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Punishment To My Innocent Wife

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi friends this is my first story here. Hope you all like it if you’re interested in us you can join us and please provide your important comments so I can submit more stories of our actions you can also get connected to me at

Let me introduce myself I’m 26 years old Hindu male from Mumbai working in a reputed MNC, I have been married for 2 years to a very good looking, obedient and intelligent wife. She is Gaurangana 5.3, 64 kgs, 36 32 36 fair. After 1 years of good sex life with her I was getting bored of my sex life there was nothing new to it, we stay in a small house with my 2 brothers and theirs wife and my parents then

I started to learn more about sex and newer styles, cuckolding and gangbangs. I never told about all this to her as she is conservative and I didn’t want to loose her. After knowing all this whenever we went out I used to look at males watching her and used to get a hard on and jerked fantasizing it. I was completely falling for it and wanted to see her fuck other males.

Problem was how I should take it forward as it could ruin my life and career. While I was going through all this we bought a small house next to us and took a home loanAnd my wife started taking tuitions at home. One day I was going through paper and an idea clicked my head. The idea was “Recession. I started making stories to her that my company is in great mess and people are losing job.

While this was a reality as well and whomever she enquired would say it’s a truth and she was worried herself. I started to take it further making more stories and make her think more about them. Soon I was struck in head myself suddenly I came to know that my company was been outsourced we work as a team of 15 employees and because of outsourcing 5 of us were been removed from my team.

After an anxious 2 week I came to know who this people were they were all my colleagues n because of my good performance I was held back and to add to it was promoted and my package was increased as well. My happiness had no bounds now and I got back to my plan on which I was working for so long. I told my wife about all this and she was shocked but didn’t mention my promotion to her.

To make all this more real I invited my laid off friends for dinner just for condolence and make my wife feel Recession. All the while through dinner friends told about their problems and how their life is been ruined some also said because of recession they were finding it difficult to find other jobs. My wife chatted with me on this topic after they left and asked about my situation

I told her nothing was confirmed and things can go wrong if my boss wanted it. She was scared and said why would he do that? I said he has all controls and will keep people who keep him happy. I started to believe that I could move with my plan now. My plan was as you all know that we come from Indian mentality were sex with others is a taboo and

I love my wife and didn’t want a lover for her so I wanted to trick her into fucking other males whom I decide and she would never know this. I would start this with may be 1-1 and then take it to gangbangs and cuckold myself. I believed that she was convinced so I put an ad in several sites but I decided not to select any young male as you know I don’t want competition to me n wanted that she must treat it as just sex and nothing more.

After I put ad I got several replies and soon I had to shortlist some. After 2-3days I received 1 more mail and was happy going through his mail. He was a US return 43yrs working for MNC staying close by and had a spare house for this activity, his wife was dead my daughter was in US for studies and family in Delhi. He was alone here and was looking for such stuff.

When I told him all this he was very happy as he was getting to act as my boss and equally beautiful wife for free and she would act as a slave to him and fuck him whenever he wanted. About his stats he is 5.9 n 85kgs rough guy a little balding and with a small belly and a cock of 7” and 3” thickness uncut meat he was frank, bold and put his thought to spice things up

He told me that he would play with Gaurangana as per his wish and share her with other guys as well he convinced that if he is only man with her she might fall for him which he didn’t want. I was happy that he had such open thoughts and went on to meet him, checked him out and his place. After meeting him we planned things about our next meet, I came home it was time for Gaurangana to get into this,

I told her that my boss had called me and he wanted to meet us for coffee and discuss my future in company. She was shocked when I mention us she said why he wants me to come I said he wants you to know everything at hand so that my removal doesn’t come as shock to you. She was very nervous now and next day we went to meet my Boss (boss is friend I selected I will now call him boss henceforth)

It was CCD we met in he wasn’t their when we reached he was 15 min late and when he came he was wearing a casual shirt and jean. In Gaurangana stood up to meet him and he checked Gaurangana with his lusty eyes she was wearing a nice chudidaar showing nothing but a good figure. He hungrily viewed her, took her hand in his hand and gave a good shake and then we got seated back

He frankly started talking to us about the job, recession issue; he told us that soon 3 more people are going to be removed; my wife was devastated to know that n he mentioned that he would only support people who keep him happy. He said that I was a Loser and was not good in my work performance n will not be able to find new job if laid off. My wife was in tears and I put my head down.

He then said he could help me and my career if we strike a deal with him we both looked at him anxious to know solution. He declared that gaurangana was beautiful n he didn’t want to hurt her, so he would help me keep job if she agreed to be his weekend’s Wife. We both were stunned by his words and gaurangana looked at me, then looked at him he continued that he will keep us for weekends,

Sometimes weekdays on his wish, also take us out for vacations depending on his mood. He also said as we work for MNC, decision to keep people are taken by HR’s n other managers so she will have to make them happy as well in turn he will secure good perks, foreign trips and of course my job for me. He then said it’s up to us now to decide, he left the table, paid the bill while going back for us.

After a while we both came out of CCD n came back home, throughout our ride she didn’t talk to me at all. She came back called her uncle in Dubai, asked for job for me but her uncle said that he too was looking to come back as job issue are going there as well and then final nail was hit in coffin for her. She came back to me, said I should try finding a way out since she can’t do this.

I was patient to listen to her and then took her in my hands made love to her said I will take care. Next day I went office but came back late usually I’m back by 7pm this day I came by 9:30 pm, she was waiting for me and asked me for the issue, I told her that I went to senior boss today and told him this but instead of helping me and he called my boss on phone told him that he makes it a point that I agree so that after him it will be his turn to fuck you.

She was again in tears and was not able to understand anything, she asked me to leave job so I told her that I thought of it but if I did that then he will mark my experience certificate such that I don’t get job anywhere else. Then I went to sleep, didn’t talk to her in morning, then came home late again after dinner asked her that if she had decided anything on this.

She didn’t say anything that time but when we came to sleep back she asked me that boss told he would not be the only one to fuck her and that she would be taken anytime as per their wishes. I looked at her she was crying and then she asked me that will I be able to accept her after all that. I said that the cause of all this was I so I will always love, accept her, support her always, told her that she should just take it as sex and nothing more next morning she came to me and said if

I was ready for this she would support me and help me in anyways as she loved me. I was very happy and called my boss told him that she has said a yes n that we can go forward, he was very happy to hear that and I could hear his excitement through our phone conversation. It was a Friday so he asked if I can bring her today it and we could start it right away, I wasn’t sure but I said I will check things and get back to him in 15 min.

Then called Gaurangana told her that boss wanted her tonight itself she was a little hesitant n said it up to me to decide, she will follow, I was happy that she was obedient, I said a yes to both of them and told boss that we will join him at his place at 8 pm now my situation was difficult to understand I couldn’t understand what was happening to me, how all this things were turning real, when I reached home

I saw my gaurangana she was angel in my life who was going to be changed, ravished for ever from tonight. I was just not able to collect myself I was so turned on as hard as ever that just looking at her I shot in my pants, I was relieved. She looked at me I was home at 4:30pm, she guessed what was coming. Looking at me she said so it’s a yes to boss I said I had no option as he was too desperate.

She just sat down on bed, started to look down on to floor then looked at me I could see tears in her eyes, I said that it will be fine we just need to support each other right through, told her to act as an actress who do love making scenes and are never accounted for, they still have personal life and are respected as well. She said it will take time for her to accept such stuff and that her tears will keep failing till then; I understood my wife’s love for me as tears were evidence of it.

Now after 2 hours of consoling her I told her to get dressed she looked at me and said clothes are going to be removed so why get dressed. I told her that no one should know this so please wear some good clothes and left her. Then I went to mom told her that Gaurangana was not feeling well because of my job issue and I’m taking her out to calm things down, she was happy, appreciated this thought. When I went back to my room gaurangana was dressed, was applying cream on face

She was wearing a nice salwar a short kurta also wearing a normal bra and panty as usual. After her touch up on face she was looking great, ready to be eaten. We started for my boss place, my phone rang she was so nervous that she was shocked to hear phone ringing, I calmed her, picked phone it was 7:45 and boss was waiting I told him it will take 30 mins, we will reach his place, saying that I cut the phone, looked at gaurangana she was looking at me I could feel her nervousness, sense her cold body.

We reached boss building which was old one but good considering Mumbai, we took a lift which was small the room was on 2nd floor while in lift she hugged me tight n told me that this was all for me, she loves me. Now the lift stopped, we opened the door there were 4 flats on the floor 3 were all closed, 1 was open. When I looked at it I saw boss standing watching us through the door my heart started to pound faster as I didn’t knew how things would go I was very nervous.

On seeing us, boss opened d door I saw him wearing a simple bathroom rob thought he just had a bath for himself the passage was small so gaurangana was behind me boss couldn’t see her coming he said did I leave her n laughed, when we entered he shaked hands with me n let me enter in and then gaurangana came in. He saw her and than a door in front opened so he quickly took her in and closed his door.

After door was closed he said he was very happy with me that I obeyed his order and bought gaurangana right tonight. Now he looked at her with a smile asked her to come to him my wife didn’t look at me n went to him, he just hugged her tightly and parted her left ass cheek and pressed it hard, such that she threw a loud haah! From her mouth, he then said that she is soft and told her how beautiful she was looking and asked how she got married to a Loser like me.

He then said that she had made mistake and now she will be punished for her mistake throughout her stay with him. He told her to be obedient if she wanted to have fewer punishments he also said that he wasn’t looking for love so she will be acting whore for him n his friends to enjoy. He then said that he had been with many married wives and some blondes in him life but she was the youngest and 1st Hindu in his life.

He then made us sit with him, called somebody on phone n while he talked asked my wife to make a drink. She had never had drinks nor me so she didn’t know what to do she remained unmoved, now on phone he gave some direction to someone and cut d phone then looked at us asked y no drinks were made, she answered she doesn’t know, he was nice, told her his taste, made 1 drink neat n that was large one when made he asked her to gulp it I was stunned

I said no but he said he found her nervous this will help her ease through the night. And if she said no she can go home now we had no options so she just took a big gulp n took it in. After that he took her to bedroom showed her a cupboard where some clothes were hanging he gave her some clothes asked her to wear and come back. I couldn’t see them as he was directing her from door and she was inside.

He closed the door came back to me n said how was it I said it was good performance he said he was practicing it, fantasizing as well n laughed, now he got up got me a gift said it was for me, I opened it n saw a digital camera, I couldn’t understand he said this was his gift for me I will have to click pictures of Gaurangana using it and keep them for my collection as remembrance. I was ok with the idea took it started to understand all functions of it.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door I saw Boss moving to open the door I saw a 48 years old man joining us his name was Ram he was Boss old friend a trusted one he was a Brahmin from suburbs I couldn’t understand his presence n asked boss y did he come here, he said remember I said she will be my weekends wife. I said yes he said Ram is a Pundit he will help me get married to gaurangana he will declare her as his Weekends Wife.

I was stunned asked not to do this but boss said he n his friends are experienced n will take it easy. Suddenly I started to worry since my beauty was going to have 2 cocks and this pundit I knew was already planning for it. About pundit he was old but he was large 6 feet, 90 kgs big belly and was dark man cock size later. Boss now yelled for gaurangana asked her to join in the door opened

I was again stunned to see gaurangana wearing a wedding dupatta on her head then I saw both men’s grinning at her passing comments now I moved back to gaurangana n my heart just stopped she was just wearing a 2 piece lacy bra panty n nothing on her body. Seeing pundit she tried to hide but boss said duputta is for head nothing else should be hidden. Now here she was almost naked in front of two hungry strangers.

Boss asked her to come sit with them asked me to get ready for photo shoot he asked pundit to get ready as well for marriage my poor wife was in no position to speak she did as they ordered, now the pundit stood up made way for gaurangana to sit beside boss then he undid his shirt removed his pants n was now just in his underwear now boss asked me to pull two chairs keep them in opposite direction facing each other I did as I was told.

Then Boss stood up removed his rob and I was astonished he was naked inside dropped rob to d floor, sat on chair and asked his pundit to remove his underwear as well n start wedding in no time he removed his underwear sat opposite to boss and started some Vedas after 3-4 min asked Gaurangana to stand and come to him Gaurangana stood up went towards Boss but he stopped her pointed towards pundit she obeyed went towards his chair now pundit continued with

Vedas in some time asked Gaurangana to bow down and put some turmeric on her head then continued he Vedas then he looked at boss and said her to remove her clothes and boss asked me to click her pictures first and then she remove her bra and then dropped panties. Pundit took chance and put haldi on her bare pussy which was clean and then asked her to sit on his lap,

Gaurangana now looked at boss and he said follow pundit orders, in no time she was in his lap I started to click her now I could see him playing with her bare body. He said it’s time for Kanyadaan as there is no father; Pundit will act as father n he stood up. I saw huge meat of his it was almost 8” but 2.5” thick it was full erect touching Gaurangana’s bare back as they stood now he ordered gaurangana to go on her knee and blow him.

This was first time my wife was going to take cock in mouth I saw tears in her eyes, she rubbed them went on her knees now she looked at me and asked for condom my boss laughed n said baby he is your father no condoms for family I couldn’t believe that but had no options pundit signaled my wife towards him, asked her to take it in I saw and clicked her taking that huge meat in her lips n then mouth initially he allowed

Her to go her way n lick n tongue it then as precums started to flow she started to spit them so he looked at boss n just hold her head n started to push his meat in her mouth n fucked her hard Initially he was slow but soon he picked pace, after 5 min he made a large grunt of Haaah! Removed his cock, I clicked it n saw loads of cum coming from Gaurangana’s mouth she was in mess her nose was read and was gasping for air,

Now pundit said Kanyadaan was done and now its grooms turn to take his place. Boss was waiting for this he asked Gaurangana to come towards him she was completely raw unclean of the last blowjob and was again asked to duplicate her act now she just stood up rubbed her mouth with hand removed a load and cleaned her mouth a little. She knelt down to go for next blowing this time pundit started to say Vedas,

Occasionally spanked her ass hard, also inserted 2 fingers in pussy, called her his whore, asked boss to hold her tight, fuck hard then I started to click boss and Gaurangana now I thought she was submissive here just allowing boss wit deep throating and hard strokes in next 10 minutes he too was done with blowing but he didn’t let her move and kept his cock in her throat hold her nose tight and ordered

Her that till she drinks all that in her mouth he will not leave her she struggled little but then I saw she allowed the waste to go in and she was released. After that I saw a happy smile on both strangers as she stood up, Gaurangana was now renamed as Rasmi. Pundit declared Boss and her Weekend’s Couple, with this sindur was put by boss on my wife beautiful pussy n marriage was over.

Gaurangana was tired her lips, nose, jaw ears were all red by the rough pounding when she stood up. I could see all cums on her face some dropped on her breasts as well. She was looking a filthy Whore; she fell on couch n started to take long deep breaths. Meanwhile my boss also got beside her n started to bite n play with her breasts he initially started to squeeze then roughly, then started to bite them hard pulling themout.

My wife was not responding he kept biting hard and asked her to keep her hands in his hairs n start circling, she started doing that his saliva was all over her breasts now his bites were all visible on her tits then after 20 mins of biting squeezing them he asked wife to make a drink for her, pundit n him, with a little energy she picked herself stood up to make drinks while she was making drinks boss was behind her ass

He parted them watched her bare asshole and her ass a hard hit and said she is one hot bitch he will always love to fuck pundit and boss started to laugh I saw Gaurangana was just controlling herself to keep up with their rough needs. When she was done making drinks for them he asked her to gulp 1st then she did that after that he gulped his drink instantly he lip locked with gaurangana transferring his drinks into her,

I could see that he was spitting all in her mouth she was not able to take all together some of it was coming through her lips after that he started to chew her soft pinkish lips which I always sucked on now she was ravished for another 10-15 mins then he left her alone allowed her to take some breath

For herself then asked me did I ever played with her like that I said nope we never did anything like that he said now she is going to do this all her life and I will enjoy watching her pundit n boss laughed hard, I smiled a little saw at Gaurangana her eyes were closed she was just breathing hard I thought that drinks had taken their effects she was now feeling a little out of sync,

I also thought that all this would have humiliated her, a lot n she might have stopped thinking any more. Boss allowed a break of 15mins then told her to get herself cleaned a little she went in then he asked me did I enjoy I was speechless now I said that we should stop here and continue next time boss laughed at me n said is any marriage completed without a Suhagraat I said please don’t do this as

I thought what will happen to gaurangana if I allowed this freak now, he said don’t worry dude we will take care you watch and when you say stop we will stop move out and respect you. I was not convinced but had no option as well he asked me to come in to the bedroom I went in I saw a double bed a chair beside the bed, the bed was quite big for two was well decorated it had a new sheet on it 4 pillow above

A nice large blanket at bottom, he now moved towards AC switched it on then asked me to take my place he told me to sit on chair which was placed beside the bed now the pundit came room as well he bought a seat for himself as well after a while he called for my wife she opened door came clean she had wiped herself clean from hairs to breast some water was seen near her pussy as she cleaned all sindur that was placed during wedding.

All red marks that were on her body were of bites n hard spanking from boss and pundit. When she entered boss hugged her lip locked again now started inserting his fingers in my wife pussy I could see she was in lot of pain as when he would enter her pussy She would try to scream of pain her mouth open wider boss would take chance and bite her inside meat tongue, after sometime he left her

I saw she just laid on one side of bed at bottom stuck her hand on her head I felt she was hurt feeling humiliated soon she looked at me shook her head in disgrace I could see the pussy lips were now apart and well red of finger fucking. After a little break boss came back I could see he was hard again soon he asked gaurangana to take it in her mouth my wife said it’s too big and it hurts as well

He just looked at me after a little silence he look back at her I saw her taking the meat again in mouth this time he opened her mouth wider fucked her harder this kept going on for 10 min the pounding was so hard I could hear each stroke he used to make in her mouth he would put max of meat in her mouth then pull it out all then in one stroke it was back in

I saw gauragana gasping turning red again after some more thrust he cummed again this time again he holed her and she drank all cums in, after he removed his cock he told her to spit on his hand I saw a load of cum out in her spit he was happy showed me that asked for a click then wiped his hand on her complete face smiled looked at pundit he was smiling as well Now gaurangana was completely knocked out with humiliation,

He then asked her to climb up on bed get ready for next stuff, gaurangana with no words moved as she was told n got a hard spank on her ass as she turned now he asked her to lay on her back spread her legs wide he moved towards her pussy showed it the tip of his cock, his cock was not hard so he looked at pundit asked if he wanted to help, he said he will be happy for the gift, I said please boss n said no to him, now he looked at me said it’s up to me to decide as my job would go

All efforts of Gaurangana would be in vain if I stopped now Gaurangana then said that it doesn’t matter who fucks her till I have my job, so boss smiled pushed me aside to chair. I was just shocked that this old freak was going to fuck Gaurangana without my permission I was not able to do anything boss close gave me a coke can said chill enjoy click pictures I just pulled a lame smile towards him. Now pundit was positioned in front of pussy lips of Gaurangana his cock was hard big.

He started to stroke his cock outside on skin above pussy then he inserted his fingers in pussy licked them looked at me n said she is dry n he needs lubricant else she will die if he stroked her raw I started to find a lubricant he then said he need me to come there on bed I went he pulled me down to gaurangana’s pussy asked to lick it spit on it make it wet for him after 5min of licking and spitting he pulled me back asked me to spit on his cock

I said y he said it will lubricate my wife I was embarrassed with his language looked at gaurangana she had put her hand on her face to hide it he strongly opposed that asked her to see all this so I spit on his big cock then stroked it I could feel it was very strong hard thick, thicker than me after that he held my hand started to push towards her pussy lips I saw gaurangana in her eyes she closed them I myself helped pundit enter her pussy lips then he pushed me aside

I saw he started to push it with great strength slowly he and gaurangana started to make loud noises I saw he had pushed his cock half in then removed it when he removed blood started to flow out he mentioned she is very dry, tight and told her to stop struggling n enjoy as he is not going to stop till he empties his load in her fertile womb. Listening this Gaurangana closed her eyes I saw he started to thrust again I could see almost all his cock was in he was all on her body her legs spread apart

He pulled them apart now with his hand started to stroke I saw gaurangana hold the bed tight n shout loudly n kept pleading to be slow but this was start he was slow initially then in few min he started to increase his speed making big thrust I could see her eyes started to come out with each stroke she released a huge moan ehhhhhhh! After around 20 min I saw gaurangana was red her hand were tight holding the bed each stroke of pundit pushed her to her head make her scream

Hard now I saw pundit who was screwing her hard enjoying his attack on her used to remove his entire cock out then push it back in 1 stroke, then I saw at boss he was holding his cock in 1 hand was licking her leg holding it by his other hand now I saw pundit grunt saw him stop suddenly Gaurangana arched back then I saw him remove his cock from her bloodied pussy then saw loads of cums coming through it I clicked pics of same he was exhausted then seated soon in chair he bought himself in room

I went back to gaurangana she was unconscious I got worried but boss said it happens in such cases he threw some drops of water on her faces after sometime she was back soon i saw a panic in her eyes she asked me to clean remove sperms from her but boss said she is their dustbin she will collect every load of their into her n not clean till she is told to with that she was in tears again I soon realized she was afraid for pregnancy I hold her hand said her to be calm I loved her she was crying

I was pushed back by force by boss who now took place of pundit he asked me to help him get in her love hole I held his cock helped it in her well used cum filled pussy with 1 stroke he started to pound make her scream again he was as brutal as pundit showed no mercy screwed her hard but he was not able to stand long he cummed in 5-7minutes fell exhausted on her then after some moments he started to kiss lick her face after long licking her face he stood up removed his limp

Cock opened pussy gates for loads of cums to flow she was well used now I thought it was over. Both of them went out had some drinks told me not to clean her at all I saw she was tired soon fell into sleep I just put her in proper shape so she could sleep after an hour they both came back it was almost 4am n saw I was sleeping on chair she was on bed I heard them laughing on some comment then they asked me to turn her

I was humiliated asked them to stopped but they said you want job naa please cooperate then I had to wake gaurangana then turn her now all the sperms outside on her body were dried some cums inside her pussy started to pour out then boss parted gaurangana’s ass cheek inserted a finger in her ass she didn’t respond as she was now tired of screaming. Boss looked towards pundit he said ur wish is my command started to stroke his manhood I understood that it was her 3rd hole they

Wanted to use they looked at me in smile then pundit climbed on bed inserted his fingers in her pussy removed remaining load in it then he inserted them in her ass now he inserted 2 fingers Gaurangana let a weak scream said please god no, he then spat on it to get some more lubrication look at me said never used ass I guess smiled he then held the skin of his cock back started to force it in her tiny hole It was huge for it I started to hear her scream again now

I could see he had great difficulty in going in he was pushing it a lot the skin of ass was torn blood started coming after 10min of all this he finally got it all in I saw he asked her to get up on her all four made her in doggy position as she stood blood poured from her ass to her thighs down on bed now he stood up entered his shaft in her in 1 stroke she had no power to scream now she just tried to keep in position. The strokes pace increased I could see her pain trying to accommodate his strokes as far as possible then after half an hour of hard

Anal fuck he cummed but not in her ass he turned her spit his load on her face inserted his limp cock in her mouth I saw a huge disgust on Gaurangana face as she cleaned him. Soon boss took her in same doggy way he stood firm this time fucked her hard for at least 40-45 mins after that Helena was filled with his load in her ass then he fell exhausted on bed Gaurangana lost conscious fell on bed, both of them smiled went out locked door from outside told me not to clean her at all I just turned her in shape again covered her with blanket so that she could sleep then I took a nap as well.

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