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Pumping Darling Aunty

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

I am Suresh from Mumbai. I am 24, 6’1” tall, good looking and weighs 65Kg. I have been a regular visitor of this site for a long time. All this happened some 6 years ago, when I was enjoying my annual school vacation in my Mom’s home in a small village near Kottayam. It’s a beautiful place with rubber plantations and the river Meenachil nearby. In the home, there was my grandmother, uncle’s (mom’s brother) wife Renuka, and their two children. The elder was a girl and just one year younger to me. The younger boy was about 10 at that time.

Uncle was working at Cochin, comes home on every Saturday evening and goes back on Monday morning. Then, let’s come to the story. My aunt was a beautiful woman of the age of around 36 then with a height of around 5’8” and was having an average body. She was fair with a milky complexion. She normally wears saari at home and is very careless about her dressing. The house is in the middle of the plantation and the nearest neighbor house is at around 100m apart and normally, no people from outside comes there.

I think, because of this fact she was very careless about her dressing. So whenever she does any household work like washing clothes or collecting rubber latex, she will tuck her saree to her pettikkot knot. This will expose her milky smooth legs up to her lower thighs and she will just put the pallu of her saree above her blouse, exposing almost full of her cleavage. As I started masturbating in the very previous year only, these all were a delicious sight for my eyes. Naturally, she became the heroine of my fantasies.

This all continued for a few days and I was very eager to watch her fully nude and enjoy her. She was very friendly with me. We used to chat a lot, cracking jokes, gossiping about all our relatives and so on. She used to tease me saying that I did not have a girl friend even though I was looking smart. Then I would reply that ‘you can become my girlfriend’ and we laugh together. I could not go any further, as the children and grandma were there all the time. One Sunday evening all were watching a Malayalam hit movie in TV with great delight. Uncle was not there, as he went to visit his friend nearby.

Then I noticed that my aunt is applying oil on her hair, as she was preparing to take a bath and went to the bathroom, which is behind the house. After sometime, I also vanished from the drawing room. As it was the last half hour of the film, nobody noticed me. Without making any noise, I just came to the backyard. I noticed the light in the bathroom and then heard the sound of water pouring down.

I went to the backside of the bathroom, as there were some banana plants and it was full of dark there. I just peeped through the gap of the ventilator. Ohhh…..!!! What a sight it was….!!!! My aunty was applying soap all over her body. She was fully nude with her beautiful mulakal and her hairy pussy was fully exposed. I caught by breath…she might be some 32-28-34 then. I started stroking my dick. It was at its full 7” length and ready to explode. She put her right fore finger in her hairy pussy, applied soap all over there.

That time she left out a soft moan…HHMMUMM…this increased my stroking speed. Then she applied soap over her mulakal, on her cute round shaped navel, on the belly and on the milky thighs….. In another 3-4 minutes she completed her bath and dried herself with the towel. After that, she put on a lacy black bra and a lacy blue panty. She looked very sexy in that dress, and at the same moment I ejaculated a big amount of semen. The ejaculation process continued for about 20-25 seconds and I felt very exhausted after that. I left there and placed myself on my old seat in the drawing room, without making any noise. Nobody noticed it too, as they all were dissolved in the movie. After this incident,

I became too mad to enjoy my beautiful aunt but I did not get even a slight chance and I had to leave for my home as the vacation classes for 10th STD was going to start. One more year passed without anymore advancements. All these time, my aunt was my heroine in all my fantasies and I masturbated everyday thinking of her. I completed my exams; all my teachers and parents were expecting a distinction for me, so did me too. Again I went to my mom’s home to celebrate the vacation, but with all my text books which would be used by my cousin sister Anu, who was going to 10th STD then.

All were happy to receive me as I was coming there after one year. I noticed that my aunt became a little more plumb, which made her look too sexy. My cousin was too happy to receive all my books and aunty insisted me to stay there one month to help her in Maths and English, as she was weak in those subjects. I said ok and started teaching her on every evening as she was having vacation class and tuition on day times. Days were passing like this. Then one fine day came to strike my luck.

My cousin brother went to his uncle’s home on the previous day for a 2-3 day visit. In the early morning, grandma went to meet her sister, who was residing in the nearby village. By 8:30, Anu also started for her classes. Now, only I and my aunty were there in the house. By 9:30, she started collecting latex and I also went to help her. As usual, she tucked her saree in the petticoat knot with exposing her thighs.

I could not take my eyes from her milky thighs and once she caught my glance too. She smiled and asked, “rohan, where you are looking…?” I really got blushed, but I managed to reply: “Aunty…., you….you..are looking so beautiful.” She again smiled and said: “It’s Ok.., but, why you are looking on my legs..? You are a naughty boy.” For that I just smiled and said nothing. She again laughed and continued the work. After all her household work, she went to take bath.
By all these time, I was thinking how to approach her.

I did know that it was a rare chance and we would be alone there till evening. But I could not understand her mind, although she behaves very freely with me. Aunty came back with wearing a rose colored night gown. She looked very sexy in that dress. Then she told me to take bath, as it may rain in the afternoon. When I came back after bath, I was shocked to see that sight. Aunty was sitting on the marble steps, preparing some vegetables for the lunch.

The front portion of her gown had gone up to her knees, and as I was coming upwards (the bathroom situates in a lower area than the court yard) to the court yard, I could get a clear view of her thighs up to the pubic area. She was not wearing a panty. I enjoyed this marvelous seen for a few seconds, and then called aunty with placing my right forefinger on my nose and with a naughty smile on face. She asked “what, what are you doing…??”. She did not get what I was mentioning.

I just pointed my forefinger towards her front are. Then only she noticed that her gown had come up and the front portion was open. She got very shy and blushed. I told “ Njan ellam kandu, humm…” and went inside to change the dress. When I came back, aunty had gone to kitchen. I also went there. Aunty felt very shy to look at my face. I told her “ Njan auntiyude ellam kandu ketto…. Nalla bhangi undu…”. She was very stunned and blushed after hearing this and replied. “athu….njan sraddichilla…. Sshe.. Nee ithu aarodum parayaruthu….keto..”. “ Umm, nokkatte…”. “Daa, please….. Aarodum parayaruthu…. Enikku valiya nanakkedakum….” “Sari..sari.., njanayittu auntikku nanakkedonnum undakkunnilla…pore..” “Ok..athumathi…” We took the lunch. It started raining in the afternoon.

My grandmother called from her sister’s home that she was coming on the next day only. I again felt happy that I will get aunty alone till that evening and on next day morning. It was heavy rain with lightning. Me and aunty were sitting in the drawing room and chatting. Then came a loud lightning, I jumped off the sofa, sat very close to aunty. Aunty laughed loudly and started to tease me saying “Ayye, nee ithra valiya aalayittum oru pedithondan anallo..” I replied “Aunty ithra valiya aalayittum sarikku dress cheyyaan ariyillallo…. Njaan innu ellam kandathalle….he..he..” She again got blushed and said “ Eda, ninakku vere onnum parayanille…avan kandu polum… nee enthonna kandathu…??” “It was full of black hairs and you were not wearing any panties too …why aunty…..??

She again got blushed and said nothing for a few seconds, Then she asked “ Is this the first time you are seeing the private parts of a lady..???” I got interested in the topic and said “Yes aunty, yes..”. She said nothing for that. Silence fallen in between us. I thought it was the right time to approach her and I am not at all going to get a chance like this. I called her “Aunty…”. “Umm..” “Aunty…that….” “What rohan, what you want…?” “Aunty, can you show me that once again….??” She felt very upset of this and hesitated “what, what you are asking rohan….? Don’t tell such dirty things.” “Please aunty, just for once.”

She got angry and went to her room. I ran behind her, hugged her from back and begged again “please aunty, please….only once more…pleassseee….” She did not respond for a few seconds. By that time I slowly kissed on her back neck. I still don’t know, from where I got that much courage.She got thrilled but suddenly came out of my hands. She asked “ do you want to see me fully…??” I drank my saliva and said“Yes..yes..” She slowly kissed on my forehead, and then hugged me tightly.

I became happy as I reached heaven. I too hugged her, kissed on her cheeks, eyes, nose and on her lips. We took each other’s lips in mouth and fought with tongs. I felt her saliva very tasty. I was mad to enjoy her and started kissing all over her face. Then she stopped me and said: “Don’t be in a hurry my cute boy… I will teach you every thing…”. She took off my T-shirt and told me to take her gown off. I was too delighted to do that, and removed her cloth. Now she was in her black bra and brown petticoat only.

I started pressing her boobs with the bra on. She again stopped me and told me to remove the bra also. When I took away the bra, her boobs jumped out of the bra cups. They were marvelous with a round, slightly hanging shape. Their areolas were light brown in color and nipples with light pink color. Her belly was little sagging with a round – deep navel. I started cupping her boobs and then made aunty lie on the bed. I kissed on her right mula and then started to suck it. I circled her nipple with my tongue and I could feel that it was getting hard. Mean time my left hand was pressing and massaging her left mula.

She closed her eyes in pleasure and started to make light sounds like “mumm….hmm..mummuu….” and it was raining heavily outside. After 2-3 minutes of sucking and pressing both boobs, I kissed her again on the lips. We had a sweet – long smooch again. Then I smelled and kissed her arm pits. It was nice and I enjoyed it well. Further, I moved down to her belly area to explore her navel. I put my tongue in her navel, circled it and tried to suck it. “ Ohh…mumm…Ahh…ohhoo…” She lifted her waist from bed in pleasure. I again did it and she was enjoying very much of this. Then I opened her petticoat knot and removed it through her knees.

She was not wearing a panty and was too shy to show her pussy area and covered it with her hands. I forcibly removed them and she closed her eyes in shy. Her milky thighs were good in shape and the pussy area was full of black hair. I ran my right hand through her inner thighs, she jiggled her body in pleasure and finally I started to explore her black forest. I inserted my right middle finger to her pussy, enjoyed the warm and hotness of her inner walls and then took it outside.

I had done all these as I had seen in porn movies. Then I kept her hairs to both sides, tried to kiss her pussy opening. She hesitated it saying “ No rohan… don’t do it…. Its not good…” “But I like it aunty…. You are so sweet…” I again forcibly kissed on her pussy….
She tried to tilt her body, but I kissed on her pussy lips. Although a few of her hairs gone inside my mouth, I did not stop. I again kissed on her clitoris, opened her lips with both hands and tried to insert my tongue inside. Aunty was on top of heaven and making different sounds… “ Ahhaa….Ohhhooo….Hmmm…mummmm….Aaahoo….”. I understood that it was the first time she was enjoying this much. I did not stop. I could feel that her warmth and lubrication were getting increased. Still she was making loud sounds.

Luckily it was heavy rain lashing outside and nobody could hear it After 3-4 minutes of pussy eating, aunty started to jump from the bed and making strange noises. “Ahhaa…aahoo…hooommmuuummm…aaawoowoo…Mmmm…ummm.”. I was still penetrating my tongue to her depth and she pressed my head towards her pussy. Then I noticed that some fluids are coming out of her hole, and it tasted little salty.

I did not like that and stopped sucking. Aunty had her climax once, now settled down with her eyes closed. I again kissed her on her cheeks and lips and she gave me a vigorous smooch. Then she removed my lungi and then my jockey. My tool was fully erected with his 7” length and 3” circumference (later we measured it after one of our vigorous love making session..hmm..). She got hold of it and was too happy to say that “rohan, this is beautiful my dear…. It is thicker than your uncle’s…. More over, he is not touching me at all….” From this I understood that she was also longing for sex for a long time. She started to stroke my tool. Already pre-cum was oozing out of it.

She had shown no hesitation to kiss on top of it and took the cock inside her mouth also. But I did not allow her to come inside her mouth as I want to fill her pussy with my juice. I withdrawn it and separated her legs. She understood what I was going to do and smiled at me.
She caught my dick and guided to her entrance and said “You press slowly…. Then start with small strokes… increase the speed when I tell you…” We both felt it little difficult and painful to enter inside as she was not having sex for a long time.

But I managed to do so and felt it as I was in heaven. Her pussy was hot and tight. I remained in that position for 2-3 seconds to experience her warmth. Then I started to stroke slowly. It was really enjoying…. I continued this for about 2-3 minutes, and then aunty told me to increase the speed and started to stroke her heavily. Some times my cock was coming out of her pussy; aunty adjusted herself and told me that it was because I was doing it for the first time. I was kissing her lips and massaging her boobs in meantime and she was also massaging my hair and back.

After some more time she also became fast and started to reciprocate for my strokes from below. She was lifting her hip from the bed and started to make rhythmic sounds like “Ahha…ahha….ohoo…ohooo…mumm…hummm…..ahaa…ohhoo…” I understood that she was enjoying my actions and felt proud of myself. I further increased my speed.

Her sounds were going high pitch. I also understood that I was reaching the climax…. I sucked her right boob again, bit lightly on her nipple, aunty jumped of ecstasy and I said “Aunty…, its here….. I am going to come…. I will explode now…. I am coming….” “Me too coming my sweet boy…, come inside me…. Fill my pussy with your juice….” The very next moment I started exploding. It was not like masturbation…. Semen was coming out as a water jet…. It was pumping out for 20-25 seconds.

Her pussy was filled with my juices. I was so tired and collapsed on her chest…. She was lightly stroking my back and massaging my hairs…and said”I love you darling… I liked it very much….” I started to kiss on her forehead and her eyes…. I again gave her a smooch kiss…. And caressed her ear lobes with my tongue… Then suddenly she hugged me tightly and my dick could feel the hot fluid flowing out of her pussy… Yes, she was reaching her second orgasm in her life…. I kept caressing her for some more time.

She was also kissing my face and lips. We remained in that position for about 2-3 minutes. Then we parted….Still it was raining outside. Her inner thighs, my dick and the bed were spilled with our love juices…. Aunty told me “rohan, this is the first time I am enjoying this much in my life. I cannot believe that you don’t have previous experience with women. I like you so much my sweet boy…” We again shared a French kiss and she was playing with my dick. I pressed her boobs and massaged them.

We separated after some time as it was evening and Anu would come at any time. She changed the bed sheet with a new one and we together took a quick shower. I was watching TV and aunty was in kitchen when Anu was coming home. I enjoyed aunty next day morning also, while I shaved her pussy and armpits, we had 69 and all. That I well tell you in next chapter. Okay…

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