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Pyari Bhabie Farha

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

HI reader i am the regular reader of I want to share a true experience of mine with all of you.My sister-in-law [FARAHA] is the most beautiful body i;ve seen she is 5’8”,nice round tits & her ass is the most attractive part of her day i came from college & found out nobody’s home except my bhabi.Everyone is gone because of a death in my relative as .My bhabhi is very friendly with me but i alwayas thought about her in a diffrent way &regularly masterbate thinking about her.she gave me lunch & said “:main shower lainay gaa rahi hoon tum bartan rakh daina” i said ok as she was walking away from me i can clearly see her panties through her shalwar &her buttocks were like inviting me.

I put one hand on my dick & start rubbing it while looking at her juicy ass.suddenly she turned around & looked at me & my hand &smiled.i couldn;t eat anymore .As my bhabhi entered her room she smilled again at me & said “sunny yahan aoo or dekhooya ya fan kion kaam nahin kar raha “.

I stand at once &entered her room &start looking at the switches .She was just standing beside me that her tits were touching my back .i got a hugh buldge at that time .Then she saigd”tum meri gaand dekh rahay thay naa” i was shocked & couldn’t say a nay kaha”ghabraoo nahin main tumhari dost bhi hoon”main nay khaha kay “haan app ki gaand hi itni pyari hai kay dakhay bina raha nahin gata”kahnay lagin kay “dobara dakhna cahoo gay meri gaand”.main nay kuch nahin kaha us nay mera haath pakar kar bed par lain gain or appna haath meri thigh par rakh dia or boleen” mujh ko pata hay kay tum mujh koo dekh kar hamesh mooth martay hoo.ajj tum ko asli maal doon gi ok”. i was like in heaven.woo mujh koo kiss karna shroo kar dia i put my tongue in her mouth & start exploring her tongue with mine.”meray kapray uttaroo sunny [as she always called me sunny].”kion nahin bhabhi””nahin bhabhi nahin ajj main tumhari fraha hoon hameshan kay liay” i said “ok’.i start exploring her body without getting har naked.I put my hand on her tits & start rubbing it than start bitting it from her kurta.

Main nay un ka kurta uttar dia to fraha kay mammay bra main mera intizar kar rahay thay.”inn koo chooso sunny zoor say chooso” i start feeling her lovely tits with my mouth.phir main nay us ki shalwar bhi uttar di she was wearing a pink color panty i start rubbing her choot with my hand & keep licking her tits .”nachay bhi too gaoo naa darling ‘” as soon as i heard it i removed her panty & start smelling it .It smells so good than i licked her panty with my tongue the sweat taste of piss was coming in my mouth.”kaisi taste hay meri panty kaa” main nay kaha amazing.phir main nay apni zaban un ki choot par rakh di “oh oh oh oh zor say karo ohoh please meri chooth main apni zaban dal doo oh oh oh oh eh eh eh ….”maijn nay wohi kia jo wo chati theemain nay us ki choot par apna thook dal kar zaban andar bahir karnay laga”please or zor say” wo boli. i can taste her sweat juice that tasted like mango necter.phir main nay un ko doggy podsition main kar dia or un ka asshole jo kay is duniya ki khobsoorat treen cheese thee dekhnay laga.phir main nay apni zaban fraha ki gaand kay hole par rakh di or andar bhir karnay laga”suck my assholepls suck my asshole harder tonguefuck my asshole oh oh oh oh oh lovelypls smell my shithole suck itttttttttt”.i obeyed her wishes& smelled her shithole the oozing lovely smeel was comig from her asshole i sucked her untill she had an orgasm “abb tumhari bari hay”ya khatay hi us nay merui pant uttar di or lund ko ooper say hi pakar lia “uff kitna lamba hay tumhara lund sunny””choos loo poora apnay moon say farha” i said”kion nahin bhabhi chood”she put her mouth on my dick & start sucking it like an icecream”choos randi poora choos raand ki bachimera lund ankhoon main laga kanjari”she touced my tip with her eyes.

Then she picked up my legs & start sucking my balls&keep rubbing my lund with her hand”you liked it “she asked “i love it sweaty”than she start exploring my asshole with her tongue “my god i love it oh oh oh oh put ur tongue in my ass kutia choos lay meri gaand ka sorrakh”she spitted my asshole & start puting in& out in my asshole i was about to come “meray mouth main chorna apni mani koo”kahnay lagi as what i did she drank it like a juice.After ten minutes i was ready again too kahnay lagi kay” yahan nahin bathroom main” i followed herin bathroom & start kissing her gaand from behind”abb mujh koo choodo bhi naa”i said “:alright” then i put my lund in her choot as we were in a standing position:hai mar gai zoor say choodo mujh koo sunny pls zor say barway’matherchood;bhanchood zor say uff uff uff”as i start pumping faster& fasterthen i stopped she said “kia hoo gia choodo mujh koo” main nay kahha kay main naytumhari gannd marni hay” that she agreed & gave me the bottle of lotion”bari tight hay is liay ya use karoo warna main mar gaoon gi”i put some lotion on my lund & some on my finger & put that finger inside her asshola”oh oh oh andar daloo apni ungli meri gannd maindaloo or daloo”than i start fucking her asshole oh my god what a feeling her ass is the best thing i had in my life”ha ha ha gannd maroo meri pyaray sunny or zor say meri gannd maroo poora lund dal doo andar hehe oh oh oh oh…….”she was really enjoying my dick in her asshole as i was about to come i said” i am coming main chootnay wala hoon “”meri gannd main hi chooto dalay meri gannd say apna lund mat nikalna apni mani mujh ko day doo oh oh oh oh…….”in one second i was filling her asshole with my come .we both came at the same time she said”thankyou sunny for everything tum jab cahoo dobara mujh ko apni randi bana saktay hoo” “thankyou farha jaan tum hoo hi itnay paar kay kabil” than she said ok go out “mujh ko peshaab karna hay””woo too mujh ko bhi aa raha hay abb mujh say kasi sharam mary samnay hi peshab kar loo””nahin nahin ya nahin”she said .

I said “ok main bhi tumharay samnay hi karoon gaa balkay tumharay hi mouth main karoon gaa”.she said “but i’m first “.phir main nay apna mouth us ki choot par lay gia .A flow of piss cameout& start filling mymouth i drink it like it was a orange juice i cannot forget the sweat taste of her piss.after that it’s my turn i start pissing in her mouth like a toilet bowl she was drinking quickly i weted her face with my piss that she enjoyed vermuch.after that we took shower together& i fucked her again in the shower.since that time we enjoyed each other on the regular basis but since i’ve moved to usa i really misses her company.whenever i go to karachi i enjoy myself with her.ANY BHABHI OR A WOMAN WANT TO SHARE .DONOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME AT………….LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE MAIL

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