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  • September 29, 2015

Hi,i am Megha Malhotra.i am a great fan of this site and almost everyday i read stories of my friend told me bout this site and when i searched it i got crazy.This is my first and true story.

this story is bout me and younger brother who is 2 years older than me.i am 22 years old and he is 20.i was always close to him and become more closer to him after this incident.first of all let me tell u all a little bout me.i am a good looking girl and my stats.. r 38/24/34.when i was in school every guy looks at me and even my teachers wants to make physical relation with me but i never allow them to do such things.

i study at us and my brother lives with my parents at mumbai. I am returning back after 4 years to my home and i was very happy and eager to see my family after such a long time.there is some family function in our family but i have my exams so i told my parents that i will not be able to attend the function.and they told me that my little brother will be at home to receive u coz he is also having some exams.

my brother comes to receive me at airport in his car and took me home.he was really looking gorgeous. i have seen him after such a long time. and he was looking very smart that every girl at the airport was lookinjg at him.he gave me flowres and i gave a kiss on his cheeks.and than we left for our home.on the way we chatted bout our childhood that how how i save him from my parents when he do some mischiefs at home.and he always comes to me and cry.than we reach our home . than he told me that he is very happy to see me after a long time and he hugged me and gave a kiss on cheeks and i also gave one kiss in return.than he told me that “sis ,i am having my last exam tomorrow and i havent read a single word so i will not be able to give u much time.”i told him “ok,than we will chat tomorrow as i am also feeling drowsy.”than he went to his room and i also went to bed . than i got up after 2 hours now i was feeling better .i went to my brothers room and he was in his bathroom may be taking a bath.he dont know that i am in his room and suddenly the phone rang and he thought that there is no one to receive it and he quickly came out of the bathroom and he was completely nude and he was suprised to see me standing there in his room and than he quickly realised that he is not wearing anything so he wrapped a towel around hid waist and than attend the phone and i was mom asking bout me.than after putting off the phone he said “sorry, dids i dont know that u r in my room”. i told him that “its all right .i should have informed u bout my arrival.but u was looking great without ur clothes “.and i laughed.than he said thank you sis.than i asked “u have got a good physique, do u work out???”he said”ya two hours daily”.and he told that “u also looks great , do u work out .” “no not much just go for morning walk to kepp my tummy in. and ur dick was also looking great and it also got bigger with time.and even in state of semi erection it looks suckable.” he told me that” now u go at ur room so that i can change and than arrange for some dinner”.i told that i dont want to gop out “. than he piched up his underwear ,removed his towel and than dressed up in front of me.and all the time i stared at his cock .than he made a good dinner for me and we ate i went to my room for changing clothes and he went to his night i felt that i am thirsty and get downstairs to get a glass of water.i saw my brother backing his bag for tommorow and in his shorts and nothing else.than i entered his room and i asked him bout his love life.he said there is none.than i ask him y?? than he told me that “i havent got a girl like u so beautiful “.than i told him that “u r sexy ,bro”.he was just not looking at me but looking at my breasts which was loking like watermelons in my night gown.he told me looking at my breasts that” i cant tell bout u that u r sexy or not coz i havent seen u so closely .” i told him that y r so shy of me. he told that this is not right between a bro and sis.than i told him that i am only admiring a persons beauty and not thinking of that u r my bro or any one else.

he told me that but this is not right sis .i am younger brother of urs.than i told u that “i have seen u naked before also when u r young”than he told me that “i was a long time ago when i was a little kid.”but nothing has changed from that time u r still my younmger brother and i am ur elder sis and i am proud that such an smart guy is my bro.than if u wants to look at me nicely than i will also show u my body if u like to.and think that u r man and i am a girl and we have got attracted towards each other and dont think that the girl is ur sis.”he got erection hearing these words from me and he tries to hide it but i told him that”i have alredy noticed that u have no need to hide that from me.”oh bro leave this guilt and just appreciate this beauty standing in front of u”than i took his hand in mine and i putted on my breasts and he started reacting guilty but not removed his hand and than he removed his hand after some time .now i have taken a bold move and i put off my night gown and my beauty is in front of him and he stared at my boobs and told that they r beautiful.than i put one of his hand on my left breast and now he was reacting .he firmly massaged it with his hand and i felt good.than i told him to remove his boxers shots so that i can also see his dick which is hard as rod .than i removede his shorts and his dick is in front of me .now we both r fully naked. and i sat on his laps so that his dick can touch my pussy lips and i kissed hiom on his lips and that was a great french kiss and we kissed for bout half an hour and he was sucking my boobs and pinching my nipples and it feels so good and i started moaning .”aaaaaahhhhhhhhhoooooohhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”and now i asked him to lick my clit and he stood up and ………………..

concluding next part……………..

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