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Puri Family Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi friends, I am Rupesh age 20 from Mumbai. I am 5.10” tall. This is a real story which took place six months ago. I had a good friend named Ankit. Ankit was 15 years old and used to stay with his family near my house at a distant of 5 mins. His family members included his younger sister Sakshi, mother Raksha and father Suresh. I and Ankit were very close. I used to stay most of the time at his place only. His mom and dad also treated me very well. I was like one of their family members. Ankits mom always told to help him in his studies.

I helped him in every possible way and hence the family treated him as one of them. Gradually I started having lunch or dinner at their place. Not everyday but sometimes and that too because of her mom forcing to have it. Once all my family members were out of station so I had to stay alone at my place. I called Ankit to sleep with me. We studied till midnight and were off to sleep. I was wearing shorts and was without any shirt and ankit was wearing a T-Shirt with shorts. He slept to the right of me. While I was in deep sleep I noticed some movement on my penis. I was still acting as if I was slept.

Ankit had kept his right leg on my leg such that his knee was on the shorts exactly above my penis. I thought he might have kept it in sleep so I ignored and went back to sleep. But after some time I noticed that he was moving his knee on my penis. I being still like I was asleep. My penis went rock hard. The movement of his knee increased and now was almost rubbing it with my penis. Then he removed his leg and placed his hand on my penis from above the shorts only. And he was massaging my penis on my shorts very nicely. I was feeling strange what this boy was doing but at the same time was very horny by his movements so I thought lets watch till what heights he will reach. Then he slowly removed my shorts and left me in my underwear.

I acting as if I was sleeping but cooperated with him as he removed my shorts. Ankit was still unaware that I was not asleep. He started moving his hand on my thighs and then on my penis and kept this on for almost 15 minutes. My precum had already wet my undies. After 15 minutes he slowly put his hand inside my underwear and was playing with my dick. Current was flowing through my body my eyes still closed. He started jerking my penis inside the underwear and was touching my balls. I was getting mad by his actions. Then he slowly removed my undies till my knees. And now my uncircumcised cock was free. He took the tool in his hand and started jerking hard.

He slipped my entire foreskin back so that the head of my cock was completely visible. After some time I noticed that his tongue was licking the head of my cock. It was heavenly feeling. He did that very slowly like an expert and this was driving me crazy. And then he took my tool in his mouth and was giving a great blowjob. This increased my breathing and I was very much turned on. I started moaning. But ankit didn’t stop licking my dick. Listening to my moans he increased his speed and started licking my balls. He then went to the thighs and was licking my thighs. I just opened my eyes and held his hair my hands. He might have been surprised by this. I lifted his head and placed it on my cock and started fucking his mouth vigorously. I fucked his mouth for almost 10 minutes.

Then I removed his head from my dick and in one go I removed my undies that were stuck on my knees. Now I was completely naked. I stood up and let ankit kneel down. I placed my dick near his mouth and with my dick head I rubbed his lips. My precum was applied to his lips like a lipstick. Ankit didn’t say a word. I held his head with one hand and pushed my dick in his mouth and started mouth fucking him. I didn’t want to cum soon. So in 5 mintues. I stopped fucking his mouth and removed dick from his mouth. Now I made him sleep and made him completely naked. And made him sleep on his chest and wow he had a big round ass. I started squeezing his ass. Then I held him by his waist and lifted his ass. Made him in doggy style with his elbows resting on the ground.

I applied some oil to his ass and on my dick and slowly inserted my dick in it. It was very tight. He was shouting in pain. As my head went inside his ass. I thrashed my entire cock in his ass in one go. He was yelling in pain. I gave a pause for 2 minutes leaving my cock inside his ass. After he stopped shouting I started fucking his ass slowly in the beginning. And gradually I increased my pace. And finally I was holding my both hands with his waist. And was fucking very hard. Ankits pains were turned into pleasures and he started jerking his own cock in pleasure. And he cummed on the floor. As soon as ankit cummed I was about to reach my orgasm. I held his waist very tightly and shoot entire loads in his ass. He then went to the bathroom to get himself clean. I washed my penis and was off to sleep. I dint knew when ankit came and slept. But morning as I got up I saw I was alone at my place. Ankit had already left.

Form the next day Ankit behaved very normal as if nothing happened between us. I too reacted in the same way. At times ankit tried to seduce me by touching my penis but I always rejected his hands and acted as if I was not interested. In few days I became a very good friend of his family including his mom and dad as well. His dad used to have night shifts so the three of them would sleep. One day her mom asked me to have dinner at his place and sleep there only. I refused but my rejection could not withstand ankits and his moms request. And I had dinner at his place. They had a single room kitchen house. So all used to sleep in that room only.

Raksha (his mom) was sleeping at one end with her daughter (Sakshi) to the left. Beside sakshi, ankit was sleeping and I was beside him at other end. Again I felt the same thing on my penis. But this time I pushed his leg and avoided contact with him. After trying twice, ankit also stopped seducing me and went to sleep. I too slept. I was sleeping with my both hands under my head. Now I was feeling something on my right hand. Some other hand was rubbing my right elbow and right hand. I thought it was ankit again and I jerked my hand. After some time again the same feeling on my hand. Then I opened my eyes to see why ankit was not listening. And to my surprise ankits both hands were on his stomach. Then I came to know that it was sakshi (his sister). Sakshi is 16 years old girl with a fair complexion. She was very good looking. I never noticed her much thinking that she was my friends sister. But her face was very beautiful and she always wore salwar kameez. And never wore western like jeans and tops. Her soft touch on my hands was awesome.

I opened my hands for her and she explored my hand completely and was pushing her hand inside my tshirt sleeves and was touching my armpit hair. Then she took my fingers and started kissing my palm and was licking my fingers. By this time I was turned on. With my other hand I was rubbing my cock on my shorts. My dick was already erect. I started responding to her moves. I touched her cheeks, pinched them and was playing with her hair. Then I started pressing her boobs from above her salwar. Wow, there were very soft. I increased the pace of rubbing my cock and pressed her boobs hard. I was unable to notice here reactions but was sure she was enjoying this as she was pressing my hands tight to her boobs. Then I pushed my hand inside her salwar from the gap of her neck. I pressed her boobs above her bra and was very much excited. I removed the cup of her left bra and pressed very tightly.

I played with her nipples with my right hand and then I removed the next cup of bra on her right boob and pressed that as well. I heard her moan ahhhhhhh!!!!! And she continued to press my hands on her boobs. At the same time I removed my shorts and undies with the other hand and started ejaculating it. She pulled my hand out and was licking my fingers like a slut and pushed again inside her salwar. I pressed hard again and played with her already erect nipples. I increased my pace of jerking and cummed in my undies. And her mom also pulled her closer in sleep and we lost contact.

After that day I slept so many times at her place and always enjoyed sakshis boobs and sometimes her hips. I explored her upper body completely but as ankit used to sleep in between us I never got a chance to go down. One day while I was sleeping at her place. Her mom got a call from suresh (her husband) and he called her and his son (ankit) to his working place and carry some furniture to home. I was listening all the conversation and was acting of sleeping. Both of them left the house. And sakshi was unaware of anything as she was in deep sleep. As they both left I saw the timing, it was midnight 12. I got up and locked the door from inside turned on the lights and came and slept beside sakshi. I kissed sakshi on her cheeks and behind her ear. She got up and saw no one is at home. I didn’t let her talk and put my finger on her lips. I rolled over sakshi and started smooching her passionately.

She responded to that kiss. We almost kissed for 10 mins. I kissed almost every part of her face and explored her mouth with my tongue. Then I removed my tshirt and her salwar. She had very nice round shaped 34 sized boobs that were trying to escape from her bra. I licked her boobs from above her bra. She escaped a moan ahhhhhhh rupesh!!!! And held my hair and was pressing towards her boobs. I went down and started licking her stomach and when I reached her belly button she jerked her body. I put my tongue inside her button and licked it very nicely. She was moaning hard. omg rupesh don’t stop ahhh yeah go on!!!!!! I went up and unhooked her bra and released her big boobs. They were so perfect in shape. I pressed them madly and licked like an animal. Her pink nipples were very tight and very nice. I was going mad and like an animal I pressed her boobs and licked them.

I used to kiss her go down to her boobs and come again to smooch. My dick wanted to escape from my shorts and was rock tight. My dick was poking her pussy while I was pressing her boobs and smooching her. This session continued for half and hour. Then I pulled her pant (kameez) down and removed my shorts as well. My underwear was already wet with my precum and her panty was also wet. I Removed her panty and spread her legs. She had a great pussy with very little pubic hair. I rubbed her pussy with my thumb and started licking her pussy. She was moaning very loudly and was biting her lips. I gave my fingers, she sucked them hard in the mean time I was licking her pussy. I also pressed her boobs while licking.

I licked very fast and she reached her orgasm and I drank her juices. Then I kept her legs on my shoulder and started rubbing my penis on her clit from above my undies. Wow!!!!! What a feeling. I was in the heaven. Then in no time I removed my undies and in the same position with her legs on my shoulder I entered the tip of my dick in her tight pussy. Her pussy was very tight. She closed her eyes and was biting her lips in pain. Then slowly I entered half of my dick in her. She was shouting in pain and was crying to stop. I consoled her pain will go and you will enjoy and in one hard push I entered completely inside her. Her pussy started bleeding and She shouted very loud in pain and tears dropped from her eyes.

I fell on her and placed my lips on her lips to control her voice as well as limit her pain. I kissed her for 5mins. By the time she was relaxed and my dick still inside her. I rolled my hands behind her head and continued kissing. While kissing I slowly started jerking my cock in and out of her pussy. Now she was relaxed with pain but was in immense pleasure. She was literally scratching my back with her nails. Gradually I increased my pace. With my dick still inside her I got up and again placed legs on my shoulder and held her waist tightly and was pumping very hard. she was moaning very loudly and was moving her ass in rhythm with me. I pumped her like a hungry animal and we both came together. I came inside her pussy and was tensed of her pregnancy. She said it were the safe days of her period.

I was relaxed and I dressed myself she too became clean and we both slept at distant places. I turned off the light. We slept normally as if we didn’t woke up at all. In the morning I got to know that her mom and ankit returned at 1 30. After that day I and sakshi became very close and after that I fucked her many times with protection. Now when I used to sleep at her place she never tried to seduce me as she didn’t wanted her family members to suspect us. So I usually fucked her at my place where she used to come for clearing her maths doubts. And none of her family members suspected her.

One day sakshi and raksha (her mom) were alone in the house as her dad had his night shift and ankit had gone to their relative place. sakshis dad called me and told me to accompany them the night as ankit is also not there. So I agreed to sleep but was not thinking to fuck sakshi as her mom was sleeping between me and her and I told sakshi to sleep and so was I sleeping. Raksha was sleeping in between and I was on her left while sakshi was to her right. Accidently in sleep I kept my right hand on sakshis mom. Sakshis mom was sleeping with her back facing me. So my left hand was on her left hand. Sakshis mom lifted her hand and placed my hand between her body and her hand. She pulled my hand so that I went closer to her. I was almost stick to her. I thought she might be doing this with love as I was like a kid In front of her. Then slowly she kept my palm on her boobs and started pressing them.

Raksha was wearing a night suit (maxi) which was a single piece till toe. Raksha was a beautiful women with huge boobs. Her boobs were very big that one hand would be not be enough to hold them. She was fair with silky hair and big round ass. Her fair complexion was even brighter than her daughter. She opened the buttons of her night suit. It had three buttons in front. And now my hands were touching her boobs as she was not wearing bra inside. My dick went hard inside my shorts making a tent. She continued pressing her both boobs with my hand and was moaning slightly. I was unable to see her face as her back was facing me so her hair was in front of my face. I was still acting as I was sleeping as usual. But my dick was poking Rakshas ass. She then started moving her ass on my dick and was pressing her boobs with my hand very tightly. I was enjoying every moment. Being dominated by experienced women Is great.

I don’t know when did I lost control on myself and I too started rubbing my dick on her ass, Raksha got to know that I was awake. She left my hand and pressed my ass towards her. Now she stopped and I myself was rubbing my dick with her ass but still we were dressed so everything was going on the suits. I kept my left hand on her left boob and from under her neck I passed my right hand and placed it on her left boob. I pressed those huge boobs very mercilessly. And at the same time rubbed my dick on her ass vigorously.

Raksha was pressing my ass towards her and was moaning hard but controlling her voice as she could wake sakshi. I lifted her night suit from the toe till her waist and squeezed her ass. She was not wearing panty as well. Then I used my middle finger to rub her pussy which was completely wet and I finger fucked her. I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and was fucking her. She was biting her own hand and was pressing her boobs and was controlling her sound. Her pussy was also tight. I guess her husband rarely fucked her. As I was still finger fucking her pussy I inserted my index finger in her ass which was virgin and very tight. She shouted in pain and pleasure. I started finger fucking her pussy and ass at the same time. She rolled her left hand over my shoulders and pressed me towards her left boob. I sucked it and finger fucked her simultaneously.

She was moaning very hard but with soft voice. Ah ah ah ah!!!!!! Don’t stop , go on suck it ahhhhhhh!!!!!! And she reached her orgasm. I removed my hand from her pussy and made her lick my finger. She licked her own juices. Now I removed my shorts and undies and my tshirt and became completely naked. I rolled my right hand on rakshas shoulder. Raksha was short than me. So it was very easy to handle her. I kissed her cheeks and smooched her for 10 mins. With the other hand I lifted her left leg by holding her thigh and placed it on my waist. Then I guided my dick into her pussy. It didn’t hurt her much but she could not shout as well as I was holding her lips with mine.

Then with the left hand holding her boobs and right hand around her shoulders and my lips on her lips and my dick in her pussy I started fucking raksha and she was in complete pleasure. She kissed me very passionately and was moving her hips with mine. I kept on fucking her very hard and was rubbing her pussy at the same time. We both came together and I emptied my load inside her pussy. After that she hugged me very tightly and kissed me. Then I had many rounds fucking rakshas pussy and her ass as well. I also fucked sakshi. So in this way I fucked the entire family but none of them knew about the fucking of other. I never fucked ankit but was just a friend with him hence I became his and his family’s best buddy. This continued for 4 months and I became a fucker of their family. But after that the entire family got shifted to delhi and I was in contact with ankit but we rarely talked to each other and at times I talked to sakshi and raksha as well. But now ankit changed his contact number and I am not in contact at all. I guess these bitches got a fucker in delhi as well

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