some oil and also put some on my dick. I suck her asshole and inserted one finger and moved it back-front. Due to it her asshole widened a bit. Now I kept my dick on her asshole door and inserted it ¼ and she shouted “NIKAL USE DARD HATA HAIN NA NA NIKAL USE MAR GAYI AMMA DHIRE SE KUTTE DARD HOTA HAIN”. But I slowly slowly inseted it fully 9” deep in her ass. With slow movements I began to kuck her and she was moaning in pain, but she liked it “ SAALE DHEERE SE KAHA TO ITNA BHI NAHI MAR JOR SE KITNA BADA HAIN TERA UTNA GHUSED CHOD MUJHE”. So slowly slowly I took speed and then she was screaming “MAR DIYA HARAMI NE PHAD DI MERI GAAND JOR SE MAAR AUR JOR SE HI MAA CHOD DALA MUJHE KAMINE NE”

Due to her such word I began to stroke her in ass with full power. Due to strokes she was shouting not stroke her and I said “AB KYA HUA CHUDWANE KI ITNI KHUJLI THI NAA AB LE POORA LUND, CHACHI CHACHA SE BADA HAIN AUR TUNE TO KAHA THA CHODNAA MAT CHODTE REHNA RANDI SAALI LE AUR JOR SE”. I kept on stroking her ass deeper and deeper. Due to strokes her ass has turned red and now she was in tears and was pleading me to stop “ AB BAS KAR DARD HO RAHA HAIN MAIN HAAR GAYI TUJHSE POORI HAWAS MITA DI MERI BAS AB DHEERE SE KAR MEIN TERE HAATH JODTI HOON”. But I kept on fucking and after some time I loaded my cum in her ass. She also came and her juice flowed from her legs to knees.

After this 3 hour fuck we both were exhausted and slept on each other. At the age off 38 she was still sexy and then after that night I fucked her daily in all her holes. Even I fucked her when my uncle was in my thirsty chachie took me after my marriage also.

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