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Punishing MIL Again The Harder Way

  • desipapa
  • November 25, 2015

Dear Desipapa readers, I got a good response for my previous submission “Punishing MIL” but a few were too good but dear mates you can understand when MIL irks your life with your wife the life becomes a hell. Well after that episode for a couple of days my MIL kept silent and one day I overheard when she was training my wife who had just come back from hospital as to not to attend my parents and not even to entertain any of my brother or sister.
When they pay us a visit I was taken aback – that I have just taught her lesson by tying her to the door frame and fucking her brains out and she is back to square one and misleading my wife. My brain again started to find ways to teach her a good lesson of the life time this time and not to be forgotten so easily.

Keeping this in mind I searched the market for sex toys and fortunately got a 12 inches rubber foldable dildo with a girth of nearly 5 inches and hid it in the boot of my SUV. Now the wait started and soon I was rewarded by my younger brother’s visit.

He had come to see his sister in law who had just come out of the long hospitalization. He planned to stay with us for a couple of days and had brought his books along. One day I received a call from the hospital that my wife has to see the doctor for some routine checkups and few investigations. I went back home in the evening and broke the news to my wife.

She told me to accompany her but something stopped me and I asked my brother to take her to the doctor the next day as I wanted to stay back and work on a few important pending issues. And this was the first stage of my plan.

Both my wife and brother agreed, and next day as they were leaving by my car my wife told me that she wanted to meet a friend of her as her residence will be on the route and will take something around 4 – 5 hours to come back. We bid good bye as my mom in law also did so and as we walked back to the front door she smiled and said I hope you have nothing sinister up in your sleeves this time.

I said “no dear mom just a few ideas to be implemented, and a few clarifications to be made from your side”. She saw me in astonishment and gave a strange look “and what are those?” I said “wait till I come back after sending a few official mails”. I intently kept myself busy with my computer and waited the brim of the patience of my

MIL to reach its pinnacle and it did after about half an hour as she came to me and asked me as to what are the issues she needs to clarify. As per my plan I got up and pushed her on the bed as she landed just in middle of the double bed and bounced back due to 12 inches mattresses. I sprang over her and within no time tied her hands to the bed post and after its completion I spread her legs wide apart and tied them to the bed post on the lower end of the bed.

She was trying hard to relieve her but in vain the ropes this time were real one not the neckties as in the last encounter. After doing this I sat by her side and asked her politely as to what she was preaching 2 days back to her daughter about my parents and brother and sister. “Nothing, rather I was telling her to take good care of all of them, I swear, I said nothing wrong about them.”

“Are you sure” I asked. ‘Ya, I am, please open the ropes they are hurting me, she pleaded’. I bent a bit and she anticipated that I was going to untie the ropes, instead I inserted my fingers in her blouse and tore it open, and said “you are lying, tell me the truth or else face real brute fuck this time.” “No I am not lying” she said shouting at me.

I said “OK if you are not lying then see this for your own good” and took out the dildo from under the mattress. Seeing the monster of a dick in my hand she shivered and pleaded please don’t do it I am still aching in all holes. I was in no mood to compromise and this time the big scissors started working on the lower of dear MIL. I cut the side open from one side then from the other side.

She kept her struggle to release her on and soon understood that it was a tough nut to crack that too with lips. In the mean time I had removed all the so called clothes required to cover any part of the female anatomy and here she was lying stark naked with hands and legs wide apart hogtied and still not submitting what she taught to her daughter and my wife.

I took out a colorful bird feather which I use as a book mark and started to rub it on her underarms tickling her good and really good. She started to laugh and after about 5 minutes she broke up and said “Sorry, I made a mistake, but believe me this was for the last time, I will never ever do it again, I swear and pledge in the name of my daughter.” “

You are whore, bitch and do not understand words and need another real punishment this time.” She had admitted her fault and was looking really real hot and wanting this time. I undressed myself and as soon I took my underwear down my dick sprang out like a spring. “Oh my again, please do not fuck me and let me go, I will not do it again.”

She said, but I was in no mood to spare her this time. I pressed her boobs closer and inserted my dick in the valley there as she heaved with heavy breaths. I was staring at her but her sight angle caught my attention as I saw her staring at the huge rubber dildo lying next to her which had slipped out of my mind. “

Oh great, ya this is the thing which I had brought for you specially dear mother in law”. please not this is huge and you will get it” I said. I eased my way out and positioned myself between her eagle spread legs. I could see her clean shaven vagina with slightly brown lips and as I parted her lips the pink of her cunt became visible. “

Ok please don’t fuck me with that rubber and use your dick to fuck me and you can be as hard and harsh as you want, and I will take it as punishment, but please keep that thing off, please! she pleaded again. By this time I had already jammed my dick in her moist cunt all the way to my pubic mound and had started to fuck her good and hard. ‘Aahhh, oh ya do it faster and harder boy I know now why my daughter does not listen anything against you,

Ya faster I am loving it oohh yes fuck me hard and harder’ she said. Her words caught my attention as she was trying to fill the ears of my dear wife against me also. I immediately removed my dick from her fucked cunt and caught hold of the dildo and inserted its one end up to nearly 6 inches in one shot. “oohh my I am gonna die today” she said. And then I started to fuck her cunt fast and real hard with it.

After about 5 minutes of dildo fucking she orgasm twice and this lubricated her well as her juices started wetting the bed spread. I got up and keeping the dildo fixed in her cunt with one hand inserted my dick also in her wide spread fuck hole. ‘Ahh oohhh you will tear me please take one thing out its paining please take one thing out’ she said.

I started fucking her good and raw and fast and hard as fast hard and as rough I could get. She kept her sighs up and as she kept shouting at me. I fucked her good for about ten minutes and never allowed any one of the two things up in her cunt to come out even for a single moment. After I ejaculated in her raised her pelvic area up and placed a folded pillow under her ass.

This raised her considerably and exposed her ass hole to me. Her oozing cunt juices had already moistened her ass hole and it needed no preliminaries of lubrication. She again said ‘please let me go, it far and as far as it could go. She gave a deep cry ‘no’ which I muffled with other pillow and after folding the dildo I inserted the other end in her twat and left her in this position to have a glass of water.

She also asked for some as I dropped water in her mouth which she readily gulped. ‘please leave me I have been punished well and hard this time, please leave me, I promise I will never talk anything absurd to your wife now.’You are in a habit of doing wrong things again and again and I am fed up of your doings now and secondly you are leaving tomorrow and not to come back again at any given cost or else you know what I am going to to do to you next time.’ ‘

I promise I will leave tomorrow and you will have cool life after I go’ she said. Seeing her lying naked wide spread my dick again got erection and seeing this she said ‘please take the rubber out and then fuck me, I will give you some good time.’

But her words did not defer me and I again mounted her as both the rubber ends were in her buried deep in her fuck hole and ass hole. I inserted my dick in her fuck hole and shagged her good and rammed her good. While doing so I opened rope of one her legs and raised that leg up and fucked her good. In the process a bent back again and opened the second leg and spread both of them high in the air.

She was being fucked good and hard. Slowly I took my penis out of her cunt and placed my penis head on her ass hole which was previously being fucked by the rubber dildo with every movement of hers as I dick her good. I exerted some pressure on her ass hole and she shrieked No please, and this time a gathered concentration and rammed my fuck pole in her ass,

Spreading her ass hole muscles to hilt as she got two inserts in her ass at the same time and one in her cunt as deep as it could go. Tear me fuck me hard I am enjoying it now she said. I also started to fuck her hard in her ass. Each of my thrust made both the ends of the dildo go farther in her cunt and ass as she started to come again and again.

She was perspiring and enjoying triple penetration to the most and wanting for more. I took out the rubber dong form her ass and inserted it deep in her cunt as she moaned slowly and got the thing in her cunt with ease. I fucked her ass as both dildo ends fucked her cunt good for about twenty minutes at a stretch.

After this session I took out my dick after ejaculation and again tickled her under arms as she trashed her free legs on the mattresses and giggled and laughed saying that she has been punished enough and will not do anything wrong in my life again. She left our place after 2 days and on the airport she said that she will come to have more sex when she feels for it and do not throw the dildo it was great.

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