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Pyar Ya Vasna

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hello to all of you my friends.Ohh forgot me , right ? Its OK.Let me remember.In my previous stories , I have told you that how I fucked the lady who was the mother of my servant.And how I fucked my neighbor girl by giving her the tuitions.And how I was told the story of the first seduction of a lady told by herself. I promised you to tell the happenings of my first fucking that lady and her younger sister too. So here comes the true experience of mine. She was my neighbor in her late twenties.Having good color and figure.
She has all the flesh at right places.I mean that however she was thin but her Boobs and her Butts were great.One can spend hours only in kneading her buttocks and sucking her boobs.Her husband was a Businessman,always out of city on tours.They were well to do having all modern life gadgets. In a course of time I and she became very good friends.I was reading her all body languages who was telling me FUCK ME…………………………………..But was confused as how to proceed.She asked me whether I could teach her to drive her new Maruti800?I replied yes pressing the looks of happiness. Soon we started going to lonely places,on long drives for the purpose.She was happy with me and never eager to learn driving.Daily she wears Salwar Kurta or Midi Top or sometimes a Saree.She used to sit beside me very close ,so I can rub n brush her boobs by slightly pressing my left elbow.The hand at gear knob was always a feet away from the heaven. One day , when as usual her husband was out of town.It became unbearable for both of us.

So we decided to cancel Driving lessons and doing Chudaii lessons instead.So as soon as we reached her flat. Suddenly it was not possible for me to control my self, I held her tight and kissed her back…first on her cheeks and slowly moved on to her lips. There was no reaction by her, after 15 minutes of kissing, her arms ware roving over my chest, under my shirt and I was amazed when she gently pinched all over my body. She just gave me a big smile and a tight kiss and I took that as a green signal. My fears were subsiding and I moved my hands over to her breasts, fondling them over her sari. Instantly she moved her arms over mine, pressing them hard against her breasts. I was feeling the softness of a her’s breast. I lay her flat on her back and while my arm was exploring her breasts, my mouth moved on to her lips. I kissed her first gently and them slowly slid my tongue between her lips. She responded back by opening her mouth to me and I was kissing her deep inside her mouth, licking her lips and enjoying the sweet taste of her saliva. She held my face glued to her mouth, while I licked and sucked her tongue. She was getting excited. We lay there kissing each other in the mouth for a long time and I slowly moved my mouth down on to her neck. By then I was bold enough and I told her that I wanted to see her in full. She hesitated a bit and then agreed, she was feeling shy she too wanted to see me. Pacifying her with more kisses, I slowly undid sari and blouse revealing her breast in the tight black bra. My arms moved down and holding the knot of her petticoat slowly lifted it up and she by reflex lifted her buttocks and top to help me slide it below.

As soon as the dress was off, she grabbed me and pulled me over her, moving her arms under my shirt and then moving it down to squeeze my buttocks. I removed my shirt for her and was in my pant. Knowing that she was shy, I gently took her arm and placed it over the fly of my pant so that she could feel my stiff Lund inside it. She hesitated a bit at first but then pressed her arms strong against my Lund feeling the stiffness. I kissed her on her neck and slowly lifting her arms while moving my mouth to her armpits. The sweet smell of her sweat was driving me crazy and I was soon licking her armpits, brushing her thick armpit hair with my tongue. I was enjoying the sweet salty taste of her pits and the light pungent smell that emancipated from there. My arms in the meantime was still fondling here breasts, squeezing them gently. I kissed and licked her breasts through her bra and I could feel her nipples stiffening under her bra. Turning her over, I unhooked her bra and I was feasting my eyes on her wheatish brown breasts.I moved my mouth over her breast, licking them and then sucking them…one after the other. She was holding my head down strong against her breasts and was moaning in pleasure. I spend a long time sucking that breast and my arms slowly moved down under her panties to cover her choot. She held her thighs tight together in shyness but I had little difficulty in squeezing my hand between her thighs to explore her choot over her panties. I was dying to see that secret place. I could feel the wetness in her crotch.

To make it easy for her, I removed my pant and was only in my underwear with my Lund erect inside it. I slowly moved my mouth down from her breasts, trailing a wet line over her soft stomach with my tongue. I was literally licking her up! I kissed her strong on her belly button, my tongue darting in and out of it. She tried to stop me when I moved my face down to kiss her crotch. Ignoring her, I moved down kissing them and licking her. I slowly inched my mouth up her legs and reached her thighs, squeezing them with arms and licking them. Looking up, I could see her cover her face with her arms in shyness. By now, I was devouring the sight of her crotch in her tight, light blue panties. I could very well see the wetness seeping through the panties. I kissed her over her panties. She slowly eased her thighs, giving me a full view of her crotch and I moved my bead in between burying my nose on her panties. The smell was great. The feminine smell of her chootl juices and her urine. I licked her through her panties and then gently pulled it down, exposing her hairy choot. I was amazed why she had not shaved her armpits and choot, but frankly I loved the hair and was only glad to see them natural. Having removed her panties, I brought them to my face, devouring the sweet salty smell. I moved my attention back to her hairy choot, where the hair was glistening from the juices. I could not control myself and I pressed my face against those silky hairs, licking them and moving my tongue deep into her choot. Again, I was enjoying the sweet taste, I was running my tongue all along her choot and I could feel her getting excited. Her legs parted more giving me a better access to her choot with my tongue. I was virtually nibbling the folds of her choot I heard her moan in pleasure when my tongue touched her clitoris. She grabbed my head pressing and rubbing it strong against her choot. I was glad that she too was enjoying this.

She was now begging me not to stop and I felt her come and her juices where flooding into my mouth. I drank every drop of it, lapping it up from her choot. It still was not over for me and I turned her around giving me a full view of her soft brown buttocks. I squeezed them gently and then licked and bit them. My fingers parted her buttocks and moved to her anus, probing it gently. I wanted to lick her anus. Parting the cheeks of her buttocks gently, I licked her across the crack. I licked her dark, tight anus gently till she eased up and her anus opened up a little to let my tongue in. I was really enjoying every bit and burying my face between her buttocks licked her anus dry. It was now her turn. Grabbing me up on to the bed again, she started kissing me all over.. first in my mouth where she Kissed me for a long time, dugging her tongue deep into my mouth, and them her arms were moving all over me.. on my chest, stomach and my breasts, twiddling with my nipples. She licked my chest and my nipples and then moved down. Removing my underwear, she grabbed my stiff Lund in her hands and massaged it gently. She was kissing it and then felt the excitement when she took it into her mouth. I was really thrilled by the sensation. She really seemed to enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed licking her choot and anus. She was sucking at my Lund and moving it in and out of her mouth. Before I could notify her, I came right in her mouth. She seemed to have expected this and greedily licked the semen of my Lund. I could not wait any longer and I grabbed her by her waist and placed her choot over my face again licking her once again. We were in the 69 position. Finally I decided that it was time for the final act and I told her of my desire to have intercourse. But she stopped me saying that she did not want to go to that extend. But after some request she agreed to do so. Now it was impossible for me to control, I took her on to bed and without wasting my time mounted on her. She spreaded her legs and I put my dick on her wet and pink Choot.

She requested me to do it slowly and gradually as she had didn’t do it for long time, i started fucking her and she was requesting for a deeper and deeper fuck, after ten minutes of fucking I exploded in her Choot. She gained huge orgasm as well Then I lied on her for ten minutes. We took bath together and had sex there.After this we rested for two hours.Then I felt to try for her Gaand. At first she resisted that it might spread some disease if we do so. She then gave up for my pleasure. She soon was in doggy style and I started screwing her in the ass. In the first few minutes it was so painful that I put my cock off her Gaand two three times to get her relaxed. After a while she started pushing back on my huge and hard rock dick to get it deep inside her tight and ripped Gaand. I exploded deep into her Gaand. We stayed there in that hotel for the next three days and did all possible positions in sex and enjoyed a lot. Till a year we enjoyed much more of this.Then her younger sister found us in nondescribing position.However I became successful to do her too. How? In my next story. OK.By the way I am a male in my thirties , Bachelor living alone in MP.Any independent girls or married ladies aged 25-35 or broadminded couples are welcome for a short or long term relationships.Mail me at with your phone No. and then visit me to stay or to visit tourist places of MP.

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