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  • September 9, 2015

Hello Fans! This is my True Story . As i m also the big fan of desipapa erotic story so i decided to share my story with all of u . i am love from Delhi aged 26 and my bhabhi was about 34.I Have very small family there is just me and my elder bro and my parents and one and only my bhabhi with his 3 years old son. I m smart 26 years old with normal personality. But my Bhabhi is gr8 as it is her figure approximately 38″ 30″ 40″.with milky colour skin and very bold. Whenever i was in home i just watch her Boobs and big Ass which attracts me very much so this is the reason that many times I touch her ass and behave like incident. As Well As time passed my intension increased and at last the day came when I start my story of life.

That is the one fine evening of summer. When my parents with my elder bro went out of station due to some work. I take my dinner and reach in my room and sleep. But at the right 3:00am I wake up due to thrust. I went out of my room and reach near D-Freezer for some water. I drank some water and turn back to my room but I had seen that the light of my bro’s room is turn on. Then I move there and saw that bhabhi had slept with his child . So I became relax and turn back . But at the mean time my sight reach at the sleeping Bhabhi’s big ass .Tub mera pura jisam kanp giya kyunki bhabhi ki bareeq shalwar main say un ki bari bari gand almost visible thee . Main nay un ko dekha aur wahin ruk gaya aur bhabhi ko daykhnay laga kay achanak mere dil main khayal aya kay kion na aaj kismat aazmaee jai

So I reach near to her But when i reach there mera pura jisam phir say kanpnay laga kay agar kuch galat ho gaya tu kya ho ga laiken main nay phir thori see himat kee aur un kay pass bed per baith gaya . Aur gor say un kay chehre ko dekhney laga ta kay mahsoos kar sakoon kay woh jag rahee hain ya so rahee hain . Laiken jub un ki aankhain nahin heeleen tu mujhe sakoon ho gaya laiken phir bhi itmainan karne key liya main nay un ko zor zor say hila kar awaz di kay agar jag rahee hoin tu uth jain gi tu main koi bhana laga doon ga laiken woh nahin utheen tum mujhe sakoon howa . Actually meri bhabhi jub so jatee hain tu un ko uthana zara mushkil hi hota hai isi liya un ko sota dekh kar main khush ho gaya tha.Then i touch her body on navel and slowly move my hand in circle and start rubbing her body but she slept very politely . Then i relax and move my hands to his big hips which are looking gr8 in her nighty .

Phir main nay un ki gaand ko malna shrooh kar diya. Bhabhi ki gaand itni soft and slipery thee kay hath khud ba khud slip ho raha tha. And due to this process my Lund start standing .In the mean time I just keep watching her eyes also that if she wake up or not but she is gr8 depth of sleep. Tub main nay thori see aur himat kee aur un ki kameez main hath dal kar un kay pate per pherne laga aur ahista ahista uper ki taraf hath lay kar jane laga aur after a gr8 travel I touch her soft boobs. I touch them and rub slowly and due to her movement i took my hand out. And sat beside her with pin drop silence. Tub unho nay karwat lee aur ulti ho kar lait gaeen. Phir main nay un ki gaand per hath rakh kar maslna shrooh kar diya. Aur ahista ahista apney hath ka dbaoo barhata gaya aur akhir kar meri halth khrab hona shurooh ho gai mera lund itna sakht ho gaya tha us kay main dard hone laga tha so i try to put my one fingure in her ass hole but how is it possible on the shalwar so due to pain she move his gaand and lay straight.

So i stay there for some time and then touch her pussy.un ki phudi bohut soft thee. phir main nay aram aram say un ki phudi ko malna shurooh kar diya aur sath sath un ki aankhon main bhi dekhta raha. phir main aram say uth kar un kay sar ki taraf aa gaya aur un ki bare gale wali kameez main say hath dall kar un kay doodh dabane laga aur tub he achanak woh uth gai aur main dar kar neechay aa kar baith gaya .

Unhon nay mujh say yahan un kay kamre main bethne ki waja poochee tu main nay keh diya kay sar main dard ho raha hai is liye tablet laine aya tha. Yeh sun kar woh soo gaeen aur meri bhi jaan main jaan ayee. Tub main nay sone ka faisla kya aur aram say neechay he late gaya aur so gaya laiken kuch daer kay baad hee mujhe aisa feel howa kay mera hath kisi nay pakar rakha hai aur main aikdum uth kar baith gaya. Tub main hairan howa kay mera hath bhabhi kay doodhon per rakha howa tha aur upper say un kay hath thay . Pehle tu main samjha kay shayad main nay he sote main khyal nahin kya laiken jub main nay un ki aankhon ki taraf dekha tu mujhe aisa feel howa kay woh jaag rahee hain aur sone kee sirf acting kar rahee hain . Tub main nay soney ka irada tarq kar diya aur phir bed per baith gaya. aur un ki gaand aram aram say rub karne laga Laiken un ka jisam ab pehle say bhi ziada garam tha . Main nay aram say un ki kameez uper kii kyonkey mujhe ahsas ho gaya tha kay woh jaag rahee hain aur enjoy kar rahee hain. So main naya ahista ahista un ki kameez utar di aur ahista ahista un ki bra bhi khol di now she is topless mean half nude.

I feel so excited to see her nude so I kissed her on lips but that is breathless kiss. Tub main nay un kay boobs ko helka helka squeez kya aur phir un kay nipples ko helka helka choosa . Then I feel that i’ll must die now if i do nothing now so I decided to untie her nara (Shalwar’s Belt). So slowly i did that and loose her shalwar slowly and very slowly. And as I loose her shalwar i became totally mad after seeing her totally nude, Then I saw her face getting red and more red But she till now behaving like sleeping. Then I reach near her phudi and just touch it and in the mean time she move and spread her legs widely to give me a full view of her cute phudi . Then I touch it kiss on her phudi then I start licking it , Due to this she moaning unfortunately but again calm down . Then i get my whole power and took my trouser off and get my dick out and place some oil on it and reach near her.

She is unaware that what I want to do So as I place my top of dick on her phudi she scared and her face impression change so i think that is not good sign for me so main nay aik zor dar jhatka mara aur mera pura lund aik dum un kay andar ghus gaya aur unhon nay aik dum aankhain khol deen. Laiken main ab ruknay wala kahan tha main nay bhi andar dall kar woh jhatke mare kay un kee cheekhain nikalnay lagee mare dar kay main un kay uper lait gaya aur un kay lips ko apne lips say bandh kar diya unhoon nay bahut koshish kee kay main un ko chor doon laiken main nay nahin chora aur akhir kar main farig ho gaya meri mani say un ki puri phudi bhar gai thee. Tub unhoon nay mujhe bahut bura bhala kaha laiken main nay ignore kar diya .Aur apna trouser pehn kar apne kamre main aa gaya aur so gaya.

Next morning bhabhi nay saree baat bhi ko bta dee aur phir yaroo jo haal mera howa yeh main hee janta hoon . Jitna maza aya itnee hi maar bhi pari laiken main baaz nahin aya i ll try till now . one day will be mine

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