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Pune Girl Soni

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Hello friends my experience .I m Raj and i m 23 from Pune and i m regular reader of this site Well! thanx to this site i got 1 more client for myself. This girl from akluj read my posting. and wanted to have fun but not the full sex (just like my first posting).

I felt little odd. bcoz i knew how difficult it was for me to resist and control myself when i m licking and sucking a naked girl. but then i agreed. i sent my phone no. to her and she called me, it was decided tht i will go to some hotel for a night and she will come to see me for 1-2 hrs in the evening. On saturday morning at 11.30. i booked the room in a hotel little away from the city as decided and was relaxing.

I got a call on my mobile from neelam asking me whether i have reached and in which hotel? she told me tht she will come to see me at 6.30 in the eve. whole i slept and prepared myself for another client. (shaving, work-out, flowers) i ordered ice-cream to cool down mylself. before i cud finish exactly at 6.30 there was a knock on the door. Soni (Name changed) entered my room i gave her flowers… she was a average looking maharashatrian girl. 5 feet 2 inch. small boobs, slim body, small little ass. i scanned her in first look. we started talking she told me tht she have had 2 boyfriends till now and she have had smooching/kissing/hugging. but never has removed her cloths for them. she want to have half sex.

We talked till 7.15 and then i took her hand in mine. and kissed her palm. i took her finger on my lips and traced my lips thn my entire face. she was getting aroused. she closed her eyes. i moved closer to touch her lips with my finger.. she shivered with my touch. i took her face in my palm and kissed her on her forehead. i thn moved my lips all over her face sometimes touching her skin, sometimes just teasing her. i cud hear her breath heavily now. i placed my lips just a little bit away from hers and now we breathing in each others hot breath. after 1-2 mins she started to move herself towards my lips. i thn put my right hand in her hair and pulled her to kiss her lips…. wwoooooooowww those juicy lips were soo hot and eager to melt. i sucked on her lower lip and thn upper lip. thn i pushed my tongue in her mouth …. uuummmmmm she sighed… we played with each others tongues for sometime…. my left hand moved to her small but! yaaaaaaa very firm breasts… this was first time i was handling such small breasts. but it felt nice bcoz i cud cover thm with my single hand. i squeezed thm one by one… i held her nipples to pinch thm…. every time i did so… her pressure on my lips increased with a bite…. it was like a regulator for our kissing….. then we parted after 15-20 mins.. we looked at each other her lips were red as blood with our sucking and biting. her eyes had become red…. and she was on fire…. i got up and made her stand too.

I hugged her very tightly…. and thn started to remove her cloths… i knew tht she wnt take the initiative. she is there just to take pleasure and give. it was ok with me… i removed her salwar-kameez and now this girl was standing only in her white bra and black panty. this akluj beauty was brown in color….. i like dark and dusky babes….. dark color turns me on more. i hugged her again.. i started kissing her softly from top-bottom… i kissed her all over. her face, lips, nose, ear, neck, shoulder, back, breasts, belly, hips, thighs, ass, knees, legs, toes…. she was standing and moaning with pleasure…. and picked her up to make her sleep on the bed. i again started to kiss her.. this time more passionately…. now i was sucking every inch of her body, i was biting her… nibbling her… i reached her breasts and opened her bra… she pulled me to lick her nipples…. i moved my tongue in a circle around her breasts! … the firmness of it was making me go crazy… her nipples were very hard.. i massaged her upper body (i do it very well) at the same time i was sucking her perky balls… she was holding on the pillow and moaning loudly. aahhhhh… ummmm… ufffff… ooggff.. harder….. i was suckling at those lovely breasts… i kissed her armpit. she said “dirty u r” i said yeaaahh…. she softly asked me… “r u dirty enough to lick my pussy and if possible my ass”….. anyways i was going to do it.. but she wanted specially tht (she told me later) ..

I said “yes honey”…. i moved down to her pussy… on the way stopped at her navel to lick it.. he held my head and pushed me in her…. i kissed her pussy w/o removing her panty… i thn moved down to her legs and came up from between her thighs…. it was a gr8 sight to watch… i really like dark girls.. it takes sex to new levels bcoz of color … i came on her panty i removed it with my teeth… oh she had shaved her pussy… her small little choot was looking nice… it was wet and more imp. it was very tight….. i smelled it … and the aroma of it made sensations in my brains…. i started licking her like a dog…. i was biting and sucking her clit like she is the last girl in the world and there is no 2moro…. it gave her complete pleasure.. within 10 mins of licking and eating… i cud feel she cumming…. i stopped…. i saw my half finished ice-cream cup. i went and brought it to bed… she was looking at me surprisi! ngly… i poured tht melted ice-cream on her belly and thn licked it…. i thn put some on her pussy… and went on to lick it… and sucked tht from her skin… her clit… ice-cream was tasting more sweeter tht way….. ummmm it was yummy….

By this time some cream was drooling down on her arse…. i put my tongue on her ass-hole and licked it…. she jumped… “oohhhh…… it feels sooo good….. do it….” i turned her upside down…. and made her sleep on her belly… now her small and firm ass was facing the sealing…. it was grr8888… i put some cream on her ass and sucked it… now her ass-hole her ass-cheeks and her vagina were all wet with ice-cream mixed with my salvia….. the sight was was awsome…. i made her cumm by licking and sucking her whole body… she was having gr8 pleasure… i slept beside her…. her hands started to move towards my dick… she found it and started to play with it…. she made me remove my cloths…. and started touching me all over… she said i can only make u cumm with my hands… bcoz i find blow-job dirty…. being my client i had to listen to her…. she stroked my dick in to-fro motion…. she went down on it to kiss it! ….. but didnt take me in her mouth…. after sometime with fondling, hugging, stroking and touching each other’s body parts….

I was abt to cumm… i shoot my load in her hand.. she went in bathroom to clean herself… whn she came back.. she wanted another round of pussy-eating….. till 8.30 we were making love… or rather i was giving her all kinds of pleasures…… in every angle… in every position of oral sex…………… but not full sex….. just imagine the condition my dick was……. i told her abt it… and she promised me something… Any aunty,girl or any married women wanna a extra affair near akluj , pune , around near can mail me on

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